Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu: Behind the Scenes 03-01

Behind the Scenes 03-01: A Storm on the Horizon – Prequel

“It’s this way.”

In the King’s office deep within the Royal Palace, Airhart Hawk the Court Mage Division’s Deputy Head Magician, presented the King with a black velvet tray. There was a diamond 1cm big on the tray. The other day, Sei had bestowed it with abnormal status nullification, magic resistance and attack resistance. When the magic bestowal core was placed in front of him, the Prime Minister standing next to the King, who was usually emotionless, gulped.

It wasn’t unreasonable for the Prime Minister, who excelled in Machiavellianism, to inadvertently reveal his true feelings. The core that Sei had made, was only found by excavating deep within ancient ruins or by subjugating demons. Sometimes magic bestowal tools dropped when demons were killed. The quality of the bestowal tool depended on the strength of the demon.

To get an item with the same bestowment as the one Sei made, the entire Knight Order would have needed to subjugate the demon or else it wouldn’t drop. It was indeed a legendary item. Items with similar effects became national treasures. Those treasures weren’t gathered within the past several decades, no, they were gathered over hundreds of years. It took months and years to find just one of those treasures, so there were only a few of them. The core that was placed in front of the King and the Prime Minister was one such treasure. It was the first time they had seen such a treasure in front of them outside of the treasury.

“Indeed. I can see why you wanted to clear the room.”

The King sighed after a moment of silence.

The King had received a report that Airhart and Johan, the Director of the Medicinal Herb Research Institute, had confidential information that they wanted to share with him. Therefore only the King and the Prime Minister were present at the meeting place.

Sei had already bestowed magic in front of the Court Mage Division. Airhart had also issued a gag order on the mages, but he couldn’t deny that there was a possibility that it would leak out from the mages. It was, however, still better to clear people out of the room while reporting to the King.

The content reported by the two was about why they had wanted the room cleared; Sei had produced a legendary rank magic bestowal tool. It was inevitable that the two, who held up the country, were dumbfounded. A legendary ranked item was exactly as stated. The core that Sei had produced was extremely useful to the military and it could be sold at astronomical prices. Sei, who could make such tools, was definitely a goose that laid golden eggs. If this story were to ever get out, people would certainly target her.

This time, Sei was interested in magic. Airhart, who Johan had contacted, took the opportunity to examine her magic abilities so that he could report it to the King. The only person who could appraise a person’s status, the Court Mage Division’s Head Magician, was still in a coma after the【Saint Summoning Ceremony】; so they didn’t know whether Sei or Aira, who were both summoned by the ceremony, was the Saint.

However, it had already been more than half a year since the ceremony and they didn’t know when the Head Magician would awaken. So the Cabinet Ministers talked about examining Sei and Aira’s abilities. Aira was attending the Royal Academy, so they screened her in class and her ability was being examined in various ways.

Sei, on the other hand, was placed at the Medicinal Herb Research Institute and was performing the same work as the other researchers, so the investigation into her abilities was proceeding slowly. There was also that matter that happened immediately after she was summoned, so she didn’t appear at the Royal Palace often. Therefore, her spontaneous request was a godsend. The King accepted Airhart’s report and a few days later, magic bestowal was conducted at the Court Mage Division. He’d decided to use the opportunity to investigate Sei’s abilities.

Sei’s astonishing abilities were revealed in the investigation.

On that day, the Court Mage Division already knew how they would investigate Sei’s abilities and made preparations beforehand. The effects of magic bestowal differed depending on a person’s: magic skill attribute, level and how much magic power they exposed to the item. Trying to bestow an item with high effects required a higher level of magic skill and more magic power needed to be used. The relationship between the bestowed effects, the level of magic skill and the amount of magic power required had been researched extensively so they understood it to a certain degree.

They used that information to investigate Sei’s magic skill. They would measure Sei’s magic skill level by gradually increasing the difficulty of the magic bestowal. If possible, they wanted her to exhaust her MP so that they could calculate the max value of it by the amount of MP potions she consumed. Of course since Sei had been summoned here by the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】, there was a high chance that she possessed holy attribute magic, so the Mage initially asked her to bestow support magic. Something unexpected happened midway and Airhart took over, but the plan still proceeded as planned.

The difficulty of magic bestowal was increased as such: reduction, resistance and then nullification. Level 10 magic skills were generally regarded as the highest level, but throughout history, there had only been one or two people who had reached that level. Even the Mages that worked at the Court Mage Division were mostly at level 3. Reduction could be bestowed with the lowest level holy magic skill; resistance required level 3 holy magic skill, and nullification required at least level 5 holy magic skill.

The effect that Sei wanted to bestow first was magic nullification which was the most difficult. So instead, the supporting Mage recommended she try reduction, which was the easiest to bestow. The first one failed and broke because Sei changed the bestowal effect beforehand. That had been completely unexpected, but she succeeded in bestowing magic resistance the second time.

Since effects like resistance and defense fell under the resistance group, they decided that Sei’s magic skill at that time was level 3 or higher. Half a year half passed since they had been summoned and even Aira, the other candidate, was at level 4. Her holy magic skill had already surpassed the Court Mage Division. When she first began attending the Royal Academy, however, her holy magic skill was only at level 1. It was easy to imagine how surprised the Mages were, since Sei, who had never attended a magic lecture, was suddenly at level 3.

In order to investigate further, Airhart instructed Sei to bestow various effects. The surrounding Mages wondered how long it would take for Sei to blow a fuse at Airhart’s extremely businesslike instructs and grew fearful. Fortunately for them, she followed his instructs and bestowed magic quietly without losing it. Bestowing reduction group magic required at least level 1, but a higher level may be required depending on the effect of the reduction.

For example, poison reduction could be bestowed at level 1, but paralysis reduction could not be bestowed unless the caster had a holy magic skill level of 2 or higher. Airhart tried to examine Sei’s magic skill level in detail using that premise.In order to bestow various effects, he gradually increased the difficulty level. But in the end, Sei succeeded in bestowing nullification which required level 5 or over.

Therefore, as a magic researcher, Airhart got a little greedy. The next instruction that he gave her was to bestow more than one effect onto a single gem. No one had ever succeeded in doing that before. Still, he felt that it was impossible and he asked her half-heartedly. Even if the effects were from the easiest reduction group, Sei easily succeeded. Since it came to that, everyone wanted to see how far she could go. The mages who were secretly watching her at that time all concentrated on what she was doing.

When she took a break, Sei asked how long she would continue bestowing effects, so Airhart gave her the final order. He had told her to do the impossible. Abnormal status nullification, magic nullification and attack nullification. It was the highest difficulty nullification and he didn’t just instruct her to bestow two nullification, he had asked her to bestow three of them. No one had ever been able to do something like that before. Even if it could exist in the world, he had instructed her to bestow something dodgy.

As he’d expected, it was impossible even for Sei. She, however, suggested that she could bestow the core with abnormal status nullification, magic resistance and attack resistance; which was something legendary. She had succeeded, just as she declared.

Thus Sei’s holy magic skill level was probably at the highest level; level 10. Her holy magic wasn’t actually at that level, but it would be a while longer before Airhart and the people at the Royal Palace found out.

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