Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu: Extra – 02

Extra 02: Director

The Director of the Medicinal Herb Research Institute, Johan Waldeck.

He is the 2nd son of Earl Waldeck of Slantania Kingdom. The Waldeck family was one of the higher ranking aristocrats and they had a lot of influence in the palace. From such a high class family with a sweet mask of manners and a skilled user of earth attribute magic, he had been very popular since his childhood.

However Johan, who was sicken by how aristocrats interacted with each other since his childhood, had no intention of getting married. Fortunately for him, his older brother had a successor now so he could live a carefree bachelor lifestyle.

The Medicinal Herb Research Institute was an ideal workplace for Johan. There was no troublesome aristocrat relationships. He was surrounded by eccentric people who only cared about research.

Moreover thanks to his earth attribute magic, it was possible for him to obtain a high evaluation within the research institute without working hard. It was possible for him to obtain valuable medicinal herbs from the palace using his position at the medicinal herb research institute.

He could increase the number of herbs that are difficult to cultivate by making use of his earth attribute magic. Being able to cultivate precious herbs became an achievement for the research institute and his merits increased when he sold those herbs in the marketplace in order to make profit. While he was living like that, the people around him started to admire him and he became the Director several years ago.

Several months ago, something troublesome got dropped on him. Lately there has been a woman who visited the research institute every day. At first, she only talked to one of the researchers. The research institute was an all-male place and she was a woman who was interested in medicinal herbs, so before he’d knew it almost all of the researchers started talking to her.

However, Johan felt uneasy when he saw her black hair and eyes, which were unusual characteristics in this Kingdom.

A few days ago when he happened to meet his brother in the palace corridor, he’d heard that the【Saint Summoning Ceremony】had been performed. Two women were summoned, one with dyed-brown hair and black eyes and the other, black hair and eyes.

The day after he told his brother about the black hair, black eyed woman that often visited the research institute, he was urgently summoned to the palace. Besides his brother, there was a high-ranking civil officer in the designated room at the palace.

When he sat down on the sofa and listened to their story, the woman who had been visiting the research institute was, indeed, one of the summoned women. The official asked if it was possible for him to take care of her at the research institute.

According to the civil official, the woman had an extremely bad impression of this kingdom because of the 1st Prince’s actions and it was also a pain to detain her at the palace. She was currently staying in a room at the palace but recently she had been visiting the research institute every day.

There had never been two saints summoned simultaneously in the past, so at the moment, people were speculating on who was not the saint. However, since this has never happened before, both could be the saint so it was dangerous to let them go. Therefore both were being detained at the palace.

The person herself also wanted it so the civil officer asked if he could take care of one more person at the medicinal herb research institute. Johan, who proposed various favours, agreed to take her under his wing. Needless to say, his brother sitting next to him, kept twitching his face.

A few days later, a high official brought her to the research institute. Her name was Sei Takanashi. When Johan asked her if she was an aristocrat because she had a surname, she replied with, no.

Johan told her that the only people with surnames in this kingdom are aristocrats and that if she gave an unfamiliar surname it might go through various investigations, so she told him that she won’t give her surname again after this. Johan said, “There’s a lot of nosy people among aristocrats so it’s troublesome”, and she smiled as if she was troubled.

Of course when Johan gave his name, he also said his surname, but she didn’t enquire about it. After that she listened to him explain various things about the research institute. He observed her as he talked.

She had an unusual hair and eye colour, but her appearance matched that of a researchers. Her unhealthy white skin, the eye bags under her eyes and her unkempt hair, unravelled Johan’s wariness.

Normally the researchers would be proactively asking about medicinal herbs and yet when he saw that they were being quiet and calm right now; he thought that she might be similar to the researchers who thought nothing of the things they weren’t interested in. After he explained everything to her, he introduced her to the researchers and entrusted them with her. Then he returned to the director’s office.

Johan was relieved that the first day ended without incident but two days later, Sei immediately made a mess. One of the researchers let Sei make a potion, however people started fussing because the effect of said potion, as it was higher than normal potions.

At that time, the words 【Saint】flashed in Johan’s mind. However people would be perplexed if he suddenly announced that she might be the saint. He’d heard from the civil officer that Sei didn’t think well of saints because of what had happened with the Prince.

The cause was unknown so he asked the researchers to investigate and was able to smooth things over. It was ridiculous of him to think that she was the saint just because the effects of the potion were high.

Three months after Sei was summoned. It wasn’t just her potion efficiency. Enough time had passed for Johan to think that there were various things odd about her. He also thought about whether it was just the trait of people from different worlds but he didn’t hear anything like this about the other person.

Just when he’d finally thought that Sei was the Saint, the 3rd Knight Order received tremendous damage from the subjugation. Johan’s best friend was also in the 3rd Knight Order. He hurried filled his arms with potions and then headed to the room where the causalities were.

As if she’d foreseen it, the large amount of potions Sei made saved many knights that day. Johan’s best friend, the Captain Alberto, was also saved. Johan was grateful that she had saved his best friend from the verge of death.

A few days later, he was thanked with a potion offer in his best friend’s office. At that time, Johan teased his friend. He teased him like usual and thought before saying a single word. That single word became a big problem afterwards but Johan couldn’t predict that.

Johan Waldeck (28 years old)

180cm.            73kg.   Hazel eyes and brown hair.

The 2nd son of an influential Earl (3 sons).

Very popular with the young ladies and wives because he was good-looking, from a good family and had a good personality.

The person himself is sicken aristocrat relations. When his older brother finally had a successor, he went as far away from aristocratic society as possible without marrying.

He was friends with Alberto, from the 3rd Knight Order, since he was very young and would often tease him because Alberto was too serious.

Although Sei, who had recently joined the research institute, has been causing him headaches by the things she does, he had begun to take interest in her because her unexpected naïve reaction was so different from her normal refreshing ones.

It’s just a matter of time before Johan drags Sei into his bantering.

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