Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu: Behind the Scenes 03-02

Behind the Scenes 03-01: A Storm on the Horizon – Sequel

“Her holy magic skill level is most likely at level 10. Her level, itself, is over level 40.”

The King and Prime Minister’s eyes widened when they heard him report that in a quiet voice.

Apart from combat skills and production skills, Status also showed one’s basic level. Basic level effected things like HP, MP, attack and magic. The average levels of an ordinary person were between level 5 ~ 10, for those who graduated from the Royal Academy, 15 ~ 20, and for knights and mages that worked at the royal palace, 30 ~ 35. The Knight Order Captains and the Head Magician were the only ones who had passed level 40.

This time, they estimated that Sei’s max MP was around 5000 from the amount of MP potions she drank during the magic bestowal. The only person with the highest max MP at the Royal Palace was the Court Mage Division’s Head Magician, whose level was 45. Because of that, Airhart speculated that Sei’s level was 40 or over.

“It’s surprisingly high…”

It’s not surprising that the Prime Minister grumbled. The Crown Prince was investigating Aira, who was summoned alongside with Sei, and was making regular reports under the King. According to his personal statements, when Aira first entered the Royal Academy, her level and magic skill were at 1 and through taking classes at the Royal Academy, her level had rose to 16 in the last six months.

Aira’s level rose extremely fast considering that it took the other students three years to reach level 15 ~ 20. It wasn’t just her level that rose fast, but her magic skill as well. Her magic skill rose just by using it, so she has been proactively making use of potions to raise her magic skill. Thus her holy magic skill was now comparable with the Court Mages and was now at level 4. Nevertheless, her level and magic skills were no match for Sei’s.

“Her high level is because she’s the Saint, is it not?”

“We still do not know that yet. We have people searching for documents describing the details of the Saint’s status but we still haven’t found anything yet.”

“If only we had some kind of information on her status……”

“Details about the status are not important. The important thing is information on purifying miasma and annihilating the demons. There are a lot of documents detailing those things.”

There were many books detailing the Saint successors and demon annihilation at the Royal Palace library, but books detailing the Saint’s status were yet to be found. The stories leftover about their private lives were love stories involving the royal family or a knight, etc. There were, however, no stories about making potions or bestowing magic like Sei.

There was a reason why the stories on the Saint were bias in this way. There were Saints in the past who bestowed magic like Sei. They didn’t produce legendary cores like Sei did, but they were still able to make quality cores that couldn’t be produced normally. Wisely, the upper stratum of that time, were anxious that the Saint would be used by others for something other than her original purpose and forbade people from recording anything other than demon annihilation which led them to the current situation.

The ideas of the upper stratum of that time and the current King roughly matched. This can be seen from the expression of the King which gradually darkened since the beginning of the discussion. He was delighted that there was a high possibly that the Saint existed, but regardless of whether she is the Saint or not, Sei’s ability had a great influence on the kingdom’s tactics.

If her abilities were known to the public, it was easy to predict that people who wanted to make use of her would appear from near and far. It also wasn’t hard to predict that their actions would cause disarray in the kingdom. As King, he had to think of ways to protect Sei from those people. It was inexcusable for him to only just be pleased with what was happening.

“We need to increase her guard.”

Everyone at the King’s office agreed with what the King ended the discussion with. The Medicinal Herb Research Institute where Sei was located was far from the Royal Palace. Recently people, who weren’t researchers, came and went from the research institute. But, the number of unauthorized people entering the research institute was still low.

There were people guarding Sei, a saint candidate, in secret ever since she moved to the research institute. It was, however, easy to find when suspicious people entered a building depending on the location, so there weren’t many people assigned to guard Sei since she mostly stayed at the research institute. However, they felt uneasy at the number of guards she had considering that there was a leak this time.

Considering that Sei’s abilities were already well known amongst the mages, they concluded that it was important to increase the number of guards Sei had. However, it would also become a problem if they increased it too much. The King had received a report from Johan stating that Sei wanted to live life as an ordinary person. Therefore, unlike Aira, they didn’t assign a guard at her side. But instead, they had the guards protect her in secret. They concluded that they would assign guards to the research institute to pose as researchers and chefs, that way they could place people close to Sei.

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