Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Thought

Seven months have passed since I’ve been summoned.

The sunlight that blazed down during the daytime was still the same but it felt like the days were getting shorter.

Every morning while I was watering the medicinal herbs, I felt that the sun was rising later. I think that it’s almost autumn soon.

“Good morning, Sei.”

Jude, who woke up and was adjusting his outfit, came while I was watering the medicinal herbs with a watering can.

Although I was watering the medicinal herbs, it didn’t mean that I was watering all of them.

To begin with, the medicinal herb garden had expanded a bit, so it was impossible for me to manage the whole place by myself.

I was only taking care of the herbs I personally used, in a corner of the research institute’s medicinal herb garden.

There were many other researchers who had their own personal fields as well. They were all managed individually.

There were many gardeners here taking care of the medicinal herb garden for the other divisions and they would normally manage it on a regular basis.

“If you had asked me, I would have helped out.”

Jude looked at the watering can I was holding and narrowed his eyebrows.

Jude could use water attribute magic so he could water all the herbs without having to use a watering can.

When he knew that I was watering the herbs every morning, Jude told me that he could water the herbs by using his water magic and had been helping me out.

But, he didn’t help out every day. I felt guilty about asking him to do it every day, so I only asked him to help out if I met him before watering the herbs.

“Thanks. I’ll just accept your feelings.”

I smiled and said my thanks. Jude laughed with a feeling of resignation.

I had just finished watering the herbs, so Jude accompanied me back to the research institute.

Jude didn’t have his own field, so it seemed that he came out just to help me water my herbs.

“By the way, were the medicinal herbs arriving from the shop today?”

“Yeah. There’s more herbs than usual, so the Director said that the researchers also have to help move it to the warehouse.”

I confirmed today’s schedule with Jude on our way back home.

Since we sold the potions to the 3rd Knight Order at wholesale price lately, the medicinal herbs were not enough to cover the amount of potions sold, so we started to stock herbs from the shop.

By the way, the shop we stocked from was Jude’s home. Because of that, we were able to purchase the herbs at a cheaper price, so the Director was happy.

According to Jude, his home was the biggest store in the capital and he handled various things at the shop. He was always the first to know what ingredients were being purchased for the dining hall.

I thought that I asked for unreasonable ingredients for the dining hall, so I was feeling a little apologetic.

“What time will the goods arrive?”

“Around the 3rd morning bell, right?”

“Then, I wonder if it’s alright for me to arrive around that time?”

There were clocks in this world, but they were very expensive. There were only a limited number of people who had them.

Therefore, commoners knew the time from when the bell, ringing from places like the church, chimed. The bell at the Royal Palace also rang at pre-set times.

The 3rd morning bell was about 9am.

I’d still make it on time even if I left when I heard the bell ring since the warehouse was next to the research institute.

I went to the warehouse when I heard the 3rd morning bell, but there was nothing for me to do.

The large number of boxes containing medicinal herbs piled up in the wagon was being carried into the warehouse by the other researchers and assistants.

The majority of the herbs were used by me, so I told them that I would help out, but everyone declined.

No, well, I got to see everyone’s strong point which I usually don’t see and it was good eye candy for me. I wonder if it’s okay if I’m the only one who thinks it’s good?

I was feeling somewhat guilty so I decided to stop watching them and went to go deliver the potions to the 3rd Knight Order in place of the assigned person.

The potions were delivered on a wagon pulled by a donkey, so it wasn’t hard work.

The assistants would do the loading and unloading.

Oh yeah, we have coachman for the wagon now.

I was worried about whether I could control the donkey well at the beginning, but it was pretty easy.

This is probably a really excellent donkey.

The donkey was a good boy who obediently listened to what I said.

This was probably something I wouldn’t experience in Japan just like making potions.

“Huh? Sei?”

I encountered the Knights who just finished training while the assistants were unloading the potions from the wagon at the side entrance.

Since they were training, they weren’t wearing their usual knight uniforms. Their clothes were slightly rough.

I sometimes went on subjugations with them and they would sometimes help me investigate food effects, so I was on good terms with the 3rd Knight Order.

To the extent that they would call out to me like this.

The Knights who called out to me, were headed my way. They saw that the wagon next to me was piled up with potions, so they could guess that I brought it here.

“Did you bring the potions here?”


“The research institute’s potions are really effective. They really help us out during subjugations.”

“Thank you.”

After training, the Knights shuffled in a circle around me.

Most of the Knights were taller than me and they had good physique, so it felt like I was being surrounded by walls.

This is a real meat wall, just kidding!

“You’re always making a fair amount, isn’t it hard? Next time would be double this amount, right?”

“Eh? Is it increasing?”

“Huh? Haven’t you heard anything?”

I heard from a Knight that the amount of potions would double next time, but I never heard anything from the Director.

To be honest, I can make triple this amount by myself so there’s no problem if it’s doubled.

When I asked about it in detail, he told me that the next scheduled subjugation would be conducted by the 2nd and 3rd Knight Order. So it wasn’t just the 3rd Knight Order that was ordering the potions but also the 2nd Knight Order.

The Director and Captain decided to do so because it would cause problems if only one party had effective potions.

Indeed, the amount of medicinal herbs delivered today was larger than usual.

“Are the Knight Orders joining up because a powerful monster had appeared?”

“It’s not like that. We’re going to the Ghosh Forest next, so just to be safe, the two Knight Orders are joining hands.”


The Ghosh Forest is where the Salamander appeared and although time had passed since it appeared, there could still be another one out there. So they were going on a massive subjugation mission.

“Is the 1st Knight Order not going?”

Since the 2nd and 3rd Knight Orders were going, I thought that the 1st Knight order would also join in, so I innocently asked. But, as soon as I did, the expression of the Knights around me grimed.

I might’ve asked something bad, so I tilted my head and the Knights around me began talking bitterly.

“The 1st Knight Order will be protecting His Highness.”

“His Highness?”

“Ah, His Highness Kyle and his associates will be going to the East Forest to level up, so the 1st Knight Order will be guarding them. They won’t be joining the subjugation this time.”

Kyle, Kyle…… Ah, that red-haired Prince?

I didn’t know who he was for a moment there when they told me his name, I certainly remember that the Crown Prince had that kind of name.

“His Highness and his associates have already passed level 15. So even if they go to the East Forest, it would be pretty hard for them to level up……”

“Yeah. If they’re going, then it’d probably be better for them to head to the South Forest.”

“If they have guards escorting them, it’s probably better for them to go to the South Forest, huh.”

What the Knights were trying to say was that the East Forest was for beginners, so students up until level 12 would level up well there.

Therefore, the Crown Prince and his associates who were already at level 15 would find it hard to level up at the East Forest.

The South Forest had stronger monsters than the East Forest and it was easier for people to level up from level 12 ~ 20.

After that, I asked about it and I heard that the Crown Prince used to go to the South Forest. I wonder why he’s going to the East Forest now.

“It’s because of her right? The Saint-sama”

“Well, it’s mostly because of her.”


“A girl being protected by His Highness. They call her that.”

When I inadvertently responded to the word【Saint】, the Knights told me various things about the Saint-sama.

I could guess who it was when they told me she was being protected by the Crown Prince and yup, it was about Aira-chan.

To summarise the Knight’s stories, Aira-chan was attending the Royal Academy and the Crown Prince and his close associates were looking after her.

The Crown Prince reasoned that because she was the 【Saint】, it was better for the kingdom if she levelled up faster.

She had entered the Royal Academy later than her classmates, so in order for her to level up faster, it was better for them to head to the forest with the 1st Knight Order, who’re higher level than her. This way they could level her up faster than usual.

Of course, the Crown Prince was royalty and his close associates were all sons of aristocrats, so the 1st Knight Order were accompanying them for safety reasons.

Since they were power-levelling her, it was better for them to do so at the South Forest. But the Crown Prince strongly opposed, saying that it was dangerous, so they were heading to the East Forest instead.

The other reason was that there was no longer a need for Aira-chan to level up and catch up to her classmates.

“He is really treating her like she’s glass.”

As a person summoned together with Aira-chan, I’m a little relieved that she didn’t have any bad experiences.

She is younger than me, I’m a little worried after all.

I thought I looked relieved, but the Knights who are looking at me had a strange expression on their faces.

Eh? What is it?

“Sei feels more like a Saint-sama than that Saint-sama.”

“His Highness doesn’t have a discerning eye.”

“If something happens, tell us. If it’s something we can do then we’ll do it!”

They were trying to comfort me while looking at me with eyes of pity. Even if you don’t worry so much, I’m okay, you know?

I do what I want. I’m having fun living my ordinary peaceful life, you know?

“Ahaha, Thank you. I will let you know if anything happens.”

Everyone says that I’m like a Saint. I’m really like a Saintwhen something bad happens, huh?

According to my Status anyway.

But I will not positively affirm it, nor do I intend to publicise it.

I don’t intend to deny it either because it might be found out one day.

I’m still a little bit peeved at what had happened on the day I was summoned, so I’m not going to obediently admit it.

So I want to spend my life as an ordinary person until the day someone finds out.

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