Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Bestowal Craftswoman

Yup, it’s broken.

It’s broken.

The impact ran through my palm and I timidly peaked inside. It was just as I had felt, the material had broken in two.

While I was worrying about what to do, the Mage asked me, “Is something wrong?”

“Mhmmm, it seems to have broken.”

It’s no use even if I kept it quiet, so I timidly told him the truth and showed him the broken core. He looked at the core and said in surprise, “Eh?!”

The Mages all simultaneously looked our way when they heard his exclamation.

Eh, what’s with that, it’s scary.

Don’t look over here.

The Mage looked at my palm and muttered in surprise, “It is broken”, while all the other Mages and the Director were frozen.

And while still muttering, the Mage also froze.

No, anyone’s fine, so someone do something about this situation.

“Did you try to bestow magic reduction?”

A heavenly voice came from behind me and I turned around. There stood an Intelligent Glasses-sama. He had a familiar pair of blue-grey eyes and silky silver hair.

I inadvertently added “-sama” because of his cool aura and that heavenly voice that called out to me.

Intelligent Glasses-sama ignored my glance and picked up the core from my palm. He closely examined it.

“You’re really just bestowing magic reduction?”

“Ah, no……”

He glanced at me coldly and I spontaneously straightened my back.

The feeling was like that of a student and teacher.

“What did you try to bestow?”

“Mhm, well…… I thought that raising the magic resistance would have nothing to do with the magic attribute, so I……”

“Then this material would be insufficient.”

Intelligent Glasses-sama said as he chose a different material from the box on top of the table.

He chose a black gem 6.5mm in diameter.

It was twice the size of the gem from before. Is it alright for me to use something this big?

I inadvertently looked at the Mage and he too was surprised.

Incidentally the Director was as well.

“Is it alright for me to use this?”

I asked while comparing Intelligent Glasses-sama’s face with the materials. He nodded and presented the materials before my eyes.

I received it and just like before, I wrapped my hands around it. I prayed for ‘increase magic resistance’ and exposed it to my magic.

The core instantly heated up before settling.

Was it successful?

I timidly opened up my hands and it wasn’t broken. The core was still in one piece.

Since it didn’t look that different, I was uncertain if it actually succeeded.

I stared at the core and Intelligent Glasses-sama picked up it up just like before.


The magic that he quietly chanted was one that few people could use, appraisal magic.

I heard that only a few people at the Court Mage Division could use it and Intelligent Glasses-sama was one of them.

As expected of him.

I stared at him and after letting me hear his heavenly voice, a slight smile appeared on his expressionless face which was like a Noh mask.

His faint smile quickly disappeared and his face looked like a Noh mask again. Then he said, “It was successful”.

The surrounding Mages heard that and cheered.

That’s good, I was successful this time.

I, who was feeling relieved, was quickly presented with another core.

The person who presented it to me was of course, Intelligent Glasses-sama. I tilted my head in confusion and he said, “Next is……”

Eh, we’re continuing?

For the time being, I received it and it was as big as the first core I used.

“Poison reduction.”


He said in a voice that I couldn’t refuse, so I inadvertently nodded.

This time I properly bestowed it with the effect he told me to.

Intelligent Glasses-sama’s judgement was correct. The magic bestowal finished without the gem breaking.

When I finished bestowing, I opened my palm and Intelligent Glasses-sama picked up the finished core and used appraisal magic on it.

The bestowment must have gone without a hitch because he nodded in satisfaction and presented the next core to me.

I took it and he frankly told me what effects he wanted me to bestow.

I obediently bestowed the effects he wanted. I must have done well, because Intelligent Glasses-sama handed me materials one after the other in the same way.

Thus I continued bestowing the effects he wanted one after another.

He casted appraisal magic on the cores I bestowed with magic and confirmed that the effects were all bestowed correctly.

We continued this routine work the whole time.

Well, magic bestowal didn’t take up that much time, you know.

What are you going to do with all these?

He initially told me to bestow them with reduction types like poison reduction and attribute reduction. But before I knew it, he’d mixed in nullification types, such as poison nullification and paralysis nullification. It ended with me bestowing two effects simultaneously.

My MP was exhausted while I was bestowing magic and when they had noticed, someone placed an Intermediate MP Potions in front of me.

It seems that the Mage who was watching this series of actions, gave me the MP Potions.

Five of them……

It was a really good amount of MP Potions, but I drank them all.

While taking a break.

Well, since potions don’t accumulate in my stomach, I can drink as many as I want without worrying.

Even so, there were quite a few potions.


There was someone waiting next to me holding onto the next core as I drank.

“How long am I going to continue doing this?”

I thought that I should head back to the research Institute after bestowing many gems with magic, and called out to Intelligent Glasses-sama.

The magic bestowed cores were carried to him like a conveyor belt and were all beautifully lined up in front of him.

Intelligent Glasses-sama looked at the number of cores and nodded his head before moving. He went to a locked shelf by the wall and took out a large material from the shelf.

It was a transparent stone over 1 cm in diameter.

It’s not a diamond, right?

The size of the core presented to me made the surrounding Mages gulp.

Director, your mouth is open, you know?

“This is the last of it. I want; abnormal status nullification, magic nullification and attack nullification.”

Eh? Three of them?

Moreover they’re all nullification?

I was surprised when I heard that and the surrounding Mages were also surprised.

I wanted to tell them that if they opened their eyes that big, their eyes would pop out, you know?

For the time being, I thought about whether I could do what I was told. But it was unlikely that both magic nullification and attack nullification would be compatible.

Well, if it was magic and attack resistance I could probably bestow all three onto the jewel.

“It is unlikely that both magic nullification and attack nullification would be compatible. But I could probably raise magic and attack resistance.”

“I see. Let’s do that.”

I was told that my suggestion was okay, so I went ahead and bestowed it with abnormal status nullification, magic resistance and attack resistance.

The heat in my palms was higher than before and it took a long time to cool down but it seemed that I was successful.

I gave the completed core to Intelligent Glasses-sama and he casted appraisal magic onto it to confirm that the magic had been bestowed.

He smiled slightly, so it seemed that I was able to bestow the effects he told me to.

The Mages, who gulped and watched me bestow magic, instantly caused a ruckus.

I sighed in relief and the Director said, “Good work”.

Yeah, I was feeling more tensed than usual and I was more tired than usual.

I want to return to the research institute soon to have a cup of tea.

“Today’s reward.”

When the Director and I tried to leave the Mage Division’s noisy barracks, Intelligent Glasses-sama gave me a black stone.

It’s the stone that I first bestowed with magic resistance.

Reward…… If this was for sale then it’ll be really expensive, right?

Is it fine?

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t mind. You worked quite a bit today.”

“Is that so?”

He said it was fine so I received it, gratefully.

I had a feeling the gem in my palm momentary flashed.

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