Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu: Extra – 01


Extra 01: Jude

Researcher at the Medicinal Herb Research Institute, Jude.

He was the 5th son of a preeminent merchant house in Slantania Kingdom. Being the 5th son meant that he wasn’t the heir nor the spare. He was able to attend the royal academy that aristocrats attended, despite being a commoner; because he was able to use water attribute magic which was uncommon amongst commoners.

On top of magic, fundamental studies such as literature, arithmetic and natural science could also be learnt at the royal academy. Although there was magic in this world, only a few people could use it.

High ranking aristocrats could use magic because of their lineage but there were some people who couldn’t use it in lower ranking families. People who could use magic amongst commoners was rare. Thus, a commoner like Jude, who was able to use water attribute magic, could be admitted into the royal academy as a scholarship student.

While studying magic at the academy, Jude became absorbed in pharmaceutics while studying natural science. He studied it at first because he had thought that he could be useful to his family after graduating. However his interests grew the more he learnt about various medicine.

It was common to attend the school from the age of 13 until one became an adult at 15. But if you specialise in something then one could attend until they are 18.

In the end, Jude studied pharmaceutics until he was 18. He didn’t need to inherit his family business after graduating; so as directed by his professor, he found employment at the medicinal herb research institute.

The background check for the various research institutes at the palace were severe. It was mostly composed of aristocrats, because the research institutes dealt with the leading-edge techniques in the kingdom.

Aristocrats had more opportunities to receive a higher education than commoners and many of them had reliable backgrounds if they were highly capable. Of course, the academy’s scholarship students could also become researchers if they’re found to be excellent commoners from the screening. However, that was only a select few. In such an environment, the commoners working at research institutes often felt ashamed unless they excelled in their fields.

Fortunately for Jude, the Medicinal Herb Research Institute that he worked at was very calm; there was no discrimination of social status because the director did not care for such things. The researchers of the institute only cared about research and were often seen as eccentric.

Due to the vastness of the medicinal herb garden owned by the institute, was located close to the palace. Therefore it was hard to meet people who would scold them over minor things.

A peculiar woman entered the research institute in his second year. There are very few women who become researchers. In addition, there had never been a situation in which a new researcher entered before the graduation ceremony.

No one could image how she became a researcher when she didn’t even look like an aristocrat. That wasn’t the only thing that was unusual, her appearance was also unusual. There was no one in Slantania Kingdom with black hair and black eyes.

There were people in faraway kingdoms with the same appearance as her; but in the Slantania Kingdom, no one fit her description unless they were diplomats. Her name was Sei.

It was Jude who had met her first at the research institute. Jude had called out to her when he saw her walking around looking at the medicinal herbs in interest. There were many women who liked flowers around Jude but very few liked herbs.

Because they were at the palace, there were many aristocrats around. Some aristocrats looked down on commoners who carelessly called out to them and there are even times when it would cause a needless riot.

Jude was good-looking and in the past when he carelessly called out to an eminent aristocrat’s wife, she insisted that he become her lover (At that time, the Director finally helped him).

Therefore Jude didn’t normally call out to people he didn’t know. However at that time, he judged from her dress that her position wouldn’t be high, even if she was an aristocrat; so he called out to her because he was curious. When he talked to her he thought, ah so she wasn’t an aristocrat.

Jude explained the surrounding herbs to Sei because she was interested. Sei wasn’t disgusted even though he was talking quite enthusiastically about the herbs and listened to him with interest.

This was the first time Jude had met a woman like this who wasn’t a researcher. It was fun being with her so he told her, “Please come again”. Even though Jude had told her that, he’d never thought that she would end up visiting every day.

Under such circumstances, after she’d entered the research institute she would often work with Jude. Sei knew a lot about medicinal herbs but she wasn’t familiar with potion making. Therefore she often relied on Jude. Jude was a man so there was no way that he wasn’t pleased that a woman relied on him.

While he was happily teaching her, she opened her heart to him and they started talking about other things too. They talked about various things and from time to time, she was a great scholar. Nevertheless, she didn’t know things that were common sense. For example, things about magic, people living in the capital, or the landscape of the town or even the main street.

That incongruous behaviour was strange and he asked for a reason; but she would always give a vague reply. According to her, “Being mysterious is attractive, is it not?” It was probably so. He wanted to know more about her and he became attracted to her.

Jude spent the most time with Sei. Therefore he was the one closest to her. But that didn’t mean that he could be carefree. He recently made a strong rival. His rival was the son of an eminent aristocrat, who held a firm position at the palace. To make matters worse, he was tall and good-looking. Even so, Jude just couldn’t interrupt them whenever he saw them talk in public.

How long would he stay her number one? Recently, Jude has been impatient and uneasy.

Jude (20 years old)

178 cm. 70 kg. Dark green hair and eyes.

The 5th son of a merchant family (six men and three woman). The only magic user amongst his siblings.

There were many young ladies from aristocrat families that wanted to marry him because he was friendly, good-looking, gifted with magic and from a big preeminent merchant house.

Since he could use water attribute magic, many people thought that he would help his family business and be in charge of transportation. But he joined the Medicinal Herb Research Institute.

The reason his family allowed him to join the research institute was of course, so he could make connections in the future.

His expectations were spot-on and his profits have recently increased by selling ingredients and seasoning to the research institute’s dining hall at wholesale price.

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