The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent: Volume 02 – Act 01; Part 1

Act 01 – Appraisal

I absentmindedly watched the scenery from inside of the carriage that was heading to the Court Mage Magician Division, and sighed many times.

The Director, who noticed this, called out to me with a wry smile.

“You look extremely displeased. Well, it’s not like I can’t understand how you feel.”

“That’s right……” I also replied with a wry smile, and the Director shrugged his shoulders.

I once again looked at the scenery outside and thought about what had happened yesterday.

Yesterday, around closing time or something, a message came from the Court Mage Division:

“We will be appraising you, so come to the Court Mage Division tomorrow, or rather today.”

What exactly are they appraising?

It seemed that they are appraising me.

People had recently been calling me the 【Saint】here and there because of the incident that took place at the hospital.

Meanwhile the Head Magician of the Court Mage Division, who was comatose from the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】, had awoken about a week ago.

The Head Magician was the only person in this whole kingdom who could Appraise people.

I hadn’t had my appraisal yet because he’d been in a coma.

The Head Magician still wasn’t in top shape, but the appraisal of the 【Saint】was the foremost important thing in the kingdom, so he was pushing himself to do the appraisal.

It was inevitable when I thought about what had happened at the hospital.

I thought that the rumour about me possibly being the 【Saint】would spread if I used recovery magic the way I did.

So I prepared myself to some extent but……

It was still depressing.

Appraisal confirmed one’s status, but if that happened then I would be busted.

My status clearly showed that I was the 【Saint】.

“You really don’t want to?”

I naturally had an uncertain look on my face while pondering.

I turned to face the Director. He looked worried.

“Yes. It’s depressing.”

“I didn’t want to say this but you did put on quite a show.”

“They’re wrong, I didn’t go all out. I only just healed people a little, didn’t I?”

“It’s not a little, okay. Definitely not.”

The Director looked shocked when I tightened my lips together.

Then we smiled wryly at each other.

The Director had been really concerned about me.

Since the time I had moved into the Research Institute.

He did it in such a casual manner that I didn’t notice it most the time, but sometimes I would notice that he was concerned about me.

I was extremely thankful that he was concerned about me, even though it was probably only because I was his subordinate.

Even by just talking to him like this, I felt my depression fading away a little.

“I don’t think anything will happen immediately after the appraisal finishes……”

The Director, who suddenly became serious, fessed up.

The numbers of demons had been gradually decreasing since the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】. Which meant that the people at the Royal Palace could clearly tell that the 【Saint】had been summoned.

The demons, however, were only decreasing around the vicinity of the capital. Places far away from the capital were still overflowing with demons.

The past 【Saints】travelled together with the Knight Order to the regions that were overflowing with demons. They used a special technique that only they could utilise and purified the land.

The people at the Royal Palace also expected the 【Saint】to carry on this duty this time as well.

“Demon annihilation…… Does it mean that there’s fighting involved?”

“There is. However, Mages will be casting spells behind the Knights. So you won’t be in much danger.”

“But what if the demons can use magic? The spell would head my way, wouldn’t it?”

“Well, yes. I can’t say that you wouldn’t met with any danger at all.”

“Even the child who was summoned with me has never been in combat.”

There were places that were at war in my old world.

Japan, however, was peaceful.

Both Aira-chan, who was summoned with me, and I, have never had to fight for our lives or taken someone’s life before.

Even if someone suddenly told me I had to do subjugations, I don’t think I would be of any use.

Even though I had killed many monsters and demons in games.

“They’ll probably do practice runs first, won’t they? The person who was summoned with you, was her name Aira? She’s learning how to do things like that at the Royal Academy.”

“Is she?”

“The Academy practices by running subjugations at the East Forest. She, too, should have gone by now.”

Aira-chan’s had already experienced subjugations.

I was a little surprised when I heard that.

I was worried about whether or not she’d be okay, but then I remembered that she had Knights as escorts.

I hadn’t heard anything about her being injured so she was probably alright.

The East Forest that she went to was also supposed to be filled with weak demons.

“What…… What would you do if the appraisal showed that I wasn’t the 【Saint】?”

I suddenly thought and asked.

The Director’s eyes widened and then he smiled wryly.

“The 【Saint’s】job would probably be done by Aira, but……”


“…… They would probably request that you support her.”


“By using recovery magic.”

I see.

I definitely healed so many at the hospital that the people around me were surprised.

So that might happen.

“If I accept such a request then I would probably have to move into the Court Mage Division, wouldn’t I?”

“I wonder.”

“I don’t want to move if I don’t have to.”

The Research Institute was an extremely comfortable place.

I was fine with giving support but I didn’t want to transfer workplaces.

I told the Director my feelings, and he said he was going to handle it.

As I continued to talk to the Director, we arrived at the Court Mage Division.

A Court Mage came to greet us and escorted us into the building.

While we were walking through the hallway, I felt someone gaze at us from ahead of the Mage.

It felt the same as when I was walking through the palace recently.

Although I was used to it by now, it still bothered me.

There wasn’t anything I could do about it even if it bothered me.

“I have brought Director Waldeck and Sei-sama from the Medicinal Herb Research Institute.”

The Mage knocked on the door that appeared to lead to the Head Mage’s room and stated his business. A reply came immediately from within.

The Mage urged us to enter and we went inside. Next to Intelligent Glasses-sama was a young man with extremely good features and dark blue hair and eyes. He greeted us while standing.

His face was so well-featured that it seemed artificial.

What’s up with this?

Isn’t the beauty level in this room too high?!


The Mage-san left the room as soon as he showed us in.

The only ones in this room were the Director and I, and then Intelligent Glasses-sama and the young man. Just four of us.

“Welcome to the Court Mage Division. I’m the Head Magician, Yuuri Dreves.”

The young man smiled gently while introducing himself to me.

“My name is Sei.”

I was overwhelmed by his beauty and froze, but I still managed to somehow return his greeting.

He’s the Head Magician?

He looked younger than Intelligent Glasses-sama who was standing next to him.

Probably because of his good looks and gentle aura.

He looked like he could be around the same age as Jude.

It would probably be rude for that thought to show on my face, so I didn’t let it show on my face and sat down on the sofa while thinking.

“Ah, and he is the Deputy Head Magician, Airhart Hawk. You have met him before, have you not?”

“Ah, yes.”

As soon as I sat on the sofa, the Head Magician introduced Intelligent Glasses-sama as if he had just remembered about him.

I’m sorry.

I didn’t know his name since he had never introduced himself, nor was I told by anyone.

So he was the Deputy Head Magician. I had thought that Intelligent Glasses-sama was a big shot from how the surrounding Mages were looking at him.

I got it.

I, however, cared more about his surname.

His surname was Hawk, so did that mean he was the Captain’s brother?

That question must have shown on my face because the Director, who was sitting next to me, told me the answer: “He’s Al’s brother.”

“Well then, as I’ve told you earlier, I would like to appraise you today.”


After the introductions were out of the way, he talked about the main subject at hand, the appraisal.

It finally came.

He explained appraisal magic in the same way that Jude had earlier.

Appraisal magic could be used on a person, but if that person didn’t approve, then there was a chance that it could repel. If that person was higher levelled than the person casting the appraisal magic, then it would definitely repel.

So, “Please let me be at ease,” the Head Magician said while smiling.

I will endeavour to do so……

“Then let’s begin.”



I didn’t really want to, but I tried my best not to repel his magic and obediently accepted the appraisal magic.

Probably because it was just appraisal magic, I didn’t feel anything for a second. And then in the next moment, I felt something repel. The subtle discomfort disappeared.


Did it possibly repel?

I looked around in surprise and saw that the others, aside from the Head Magician, were also shocked.

When my gaze met the Director’s, he stared at me with a dubious look.

Wait a minute, I was careful so that it wouldn’t repel!


“I didn’t repel it, I thought real hard about it not repelling.”

The Director looked at me in distrust but it was just a false accusation.

I know I didn’t repel it so I firmly returned his gaze.

The Head Magician, who was looking at our exchange, recovered from his shock and smiled while asking, “You didn’t repel it?”

“I didn’t.”

The Head Magician put a hand to his chin and cast his eyes down when I nodded.

After thinking for a while, he lifted his head up again.

“If you didn’t repel it, then that means your level is higher than mine.”


“Excuse me, but what is your basic level?”

He arrived at that conclusion.

I knew it.

There was another reason for the magic repel that had nothing to do with me repelling it myself.

Perhaps, it was correct.

I thought that my basic level was higher than the Head Magician’s.

Many of the knights in the 3rd Knight Order were also lower leveled than me; a lot of them were around level 30.

Taking that into consideration, the Captain and Head Mage classes should in the 40s?

If so then there would be at least a 6 level difference between us, because I was level 55.

But that was only my basic level.

When I asked Jude and the Knights earlier, they told me what was considered normal.

If it’s just this much then it would be alright to tell them, right?

I thought and said:

“It’s 55.”

Honestly, the reactions of all three returned to how they were before.

The Head Magician was smiling while frozen; Intelligent Glasses-sama widened his eyes and the Director’s jaw hung open.

Director, your face has become weird you know?

The first person to start moving again was the Head Magician. He muttered to confirm.

“Level…… 55……?”

When I nodded, he laughed, “Haha.”

“It would certainly repel at that level.”

“Your level was that high……?”

For some reason the Head Magician was laughing happily and the Director was looking at me in shock.

It’s troubling even if you looked at me with those eyes.

It was originally like that.

“I see. That’s troublesome.”

The Head Magician didn’t look troubled at all despite saying that.

I tilted my head and he scrunched his eyebrows as if uncertain.

“If I can’t do 『Appraisal』on you then we can only use the classic way to confirm your status…..”

“The classic way?”


Intelligent Glasses-sama heard that and got off the sofa.

He went to the desk in front of me, got a pen and paper and placed them in front of the Head Magician.

The Head Magician began explaining to the Director and me.

When a Mage couldn’t perform appraisal on someone then that person would report their own status.

Of course, the Head Magician couldn’t appraise everyone, so most of them used this method of confirmation.

Basically, everyone who worked at the palace had to fill out the report in advance.

Some skills and levels were needed to gain promotions, so some people exaggerated their statuses.

Suspicious people like that get surprise examinations to check to see if what they declared was true or false.

For magic skills, they would have to perform the level or attribute they declared in front of several examiners.

The current Head Magician didn’t have to take any exams before becoming the Head because he could use the all-important appraisal magic.

I was a little worried so I asked.

“Would my status be available to the public?”

“No. It will be treated as confidential information.”

It was the same as personal information in Japan, but seeing Jude and the Knight’s situations, the information didn’t seem to be kept as confidential as declared.

The information would be treated as confidential according to the Head Magician.

It was, however, easy to get promoted even if you didn’t reveal your valuable skills, because there was no shortage of people who would gossip at the palace.

“Is that so?”

I replied and looked at the paper once again.

Yup, what should I do?

It was probably better to write it down but……

The other three people didn’t say a word because I was staring at the paper without moving.

The room where conversation had died, was silent.

I’d talked about such things with the Director on the way here, but I was still wavering.

If I wrote my status here then I could only act as a 【Saint】.

Then what if I wrote lies?

I’d heard some things about Jude’s status, but I didn’t know what the average status in this kingdom was.

If I wrote the wrong things, then someone could point out the faults.

“You don’t feel like doing it?”

The Head Magician talked to me while I was worried over it.

I raised my face and looked at the Head Magician, who was smiling gently.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to.”

Intelligent Glasses-sama, who was sitting next to the Head Magician, widened his eyes in surprise at that single sentence.

I looked next to me and the Director’s eyes had also widened.

“Is it fine?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Head Magician.”

Intelligent Glasses-sama said in a flustered voice, but the Head Magician did not withdraw his statement.

According to him, even if they forced me to report my status, they wouldn’t try to confirm my status.

Even if that was true, was it really fine?

Both Intelligent Glasses-sama and the Director had the same looks on their faces, so it couldn’t be good.

I suspected that it was possible to investigate magic skill to a certain degree, so would it really be fine?

I didn’t say it out loud, but I looked dubiously at the Head Magician and he smiled a little.

“Instead, can you show me what you look like when you use magic?”

Ah, so he was going to confirm my magic skill.

A lot of people at the hospital had already witnessed my magic, so if it was just that much then it was fine.

I nodded and he said, “Well then……” and explained the procedure.

The magic I was using this time was the same one I used at the hospital, 『Heal』.

No one was injured in this room, but it worked on healthy people too.

But was 『Heal』really fine?

This was the first holy magic that I learned.

The power increases if the level of holy attribute magic increases, you know?

When it was used on a healthy person, it was difficult to determine the effects with neither a base value nor previous result so it was difficult to determine the status level.

“Will you confirm my holy attribute magic level with 『Heal』?”

“No, I want to confirm something else.”

It was strange so I asked, but the thing he was checking wasn’t my level.

Did he want to see the differences when someone summoned from another world used magic and when someone from this world used magic?

Was there even any difference?

I’d seen Jude use his magic before, but water magic and holy magic were just too dissimilar.

Unfortunately, I’d never seen anyone else using holy magic.

I wanted to ask if I could see other people of this kingdom using it, but I couldn’t necessarily say it myself because they would guess what I was up to.

Even without seeing other people use holy magic, I was still reluctant to write my status down.

I thought about various things but no answer came to me.

Well, in the worst case scenario where there’s a remarkable difference, I could just smooth it over by blaming the fact that I’m from another world or say that my level was high…

Thinking this, I obediently used magic.

I concentrated on casting magic.

They didn’t specify a target so I cast it on myself.

Then I activated 『Heal』, and my whole body was covered in a thin white haze.


I heard a small mutter, looked up, and saw that Intelligent Glasses-sama had his eyes wide open in surprise.

Ah, there really was something different, wasn’t there?

I looked at the other two and the Head Magician’s eyes were shining, while the Director…… looked the same as he always did.

I didn’t think that there was anything to be worried about, so I stared strangely at the Head Magician and Intelligent Glasses’s sama’s reactions.

“Is there a difference?”

I asked and the Head Magician nodded in excitement.

“Yes. Look here.”

He said, and cast 『Heal』.

He cast it on himself, like I had, and his body glowed white.

He asked me after the lights had faded, “Do you understand?” But I couldn’t see what was different.

I tilted my head and he once again cast 『Heal』.

The Head Magician’s body glowed white again but…… Huh?

Something suddenly bothered me, and I also cast 『Heal』on myself.

It shone white in the same way, but mine had golden particles mixed in.

“Do you see it now?”


According the Head Magician, a rumour spread about my magic being different from others while I was treating the 2nd and 3rd Knight Orders.

When other mages casted heal it only glowed white, like it did with the Head Magician’s. No one’s light was intertwined with lamé.

It seemed that the spell attribute was visible once activated.

This white light was the magic power of holy magic. Other attributes had different colours representing them.

Usually people could not see magic power without training their perception.

The Head Magician said that he didn’t know how I could see it. It could be because I was from another world, or the reason could be something else altogether.

Since he was telling me all this, has he not confirmed Aira’s status yet? I thought and asked.

“Not yet,” was the reply.

If so, I wanted to know the results of her appraisal once they were over, but it was confidential information so they wouldn’t tell me.

The cause of the lamé, however, came from me, so they told me as soon as they discovered it.

Therefore I found out that my magic was different from the magic of those in this kingdom.

It was probably because I was summoned, in addition to this and that.

I finally understood the cause of my accursed 50% increase.

Come to think of it, the curse mostly affected things that had to do with my magic……

I sighed inside my mind when I realised that.


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