The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent – Volume 02

Act 01 – Appraisal

I absentmindedly watched the scenery from inside of the carriage that was heading to the Court Mage Magician Division, and sighed many times.

The Director, who noticed this, called out to me with a wry smile.

“You look extremely displeased. Well, it’s not like I can’t understand how you feel.”

“That’s right……” I also replied with a wry smile, and the Director shrugged his shoulders.

I once again looked at the scenery outside and thought about what had happened yesterday.

Yesterday, around closing time or something, a message came from the Court Mage Division:

“We will be appraising you, so come to the Court Mage Division tomorrow, or rather today.”

What exactly are they appraising?

It seemed that they are appraising me.

People had recently been calling me the 【Saint】here and there because of the incident that took place at the hospital.

Meanwhile the Head Magician of the Court Mage Division, who was comatose from the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】, had awoken about a week ago.

The Head Magician was the only person in this whole kingdom who could Appraise people.

I hadn’t had my appraisal yet because he’d been in a coma.

The Head Magician still wasn’t in top shape, but the appraisal of the 【Saint】was the foremost important thing in the kingdom, so he was pushing himself to do the appraisal.

It was inevitable when I thought about what had happened at the hospital.

I thought that the rumour about me possibly being the 【Saint】would spread if I used recovery magic the way I did.

So I prepared myself to some extent but……

It was still depressing.

Appraisal confirmed one’s status, but if that happened then I would be busted.

My status clearly showed that I was the 【Saint】.

“You really don’t want to?”

I naturally had an uncertain look on my face while pondering.

I turned to face the Director. He looked worried.

“Yes. It’s depressing.”

“I didn’t want to say this but you did put on quite a show.”

“They’re wrong, I didn’t go all out. I only just healed people a little, didn’t I?”

“It’s not a little, okay. Definitely not.”

The Director looked shocked when I tightened my lips together.

Then we smiled wryly at each other.

The Director had been really concerned about me.

Since the time I had moved into the Research Institute.

He did it in such a casual manner that I didn’t notice it most the time, but sometimes I would notice that he was concerned about me.

I was extremely thankful that he was concerned about me, even though it was probably only because I was his subordinate.

Even by just talking to him like this, I felt my depression fading away a little.

“I don’t think anything will happen immediately after the appraisal finishes……”

The Director, who suddenly became serious, fessed up.

The numbers of demons had been gradually decreasing since the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】. Which meant that the people at the Royal Palace could clearly tell that the 【Saint】had been summoned.

The demons, however, were only decreasing around the vicinity of the capital. Places far away from the capital were still overflowing with demons.

The past 【Saints】travelled together with the Knight Order to the regions that were overflowing with demons. They used a special technique that only they could utilise and purified the land.

The people at the Royal Palace also expected the 【Saint】to carry on this duty this time as well.

“Demon annihilation…… Does it mean that there’s fighting involved?”

“There is. However, Mages will be casting spells behind the Knights. So you won’t be in much danger.”

“But what if the demons can use magic? The spell would head my way, wouldn’t it?”

“Well, yes. I can’t say that you wouldn’t met with any danger at all.”

“Even the child who was summoned with me has never been in combat.”

There were places that were at war in my old world.

Japan, however, was peaceful.

Both Aira-chan, who was summoned with me, and I, have never had to fight for our lives or taken someone’s life before.

Even if someone suddenly told me I had to do subjugations, I don’t think I would be of any use.

Even though I had killed many monsters and demons in games.

“They’ll probably do practice runs first, won’t they? The person who was summoned with you, was her name Aira? She’s learning how to do things like that at the Royal Academy.”

“Is she?”

“The Academy practices by running subjugations at the East Forest. She, too, should have gone by now.”

Aira-chan’s had already experienced subjugations.

I was a little surprised when I heard that.

I was worried about whether or not she’d be okay, but then I remembered that she had Knights as escorts.

I hadn’t heard anything about her being injured so she was probably alright.

The East Forest that she went to was also supposed to be filled with weak demons.

“What…… What would you do if the appraisal showed that I wasn’t the 【Saint】?”

I suddenly thought and asked.

The Director’s eyes widened and then he smiled wryly.

“The 【Saint’s】job would probably be done by Aira, but……”


“…… They would probably request that you support her.”


“By using recovery magic.”

I see.

I definitely healed so many at the hospital that the people around me were surprised.

So that might happen.

“If I accept such a request then I would probably have to move into the Court Mage Division, wouldn’t I?”

“I wonder.”

“I don’t want to move if I don’t have to.”

The Research Institute was an extremely comfortable place.

I was fine with giving support but I didn’t want to transfer workplaces.

I told the Director my feelings, and he said he was going to handle it.

As I continued to talk to the Director, we arrived at the Court Mage Division.

A Court Mage came to greet us and escorted us into the building.

While we were walking through the hallway, I felt someone gaze at us from ahead of the Mage.

It felt the same as when I was walking through the palace recently.

Although I was used to it by now, it still bothered me.

There wasn’t anything I could do about it even if it bothered me.

“I have brought Director Waldeck and Sei-sama from the Medicinal Herb Research Institute.”

The Mage knocked on the door that appeared to lead to the Head Mage’s room and stated his business. A reply came immediately from within.

The Mage urged us to enter and we went inside. Next to Intelligent Glasses-sama was a young man with extremely good features and dark blue hair and eyes. He greeted us while standing.

His face was so well-featured that it seemed artificial.

What’s up with this?

Isn’t the beauty level in this room too high?!


The Mage-san left the room as soon as he showed us in.

The only ones in this room were the Director and I, and then Intelligent Glasses-sama and the young man. Just four of us.

“Welcome to the Court Mage Division. I’m the Head Magician, Yuuri Dreves.”

The young man smiled gently while introducing himself to me.

“My name is Sei.”

I was overwhelmed by his beauty and froze, but I still managed to somehow return his greeting.

He’s the Head Magician?

He looked younger than Intelligent Glasses-sama who was standing next to him.

Probably because of his good looks and gentle aura.

He looked like he could be around the same age as Jude.

It would probably be rude for that thought to show on my face, so I didn’t let it show on my face and sat down on the sofa while thinking.

“Ah, and he is the Deputy Head Magician, Airhart Hawk. You have met him before, have you not?”

“Ah, yes.”

As soon as I sat on the sofa, the Head Magician introduced Intelligent Glasses-sama as if he had just remembered about him.

I’m sorry.

I didn’t know his name since he had never introduced himself, nor was I told by anyone.

So he was the Deputy Head Magician. I had thought that Intelligent Glasses-sama was a big shot from how the surrounding Mages were looking at him.

I got it.

I, however, cared more about his surname.

His surname was Hawk, so did that mean he was the Captain’s brother?

That question must have shown on my face because the Director, who was sitting next to me, told me the answer: “He’s Al’s brother.”

“Well then, as I’ve told you earlier, I would like to appraise you today.”


After the introductions were out of the way, he talked about the main subject at hand, the appraisal.

It finally came.

He explained appraisal magic in the same way that Jude had earlier.

Appraisal magic could be used on a person, but if that person didn’t approve, then there was a chance that it could repel. If that person was higher levelled than the person casting the appraisal magic, then it would definitely repel.

So, “Please let me be at ease,” the Head Magician said while smiling.

I will endeavour to do so……

“Then let’s begin.”



I didn’t really want to, but I tried my best not to repel his magic and obediently accepted the appraisal magic.

Probably because it was just appraisal magic, I didn’t feel anything for a second. And then in the next moment, I felt something repel. The subtle discomfort disappeared.


Did it possibly repel?

I looked around in surprise and saw that the others, aside from the Head Magician, were also shocked.

When my gaze met the Director’s, he stared at me with a dubious look.

Wait a minute, I was careful so that it wouldn’t repel!


“I didn’t repel it, I thought real hard about it not repelling.”

The Director looked at me in distrust but it was just a false accusation.

I know I didn’t repel it so I firmly returned his gaze.

The Head Magician, who was looking at our exchange, recovered from his shock and smiled while asking, “You didn’t repel it?”

“I didn’t.”

The Head Magician put a hand to his chin and cast his eyes down when I nodded.

After thinking for a while, he lifted his head up again.

“If you didn’t repel it, then that means your level is higher than mine.”


“Excuse me, but what is your basic level?”

He arrived at that conclusion.

I knew it.

There was another reason for the magic repel that had nothing to do with me repelling it myself.

Perhaps, it was correct.

I thought that my basic level was higher than the Head Magician’s.

Many of the knights in the 3rd Knight Order were also lower leveled than me; a lot of them were around level 30.

Taking that into consideration, the Captain and Head Mage classes should in the 40s?

If so then there would be at least a 6 level difference between us, because I was level 55.

But that was only my basic level.

When I asked Jude and the Knights earlier, they told me what was considered normal.

If it’s just this much then it would be alright to tell them, right?

I thought and said:

“It’s 55.”

Honestly, the reactions of all three returned to how they were before.

The Head Magician was smiling while frozen; Intelligent Glasses-sama widened his eyes and the Director’s jaw hung open.

Director, your face has become weird you know?

The first person to start moving again was the Head Magician. He muttered to confirm.

“Level…… 55……?”

When I nodded, he laughed, “Haha.”

“It would certainly repel at that level.”

“Your level was that high……?”

For some reason the Head Magician was laughing happily and the Director was looking at me in shock.

It’s troubling even if you looked at me with those eyes.

It was originally like that.

“I see. That’s troublesome.”

The Head Magician didn’t look troubled at all despite saying that.

I tilted my head and he scrunched his eyebrows as if uncertain.

“If I can’t do 『Appraisal』on you then we can only use the classic way to confirm your status…..”

“The classic way?”


Intelligent Glasses-sama heard that and got off the sofa.

He went to the desk in front of me, got a pen and paper and placed them in front of the Head Magician.

The Head Magician began explaining to the Director and me.

When a Mage couldn’t perform appraisal on someone then that person would report their own status.

Of course, the Head Magician couldn’t appraise everyone, so most of them used this method of confirmation.

Basically, everyone who worked at the palace had to fill out the report in advance.

Some skills and levels were needed to gain promotions, so some people exaggerated their statuses.

Suspicious people like that get surprise examinations to check to see if what they declared was true or false.

For magic skills, they would have to perform the level or attribute they declared in front of several examiners.

The current Head Magician didn’t have to take any exams before becoming the Head because he could use the all-important appraisal magic.

I was a little worried so I asked.

“Would my status be available to the public?”

“No. It will be treated as confidential information.”

It was the same as personal information in Japan, but seeing Jude and the Knight’s situations, the information didn’t seem to be kept as confidential as declared.

The information would be treated as confidential according to the Head Magician.

It was, however, easy to get promoted even if you didn’t reveal your valuable skills, because there was no shortage of people who would gossip at the palace.

“Is that so?”

I replied and looked at the paper once again.

Yup, what should I do?

It was probably better to write it down but……

The other three people didn’t say a word because I was staring at the paper without moving.

The room where conversation had died, was silent.

I’d talked about such things with the Director on the way here, but I was still wavering.

If I wrote my status here then I could only act as a 【Saint】.

Then what if I wrote lies?

I’d heard some things about Jude’s status, but I didn’t know what the average status in this kingdom was.

If I wrote the wrong things, then someone could point out the faults.

“You don’t feel like doing it?”

The Head Magician talked to me while I was worried over it.

I raised my face and looked at the Head Magician, who was smiling gently.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to.”

Intelligent Glasses-sama, who was sitting next to the Head Magician, widened his eyes in surprise at that single sentence.

I looked next to me and the Director’s eyes had also widened.

“Is it fine?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Head Magician.”

Intelligent Glasses-sama said in a flustered voice, but the Head Magician did not withdraw his statement.

According to him, even if they forced me to report my status, they wouldn’t try to confirm my status.

Even if that was true, was it really fine?

Both Intelligent Glasses-sama and the Director had the same looks on their faces, so it couldn’t be good.

I suspected that it was possible to investigate magic skill to a certain degree, so would it really be fine?

I didn’t say it out loud, but I looked dubiously at the Head Magician and he smiled a little.

“Instead, can you show me what you look like when you use magic?”

Ah, so he was going to confirm my magic skill.

A lot of people at the hospital had already witnessed my magic, so if it was just that much then it was fine.

I nodded and he said, “Well then……” and explained the procedure.

The magic I was using this time was the same one I used at the hospital, 『Heal』.

No one was injured in this room, but it worked on healthy people too.

But was 『Heal』really fine?

This was the first holy magic that I learned.

The power increases if the level of holy attribute magic increases, you know?

When it was used on a healthy person, it was difficult to determine the effects with neither a base value nor previous result so it was difficult to determine the status level.

“Will you confirm my holy attribute magic level with 『Heal』?”

“No, I want to confirm something else.”

It was strange so I asked, but the thing he was checking wasn’t my level.

Did he want to see the differences when someone summoned from another world used magic and when someone from this world used magic?

Was there even any difference?

I’d seen Jude use his magic before, but water magic and holy magic were just too dissimilar.

Unfortunately, I’d never seen anyone else using holy magic.

I wanted to ask if I could see other people of this kingdom using it, but I couldn’t necessarily say it myself because they would guess what I was up to.

Even without seeing other people use holy magic, I was still reluctant to write my status down.

I thought about various things but no answer came to me.

Well, in the worst case scenario where there’s a remarkable difference, I could just smooth it over by blaming the fact that I’m from another world or say that my level was high…

Thinking this, I obediently used magic.

I concentrated on casting magic.

They didn’t specify a target so I cast it on myself.

Then I activated 『Heal』, and my whole body was covered in a thin white haze.


I heard a small mutter, looked up, and saw that Intelligent Glasses-sama had his eyes wide open in surprise.

Ah, there really was something different, wasn’t there?

I looked at the other two and the Head Magician’s eyes were shining, while the Director…… looked the same as he always did.

I didn’t think that there was anything to be worried about, so I stared strangely at the Head Magician and Intelligent Glasses’s sama’s reactions.

“Is there a difference?”

I asked and the Head Magician nodded in excitement.

“Yes. Look here.”

He said, and cast 『Heal』.

He cast it on himself, like I had, and his body glowed white.

He asked me after the lights had faded, “Do you understand?” But I couldn’t see what was different.

I tilted my head and he once again cast 『Heal』.

The Head Magician’s body glowed white again but…… Huh?

Something suddenly bothered me, and I also cast 『Heal』on myself.

It shone white in the same way, but mine had golden particles mixed in.

“Do you see it now?”


According the Head Magician, a rumour spread about my magic being different from others while I was treating the 2nd and 3rd Knight Orders.

When other mages casted heal it only glowed white, like it did with the Head Magician’s. No one’s light was intertwined with lamé.

It seemed that the spell attribute was visible once activated.

This white light was the magic power of holy magic. Other attributes had different colours representing them.

Usually people could not see magic power without training their perception.

The Head Magician said that he didn’t know how I could see it. It could be because I was from another world, or the reason could be something else altogether.

Since he was telling me all this, has he not confirmed Aira’s status yet? I thought and asked.

“Not yet,” was the reply.

If so, I wanted to know the results of her appraisal once they were over, but it was confidential information so they wouldn’t tell me.

The cause of the lamé, however, came from me, so they told me as soon as they discovered it.

Therefore I found out that my magic was different from the magic of those in this kingdom.

It was probably because I was summoned, in addition to this and that.

I finally understood the cause of my accursed 50% increase.

Come to think of it, the curse mostly affected things that had to do with my magic……

I sighed inside my mind when I realised that.


A Messenger came from the palace two days after the appraisal at the Court Mage Division.

Ones had come many times before, but this time was different.

Everything was normal up until the point when the Director greeted the Messenger at the entrance.

The Director called me and took me along with him to where the Messenger was waiting.

The Director and the Messenger formally exchanged pleasantries and then we all moved to the Director’s Room.

Why was such a pretentious messenger here? He came delivering a letter, addressed to me from His Majesty.

The letter went like this:

I would like to meet you at the palace tomorrow.

Mhmm, is this not an audience with the King?


“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t have appropriate clothes to wear when meeting His Majesty.”

I was reminded of the first conversation I had with His Majesty when I looked at the letter.

He told me at that time that there would be an official apology. I wondered if this was about that.

I felt like I’d rejected such an over exaggerated apology before; had he disregarded it?

Liz taught me a little about the customs in this kingdom, but I hadn’t learnt enough to have an audience with His Majesty the King.

Therefore, I tried to refuse the invitation by using my clothes as an excuse, but it failed.

“There is no need for you to prepare anything, Sei-sama. All your preparations will be taken care of at the palace.”

That was it.

It was inevitable, and even if I refused by frankly saying I was worried about my manners, he would just say that it wasn’t a problem.

I felt a little uneasy at the Messenger’s respectful attitude, but it would become troublesome if I kept on hesitating so I accepted.

It would have been better for me to refuse, but I felt that things would get even more complicated if I did.

Even when I had met His Majesty at the library, he had tried to gift me with various things such as territories and titles.

If I refused this time, he would be aware that I was angry. I would be extremely troubled if he started preparing things for me.

Unmanageable things.

Furthermore, I worried about causing the Director inconvenience if I refused more than I already had.

From the viewpoint of the Research Institute, His Majesty was the equivalent to a head of a superior organisation.

At any rate, the Director, who was a person of this world, might get some kind of blame for it.

Even if no one blamed him, there would be a dilemma between me and the superiors, which smelt like trouble.

It’s the troubles of middle management.

I didn’t want to bother the Director with such things because he always did so much for me.

Well, even if I told the Director that I was worried over this, he would just end it with, “Don’t worry about it.”

The day after the Messenger came.

I went to the Royal Palace early in the morning and began my preparations for the audience with the King.

It seemed that various kinds of preparations were needed in order to meet His Majesty the King.

I told the Messenger that I didn’t think it was necessary to prepare so early in the morning, but he ignored me.

I was getting ready in a large room that looked like a hotel suite, with a bedroom and living room.

As soon as I entered the room, the maids, who were waiting, gathered around.

They ushered me into the bathroom and, before I realised what was happening, stripped my clothes and gave me a bath.

I didn’t think I had to take a bath again this early in the morning since I took one every day at the Research Institute, but it was non-negotiable.

The maids washed every nook and cranny of my body, from my head to my toes.

It was really embarrassing, but I’d already experienced this before, when I lived at the palace after being summoned here.

I felt scared of getting used to it.

The maids who were currently in this room were the same ones I had with me when I was first summoned, so I was able to bear with my embarrassment.

The maids also carefully massaged my body after I got out of the shower.

A nice smell spread throughout the room from the essential oils that they were using, such as geranium and bergamot.

Because the maids were skilled, it felt really nice.

Because it was early in the morning, it was inevitable that I dozed off.

They quickly finished my makeup while I was absentminded after my massage.

I came back to my senses when I heard a voice call, Sei-sama. I looked into the mirror and saw how refined I looked and wanted to ask, “Who’s that?”

My hair was down like it usually was, but after applying the perfumed oil, it looked so silky that a ring of angels could be seen.

The maids were also satisfied with their work.

The work on my body was done so now I needed to change.

The dress in the maid’s hand was not the type of dress I’d thought I would wear. It was an elegant, shiny white robe, embroidered with gold thread.

I wanted to retort, whose high-ranking aristocratic young lady is that for? I was a bit surprised that the maids, however, continued on with the preparations.

I thought that I would surely wear a dress that tightened around the waist.

The robe was similar to the ones that the Court Mages wore, but it was even more extravagant.

When I saw it, I thought that……

It somehow looked like something a saint would wear.

My face inadvertently twitched.

I didn’t remember doing anything during the appraisal that would out me as a 【Saint】.

When I thought back, however, I did act more on the grey side than the black side.

I didn’t write my status after all, so they could see that as guilt.

Actually there was something that would reveal who I was.

The palace may have already decided to treat me like a 【Saint】from observing my various actions.

The maids steadily changed my clothes while I was thinking.

When everything was finished I looked at my body in a full body mirror and there stood a 【Saint】.


What am I saying?

I was surprised myself.

There was no halo behind me, but there was a pure image of a 【Saint】.

I wanted to retort, who is this?

“You are very beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

I was praised by someone that seemed to be the leader of the maids.

Their skills were quite good so I thanked them.

I was proud that my skin had become incredibly nice since coming here, but in the hands of a professional, it glowed.

My skin looked translucent so I was happy and got a bit excited.

How nice, I thought as I looked closer into the mirror and then someone informed me that someone had arrived.

Even if I went out like this, I wouldn’t be embarrassed, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

I told them to let him in.

I was currently in the bedroom, so I looked in the mirror once again before going into the living room.


The Captain was sitting on the sofa when I entered the living room.

Eh? What?

My eyes widened. The Captain stood up and walked towards me.

“Good morning, Sei.”

“Good morning. Umm…… What are you doing here?”

I asked in a weird way and the Captain tilted his head for a second, but he immediately understood what I wanted to ask.

I was going to have an audience with the King, so he came here to escort me to the room where the King was at.


I was just walking through the Royal Palace, so there was no need for an escort, was there?

I was surprised and the Captain laughed in a troubled way.

“I thought you would feel uneasy by yourself. Did I think too much?”

“Ah, huh?! That’s not true!”

“I’m glad.”

“Um, thank you.”

I panicked and shook my head. The Captain looked relieved.

Even the people of this kingdom would be nervous at their first audience with the King.

It was more reassuring to have someone you knew close by at times like that, so he came especially for that reason.

He said that he heard about the audience from the Director, who was also worried.

Their kindness warmed my heart.

Thank you.

I thanked in my heart and I noticed that the Captain was staring at me.

“Is something wrong?”

I wondered and asked. For a second, the Captain was speechless, then he smiled softly and dropped a bomb.

“No…… You look different from normal. You’re beautiful today too……”

I’d recently gotten a little used to the Director’s attack, but the Captain’s attack power was very high since he was the Captain.

I blushed. Being told something like that in a slightly irresistible voice was argh!

I’m telling you I’m not used to getting compliments!

I realised my face was getting red the moment I heard a noise.

I held down the urge to scream and looked downwards to conceal my face.

It was also impossible for me to face the Captain.


The Captain shortened the distance between us by a step.

I could see the Captain’s hands rise at the edge of my eye.

The Captain’s hands seemed to touch my cheek and I closed my eyes.

“I, it’s because the maids worked hard……”

I said, suddenly remembering that the maids were here.

W-why am I causing such a weird aura in public?!

I panicked and looked around. I saw the maids, who were standing in wait by the wall, glance this way.

When my eyes met theirs, they averted their gazes.

They were watching us……

Ah! I want to crawl into a hole……

I felt embarrassed and wanted to crouch down on the spot, when a knock sounded at the door.

The weird aura in the room disappeared and the maids moved in response to the knock.

When I saw the Captain lower his hand, I didn’t know what I felt. Was I feeling relief? Or regret?

The knock came from the Civil Official, who came because the audience preparations had finished.

The maids sent us off, and the Civil Official began leading us to the throne room.

The throne room was far from the room we were in, and we walked down the long corridor in silence.

If I was by myself, then I would probably have gotten more nervous as I walked.

Thankfully the Captain was behind me, so my mind stayed relatively calm.

When we arrived in front of the throne room, the Civil Official explained what would happen when I entered.

The Civil Official explained what was happening all of a sudden and didn’t just throw me into the throne room……

I took a deep breath and the Guard, who standing in front of the door, opened it.

The space between the throne and the door was narrower than I’d thought.

I was a little surprised because I’d thought that I would be guided to a spacious hall.

I looked around the not-too-wide-room, and saw around ten people who looked like aristocrats.

The throne was placed in the centre at the back of the room, and His Majesty the King was sitting on it.

Was that the Prime Minister next to His Majesty?

An older man with slick dark blue hair and a stern face stood next to his Majesty.

The Captain, who accompanied me from behind, entered the door from the side and went to stand with the other aristocrats.

Our eyes met for a moment.

His eyes were smiling as if telling me it was okay.

For now, I walked up to the centre of the room like the Civil Official had told me to do.

When I stopped, I heard the sound of the door closing behind me.

The Civil Official only told me what to do until here.

From here on there was no script.

I felt nervous from the subtle tense atmosphere.

After several minutes, the King stood up from his throne and the tension increased.

The King got off the platform, where the throne was placed, and walked towards me until he stopped a few steps away.

“I am Siegfried Slantania, the ruler of this Kingdom.”

“My name is Sei Tanakashi.”

I received His Majesty’s name and returned it with my own.

I didn’t know what to do but this was curtsy, wasn’t it?

“First of all, I would like to apologise for suddenly summoning you from your country, and for my son’s rudeness.”

His Majesty bowed deeply after speaking.

The people around me also turned towards me and bowed.

Wait a minute.

What’s with this setting?!

I was breaking out in cold sweat inside yet no one moved, not even His Majesty.

Let’s leave aside things like forgiving or not forgiving for now. You should raise your head first, shouldn’t you?

“Please raise your head.”

I said, holding back my quivering voice, and everyone raised their heads.

The tension in the room slightly loosened.

I guess this was the formal apology he told me about before, but it was intense for common people, so I would like him to stop doing this in the future.

I thought that it was over with this, but it wasn’t.

“Sei-dono, you have accomplished various achievements since coming here to this Kingdom. I want to give you a reward on top of the apology. Is there anything you want?”

“A reward?”

Even if he suddenly asked me, I couldn’t think of something on the spot.

I thought it would be over with just the apology.

A reward, a reward, huh……

Oh yeah, he asked me this before too.

But I didn’t really need anything.

Could I say that I didn’t need anything, in this kind of place?

I glanced at the Captain and I saw him knit his eyebrows a little.

It wasn’t just the Captain, the people around him were also doing the same.

It felt like they were breathlessly watching me.

“You can ask for rank or territory. You can have anything you want as long as we can provide it.”

“Well, that is a little……”

The Prime Minister (?) suggested, probably due to my silence.

I was worried, but if I had paid attention, I would have noticed that the relaxed aura had become tense again. Both the Prime Minister (assumed) and His Majesty looked grave.

Things such as rank or territory might have been common rewards here, but I didn’t need such things.

Things beyond my reach would probably restrict my actions.

Having such things would make it hard for me to get out of this Kingdom if something happened.

I didn’t think I could throw them away, either, if I wanted to leave the kingdom.

I wondered what would happen if I said that I didn’t need anything.

I wanted to try saying it out loud, but I wavered when I saw how the people around me looked.

Judging from His Majesty’s words, the purpose of this audience was the apology.

He might have been trying to understand my true intentions by seeing if I would accept the reward or not.

Honestly, so many things had been running through my mind when I was first summoned; but six months had passed since then, and I wasn’t as angry as I had been.

Did I feel better from working hard and doing what I liked at the Research Institute?

Or was it the fact that being angry took so much energy that it was difficult to continue being angry?

If I had to spend energy on something, I’d rather spend it on consolidating my position.

I might have also been moved by the kindness of the Researchers, Knights and people around me.

I wanted to leave this Kingdom at first, but I didn’t feel the need to do so anymore.

I should just prepare to get out as soon as possible in case something happened.


I wanted to tell them that I didn’t need anything, but if I did, they’d probably put on this farce again.

That would be troublesome.

I wanted to receive something and put an end to this.

A reward that wouldn’t be troublesome. Was there anything like that?

I thought for a little and then it hit me. I told them:

“I can have anything I want, isn’t that right?”


“Then…… Is it alright if I receive permission to read books from the prohibited section?”

Was my request unexpected? His Majesty slightly widened his eyes.

It wouldn’t get in my way, so that’s what I wanted the most.

I’d been searching for a while now to find if I could make potions that were higher than advanced potions, but my search had come up fruitless.

I’d finished reading all the related books in the library, and I couldn’t think of any other way than to read the prohibited books.

A mere researcher, however, did not have the permission to read the prohibited books, so I gave up halfway.

But a reward was suddenly brought up at this place.

I should make use of it, shouldn’t I?

“I also want to learn about magic, so could I get a magic instructor?”

I somehow thought that it would be alright to ask for one more thing, so I added it on.

Thanks to my magic skills, I could also use magic.

It felt like I was missing out a lot of things just by self-studying from books.

Magic didn’t exist in my original world, so if possible I wanted the opportunity to learn from a proper instructor.

Being able to use magic in this world was advantageous for supporting oneself.

“Okay. I will make the preparations.”

As a result, my request was accepted.

It seemed that my request was unexpected.

Adjustments needed to be made, and I would receive my rewards as soon as they were ready.

Behind the Scenes: 01

A knock echoed throughout the King’s office.

The servant inside of the room politely informed the occupants about the visitor.

“Head Magician of the Court Mage Division, Dreves-sama, has arrived.”

“Alright. Let him in.”

The servant bowed at the room owner’s words and returned to the entrance once again.

After a while, a good-looking man with a smile on his face appeared.

The man also respectfully bowed to the room’s owner.

“I have come to give my report.”


The King guessed the content of the report by the few ushered words, and cleared people out of the room.

The only people left inside the room were the King, the Prime Minister who had just arrived, and the Head Magician.

“Is the report about the【Saint】?”

“Yes.” The Head Magician nodded in reply to the Prime Minister’s question.

And then he told them the appraisal results on the two saint candidates.

Both the King and Prime Minister, hearing the report, groaned and remained silent.

Aira’s appraisal finished without a hitch, and her status was transcribed and then submitted with the report written by the Head Magician.

The problem was with the other candidate, Sei.

The Head Magician’s appraisal magic repelled off her and her status couldn’t be confirmed.

The King and the Prime Minister were surprised.

The reason for that was, Head Magicians were renowned across the kingdom for their unsurpassed level and magic.

Appraisal magic could repel if caster did not have the consent of the person he was casting it on.

That only happened if the caster and the target had the same basic level.

It was possible for the caster to forcibly confirm someone’s status if the person they were casting appraisal magic on was at a lower level.

Hence, the people at the palace believed that the Head Magician’s appraisal magic would succeed.

“It repelling means that her basic level high?”

“It appears so.”

“By the way, what level is she?”

“She told me she was 55.”


Sei was 10 levels higher than the Head Magician, making her the highest levelled person in this Kingdom.

It was only natural that the appraisal magic repelled because of their level difference.

Everyone in the room thought so.

“So you’re saying that you still don’t know which one is the 【Saint】?” the Prime Minister muttered with a grim look on his face.

There were various theories on how to distinguish a 【Saint】, but none of them had been proven.

The only thing that was certain from the past was, however, that the 【Saint】had an ability to annihilate the demons.

They didn’t know anything about what kind of ability she had, so they had expected to gain some form of information in the appraisal.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t confirm her status and they were let down……

The only noteworthy things that they knew right now were that Sei’s level was extremely high, and that Aira raised her skills and level faster than anyone in this Kingdom.

Their special characteristics were different, so they didn’t have enough information to judge which one was the 【Saint】.

The Head Magician, however, replied “no” to the Prime Minister’s gloomy murmur.

They looked relieved and focused their eyes on the Head Magician.

The Head Magician, who was being stared at, remained silent while an artificial smile appeared on his face.

“Which one?”

“…… It is probably Sei-sama.”

The Head Magician replied in one breath to the King’s brief question.

The King, who heard the answer, inhaled and then exhaled deeply.

“There’s no mistake?”

“I’m only speculating, but she most likely is.”

“I see.”

“Why do you think that she is?” the Prime Minister inquired to the Head Magician, who answered without changing his expression.

The Head Magician continued his explanation eloquently:

The holy magic that Sei had used at the hospital.

The Knights who saw her use it reported that it looked different from normal holy magic.

The different results he saw when he asked Sei and Aira to use their holy magic in front of him.

As a result, he concluded that Sei was the 【Saint】.

At first, the Head Magician had thought that the golden particles were a characteristic of being summoned from another world.

Holy magic only glowed white, it didn’t intertwine with gold particles like Sei’s magic did.

However, Aira’s magic was the same as the people of this world’s when she used it.

Therefore, the Head Magician concluded that the phenomenon that happened when Sei used her magic was something that was not unique to otherworlders, but to Sei herself.

“The gold particles that appear in her magic are probably unique traits of the 【Saint】. In addition, unlike Aira-dono, every time Sei-sama has used her magic, the results have always exceeded those of a normal person’s.”

“I see.”

The King nodded after hearing the explanation and dropped his gaze onto the desk to think.

“Good work. You may leave.”

“Yes, then if you would excuse me.”

The Prime Minister spoke after confirming that the Head Magician had left the room. “Well, things just got troublesome.”

“Yeah.  Is that still the same?”

“If it’s about your son, then it would appear so.”

The King sighed deeply at the Prime Minister’s words.

He was referring to the Crown Prince when he said that.

The Crown Prince who supervised the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】became Aira’s guardian after it was over.

The Crown Prince was vigorously protecting Aira as her guardian, and as a result, conflict had arisen amongst the courtiers.

People around the King had reported this to him, causing him to be filled with worry.

The King, of course, had advised the Crown Prince many times on this matter.

However, the Crown Prince’s attitude hadn’t changed.

As a result, there had been talks about forcefully separating the two away from each other.

However, it would be difficult to do so because of the issue with throne succession.

The King could pull them apart if something important came up, but unfortunately, nothing like that had happened.

Forcefully separating the two would become a blemish for the Crown Prince and would result in more support for the Second Prince.

If so, then a smooth succession might be jeopardized.

Because the upper stratums thought like that, this problem was at a stalemate.

There was also another problem with the Crown Prince.

For whatever reason, the Crown Prince had overlooked Sei when she was summoned, and left the room.

As a result, the Kingdom incurred Sei’s anger, and the people around her had trouble dealing with her.

According to the Head Magician’s report, he was almost certain that Sei was the 【Saint】.

If she was, then her anger towards the Kingdom was very problematic.

Because then, the Crown Prince would come under more scrutiny.

“We should soon prepare for the worst……” the King grumbled as if talking to himself, and the Prime Minister just watched him silently.

They had established that Sei was a beneficial person to this Kingdom, and it didn’t matter whether she was the 【Saint】or not.

Therefore, people had been talking about giving her an apology for the Crown Prince’s rudeness, and about the necessity of rewarding her for her contributions.

Those people would only be more aggressive now that Sei was almost certain to be the 【Saint】.

“We must make an official apology. How should we prepare for it?”

“We have already done the preparations, but because of what happened just now, adjustments need to be made.”

“I see. A long time has passed since she was summoned, so get things ready as fast as you can.”

“Understood,” the Prime Minister respectfully bowed at the King’s words and answered.

A short while after silence filled the room, the King slowly said, “About Sei-dono……”

“It’s necessary to start treating her as a 【Saint】from now on, but it would probably be better not to overdo it.”

“Is that so?”

“Ah, I had the chance to talk with her before, and it seems that she’s not good with flashy things. I also offered her rewards that aristocrats would ask for, but she refused them all.”

“That’s…… difficult. I would like her to receive rank or territory, if possible, so that she would stay in this Kingdom.”

“She also refused that. From what I hear, both of the Summoned have received a very high level of education and understand our intentions behind the offers.” The King laughed in self-derision, and the Prime Minister put his hand to his forehead and shook it side-to-side as if he had a headache.

Afterwards, they discussed the minor details for the official apology.

They talked about things like how big it should be and who should attend the audience.

They decided that the venue would not be hosted at the room where they received foreign messengers, but in a smaller throne room. In addition, other than the King and Prime Minister, all the Ministers, Knight Captains, etc., would also attend. Only the upper stratum would be invited.

Finally, they discussed how they should treat Sei from now on.

This was the King’s and Prime Minister’s utmost consideration for Sei, and also their expectation.


“I’m back.”

The person who said that as he entered his room was the Head Magician, Yuuri.

The desk of the Deputy Head Magician, Airhart, was also in the Head Magician’s office.

The reason for this was because Airhart did most of the work that the Head Magician was supposed to do, on behalf of Yuuri.

When Yuuri was a child, he had been discovered by the former Head Magician because of his talent and later adopted.

Therefore, he was brought up in a household full of gifted magicians and received special education.

That’s why his eyes sparkled when it came to magic.

He was assigned to the Court Mage Division straight after graduating from the academy, and joyfully immersed himself in magic research.

The reason his basic level became the highest was also for the sake of research.

Yuuri only leveled up to progress in his research, since it was necessary to level up one’s magic skill in order to advance in magic.

If it was for the sake of research, he didn’t mind going out on subjugations alone. The nickname he received from that, Battle Maniac, wasn’t very Mage-like.

By the time  he’d noticed, he couldn’t tolerate others, even those within the Court Mage Division, because he was more familiar with magic than people.

The honourable role of Head Magician was practically given to Yuri as a collar to keep him at the palace.

He could research magic as freely as he wanted if he was the Head Magician.

Yuuri became the Head Magician just because of that.

Because he was only interested in conducting magic research, he only did the minimum necessary as the Head Magician.

He was indifferent to everything except for his interests.

And the person he hired to assist him was Airhart.

“I finished giving my report.”

“Were you not grilled about her status?”

“Nope. I only told them what she told me about her basic level.”

“I see.”

“Weren’t they preoccupied by the fact that you thought Sei was the 【Saint】?”

Unlike in the King’s Office, Yuuri had an innocent smile on his face. Airhart, on the other hand, looked grim.

Yuuri didn’t notice his expression and continued talking.

“Will my opportunities to meet Sei increase? I’m interested in that magic power~.”


Yuuri was interested in Sei’s magic power, which was unique.

He wanted to observe her magic up close.

He wanted to study how it was different from theirs.

If Sei was the 【Saint】, then the opportunities for him to meet her would increase, and he would have more chances to observe her magic power.

He thought and uttered.

He finally noticed that Airhart’s expression was grim.

Yuuri chuckled.

“You don’t need to glare at me that much. It’s fine, I only want her to show me a little of her magic.”


“You’re rather interested in her, aren’t you?”

“That’s not true. I’m worried about what you would do.”

“Eh~, only that? It’s rare for you to approach people, but I heard that you came into contact with her, so I thought you liked her. Come to think of it, your brother likes her, does he not, Air?”

Yuuri baited him, and smiled bitterly when Airhart’s expression didn’t change.

It was rare for that Airhart to become interested in a woman.

The rumours were probably true after all.

Yuuri had fallen into a coma right after the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.

However, he had heard about what the Saint candidates did while he was asleep, and could almost grasp what was happening.

Yuuri was interested in the magic used by the 【Saint】, and also in magic used by someone summoned from another world. On top of that, he’d heard about how the Hawk brothers were treating Sei with kindness.

It was well-known amongst high society that the Hawk brothers disliked women.

The rumour was so famous that even Yuuri, who had no interest in high society, knew as well, and it was also well-known in the Royal Palace.

Actually, he’d seen Airhart acting coldly to the young ladies many times.

When Yuuri had heard that Airhart made contact with Sei when she came to the Court Mage Division, he’d put the talks about magic power aside and became a little interested in her.

It wasn’t just Yuuri who was surprised by Airhart’s attitude.

The same was true for the Court Mages who had witnessed the scene. For a short time, there was even a rumour going around the Court Mage Division that springtime had come for the Deputy Head Magician.

However, the rumour about his younger brother, Alberto, had more credibility, so Airhart’s rumour soon faded.

Yuuri wasn’t interested in anything but magic.

He wasn’t even interested in the people who worked with him at the Court Mage Division, so he didn’t know much.

Because Yuuri could use magic of all attributes, he didn’t need to rely on other people for experiments, and mostly conducted the experiments by himself. Another reason was that he didn’t really associate with other people.

Airhart, however, was his Deputy Head Magician and did work on his behalf, so he was someone that Yuuri thought of as a close friend.

Yuuri might be the only one who thought this way.

Even Yuuri wanted to avoid displeasing one of his few friends.

“I won’t harm her. If I did, I would incur the wrath of you and your brother, the Director of the Medicinal Herb Research Institute, as well as numerous other people,” Yuuri informed him while laughing, but Airhart didn’t entirely trust him.

This was, after all, the Yuuri who entered into a trance-like state when it came to research.

In fact, he had caused problems before in the past because of it.

Yuuri said he understood, but his eyes still shone with a light that said he was going to overdo it.

Airhart unhappily sighed inside.

Act 02: Intensive Training

Several days after the audience with the King, a Civil Official contacted me to have a brief discussion about my rewards.

And like that, I got permission to browse the forbidden texts.

With this, I could browse almost all of the prohibited books.

A portion of the records could only be viewed by His Majesty the King and the Prime Minister. So I couldn’t browse through them.

The only books I wanted to read were ones about medicinal herbs, so there weren’t any problems in that department.

There was more information about my other reward, the magic lecture.

The Civil Official told me, “If there’s anything else you want to learn, please don’t hesitate to tell me,” while we were talking, so I got carried away and asked him about various things.

Can I learn this? Can also take this? As a result of me asking about various things, the Civil Official made the smart move of giving me documents about what lectures I could take.

All lectures were briefly explained in the documents he handed me.

It was hard for me to decide on what to take on the spot, so we decided that I would take the documents home and choose which lectures I would like to attend, before contacting the Civil Official again.

I returned to the Research Institute from the Royal Palace, and looked over the documents after finishing my work.

The lectures weren’t only about magic; there were also lectures on: the history of Slantania Kingdom, the situations in the surrounding areas, the economy, manners and so on. There were a variety of subjects.

There were a lot of lectures I wanted to take, after thinking about the things that could happen afterwards.

Well, I thought that it would be better to know different things, rather than be ignorant, if I did plan to leave the Royal Palace in the future.

While I was choosing which lectures I would like, with a pen and note in one hand at the corner of the laboratory, the Director came up next to me.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m choosing my lectures.”


“I’m talking about my reward. The Civil Official told me that there were other lectures I could take besides magic.”


He listened until there and took one of the sheets from my hand.

“These are like the lectures you could take at the academy.”


According to the Director, the lectures on the documents that the Civil Official gave me could all be taken at the Royal Academy.

Aside from the compulsory lectures, there were also elective lectures at the academy, and you could pick whichever electives you liked.

To test him, I asked him what compulsory lectures were available, and it turned out that most the lectures I wanted to take were compulsory ones.

With the memo in one hand, I nodded, and then he softly took the memo from me.

“These are the lectures you’re thinking of taking?”


“Hmm. There’s quite a lot of lectures on here,” he said, startled.

I wrote down the lectures I wanted to take for the time being, but if I took all of them, how many hours a day would I need?

Even if I took them on different days, my Japanese intuition told me that most of my week would be filled with lectures.

“I can’t take them all, can I?”

“Why not?”

“If I take all those lectures then I can’t do my work……”

It was impossible to work and take all the lectures I wanted to take unless I had 36 hours per day.

There were only 24 hours in a day, even in this world.

While I was crestfallen from having to choose from the list I had written, the Director said something unexpected.

“Are you talking about your work at the Research Institute?”


“You can just do it when you’re not working.”

“Excuse me?”

The Director explained to the stupefied me.

Originally, everyone at the Research Institute had graduated from the Royal Academy, and therefore held a certain amount of knowledge.

On the other hand, I knew more about natural sciences than they did, but because I wasn’t someone from this world, I didn’t know much about things unique to this world.

I was currently working as a researcher as a special case, but if I planned to continue working here in the future then it would be better for me to have the same foundation as the Academy graduates.

“Either way, your research has come to a halt recently, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, well……”


As the Director said, the results of my research had not been good these days.

I was trying to create a potion with higher effects than is available now.

At the beginning I created potions with my 50% increase.

HP and MP potions had not been improved for a long time.

Advanced HP Potions were too expensive, and there was low demand, so research for improvement were on hold.

Then a highly effective potion appeared, using the same ingredients and formula as before, which lit the research spirit within the researchers.

At that exact time, monster subjugation had risen, and more people were demanding potions with greater effects.

All the researchers pulled their heads together and tried to find the reason behind my highly effective potion, but they came up with nothing.

They continued to make no progress, and the majority of the researchers returned to their own research.

However, some people were still determined to find the method behind developing a highly effective potion, and did not give up.

I was a part of that group.

The cause had always been a mystery, but finally I got a lead when I was appraised at the Court Mage Division.

My magic power seemed different from those of this world’s.

When I heard that, I thought that the potions were probably highly effective because of my magic power.

I felt my mind clear upon finding the cause, but felt disappointed that my research had returned back to the starting point.

My magic being the cause meant that when other people made the potion using the same ingredients and the same method, they would get the same result as they always did.

Which meant that in order to make a more effective potion, they would have to use different ingredients and find a different way to make it.

While we were researching the cause, our research came to a halt, so we started investigating new ingredients.

We collected information on medicinal herbs that were only distributed at a certain area, and drugs that were originally made in that area. We also read old documents.

I also went to the Royal Palace library often, and read books on medicinal herbs.

It was to the point that I thought I read all the books related to medicinal herbs, even the ones that the other researchers were reading.

Even so, I couldn’t find any hints.

No, well, I did find some, but most of them turned out to be false leads.

That’s why it’s exactly like the Director said, my research had been halted.

This time, I got permission to browse the prohibited books, so I was hoping to find what I’d been looking for.

“The new things you learn might give you ideas for research. Isn’t it a good opportunity for you?”

“You’re right.”

The Director had a point.

The reason he said this was because it turned out that the cause was my magic this time.

The researchers had also tried very hard to find the cause of the potions, and they sometimes questioned whether magic power was the cause.

However, concentrating magic into potion-making was more difficult for people to wrap their heads around compared to just using magic.

Even those who were trained probably didn’t know if it was dependant upon magic power or not.

Because of that, they could only confirm a little about magic power, and immediately judged that magic power made no difference.

Since this was the Medicinal Herb Research Institute, the researchers here were more interested in medicinal herbs and recipes than magic power. I also didn’t know more about magic than those around me, so if they told me something, I didn’t dig any further.

If I had more knowledge, I would have noticed the matter and would probably have gotten to the bottom of it sooner.

Knowledge was important, after all.

My research has returned to the starting point, but by learning more about this world, I might be able to find something that I overlooked before.

If I thought like that, then taking lectures was also a part of my job.

“Just take the lectures you want to take; they’re your hard-earned reward after all,” the Director said while smiling, and I nodded and smiled back at him.


My lectures began a few days after I submitted the list of lectures I wanted to take to the Civil Official.

Some of the lectures didn’t take long to prepare, so I started with the ones that were available.

The first lecture was a lecture about magic.

My tutors and I would be meeting in a room prepared in the Royal Palace.

When I first heard this, I thought that it would be troublesome to go to the Royal Palace every morning, but they had prepared a carriage for me to use.

I entered the room that the maid guided me to, prepared and waited for my tutor, and after a while, there was a knock on the door.

I was surprised at who had entered.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning. Mhm……”

The person who smiled and entered the room was the Court Mage Division’s Head Magician.

Today’s lecture was about magic, so I had heard that the tutor was someone from the Court Mage Division, but I wasn’t told that it would the Head Mage himself.

“I’m the tutor in charge of the mage lecture, Yuuri Dreves.”

“Mhm…… You’re the Court Mage Division’s Head Magician, aren’t you?”


I inadvertently confirmed that he was, without a doubt, the Head Magician that I had met the other day.

“You’ll be in charge of this lecture, Head Magician? Aren’t you busy with work?”

“It’s fine.”

The Head Magician was smiling, but was it really alright?

When I was watching the Captain of the 3rd Knight Order work, I got the feeling that there was a lot of paperwork involved.

The Captain also said that unlike the other knights, he had more paperwork to fill out so it was hard for him to find time to train.

Did that mean that the Court Mage Division had less paperwork than the Knight Order?

“Are you not satisfied with me?” the Head Magician asked me with a sad look on his face while I was worrying.

“No, that wasn’t what I meant……”

No, I wasn’t dissatisfied or anything.

Rather, I was feeling apologetic.

This lecture was catered to me, who was a complete amateur at magic. The contents of the lecture would be the basics of basics. I didn’t think it was something that the Head Magician should teach me.

It was the same content taught to the first years at the academy. If I had to compare it, this was like a university professor teaching a middle school child.

That’s why it was better for me to be taught by a normal Court Mage, who had more spare time, than the Head Magician, who was busy.

I immediately gave my reply to the Head Magician, who was waiting sadly, and he looked relieved.

“If it’s something like that then there’s no problem. And also, this situation isn’t something that I can entrust to someone else.”

“This situation?”

“Yes. About that, I have a favour to ask you.”


“I want to examine your magic, Sei-sama.”

He nodded when I repeated his question back to him, and gave me an explanation.

First, my magic power was different from the magic of those in this world, so he wanted to study it in detail at the Court Mage Division.

Besides demon subjugation, the Court Mage Division also conducted magic research, and the Head Magician was also involved in this.

The Head Magician found my magic to be an extremely interesting thing.

The story about my potions having a higher effect than the ones made by others had reached his ears, and he thought that my magic was the cause of this.

Therefore, he wanted to investigate whether my magic was the cause, or if it was something else.

I also wanted to know if my magic influenced my potion-making, so I didn’t mind that a specialist wanted to study it.

Another reason was because the Head Magician was personally interested in my magic, so he didn’t want to leave this matter to other people.

According to the Head Magician, everything concerning the abilities of the【Saint】was a national secret, and there were hardly any detailed records on the past Saints.

The reason why there was hardly any record of them was also unknown.

That meant that the control of information was very strict when it came to the Saint.

The same was also true for my magic power. The upper stratums concluded that the fewer people who knew about this investigation, the better.

Thus, the Head Magician would personally be investigating my magic.

Besides, they concluded that it was only right because in this Kingdom, the Head Magician was the person with the most magic knowledge.

There was nothing special about the investigation; he was just going to observe my magic-use during the lecture.

If it was just that much then I guess it was fine.

He thanked me with a wonderful smile when I consented.

After the Head Magician explained the reasons why he was teaching me, the lecture began.

The first few days were about the foundations of magic; he taught me what magic power was and how magic power in the body was used.

The Head Magician’s lectures were very easy to understand.

Him having more knowledge in magic than anyone in the Court Mage Division wasn’t just for show.

He understood a lot about magic, but he was probably smart to begin with.

Because he’s so good at teaching.

“Do you have anything you don’t understand?”

“No, it’s fine.”

He asked if I had any questions after his explanation, but I didn’t have any.

“Now then, you’re probably sick of listening to lectures, so should we practice a little?”


“Sei-sama, since you can already use magic, I think that you should also be able to feel the magic from within your body. However, understanding the magic inside of your body is the basics of magic, so let’s start from there.”

The Head Magician continued to explain practical skills.

When I heard his explanation, I realised that it was the same method that I had learnt from Jude when I was making potions: sending magic power to someone else.

“Um, this……”

“What’s wrong?”

“Is this the skill that allows you to send magic power to someone?”

“Ah, so you know about it. Yes it is.”

I was right.

When I told him that someone had taught me to do this at the Research Institute, he nodded.

“Someone has sent you their magic before, haven’t they? Then have you ever sent magic power to someone?”

“No. He only helped me feel the magic power.”

“Really? Then, let’s try sending your magic power today.”

Jude was the one who did this at the Research Institute, but now I was the one performing it. My partner for this was, of course, the Head Magician.

There was only me and him in this room.

We faced each other and put our palms together.

Huh? Isn’t this a bit close?

I felt the distance between us was slightly closer when we faced each other.

I was right. When I looked up from our palms, I was surprised that a beautiful face was closer to me than I had expected.

The Head Magician also looked up.

He’d noticed that I was staring at him.

Ah, this is hopeless.

Just having his beautiful face there is highly destructive.

Needless to say, when it came to the heads of divisions……

I was getting nervous and my chest hurt.

“What’s wrong?”

The Head Magician smiled and tilted his head. I shook my head and answered.


Calm down.

Let’s only think about sending magic for now.

I returned my eyes to our palms and distanced myself a little from the Head Magician while pretending to adjust my posture.

I took a deep breath and concentrated my magic power into my right hand.

After that, I released magic power from my palm the same way I did while making potions.

The magic power should have been flowing to the Head Magician.

“Can you feel it?”

“Yes. It’s a little bit weak but it’s flowing to me. Can you send a little more?”

“I’ll try.”

It seemed that the amount I used for making potions wasn’t enough.

I imagined pushing magic out of my body, and this time I released more magic power than usual.


I heard the Head Magician’s mutter and raised my eyes. He had a broad smile on his face, different from his usual gentle smile.

“Head Magician?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. It’s a bit interesting.”


“Yes. Your magic is definitely different from ours.”

When I called out to him in a voice different from my usual one, the Head Magician’s expression returned to normal.

Maybe because of his well-featured face and the fact that I saw the smile just now, his smile looked like it was a mask pasted on his face,

Was that the cause?

I looked at him dubiously, but he responded by explaining magic power to me.

Although I also heard this during the lecture, magic was different between individuals.

It wasn’t just the attributes.

It was hard to describe, but there was something that was intrinsically different.

However, the difference was so small that only half the people in the Mage Division could feel it.

Of course, the Head Magician could feel it.

On the other hand, my magic power was so different that it was obvious.

I’d thought so.

I had holy magic, but he also felt something different about it. The Head Magician said, “This might be something unique to those who come from a different world.”

“Is my magic also the reason for higher efficiency in things like potions?”

“Well…… It’s unclear at this stage.”

“I see.”

I’d tried asking the question I wanted to know the most, but it seemed that I wouldn’t get the answer I wanted so easily.

That’s too bad.

Well, the investigation only started today with the practical lesson, so it couldn’t be helped.

It’ll probably become clear sooner or later, so let’s take our time investigating.

After that, the Head Magician told me various things, such as how to feel magic power while sending it to other people.


From then on, the time for magic practice increased.

Of course, the Head Magician was in charge of my lectures and practices.

The magic practices were done at the Court Mage Division’s practice grounds.

It was a bit of a distance away from the lecture room, but I talked to the Head Magician while we walked, so I didn’t mind the distance that much.

I would probably be frustrated if I was by myself, though.

The reason wasn’t just because of the distance.

At the beginning, I’d thought I was lucky to have the Head Magician teach me magic, but that feeling had since disappeared in these few days.

Contrary to being soft, the Head Magician’s teaching style was that of a Spartan’s.

“Let’s get started. The procedure is the same as last time.”


We took a short break after arriving at the exercise grounds, and then practice started.

I was being taught magic manipulation right now.

If I mastered it, I could shorten the magic activation time.

It was necessary to concentrate magic power into one’s palms when using magic, but the concentration time could be shortened.

Incidentally, it wasn’t necessary to come to the exercise ground if I was only practicing magic manipulation.

You could practice magic manipulation just by concentrating magic into different parts of the body.

However, according to the Head Magician, it wasn’t enough for me to just master magic manipulation—he wanted me to quickly activate magic while manipulating it.

I didn’t think it was a problem for me to practice activating magic in the lecture room if I was only using holy magic, but there was another magic user here.

There was someone activating magic from another attribute next to me.

Who was it? The Head Magician, of course.

He was probably the Head Magician because his magic abilities were high.

He wasn’t just activating one magic attribute at a time, but three at once.

His magic manipulation was also very smooth, wasn’t it?

He was accumulating magic at a faster speed than me. He cast magic at twice the speed I could.

The goal was for me to be able to cast at the same speed as the Head Magician, but wasn’t that request too demanding?

To request this of me, who had just started her magic studies, really was Spartan-like of him.

If I stressed speed, then I would neglect magic manipulation and wouldn’t be able to cast magic.

To do this simultaneously……

“Can’t you cast a little faster?”

“Any more than this and…… It’s hard for me to be able to suddenly cast at the same speed as you, Head Magician.”

“Even so, I’m going easy on you, you know.”

The Head Magician, who was laughing when he said this, seemed excessive.

Even though I was at my limit.

If I manipulated magic as I had learnt in theory, then I could cast magic at the same speed as the Head Magician, but in practice it was harder than it had seemed.

Magic manipulation was required for doing magic, so I’d thought that I, who could make high-ranking potions, would be good at it, but I was wrong.

When using magic, magic manipulation needed to be handed delicately.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t keep up with the level demanded by the Head Magician.

Although I was frustrated, the Head Magician was going easy on me.

According to the other mages, he was stricter when he was instructing them.

“I don’t want to do that ever again,” that Mage had told me with distant eyes.

About this time, the whole division finished a large amount of paperwork.

“I need to guide my juniors once in awhile,” the Head Magician declared with an unusual smile.

At those words, a large number of mages gathered at the exercise grounds, overflowing with eagerness. They wanted to receive guidance from the Court Mage Division’s best.

And as a result, a mass grave of zombies was produced at the exercise grounds.

The practice at the exercise ground was a little lighter than what the Head Magician usually did.

Yes, compared to the practice the talented him did to improve his abilities further.

The people in the Court Mage Division were experts even amongst people who could cast magic.

They also had high pride.

The practice was so intense that even they gave up within a day.

It was too intense.

Make it easier.

Voices stating that were rising up from here and there, but the Head Magician ignored them.

The Head Magician nonchalantly performed the same practice as them beside their wounded bodies. In addition, he gave guidance to the mages in between his practices.

This continued for a week.

Apparently, he had pent-up anger because he couldn’t do his research due to paperwork.

I had thought that it was just a burst of anger, but his guidance was precise so no one complained because they could raise their magic power through intense training.

However, after this incident, less paperwork was sent to the Head Magician.

I thought that they must really have it tough when I saw the lifeless looks on the mages’ faces.

The Mages who were receiving hellish training from the Head Magician said, even so the Head Magician is matching our abilities.

That meant that he expected me to be able to do this too.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t respond to his expectations.

If it’s like this, then all I can do is practice earnestly, I thought. And for a week during lectures, I practiced casting magic.

However, I still hadn’t reached my goal.

It required a considerable amount of time to reach my goal since I was only practicing during my lectures.

I wondered if I should practice outside of lectures as well.

Now then, what should I do?

It was fine to remain in the exercise grounds after practice and train by myself, but I felt like it was a waste to cast 『Heal』on myself.

Should I cast it on other people, like I did at the hospital the other time?

I could practice and the injured person would be healed. That’d be killing two birds with one stone, wouldn’t it?

I came up with a good idea and went to get permission from the Director the next morning.

“Excuse me. There’s something I would like to ask of you.”

“What is it?”

It was still early in the morning.

I went to the Director’s office before my lecture and the Director had just started his work.

We talked about the lectures, and I told him that I wanted to practice my magic at the hospital.

The Director stroked his chin and thought for a while before speaking.

“It’s fine if you want to practice magic outside of class, but the place is a problem.”

“I can’t practice at the hospital?”

“You’ve healed most of the patients there last time. There aren’t any more injured people who require recovery magic.”

Now that he mentioned it, it was true.

I had thought it was a good idea……

I thought for a moment and then it came to me.

“How about at the Knight Order?”

“The Knight Order?”


The Knight Order trained even when they didn’t go on subjugations.

I saw them practicing when I went to deliver potions to the 3rd Knight Order. They sparred a lot, and their bodies were covered with injuries.

I wondered if I could practice on such people.

I told the Director and he said, “I see. Isn’t it fine? I’ll tell Al, so go there after you finish with your lecture.”

“Thank you.”

Thus, I headed to the 3rd Knight Order after my lecture.


I headed to the 3rd Knight Order after finishing my lecture like usual.

Recently I’d only been taking my lectures, so it’d been awhile since I’d come to the 3rd Knight Order.

The Knights I encountered on my way to the Captain’s office told me, “Long time no see,” so it wasn’t just my imagination.

When I knocked on the door and announced myself, I heard a voice say, “Come in.”

I entered and the Captain greeted me with a smile.

“Long time no see.”

“Long time no see.”

It’d been awhile since I’d seen the Captain.

Before I started taking lectures, I would meet him when I delivered potions and when I was coming back from the library.

However, recently I had only been going to and from the research institute and the lecture room, so we hadn’t met.

I walked to the middle of the room, and the Captain got up and approached me.

“Did you lose some weight?” he said as he touched my cheeks.

I was startled at the sudden action, and then blood rushed to my face.

“Eh?! Mn!? I don’t think I did.”

I want you to stop doing things so abruptly.

It’s really bad for my heart.

I managed to reply without blushing, but the things I came to talk about had all left me.

“I heard that Dreves-dono was teaching you magic. He’s pretty strict, isn’t he?”

“Y-yes. But it’s easy to understand.”

“I see. Don’t push yourself.”

“I’m not.”

I thought that he would take his hands off my face, but he didn’t and continued to stroke my cheeks while talking.

My face was hot.

Um, my heart won’t be able to take it if you don’t distance yourself.

I returned my gaze to the Captain while thinking is he going to distance himself? and he smiled widely.

It felt like he was trying not to laugh.

He took my returned gaze as a signal, and the fingers touching my cheeks moved and smoothly passed behind the back of my ear.

It tickled and my back trembled.

I praised myself for not uttering a thing.

I glared at the Captain while crying inside and he suddenly said:

“Well then, I heard from Johan that you wanted to practice magic here?”


I was relieved when he finally got down to the main topic.

“I want to cast recovery magic on the people at the practice grounds.”

“I don’t mind. Are you going to start from today?”

“Yes, please.”

I received permission quite easily, and the Captain guided me to the practice grounds.

Before that, I wanted to ask him about what kind of mushy greeting that was.

Besides the Director, the Captain too was teasing me.

I remembered what had just happened while walking through the corridor, and glared at the Captain. He noticed my gaze and stared at me.

His eyes met mine and narrowed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I replied a slightly stern voice, but the Captain didn’t show any kind of reaction.

I was sure it was because my face was red.

To change the mood while walking, I talked about practicing my recovery magic.

We exchanged views, and I decided to go with the Head Magician’s plan and practice magic on the 3rd Knight Order while they were fighting.

There were many knights practicing when we arrived on the practice grounds. Many of them were imitating actual battles.

I saw this scene from afar whenever I came to the barracks, but seeing it up close was so intense.

I was amazed while watching the scene, and they must have noticed that the Captain and I were here, because they stopped what they were doing and focused on us.

I was acquainted with some of the knights, but I was still nervous when they all looked this way.

I took a step backwards and hid behind the Captain.

The Captain explained in a loud voice that I would be casting recovery magic on them while they practiced.

It was simple.

The knights would practice as they usually did.

The only thing that was different was that recovery magic would come flying at them while they practiced.

I thought about getting the injured people to come to me so I could cast recovery magic on them, but the Captain told me that it would disturb their training, and that it wouldn’t be effective for me to practice my magic while in their way.

Since the knights let bruises heal naturally, they wouldn’t ask me to heal those for them.

Which meant that I would be healing less often, so I had to use a different method if I wanted to heal more.

So the Captain and I both agreed that this was the best way to do it. It was the same thing people did in actual battle: I would cast recovery magic when it looked like I need to.

The knights returned to their practice after the Captain finished his explanation.

I began my practice as I watched their mock matches.

It would be easier if this was like a game and their HP and MP were displayed on top of their heads, but unfortunately the bars weren’t visible there.

It was no use. I cast 『Heal』on those who were injured and looked like they had low HP.

That way, I wouldn’t forget to pay attention to magic manipulation.

I recalled my lectures and cast one magic after another at the same speed.

The time it took me to accumulate magic felt shorter than it did at the hospital. Perhaps, only a small quantity of HP was healed too.

If my magic manipulation improved, then I could accumulate magic power more quickly, and the effects would be the same as the time at the hospital, even if I took a little time to cast it.

Time passed in a blink of an eye while I was concentrating, and the knights finished their training.

The Captain, who had returned to his office, came back again and told me that I could come here freely after my classes.

A week later, I felt like my casting time was faster now compared to when I first started, thanks to my efforts during and after lectures.

Of course, it was more effective as well.

According to the knights, the intervals between magic castings had shortened, and the recovery amount had increased.

Moreover, the Head Magician also noticed this and praised me.

“You’ve made a lot of progress.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re improving faster than I expected. Did you practice outside of lectures as well?”

The Head Magician laughed as if he knew what I was up to.

It seemed that the fact that I was practicing at the 3rd Knight Order was exposed.

I also laughed mischievously.

“Only a little.”

“You seem to be working very hard. Do you have any goals?”

“Goals? Not really……” I said and dodged the subject.

My goal was to catch up to the Head Magician, who was casting magic aloof from the world, next to me.

After that……

“And a request for subjugation assistance might come……” I said, and the Head Magician widened his eyes.

This came up when I talked to the Director before. When I thought about the results from the subjugations I had participated in, it seemed highly likely that this would happen.

My magic manipulation had improved, and participating in subjugations would be the best way to see my results.

If I cast magic like I did last time at the hospital, then there was no need to cast it quickly.

“Do you intend to participate in a subjugation, Sei-sama?”

“Yes, but only if I’m requested.”

“If you’re requested? How about for other purposes?”

“Other purposes? I don’t have any……”

“Well, what about for the other benefits?”


I tilted my head at the Head Magician’s words.

What benefits?

Things like it not being normal work so I’d receive some kind of special reward?

However, I was surprised. Did the Head Magician want to train me while we were out on subjugations?

The reason was, he thought it was pointless to only practice magic manipulation.

I thought that the Head Magician wanted me to participate in subjugations because combat seemed like a useful method to learn. Was I wrong?

I asked, and this time the Head Magician tilted his head.

“You didn’t train to go on subjugations?”

“Yes, that wasn’t my intention……”

“Then, what are you training for? It can’t be helped if one of the reasons was to only manipulate magic, but it’s impossible to observe your magic like that, Sei-sama.”



It was surprising for him to answer as if it was the most natural thing ever.

He wanted to observe my magic……

I certainly had heard that he was going to observe my magic during the lecture but I didn’t think that he was really doing it.

I felt unexpectedly drained.

“But surely, a request will come for you in the future,” the Head Magician said while I was pondering.

Somehow, I couldn’t say that I had dug my own grave.

“So one will come?”

“There are some people in the Court Mage Division who can use holy magic, but theirs isn’t as strong as yours.”

“Can you also use it, Head Magician?”

“I can use it, but I usually use offensive magic during subjugations.”

That’s right.

There’s probably no one with more powerful holy magic than me.

Somehow, the Head Magician gave off the impression of being a musclehead.

This person was the best in the Court Mage Division, wasn’t he?

That meant he didn’t usually give orders to the other mages, but personally attacking demons during subjugations.

“If a request comes for you, it’ll probably be at the West Forest.”

“At the West Forest?”

“You shouldn’t have any problems at the West Forest at your level, Sei-sama.”

“But, that appears……”

I frowned when I heard the destination.

The West Forest was where the Salamander had appeared, and it was the place where a lot of people got injured during the last subjugation.

“The miasma in the West Forest is dense. I’m interested in how much your magic would affect the miasma there, Sei-sama. And also……”

My anxiety was not even on his mind, the Head Magician was already thinking about conducting research at the West Forest.

I was scared to go to the West Forest. I’d seen so many people get injured there time and time again.

However, judging from his appearance, it didn’t seem like the Head Magician regarded it as anything special.

Even according to the knights, they didn’t normally receive that much damage at the West Forest, so it probably wasn’t a dangerous place, right?

But it is said that something that happens twice would happen again……

“What seems to be the problem?”

“No…… Mhm……”

I looked at the grumbling Head Magician while thinking, and our eyes met.

He noticed my gaze.

Should I tell him that I feel uneasy going to the West Forest?

I was at a loss for words, wondering whether it would be a good thing or a bad thing to tell him.

It must have shown on my face, because the Head Magician started talking about the West Forest.

“As I mentioned earlier, the subjugation at the West Forest will be an easy affair at your level, Sei-sama.”


“Yes. I’ve been there many times but it been ridiculous lately……”


“A large quantity of demons have gathered in the meantime. It would have been fun if I was able to participate before, but I was unfortunately in a coma.”


“There was that thing that happened last time, so the next subjugation will happen soon. The number of demons would be the same as usual, or it may be less than usual. It’s just right for your first battle, Sei-sama.”

He concluded, and smiled as if to reassure me.

The Head Magician, who said that he would have fun, even though so many people had received damage, was probably really strong.

I wasn’t satisfied with that explanation because I had seen the knights after that subjugation.

However, I could agree with his guess about the next subjugation.

The demons had accumulated because some time had passed since the last subjugation.

Given that, the next subjugation would happen soon.

While I was silently collecting my thoughts, the Head Magician probably thought I was still worried, and said:

“It’ll be fine. I’ll be joining in the next subjugation.”

“You’ll be coming along?”

“Of course. I’ll protect you. I won’t let you get hurt at all.”

I smiled ambiguously at the Head Magician’s words.

Other people would probably be on cloud nine if the Head Magician told them, “I’ll protect you.”

But, I won’t accept it.

It’s not wrong for me not accept it.

Because, “I won’t let you get hurt at all,” felt like a voice-over.

Act 03 – Lady


I woke up earlier than usual.

Today was Ladies’ Day.

I just said that but it’s not like it’s a special day or anything.

It is only called Ladies’ Day because of lectures such as manners and dances which are taken on this day. They are necessary for the female aristocrat children of this Kingdom.

And that is why I am up earlier than usual.

I thought that it would be fine if I dressed like I normally did since I wasn’t going to a ball or anything, but the people around me wouldn’t allow it.

Specially my dance teacher and the maids.

The teacher thought that it would be better for me to wear dresses and get used to them. Therefore I am obliged to wear a dress whenever Ladies’ Day came around.

I felt like the maids were just simply having fun dressing me up.

However I did agree that I had to get used to dresses, so I spent the whole day in a dress on Ladies’ Day.

I didn’t just wear dresses on Ladies’ Day, I also had my makeup and hair done; everything from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes, so it took time to prepare in the mornings.

Therefore, I must get up earlier than usual and head to the Royal Palace.

I wake up, dress in something simple and then go to the Royal Palace even before the sun had risen.

The maids stood in wait at the room that was prepared for me.

There were also different coloured dresses, shoes and accessories in the room.

The people at the Royal Palace had prepared all this.

I was surprised that the dresses and shoes fitted me perfectly.

I wanted to believe that they already had these things on hand and didn’t just prepare all these it just for me.

I wanted to ask the Civil Official about it but I had a feeling that I’d be forced to accept all this just for asking so I didn’t ask because I was afraid.

For the time being, I decided that the outfits were a loan from the Royal Palace.

The maids seemed to be happily consulting with themselves about which dress would be perfect for today as they were looked over the rental dresses.

“It looks like everyone’s having fun.”

“It’s fun to choose out what outfits to use out of this large mountain of clothes.”

I said with a wry smile to Marie-san, the head maid standing by my side and she replied with a bitter smile.

The maids who were helping me on Ladies’ Day also attended to me when I was summoned and helped me prepare for my audience with the King.

Somehow, it felt like they were my personal maids.

Amongst the maids was Marie-san, who was a little older than me and have been working at the Royal Palace for a long time.

She was a sociable person who sometimes strictly guided the newer maids.

Today too, while they were choosing the dresses, they were talking about popular dress designs in the Royal City and also about things such as confectionary.

“How about this dress for today?”

They seemed to have decided on a dress after a short while and a maid came up to me to show it to me.

The dress presented to me was a fluffy saffron dress.

It wasn’t a showy dress and I like it, but the colour was too pretty. I’m worried it might be too flashy for me.

“Isn’t the colour a bit too flashy for me?”

“It’s not. See.”

I was worried so I asked Marie-san for opinion, she told me that it was no problem.

It certainly didn’t look that flashy when I looked at it through a mirror.

As expected of the choice made by the Royal Palace maids.

“If you match these together then it won’t be so flashy, right?”

“Do you want to try these?”

“Yes, please.”

Once the dress was decided, next was the makeup and hairdo.

I left these those to the maids.

It would turn out better if I left it to them instead of doing it myself.

I hope that they wouldn’t make my makeup too dark.

The maids also prepared shoes and accessories to go with the dress while they were doing my makeup.

I closed my eyes for a long time so that they could apply my makeup, and because of that I didn’t know which shoes and accessories were being chosen for me.

I could only tell that from the maid’s voices that they were having just as much fun as when they were picking the dress.

It was certainly fun to choose things out from the mountain of things here.

I couldn’t go shopping for clothes or accessory in Japan because work was busy, but the rare chances that I had to go shopping were fun.

The maids must feel the same as I do at that time.

However, it was a different story if you wore the things yourself.

The outfit prepared for me suited my preferences and there were a lot of simple items.

But that was to this kingdom’s standard, if you compared it to Japan’s standard’s it was quite gorgeous.

I was once again reminded of Japan as I wore the clothes and I was filled with dread and winced.

Well, I had the option of not wearing the clothes but I couldn’t refuse when I thought about the happy maids who picked out the outfit for me.

So I gave up and decided to think that the jewel was an imitation.

But then the biggest problem wasn’t the dress or the accessories.

I was finally going to put on the dress when they finished my makeup but there was a problem.

“Well then, here I go.”

Marie-san signal and then the ribbon was tightened.

I inadvertently wanted to groan“Oof”, but I managed to hold it down.

The maids were tightening the corset ribbon.

The ideal image for women in this country was narrow waists that looked like it would easily break. The aristocrat women wore corsets to constrict their waists.

Well, I did come from another world and even though the dress prepared was to this country’s standards, my waist still appeared to be thick.

I was also not accustomed to corsets so the maids didn’t tighten it too much.

Even so, the sound wanted to escape from my mouth.

I could painfully understand why people in the old days would faint from this.

I’ve slimmed down since coming to this world so I thought I would be fine with wearing a corset.

I had the corset tightened a little.

I didn’t think it would be this painful……

I got used to it after a while and it wasn’t as painful as before but my breathing was more shallow than normal.

If I get used to it a bit more, would it become less painful?

“Are you alright?”

Marie-san asked when I was tired from having the corset tightened.


I wanted to shout out that it was impossible but I endured it.

I overcame today’s challenge while praying that I would get used to it one day.

The next thing to do after the corset was tightened was to wear the dress.

It was quick from here on out.

Then I could finally head towards my lecture after everything was finished.

The morning lectures were about mannerism.

I studied various things such as how to walk and how to greet people. I was surprisingly good at it.

To the eye, my gestures were beautiful and I used muscles I didn’t normally use.

My leg muscles started trembling while my posture was being corrected in the middle of bowing.

It was a bit hard for someone like me who didn’t exercise.

It was probably consuming a lot of energy because my waist was tightened with a corset.

The teacher in charge of the lecture is a first class teacher who taught high ranking aristocrat children, so her teachings were a little strict.

It was worth following her strict instructions because I was able to move gracefully and beautifully.

“You’ve improved a lot.”

“Thank you.”

The teacher praised me while she was teaching me how to curtsy.

I was all the more happy to be praised by someone who was usually strict.

I wondered if it was necessary to do it so thoroughly, but once I started I couldn’t stop. It was inevitable since it was a trait of mine.

But I thought that it must have been difficult for the aristocrats of this kingdom to live every day with this in mind.

This might not be so if they were used to it.


In the afternoon there were dance lessons.

We started off with how to stands. Then I learnt steps for beginners and recently on occasions, I’ve danced with the teacher as my partner.

According to the teacher, we were rushing this lecture.

Because of that I was secretly revisiting the room every day.

My muscles were in pain the first time because I wasn’t used to these postures.

The moves weren’t that vigorous so I moved my body less than I thought I would but I don’t know if this was the same for skilled dancers.

I think it’s better to put some strength into my moves.

The teacher and I were the only ones in this wide room.

Today as well, we started by reviewing the steps and I danced with the teacher.

I heard a knock at the door when I was moving to the beat of the teacher’s voice.

No one has ever disturbed my lessons before.

We stopped dancing and the teacher headed towards the door.

I looked wondering who it was and the person that appeared was the Captain.

“What’s wrong?”

I was surprised at the Captain’s sudden appearance.

A troubled smile appeared on his face when I asked him what was wrong.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you in the middle of your lesson. I’m not here for any particular reason…… I just thought I would come to see how you are doing.”

The Captain told us the reason why he came after hesitating for a while.

“Could I watch?”

Huh? Watch?

I somehow managed to dance with the teacher but it wasn’t good enough for people to see.

It was embarrassing so I tried to refuse but the teacher had already replied.

“Oh, Hawk-sama. How gracious of you. If you would like, how about joining in too?”

I inadvertently turned around at the teacher’s words.

What does she mean join in?

The teacher noticed my stare and told me why she was smiling.

“You also learn by having a difference dance partner once in a while.”

“That’s true but……”

I understood what the teacher was saying but I only recently became able to dance with a partner.

Even then, I had only managed somehow because the teacher was leading.

Can I dance well with the Captain in my state?

It was very doubtful that I could but the teacher and Captain both seemed keen.


The Captain has been learning this since he was little so if I follow him, it’ll probably turn out okay?

I somehow had managed even while dancing with the teacher.

The Captain held out his hand to me while I was hesitating.

I looked at his gentle smile and his hand.

My anxiety grew but it would be rude if I didn’t take his hand.

I took a deep breath and prepared myself.

I corrected my posture and put my left hand into his and he pulled me closer to him.

The Captain swiftly placed his right hand on my left shoulder.

I put my right hand into his left, looked up at him and inadvertently gulped.

H-he’s close……

Well, I knew this would happen because I practiced with the teacher, I knew but……!

This was something that happened all the time when we rode the horse together and we were sitting relatively close to each other in the carriage when we went to the Capital.

So I thought that I would be used to being this close to him.

Uh yeah, I haven’t gotten used to it at all.

To being face to face with him that is.

Up until now I’ve only been sitting behind him or beside him.

I realized that the embarrassment I felt when facing him was nothing compared to those times.

“What’s wrong?”


The Captain smiled and asked curiously at me, who was looking up at him frozen.

I somehow managed to reply and hastily dropped my eyes to his chest.

My ears are hot.

Calm down, me.

I’m in the middle of a lesson.

I took another deep breath and somehow managed to calm myself down before looking up at him.

The Captain who was facing me already found out how I was feeling but he pretended not to notice.

We took the first step when the teacher said, “Begin”.

I stepped in time with the Captain’s lead.

Although I was a bit awkward, I was able to dance since the Captain was good at leading.

Nonetheless, it was problematic that I was leaving everything up to him.

In order to be able to move by myself, I recalled and practiced all that I’ve learnt so far.

After a while, I heard a voice from above me.

“Have you calmed down?”

“…… Yes.”

Well, I’ve just become more restless.

My eyes wandered about as if showing the disturbance in my innermost thoughts.

I was so focused on dancing that I finally forgot about the Captain but when I remembered that he was there my heart started beating fast.

I don’t know if he noticed this or not because he kept on talking.

“I heard that you never danced before in Japan……”

“Yes. I didn’t have the chance to dance there in the first place and there are many different dancing styles.”

I did learn folk dancing and the dance of my region during my school days for the sports festival.

It was completely different from the step dancing I was learning now.

“Then you’ve just started dancing?”

“That’s right.”

“Then you’re really talented to be able to dance like this already.”

“Huh? No way, I don’t think so?”

I don’t think I have a talent for dancing at all so even if he flatters me I don’t know how to reply.

I panicked and refuted and the Captain chuckled.

It seemed like he was teasing me.


I was frustrated and pouted, but there was nothing I can do because his smile grew wider and wider.

“You started learning after your audience with the King, isn’t that right? When I started learning, I wasn’t able to dance that well.”

“The lecture contents seem to be progressing at a fast pace. It seems that she’ll have the chance to dance in the near future.”

According to the teacher, the lectures felt crammed and the reason for this was because there was a dance in the near future.

I, who wasn’t even an aristocrat and just someone who worked at a research facility, didn’t think that I would get an invitation to the ball.

It was only my wishful thinking and things seldom went as one wished.

Well, I did recently have an audience with the King.

However, that wasn’t the only reason I was learning how to dance, I was also interested in it.

If not then I would have firmly refused even it was the Civil Official who had given me the recommendation.

“It’s the social season in a few months.”

“Social season? There’s something like that?”

“Yes. Several parties are held in the Capital in that season. You were also invited to a few of them, were you not Sei?”

I knew it.

It was fun to dance while twirling but it was questionable for me to attend such a dazzling party.

My feelings must have shown on my face because the Captain talked again.

“There are only one or two balls that you must attend, right? So it’ll be fine if you just refuse the rest.”

“Even so, I have to attend at least one of the balls, don’t I?”

“Yes. It’s a ball hosted by the King so you must attend.”

“I see……”

Certainly, one normally didn’t refuse if they were invited to a ball organised by the King.

That’s what I thought but I still didn’t want to attend.

If I had to attend a ball then I would want it to be something a little cozier.

“I don’t really like parties……”

He cut his words off there and I thought something was wrong so I looked at him.


Why are you looking at me like that?

I felt the Captain look at me softly and my pulse starts racing.

The Captain drew his face a little closer to mine and whispered.

“But if you attends then I want to escort you.”


Th-that kind of sweet whispering is foul-play!

I gave him an accusation look but it wasn’t effective. The Captain still had a smile on his face and it felt like he was waiting for my reply.

At that very moment, the teacher gave her signal and the dance finished.

That signal also indicated that the class was over for the day and I said my goodbyes to the teacher.

I was told that I danced well with someone who I’ve never danced before and I felt relieved.

It didn’t felt like practice anymore half way through the dance so I thought she was going to say something about it.

I watched blankly as the Captain said his goodbyes to the teacher.

An escort?

I thought that it was possible for me to be invited to a ball but I didn’t think about the escort matter.

I couldn’t just go by myself, could I?

But I also didn’t want to enter the premises by myself while everyone was entering in pairs.

I would draw unwanted attention.

The Captain finally invited me so could I ask him to take me?

Ah, but if he escorts me to the ball then I also have to dance with him, wouldn’t I?

Do I like him?


The teacher had already left the room while I was endlessly worrying. It was only the Captain and I left in this room.

The Captain looked worried probably because I was pondering.

“Sorry, I was just thinking.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. Mhm…… It’s about you escorting me to the ball.”

His face became more anxious when I said escort.

It’s because I was thinking about it so hard, isn’t it?

I’m sorry.

“Please escort me if you are fine with it, Hawk-sama.”

The Captain’s face suddenly brightened when I finished my sentence.

“Really?! Of course I am!”

I felt quite at ease that he looked so happy about it.

I still haven’t received any invitations yet so I still don’t know if we would have any balls to attend to together.

I didn’t think that it would be a bad idea for me to ask the Captain to escort me.

If an invitation had arrived I would have asked the Director about it anyways.

I’ve never been to a party before so it’s more reassuring for me to go with someone who was used to them.

That way my future worries would decrease by one.

This should be a good choice?

The Captain seemed happy to send me off into the room that was given to me at the Royal Palace.

As per usual, Ladies’ Day.

Today however, was different from usual.

“Is it your day off?”


I told Marie-san that I no dance lesson today.

Did the teacher have urgent business to attend to?

I thought it was strange and a maid brought a letter to me on top of a tray.

Marie-san took the tray from the maid and presented it to me.

“Instead, an assignment has been assigned to you by the manner’s lecturer.”

Marie-san said. I took the envelope from her and looked at the back.

“An assignment?”

The envelope was sealed with wax and there was a crest on it.

It was a family crest from somewhere, but which family was it?

I felt like I’ve seen this crest somewhere before.

I learnt all the crests of important aristocrat families in class.

The crest being familiar meant that it was one of those families.

It wasn’t the royal family.

I obviously remembered the royal crest.

I couldn’t remember which family it was straight away so I decided to read the contents of the letter first.

Marie-san opened the seal and gave me the letter contained inside.

I read the contents of the letter and it seems that I’ve been invited to a tea party.

It was held today in the afternoon.

It was held in…… The Royal Palace?!

It must be an invitation from someone in high power since they were having it at the Royal Palace.

Who the heck is it?

I tried to confirm the name of the sender while pondering but noticed that they didn’t write it.

This meant that I had to derive this fact from the crest?

That family crest was from……

“Sei-sama, would you like to wear this dress today?”

I was startled because someone suddenly called out to me.

I was too absent-minded.

I looked at the dress that the maid presented to me and thought about what to do.

“I was invited to a tea party this afternoon.”

“Oh my! You should wear a more gorgeous dress today then.”

“What? Hey!”

It appears that Marie-san didn’t know the contents of the assignment.

Then after stopping me, she quickly started ordering the maids around.

They prepared an outfit more glamorous than the ones I usually wore while picking this and that.

I looked at the maids who were having more fun than usual and didn’t have the heart to stop them.

Which family was it?

“Is something wrong?”

Marie-san looked at me worriedly because I was scrunching up my eyebrows while thinking.

“I was thinking about who the sender was. They didn’t write their name on the envelope.”

I said and gave the envelope and letter to Marie-san.

Marie-san looked at the envelope crest after reading the letter.

“The name of the sender really isn’t written anywhere.”

“Is the assignment to find out who the sender is from the invitation?”

“Maybe but isn’t the assignment also to attend the tea party?”


Marie-san was quite right.

I also learnt the mannerism for tea ceremonies and thought that it would be possible for me to attend one because we had finished the lessons on that topic.

The sender was still unknown. If part of the assignment was to find out who the sender was then there was a high possibility that Marie-san won’t tell me which house they are from even if I ask her about it.

But, I’ll try to ask anyways.

“I have a feeling I’ve seen this family crest somewhere before but I can’t seem to remember where from. Marie-san, so you know which family it is?”

“Well, it’s a very famous family. It’s Marquis Ashley’s family crest.”

She surprisingly answered my question.

I should have remembered this crest because there wasn’t many Marquis Households to begin with but I had completely forgotten about it.

But did I know someone from that household?

“If it’s from Marquis Ashley’s household then the person who invited you is probably their daughter.”


“Yes. Their daughter is also Prince Kyle’s fiancée.”


Prince Kyle as in that Prince Kyle, right?

The Crown Prince.

I see, so even that has a fiancée, huh?

The people of this kingdom became adults at 15, so he was more or less the Prince.

It wasn’t odd that he had a fiancée.

It was rare for this to happen in Japan but it wasn’t unusual here.

But is his fiancée someone who could host a tea party at the Royal Palace?

Normally people couldn’t host tea parties at the Royal Palace even if they were engaged to the royal family.

Was she already living in the Royal Palace with the Prince?

“Is his fiancée living in the Royal Palace?”

“No. She normally lives in Marquis Ashley’s estate in the capital.”

“She doesn’t live at the Royal Palace but she’s hosting the tea party at there?”

“This is because it’s Sei-sama’s assignment.”

Marie-san was trying to say that the reason the tea party was being hosted at the Royal Palace this time around was because it was connected to me.

Perhaps Marquis Ashley’s daughter also heard this from the teacher.

That’s right.

I handed the invitation to Marie-san because it was my assignment but we didn’t know if the host knew the situation or not.

So the tea party this time might not be that big.

When I saw that the party was held at the Royal Palace, I panicked wondering how big it would be.

Even if someone tells me that it’s alright for me to attend, I didn’t want my first tea party to be a big one.

I was a little relieved.

My hair and makeup was finished while I was talking to Marie-san and the preparations are done.

I looked at myself in the mirror and could tell that the maids had put more effort into my hair and makeup.

The maids had a look of accomplishment on their faces.

It really doesn’t look like me.

The me in the mirror was laughing tiredly.

“Do you like it?”

“You all did an amazing job.”

The maids were happy at my words. I guess it’ll do.

Then I headed to my morning lecture.

I had lunch like I usually do after my morning lecture.

However, I didn’t eat anything because the tea party would be held soon.

I asked my teacher this morning and as I thought, my assignment was to attend the tea party.

It seems that the tea party would only consist of me and the host so I calmed down a little.

The organiser, Marquis Ashley’s daughter, had manner lessons under the same teacher as me.

Thus, she ended up helping with my assignment this time around.

Marquis daughters held high positions so they wouldn’t normally help someone out with their assignment but I heard that she was a well-balanced person and she immediately agreed to help this time.

I appreciate it.

But I also felt a little nervous because I was receiving help from a high-ranking Young Lady.

Has she even talked to me before?

I’ve been talking to Marie-san and the others about fashion lately so I think that I can talk about fashion trends.

But I still think that it isn’t enough.

The tea party was held at the palace pavilion 1)She says this in Japanese and then later says it in English… So I used a different word.

It was a western style place so it was also called a gazebo.

It happened while I was enjoying the autumn garden and I thought that I should enjoy talking with the host too.

I walked through the beautiful garden guided by Marie-san.

I could see the gazebo in the distant and I also saw someone who was probably the host seated down on one of the chairs.

She also seemed to have noticed me because she got up from her chair and came out of the gazebo to greet me.


I could see the person’s face as I got closer and was surprised because it was a face that I was familiar with.

The person standing there was Liz.

“Welcome to my tea party, Sei.”

The smiling Liz was as beautiful as ever.

Her smiling face looked somewhat deceiving and it also felt as if she was telling me I did well.

“Mm…… Thank you for inviting me today?”

I managed to squeeze out the greetings.

My intonation rose at the end and it sounded like a question. Please forgive me.

I was that surprised.

I sat down on the seat as Liz had suggested and the maids, who were waiting on the sides, poured tea into our cups.

I stared at them blankly and then Liz spoke.

“This is the first time I’ve seen you in a dress Sei. It’s a refreshing change from your usual self.”

“Ah, yeah. I guess so.”

“The dress is very beautiful and suits you well Sei.”

“You think so?”


It was embarrassing because she was praising my dress.

No, that’s not it.

“You’re Marquis Ashley’s daughter?”


The person who invited me to the tea party today should be Marquis Ashley’s daughter.

Liz should be Marquis Ashley’s daughter judging from the words, “Welcome to my tea party”, but……

Come to think of it, did she introduce herself as “Elizabeth Ashley” the first time we met at library?

I’ve been calling her Liz ever since so I forgot her surname.

Liz smiled when I tilted my head and asked in confirmation.

“Didn’t I tell you?”

“You didn’t say anything about being a Marquis’s daughter, you know.”

She chuckled at me when I answered in disappointment.

You’re a convicted criminal, aren’t you?

“I heard that you were hosting this tea party because of my assignment.”

“Yes, I am. You haven’t been coming to the library recently Sei, so I happily agreed when I heard about it from the teacher.”

After I started taking lectures,I visited the library less often.

The reason was simple; I was just too busy with classes.

Liz still went to the library many times even though I stopped going.

Now that you mention it, I only meet with Liz in the library.

Even then, we never planned to meet. We just met because we happen to be at the library at the same time.

Therefore, I haven’t met with Liz at all recently.

“I’m sorry. I haven’t recently been going to the library at all.”

“It can’t be helped. You’ve been busy, haven’t you?”

“I have…… by the way, you didn’t invite anyone else besides me?”

“It’s just the two of us today. Well, let’s take our time talking while drinking tea.”

Thus, the tea party began.

I had to pay attention to my mannerism because it was part of my assignment. Therefore, I’ll drink the tea first.

Today’s tea smells somewhat like Darjeeling tea.

All the teas served at the Royal Palace was delicious but this was the first time I’ve drank something that is similar to Darjeeling tea.

“This tea is delicious. It’s the first time I’ve drank it.”

“I’m glad you like it. It’s from a plantation contracted to my family.”

“I see.”

As expected of a Marquis family.

It’s probably an exclusive contract, right?

Slightly sweet confectioneries were a trademark of this kingdom.

The tea didn’t have anything in it so it was fine.

I felt like I was hyped up because my lecture had been extended.

I told Liz what I thought and she smiled happily and replied with:

“This is, of course, my first tea party with Sei so I tried my best.”

Of course, proper preparation was also needed at normal tea parties but it seems that this tea party with me was special.

She didn’t know what I liked so Liz picked all her favourite things.

Although Liz was still growing, I had a feeling that she would be extremely gorgeous in the future and she had a lot of beautiful colored dresses.

However, when I looked at the sweets on the table today, it seemed that she preferred cute things.

All the sweets were berry-type sweets and pinkish. Even the sweet decorations looked cute.

Liz nodded in embarrassment when I pointed them out.

Of course, all the dresses that she wore were ones that suited her so they were different from the ones she would prefer to wear.

She told me that I was the only one here today so she let her preferences show.

We started talking about something that had recently happened while deep in conversation.

“I’ve heard things about the Saint-sama recently.”

Liz began the conversation like that.

I was in the middle of drinking my tea and had a hard time trying not to choke on it.


“Yes. I heard that she’s a magnificent user of recovery magic and that she saved a lot of knights.”

“Heh, hehe. Is that so?”

“I also heard that the knights who had lost their arms and legs during the subjugation had regained them back thanks to the Saint-sama. They’re really grateful.”

“Oh ~.”

“Being able to recover lost limbs meant that she’s this kingdom’s number one recovery magic user. But, I’ve heard that Saint-sama is very humble and didn’t brag about it at all. The knights are already worshipping her like a goddess.”

Yup, I’m a bit troubled.

Worship meant them right?

The Knights from the 2nd Knight Order.

I really want to believe that the people from the 3rd Knight Order are still okay.

I wanted to play dumb and reply with, “I wonder who that is?” while listening to Liz’s story but she probably won’t forgive me for that.

“I didn’t know that you were that good at recovery magic, Sei.”

“Ah, no way….yeah, I suppose.”

I thought that it wouldn’t do if I don’t tell her the truth since she was smiling like she knew.

We haven’t talked that deeply into things like this.

The reason was that we didn’t need to talk about things deeply so I thought that it would be alright to take this chance and tell her a bit more about myself.

“I’ve only recently became able to use magic.”


“There was no need to use it before that.”

I said and Liz continued to faintly smile while looking at me.

What is it?

“You didn’t use it because your original world didn’t have magic so you weren’t familiar with it, isn’t that right?”


“Sei, you were summoned here, weren’t you?”

My eyes reflexively widened.

I think that a lot more people who knew that I was summoned here by the Saint Summoning Ceremonythan I thought.

Of course, I didn’t spread it around.

If I tell people that I was summoned here by a ceremony, wouldn’t it be the same as telling them that I was the Saint?

That’s why I definitely don’t go around saying it.

That most likely mean the people who do know found out from the people at the Royal Palace.

The Director and the Captain weren’t the only ones who knew about this, the knights and mages probably knew too, right?

The maids probably also know about it.

The researchers weren’t told so half of them suspected something and the other half didn’t know anything.

I somehow felt that from the researcher’s reactions.

There was a difference in their reactions probably because the Royal Palace distinguished between those who are trustworthy and those who are not.

The knights and mages are on the nation’s defence force so I think they have to know.

The maids were all people who were gathered to look after the Saintso I’m sure they know.

I didn’t think that Liz would be also be included in the list of people who knew about it.

That’s why I was surprised that she knew.

“So you knew?”


“Since when?”

“From the beginning.”

“From the beginning…… So you knew from the time we met at the library?”

“Yes. But, it was a coincidence that we met there.”

According to Liz’s explanation, it was really a coincidence that we met at the library.

However, she said that she knew that the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】had been performed and she guessed from my hair colour and eyes that I was probably a summoned person.

It was an unusual colour to have in this kingdom.

She also said that she was convinced when she started talking to me in the library.

She concluded this from the fact that I could read various languages but I didn’t understand anything about the grammar of it.

It was certainly unbelievable for someone to be able to read something without understanding the grammar behind it.

“The other person is also the same.”


The other person is probably Aira-chan.

Come to think of it, Liz also attends the Royal Academy, doesn’t she?

Are they classmates?

“I’ve heard that she can also read Slantania and the ancient languages, but she doesn’t know grammar or anything like that.”

“I see. Anyway, are you and Aira-chan classmates, Liz?”

“No, she’s a year above me.”


“Other than that, you also know about her, Sei.”

“Well, yeah.”

I heard about Aira-chan from the maids and civil official at the beginning.

She’s the girl who was summoned with me.

Therefore I’m interested in her.

I haven’t seen her since then. I wonder about her sometimes and I’m was worried about her after all.

“Is she doing well?”

“Well…… She doesn’t seem to be ill.”

Liz looked troubled when I tilted my head at her hesitation.

“Did something happen?”

“Yes, well……”

Then Liz suddenly raised her hand and the maids left.

What’s that? Amazing.

Liz was confirming that the maids were gone while I was admiring her. And then she slowly began to talk.

“Do you remember the time when I told you about that troublesome classmate of mine?”

“Errrr ~……”

Which reminds me, we did talked about something like that before.

If I’m not mistaken it was about a classmate who had the popular guys wait upon her.

I wonder what’s wrong with that child?

Don’t tell me……

“Don’t tell me that it’s Aira-chan?”

I asked and she nodded sadly.

I unintentionally averted my gaze upwards.

“I told you that it was a classmate at that time but it’s definitely Aira-san.”

“Is that so?”

Well, whether she was a classmate or not wasn’t something that Liz could explain in detail.

“I’ve put in a lot of effort to try to solve the problem but it’s not going very well.”

“Were we talking about how it isn’t good for someone to get intimate with men who have fiancées?”

“That’s it.”

“Ah ~……”

I accidentally looked away.

Even in Japan, it’s frowned upon to cling to someone that was engaged.

It was the same for those who had lovers too.

However, it was harder for it to become a problem in Japan.

There were many actions that may not cause problems in Japan that could cause problems here.

For example, lifting up your skirt when it’s hot or showing your bare feet to the opposite sex.

I was also scolded by Liz.

Aira-chan might be the same.

If she acted the same way as she did in Japan towards her friends without knowing the standards of them country then……


But didn’t Liz and the others warn her multiple times?

“You warned her personally, didn’t you?”

“Other people did but I heard that they told her directly.”

“I see. But nothing changed?”

“She seems to be aware of it now?”

“I see……”

Liz asked about it so I told her what I was thinking about before.

I told her about the degree of difference in problematic actions between Japan, the country that Aira-chan and I were from and here.

Japan was more lenient compared to here.

Aira-chan might not know that.

“I don’t think she’ll get it if you just told her to think about the person that they are dating or it would be a problem for you to get along with men.”

“Is that so?”

“I realized when you told me, Liz. Well the boys around her might have told her about it.”

“They didn’t.”

Liz said clearly even though she was laughing as if she was troubled.

It didn’t show on her face but I felt that she was clad in a scary aura and chills ran down my spine.

I couldn’t see it but it felt like a black aura was covering her back.

Mhm, Liz-san?

What’s wrong?

“If they were that considerate then it wouldn’t become the big problem it is today.”

“Th-that’s true.

You are quite right.

It’s just as she said.

Liz said in a somewhat appalled voice. How scary.

But why was she so angry?

I thought and remembered what Marie-san had told me.

Which reminds me, Liz’s fiancé is……

“Hey, don’t tell me your fiancé is also in that group of boys?”


The answer to my timid question was YES.

I want to think that the black aura growing behind her is just my imagination.

“Liz, you’re fiancé is that, right? Mm……”

“It’s Prince Kyle.”

I could only laugh dryly at that predicted answer.

I see, that is her fiancé, huh?

“I’ve heard that he’s caused you extreme displeasure.”

“Mhm? Yeah……”

I could only laugh when I remember what had happened when I was summoned.

Yeah, serious, that.

Liz smiled stiffly and correct her posture.

She was looking at me really seriously.

“I will apologise on His Highness’s behalf for what happened at that time.”

“Huh? It’s not something that you should apologise for, Liz.”


“It’s fine. It’s not your fault.”

I somehow laughed and appealed to Liz that it wasn’t her fault because she still looked anxious.

I can understand apologising on behalf of your fiancé but Liz didn’t do anything wrong so I didn’t know how to respond to her.

“Let’s think of a way to solve the Aira-chan problem?”

“Oh Sei……”

I would be stumped if we kept talking about the Prince so I forcefully changed the topic.

Liz seemed to have noticed my intention and mumbled in worried tone but she didn’t push the topic.

I appreciated her subtlety.

From there, we talked about how we should improve the circumstances around Aira-chan.

We exchanged various ideas and before we knew it a lot of time had passed.

We had finally found a way to solve the problem. It should be fine if I leave the finer details to Liz, right?

Thus, my first tea party ended without a hitch.

Behind the Scenes

Misono Aira was a 16 year old high school student at that time.

She lived with her father and mother and only them. She was an only child.

Both her parents worked and she was often alone when she was at home.

It was a busy time at work for her parents on that day and even though it was late at night, Aira was alone in her home.

Aira was reading a magazine in her room when she decided that she would go to the convenience store on the first floor of her apartment, since she was getting thirsty and she also wanted something sweet to eat.

She put on her shoes and just as she was about to open the door, a white light suddenly appeared at her feet. Aira closed her eyes because the light was so dazzling.

She opened her eyes when she felt the light fade from her eyelids, and she saw that she was in a room that she couldn’t recognise.

What’s this?

She should have been in her own house up until then but before her eyes was an unfamiliar scene.

The floors and walls were both made out of stone and the surrounding people, in unfamiliar clothes, were shouting cheerfully.

All Aira could do was stare absentmindedly at the scene in front of her; it looked like something out of a movie.

There was someone else summoned alongside Aira, but Aira didn’t notice her at all.

The other person was sitting at an angle to Aira’s right.

It was too much for Aira, herself, and all thoughts left her. She wasn’t aware of anything at her rear.

Aira not noticing her at that time was the first breaking point.

She heard the sounds of a door opening, after a while, and reflexively turned to look at it. Three young men came into the room.

Their outfits were also unfamiliar to her, and they were so good-looking that they looked like actors; which made Aira think that everything was like a movie.

The three of them walked towards Aira and one of them, a man with red hair, who seemed to be the highest ranking person there, knelt in front of Aira.

Then he smiled and said:

“Are you the 【Saint】?”

The words of the young man with red hair, Kyle Slantania, the crown prince of Slantania, properly reached Aira’s ears.

However, Aira could only recognise the sounds he made; she had no idea what he was talking about.

While Aira was looking absentmindedly at Kyle, he had said something, and the words floated around in her mind, but she couldn’t understand what they meant.

The dark blue haired young man, Damien Goltz, the son of the current prime minister and Kyle’s childhood friend, noticed that something was a little strange with Aira’s condition and whispered something to Kyle, who said, “Let’s move for now”. He took Aira’s hand and helped her up.

She walked through the long palace corridor, lead by Kyle and the others, and entered a sunny room.

Aira was able to calm down a bit while she walked through the corridor and she was able to peek at the appearances of the people around her.

Aira could finally talk to Kyle and the others when she sat on the sofa.

“Once again, I’m Kyle Slantania, the crown prince of Slantania Kingdom. May I ask for your name?”

“It’s Misono, Aira.”

Aira told him her name questionably as after she’d said it, she thought that she should have told him her name in reverse.

“Ah, my name is Aira.”

“I see. So the name orders in your country and my kingdom are different, Aira.”

Kyle and the other’s smiles grew wider at Aira, who was finally able to speak, although in a feeble voice.

She showed no reaction when he had introduced himself to Aira, at the time of her summoning some time ago, so they were worried that the summoning had been imperfect and that she was in poor health.

“Mm, why am I here?”

That was the first question that popped into her mind.

She opened the door intending to go to the convenience store and next thing she knew, it was Europe.

She actually hadn’t open the door, but it felt like she did.

Aira thought, what is he saying?

“We have summoned you with the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.”


Damien, who was standing next to Kyle explained to Aira, who was tilting her head, about the 【Saint】and the【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.

Aira came to understand that she was summoned to another world in order to defeat demons because of his explanation.

Summoned to another world.

The thing that only happened in manga and novels had happened to her right then.

It was so surreal but that was what she had understood thus far, and she suddenly wondered if she could return to Japan.

Sometimes in the stories, the summoned person could return to their original world after they’ve fulfilled their purpose.

“Mm…… If I defeat the demons would I be able to return to my original world?”

Aira asked what she thought while holding a bit of hope and Damien informed her, complementing his previous explanation:

“No, I’ve never heard of the previous Saints returning to their worlds before.”

It is said that the last ceremony was held a long time ago and there were no documentation of the summoned【Saint】returning to her original world.

Aira muttered with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

“I can’t go back?”

She now viewed Kyle’s expression, full of happiness for having summoned a 【Saint】, dubiously.

Being able to summon Aira was a joyous thing for Kyle and the others, but it wasn’t for Aira.

There Kyle realised that a teardrop had fallen from Aira’s eyes.


A while after the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】, when Aira had gotten used to the Slantania Kingdom, Kyle asked if she would like to attend the Royal Academy.

The Royal Academy was a school that aristocratic children attended. One could also learn magic at the academy, in addition to the fundamentals. She could learn most of the things she needed to learn as a 【Saint】at that academy.

Aira didn’t hesitate to nod.

Aira depended on Kyle at that time.

Kyle had been taking care of Aira ever since she cried.

He felt guilty that she was separated from her friends and family because she was summoned there, so he was trying to make up for that crime.

Because of that, Aira became someone that Kyle had to protect.

Kyle acted in ways that would comfort her.

Kyle, himself, attended the Royal Academy and, although it wasn’t much compared to the king, he also worked in public affairs, so he spent time with Aira whenever he could.

He also gave Aira, who came to the kingdom with nothing, dresses, accessories and other personal things as well as sweets that looked cute.

Kyle’s close aides were the same; they alternately spent time with Aira whenever Kyle wasn’t there. They spent time eating sweets while talking about the kingdom and the world that Aira was from.

They treated her carefully, as if she was wrapped up in cotton wool. Aira, who didn’t have anything else to depend on, started to depend on them.

Her parents had cherished her very much, since she was their only daughter.

Her house was filled with love and she received many things, such as toys and clothes, from her parents; whether she needed them or not.

Especially her mother, who liked to dress her in cute clothes.

Whenever her mother had the day off, they would often dress up and go out to various places.

Aira was a cute doll to her mother. Aira didn’t have any problems with being showered with gifts, as it had been happening to her since she was small.

Nothing would happen if she did exactly as her mother told her to.

Although she was separated from her family and summoned into another world, the behaviour of Kyle and the others overlapped with her family’s.

Therefore, she got used to it. She accepted what was given to her by Kyle, and moved as he told her to.

It was something common for Aira.


Aira attended the Royal Academy upon Crown Prince Kyle’s suggestion, and 3 months had passed since then.

Aira was steadily improving her abilities.

Although she didn’t like studying, she didn’t dislike it either, and she diligently attended her classes in Japan, so her grades were excellent.

That didn’t change, even at the academy, and she learnt various things, such as magic and Slantania’s history.

Although she had transferred to the Academy in the middle of the year, she managed to keep up with the classes because she had special supplementary lessons with the teachers, and Kyle and the others taught her as well.

She had better results than the other students for subjects like mathematics and natural sciences, which she had studied in Japan, since those subjects had progressed more in her world than that one.

“I have levelled up.”

“Congratulations. Now, try using this magic.”

At the practice grounds after school.

Aira was practicing magic with Kyle’s close aide, Mark Yarn.

Mark was the eldest son of an earl and he was the one with the most talent with magic in Kyle’s year. He was expected to lead the Court Mage Division in the future.

Before she entered the Academy, it was confirmed the she held the holy attribute magic skill, just like the Saint.

Holy attribute magic, a skill that the past 【Saints】certainly had. Kyle, who had heard that Aira possessed that, nodded in satisfaction, of course.

Then she started to practice magic after school with Kyle and the others, as instructed by Kyle.

She practiced magic most often with Mark because he was the best with magic.

Mark, himself, wasn’t suited to holy attribute magic, but he apart from wind magic he also had an aptitude for thunder magic. He also studied magic outside of his aptitude, so he knew a lot about them.

Aira’s holy attribute skill rose at an incredibly fast pace because she was practicing in class and after school.

The surrounding people thought it was probably because she could practice while using the luxuriously expensive MP recovery potion lavishly, thanks to the support of Kyle.

Magic skills levelled up when one used the skill, therefore, by using potions, one could increase the number of times they use the skill without having to worry about running out of MP.

Actually, Aira was someone who was summoned her from another world, so her basic level and skill levels rose faster compared to the people of that world.

Her holy attribute level increased in a similar way and her production skill’s levels also rose quickly, but no one had noticed.

This was because she earnestly made mountains of potions to raise her holy level, so much so that it couldn’t be considered normal.

“Let’s finish here for today.”


Aira nodded at Mark’s words and stopped her hands.

She had used up all the MP potions prepared for that day, and they had finished around the same time they usually did.

She left the training grounds with Mark and walked down the corridor.

Now all they had to do was return to the Royal Palace but Mark frowned at the scene in front of the school entrance, that was different from usual.

“It doesn’t seem like the carriage is coming.”

If this were like usual, then a carriage from the Royal Palace would already be waiting for them.

However, it was nowhere to be seen today.

Under Kyle’s instructions, there was always someone with Aira, for her safety, but only Mark was with her today.

Therefore, Mark couldn’t leave to go call for a carriage, so the two just stood there waiting.

They eventually grew tired of waiting and slowly started talking about trifling things.

Mark normally only talked to her about things related to holy attribute magic, which she was studying. But, at that time, he also talked about other attribute magic.

The conversation was difficult for other people, because they talked about difficult technical things, but Aira somehow understood since she had studied natural sciences back in Japan. It was really interesting.

They were able to have a fun time, however, they didn’t noticed that someone was in the shadows watching them laugh and talk.


“Can I have a bit of your time?”

A voice called out to her from behind. This happened when Aira had gotten used to the academy and was heading towards the training grounds as she usually did.

She turned around and saw a beautiful girl who gave her a cold impression.

It was her first time talking to that girl, but it wasn’t the first time that a female student had said something like that to her.

When Aira first started going to the Academy, Kyle and the others were always by her side, but recently she’d gotten used to attending the school, so sometimes she walked around alone.

It felt as if they waited for the right time before calling out to her.

There were several girls who called out to her but they always said the same things.

They told her to stop following the Royal family and high ranking aristocrats, like Kyle and the others, they also told her to keep her hands off other people’s fiancés.

Aira was stumped at what had been said to her.

Aira didn’t intend to tag along with Kyle and the others, nor did she remember ever laying her hands on them.

Kyle certainly touched her a lot, and his close aides favoured her without being instructed to do so. She felt that they were treating her well because they felt responsible for the summoned Aira.

Still, the girls told her to stay away from Kyle and the others. It was a cruel thing to say to Aira, who didn’t have anyone else to rely on other than them.

“I am Elizabeth Ashley, Prince Kyle’s fiancée.”

Aira frowned at the words, “fiancée”.

Elizabeth will probably say the same things as the other girls, wouldn’t she?

Aira remembered hearing that Kyle had a fiancée, and that she was the daughter of a Marquis family.

“I think that other people have told you this before, but it’s not good to be close with men that are engaged.”

As I thought, she’s saying the same things as the other girls. Aira sighed.

“If it’s alright with you, “What are you doing!!!””

Aira heard an angry voice that drowned out what Elizabeth had said.

“Elizabeth, what the hell do you want with Aira?”

Elizabeth grabbed her skirt and curtsied gracefully, not minding Kyle’s angry tone.

Kyle walked in large strides towards Aira, and stood in front of her, as if protecting her from Elizabeth.

“I just talked with her a little.”



Elizabeth answered nonchalantly at Kyle, who kept asking her questions sternly.

“I wonder if it was alright for me to help Aira-sama out, since she’s always studying at the training grounds with His Highness and the others after school.”

Aira was surprised.

She didn’t mention anything about that before, but that was probably what she wanted to say before Kyle interrupted her.

“It’s not necessary. I’ll take care of Aira.”

“But Your Highness……|

“The 【Saint】was entrusted to me. Was that all you wanted?”


With a frosty look on her face, Elizabeth gave no reply to Kyle, who had disregarded her. Kyle ended the conversation, put his arms around Aira’s back and tried to leave.

At that time, someone else called out to them.

“Ah, you were here.”

Everyone turned towards that voice, and they saw a boy who looked like Kyle, but with vivid red hair, walking towards them.

It was the second prince of the Slantania Kingdom, Rain Slantania.

He approached Kyle with a gentle aura and smiled gently.

The dangerous aura around them settled a little because of that.

“I have been looking for you, older brother.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Professor Herzog is looking for you.”

“The Professor is?”

“It’s about the East Forest expedition next week.”

“I see.”

They were planning to go to the East Forest next week in order to level Aira up.

However, Kyle and the others were already stronger than the demons that appeared in the East Forest, so their escort guards and professors suggested that they move to the South Forest, instead.

Kyle, however, refused that proposal because he didn’t want anything to happen to Aira.

Thus, Kyle’s mood dropped further when he heard that Herzog was looking for him.

Kyle expected that he would probably advise them to move to the South Forest.

The serious Kyle got fed up and he headed towards Herzog’s room with Aira and his close aides.

Rain and Elizabeth, who were left behind, looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

“The timing was bad.”

“I know.”

The second prince, Rain, knew Elizabeth since he was a young boy, like Kyle, so they could understand what the other wanted to say, even without using lengthy words.

The timing was bad meant that Kyle had interrupted her when she was talking to Aira.

Rain didn’t know much about the situation between Aira and Kyle, but he had heard the rumours from the other students, and wondered if there was a way to improve the situation, so he consulted with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had also been asked by the fiancées of Kyle’s close aides, to do something about their fiancée’s waiting upon Aira.

The result of the discussion was that Elizabeth would help Aira with things at the academy in place of Kyle and the others.

Thus, Elizabeth encountered Aira when she was alone and spoke to her, but before she could ask Aira the important question, Kyle had interrupted them and they couldn’t talk anymore.

Kyle was taking care of Aira because she was the 【Saint】, but she wasn’t the only summoned person.

There wasn’t any report that stated that the other saint candidate had used any special 【Saint】abilities, but the story of her piling up achievements had reached Rain.

Recently, a few rumours were floating about saying that the other person was the 【Saint】.

Rain thought that it was a risk for his older brother to overestimate Aira, so he also suggested various things, but his brother was too pig-headed, and only accepted things that involved Aira.

Rain and Elizabeth left the school and wondered if they could find a suitable time to talk with Aira.


Aira, who had returned to her room at the Royal Palace, had the maids return and laid on top of her bed.

She was more mentally tired than she was physically.

She thought back upon the things that had happened during the day as she laid on the bed.

Recently, she’d tried being with Kyle as much as possible to avoid the female students calling out to her, but today, she happened to be alone.

Sure enough, Elizabeth had called out to her, but Aira thought that Elizabeth was a little different from the girls that normally ambushed her.

Kyle had interrupted them so she couldn’t hear what Elizabeth had to say, but it seemed that she wanted to teach Aira; just like Kyle and the others were doing.

It was the first time she’d received such a proposal.

Kyle and the others had always been by her side since she’d come to that world, so there wasn’t any girls that she could call friends.

If I listened to what Elizabeth had said and Kyle hadn’t come, could we become friends?

Wouldn’t it have been better to accept Elizabeth’s proposal, even if I have to go against Kyle?

Although she worried about it, Aira didn’t choose to change her current situation.

She was depressed over the fact that the other girls had said various things to her, but that could be avoided if she was careful.

They didn’t call out to her when she was with Kyle and the others.

Even if she accepted Elizabeth’s proposal, Aira didn’t know if she would follow through with her words or not.

It was scary for here to trust what Elizabeth had said when she remembered the attitudes of the other female students.

That’s why Aira wished to maintain her current situation.

Should she reach out to Elizabeth, or shouldn’t she?

That was the second breaking point but……

Aira remembered what she’d heard from Herzog during the day.

Like Kyle had expected, when they got to Herzog’s office, he advised that it was better for them to go level up in the South Forest.

Kyle strongly insisted that they should go to the East Forest because Aira’s level was still lower than Kyle and his aides, but Herzog said that it wouldn’t be a problem if she was accompanied by Kyle and the others.

To be honest, she felt a bit uncomfortable every time Kyle used her low level as an excuse, since she felt as if she was dragging them down.

That’s why, to solve that feeling, she thought it would be fine if they levelled up in the South Forest; but she couldn’t say it out loud when she saw how steadyfastly insistent Kyle was on levelling up at the East Forest.


She recited the only life magic that was taught to her and a translucent window appeared before Aira.

She looked at the level that was displayed on it and sighed.

From what she’d heard, the appropriate level to go to the South Forest was 12 ~ 20.

Aira’s basic level had already reached that.

Aira had noticed that recently, it was harder for her to raise her level.

Should I tell Kyle that I wanted to try the South Forest with them?

She was a little worried but immediately decided to leave it to Kyle. If it was him, then he wouldn’t do anything bad.

She got off the bed with that in mind and erased the window in front of her.

Misono Aira

HP: 691/ 691

Combat Skill: 
Water attribute magic: Lv.1
Wind attribute magic: Lv.1
Holy attribute magic: Lv.4

Act 04: Selective Breeding

It’s been a while since I visited the library.

I hadn’t been there since my lectures started and I was finally able to visit today.

The other day, I received permission to read the prohibited books so I rushed there at full speed.

The prohibited section was attached to the library, but the librarian’s antechamber separated it from the main section of the library. Furthermore, it was closed off by a heavy locked door.

The lock was suspicious; it looked like an ordinary lock but it wasn’t.

I didn’t understand it very well, but it was opened by a mysterious kind of magic and, even if you had the same lock, you couldn’t open it unless you had the permission to do so.

It was probably something like biometric authentication.

Incidentally, you didn’t need a key to get out of the prohibited section.

It seemed like it automatically locked.

I showed my permission slip to the librarian in the antechamber. They opened the door and guided me to the bookshelf that contained the books I was looking for.

Not many people used the library and there was no one else in the prohibited section.

Are the only ones in here right now myself and the librarian?

“The medicinal herb books you are looking for are on these shelves.”

“Thank you.”

The librarian left when I walked up to those bookshelves.

I rummaged through the bookshelves at once.

A chain was attached to the books on the bookshelf to restrict browsing.

The chain was quite long and I could take it to a desk located near the bookshelf.

I picked out a few books and sat down at the desk.

The books there were older than the ones in the library and turning the pages made me feel a little nervous.

I carefully flipped through the pages, searching for the information that I was looking for.

I was looking for a medicinal herb that would give a higher effect than the ones that were used in Advanced HP potions.

I’d read most of the books in the library related to medicinal herbs.

Those books contained information on medicinal herbs used for low, intermediate and advanced potions, but they didn’t contain any information on herbs that were more effective.

I went there thinking that there would be something in the forbidden books, and it seemed like I was correct.

As I’d expected, there were bits and pieces of information about medicinal herbs that weren’t mentioned in the library books.

It wasn’t just that, either, the books there contained additional information on the same herbs found in the library books.


There was also information stating that you could get a great result if you dealt with medicinal herbs in this way or that way.

What kind of effect……? I pretended that I didn’t see that.

I continued reading the books in a trance, but as one would expect, I got tired after reading several books.

Should I take a short break?

I thought that and noticed that someone was next to me when I looked up.


My body shook in surprised and I screamed unintentionally.

A white porcelain mask, no, face, was vaguely floating in the darkness.

The Head Magician was there before I’d even noticed.

Mm, you are the Head Magician, aren’t you?

He looked down emotionlessly at the book. He was handsome so his face looked like a mask.

“Head Magician?”

He turned towards me when I called out to him and smiled slowly.

“Are you looking for medicinal herbs?”

“Yes, I am but…… When did you get here, Head Magician?”

“A little while ago. I waited, wondering when you’d notice my presence.”

“You should have said something.”

“You were reading so diligently, so I didn’t want to disturb.”

I was certainly focused on reading, but was I so focused that I didn’t notice someone this close to me?

I didn’t even feel anyone come in here at all.

I was really surprised when I saw that someone was next to me as soon as I looked up.

The Head Magician turned the page while my heart was still throbbing in my chest.

“Is there someone you wish to kill?”

“Excuse me?”

I was befuddled at what he was talking about.

Why did he ask that so suddenly?

“All the herbs in this book are poisonous ones, are they not?”

When I looked at the page that the Head Magician was pointing at, there were certainly only poisonous herbs on it.

Or rather, this book, itself, was a collection of poisonous herbs.

H-hey, didn’t I tell you that poisonous herbs could also be used for medicine depending on how you processed it?

I’m not intending to use it for its original purpose, you know?”

“Some poisons can also become medicine depending on how you use it.”

“Ah, that’s true.”

I nodded. I felt like he had meant something else when he agreed with me. It’s true, you know?

It’s really true, you know?

“So, what are you looking for?”

“Mm, I’m trying to find medicinal herbs that are different from the ones used in the current HP and MP potions.”

“You’re looking for medicinal herbs that aren’t used in the current recipes?”


I explained to the curious Head Magician about what has been happening in the research institute, and I told him that I was looking for medicinal herbs that would be more effective than the ones used in advanced potions.

The Head Magician, who finished listening to my explanation, said, “Is that so?” He put his hand onto his chin and pondered.

“You make potions by mixing medicinal herbs and water together and then concentrating magic power into it, isn’t that right?”


“Did you know that plants also contain a small amount of magic power, Sei-sama?”

“Huh? They do?”

This is the first I’ve heard of it.

According to the Head Magician, all living things in this world had magic power, although the amount varied.

That was what he had noticed while researching, so it wasn’t widely spread.

Thus, he gave me advice based on that fact.

He told me to pay attention to the magical power of medicinal herbs if I wanted to raise the potion’s effectiveness.

It is said that the effectiveness of medicinal herbs used in potions could be increased by the magic power concentrated into it during the potion making process.

The Head Magician thought that the magic power I concentrated into potions during the manufacturing process was the reason why my potions were 50% more effective than potions made by others.

“If a medicinal herb can retain your magic power, then the effects would increase.”

“Something like that is possible?”

“I wonder?”


That was the important part but it doesn’t seem like the head magician has any expectations.

As the Head Magician said, I feel that the effects would increase if the medicinal herbs held the same amount of magic power as I do, but the problem is, how do I get medicinal herbs to hold the same amount of magic power as me?

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be of any help. I can help you if the topic is about magic……”

“No, I can use the magic power of plants as reference. Thank you.”

He looked really apologetic but thanks to his advice, I was able to see a little hope.

It was the right time to return so I decided to leave the prohibited section and return to the research institute.

It was the first time I’d heard that medicinal herbs have magic power, so there’s a high probability that the researchers didn’t know about it either.

They were, however, more knowledgeable about herbs than the Head Magician was.

If I consult with them, they might be able to come up with a good plan on how to put my magic power into plants.

I parted with the Head Magician, a little excited.


I returned to the research institute and tried to ask the researchers about the herbs.

There were some people who knew that medicinal herbs had magic power.

However, none of them thought about preserving their magic power in medicinal herbs and they were all surprised when I told them about the Head Magician’s advice.

People normally wouldn’t think that the effects would increase if you put your magic power into the herbs, right?

That’s why no one knew how to bestow magic onto medicinal herbs.

Well, it can’t be helped if they don’t know.

I just have to try various experiments.

“So won’t you help me, Jude?”

“This is so abrupt. How should I help you?”

I thought that Jude, who was smiling bitterly while offering his helping hand, was a very kind person.

The first thing I confirmed with him was if he could create water that contained magic power.

If cut flowers are dipped in coloured water, then the petals would be dyed in that colour, right?

I thought about putting that into practice by soaking the herbs in water that contained magic power.

However, I didn’t know how to create water containing magic power, so I asked Jude, who seemed most likely to know.

Jude had aptitude in water attribute magic.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know.

We tried to produce water containing magic power with his water attribute magic but it didn’t go very well, even though we tried various experiments, such as putting more magic power into the water creation.

“I think that it’s a good idea, but you’re the one who has to produce the water, right Sei? So it would be no good if it’s produce with water attribute magic, right?”

“I thought that it would be fine if I thought about that later.”

He said that after we tried various experiments and he was surprised when I replied with what I thought.

Jude was right, I couldn’t use water attribute magic.

It was a waste to try to create magic water using water attribute magic, but I thought that it would be nice as a starting point.

I gave up on trying to create water containing magic power with water attribute magic and tried to do the same thing I did when I bestowed magic to tools.

Magic can be bestowed to minerals that would become the item’s core, so I thought that I could also apply that to water.

The result was a complete failure.

I did the same thing I had when I bestowed magic, but I could feel that it didn’t work at all.

This is, that.

The feeling of it not working.

“Even so, it’s innovate to bestow magic to water.”


“ To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never seen anyone try something like this before.”

“Well, they don’t understand the use of water with magic power, so they wouldn’t try it if they don’t think of its use.”

When I said that, I remembered that there was a thing called holy water in games.

Was that used to attack the undead?

Games were also set so that monsters would stay away for a while.

How did one make holy water again?

Did I just need to bless it?

I felt like I heard something like that somewhere before.

So, how do you bless something?

Jude called out to me in a worried voice when I took the beaker with the distilled water and hummed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, I was thinking about how to bless something.”


“Is there no holy water in this world?”

“Holy water? I haven’t heard of that before.”

There was no holy water in this world.

Then, blessing water might not exist either.

I confirmed with Jude just to be sure, but he didn’t know after all.

It felt like it would turn into a conversation about magic and I felt that it was faster to ask the Head Magician about it.

I looked outside and the sun had gone down before I had noticed.

Time passed by while I was doing experiments with Jude.

It would be better if I asked the Head Magician about this matter tomorrow.

We decided to stop experimenting for the day.


“Holy water?”

The next day, I asked the Head Magician about holy water during our magic lecture.

I simply asked if he knew how to bless something with holy attribute magic but he didn’t seem to know anything.

I wondered if it was called something else in this world so I explained how I had arrived at this point.

I didn’t imagine the Head Magician’s eyes shining when I talked about the effect it had on the undead, did I?

Thus, we stopped the lecture and I told him about the concept of magic in games in my original world.

“Blessing seems like it would be able to strengthen the body as well.”

“I see. Blessing has various effects in your world, doesn’t it Sei?”

“Magic, itself, doesn’t exist so people make it up.”

“Even so, it’s an interesting concept. We have body strengthening magic but we don’t have any that specialise in the undead.”

“Does that mean that undead demons can’t be defeated by magic?”

“Not at all. We don’t have specialised magic to defeat undead demons, so we usually defeat it with fire attribute magic.”

The Head Magician must have noticed something at that point because he put his hand to his chin and pondered.

There was no such thing as blessing but did he remember something else?

“It’s not aimed at undead demons but there is a type of magic that annihilates demons.”

“There’s something like that?”

“Yes. There’s no details about it, but it exists.”

The Head Magician had wiped his usual smile off his face and said that in a serious tone. I looked at him and gulped.

I don’t think it would be any normal type of magic if only the existence was passed down through the ages.

If it’s unattributed, then I can only think of life magic, but they wouldn’t conceal something as simple as life magic.

Which means that it is a completely different type of magic?

“What is it called?”

“I don’t know what it’s called. But, the person who used that magic left a record.”


“It’s a technique used by the Saint.”

I knew it.

I vaguely realised that half way through the conversation.

But isn’t it a problem if the details of a Sainttechnique are unknown?

How would the Saints that come after learn the technique?

“The details of the technique aren’t recorded, are they?”

“Yes, most of the records only talk about the effects of the technique and how fast it wiped out the demons.”

“How did the past Saint learn that technique?”

“We don’t know.”


There wasn’t any more information on the technique. We continued our lecture after that and the day ended.


The next morning.

I pondered as I watered my personal garden in the corner of the medicinal herb garden.

I thought about the 【Saint】technique that the Head Magician told me about yesterday.

It was hard to create water containing magic power right now, so I half-heartedly gave up.

It might be too early to give up, but what was important wasn’t the water containing magic power, but the medicinal herbs which could retain my power.

Medicinal herbs, themselves, contained moisture, so I thought that I could alter the external water used and put my magic power into that, but the moisture inside the herbs would probably change as well.

However, the problem was how to influence it externally…….

According to the Head Magician, blessing type magic didn’t exist here but there was something similar.

It was a 【Saint】technique that annihilated all demons and not just the undead.

I’ve also heard this from the civil official before.

It was said that the technique didn’t bless but purified.

From what I’d heard, it didn’t seem like the technique would give the effects I’d hoped for.

However, it was the only piece of information I had.

It’s fine to just try it out.

The problem was that I didn’t know anything about the technique.

The only thing written in the documents were the effects of the technique. They were only simple descriptions. Many documents only stated that the demons had been annihilated.

Also there were documents that stated: as an after effect of the demons being annihilated, the miasma had cleared.

Even the name wasn’t recorded, even though it would have been if it had been any other magic.

How do I use a technique with just the description?

I didn’t know what kind of intentions they had for hiding it, but it was a headache inducing topic.

Now then, what should I do?

Magic, magic, I thought as I released my magic into the surrounding garden.

I only targeted my own field.

It would be bad if I affected other people’s fields as well.

I paid close attention to the medicinal herbs in front of me, but of course, nothing changed.

It was probably useless just to bathe it in my magic power.

Something might happen if I continue to bathe it in my magic power.

I thought and waited for a while but nothing happened. My magic power felt like it would run out so I slowly stopped.

“『Area Heal』.”

I chanted and a magic circle appeared on the ground. A white haze covered with gold lamé surrounded the field.

I looked at the medicinal herbs once again when the haze had dissipated and……

I felt that somehow the plants were healthier than before.

Healalso affected plants……

But that wasn’t the effect that I had wanted either.

It’s no good. It only became healthier.

It isn’t going very well.

I sighed.

I squatted down in order to observe the medicinal herbs and waited for my magic power to recover.

People mostly consumed potions to recover, but HP and MP would recover naturally if left alone.

The magic manipulation technique I learnt in the magic lectures also influenced my MP recovery speed.

I could see it when I looked at my status while recovering my magic power.

My magic power recovered faster than it did when I had first started my lectures thanks to my training.

I stood up when my magic power had recovered to a certain point, and began releasing it once more.

Then I chanted all the holy attribute magic that I had learnt thus far in lectures.

I thought that one of the effects that I wanted would stick.

Well, my expectations were crushed.

I tried some ordinary magic without learning from my mistakes but those were also failures.

I thought that 『Purification』, which recovered abnormal status such as poison and paralysis, would be effective but it wasn’t.

I looked up at the sky while feeling disappointed, and realized that the sun had risen to a good height.

I had to go to the Royal Palace soon to attend my lecture.

I finished the watering experiment there and returned to the research institute to get ready.

Act 05: Subjugation

Nine months have passed since I’ve been summoned.

After my lectures these past few days, I’ve been working hard on creating potions after so long.

I worked until it was very late.

This was because it wasn’t just the 3rd Knight Order, our regular customers, who were ordering the potions; but the 2rd Knight Order as well.

To put it simply, I needed to make twice the usual amount but it wasn’t a problem at all.

I made everything together. As long as I had the ingredients, this amount was nothing special.

I could make more potions per day than a potion maker could.

I also thought that it was because my basic level was high and I had a lot of MP. If so, then I could make understanding of this unexplainable amount of potions.

The cause of this is probably stated in my status under occupation, but I’ve never told anyone about this.

I will keep this to myself until the day somebody notices it.

In addition, it was decided that I would train my magic manipulation.

So, the time needed to make potions has been shortened.

I heard that if you mastered magic manipulation, then magic activation time would shorten; but I didn’t think that it would influence potion making as well.

Does it affect everything related to magic power?

The influence of magic manipulation was vast and I thought that the Head Magician, who regarded this highly, was great.

The Director appeared while I was working diligently.

It was already late at night.

It was rare for the Director to be at the research institute this late.

Did something happen?

“You’re working very hard.”

“Thank you. It’s because the order is large this time.”

“Is it because the 2nd Knight Order also placed an order?”

“Yes. Would they be placing more orders from now on?”

“They might! They were surprised at our potion’s efficiency when they subjugated demons in the West Forest.”


“Yes. They were especially surprised by the potions you made.”

My accursed 50% increase reared its head.

YES, I muttered in my mind.

But the 2nd Knight Order would be ordering from us now, huh?

The income of the research institute was increasing.

Let’s try to ask for more materials for experimentation later.

There was a medicinal herb that I wanted.

It was a bit expensive so I restrained myself but now I felt that the budget would be acceptable.

Well, let’s leave that aside.

We started with a harmless and inoffensive topic but he probably wanted to talk about something different.

That’s what his nervous aura is telling me.

I can guess what he wanted to talk about.

It’s probably that.

“A message came from the Royal Palace today. They want you to participate in the next subjugation as a healer.”

“You will? Director?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You will.”

I thought so.

Just like I’d predicted.

My guess was so on point that I accidently made fun of it.

“I see. I understand.”

“…… You accepted that quickly.”

“We’ve talked about this before.”

“I thought that you’d be more reluctant.”

I also smiled wryly at the Director, who was smiling wryly.

I thought that a demand would come someday for me to act as support.

The Director wasn’t the only one that had mentioned this, the Head Magician also told me the same.

A few days ago, the Head Magician said, “It’ll probably be good for you to go to the West Forest soon.”

I felt troubled when I was asked whether I liked or disliked going on subjugations.

It’s a subjugation, so of course I’ll probably encounter demons.

Although I’ve been to a forest before, I’ve never encountered any demons so I didn’t know what a demon was.

However, there was no doubt in my mind that they were dangerous since I saw the devastation of the knights who came back from the West Forest subjugation.

We’re going to the place.

There’s no way I wasn’t scared.

But the people are coming along with me this time are probably the people from the 3rd Knight Order.

They always protected us when we went to the East and South Forest together.

I’ve never encountered demons before but the other researchers have.

At that time, the researchers helped the Knight Order defeat the demons, but I heard later that no one suffered any unnecessary injuries because the knights moved well.

The knights will probably do the same this time around too.

I interacted with them a lot and they were all good people.

I, who could only use holy attribute magic, was a non-combatant, so I didn’t think that I would suddenly be forced to face demons.

That’s why although I was scared of demons, I wasn’t that pessimistic about it.

And I didn’t hate being supported by such knights.

I was rather happy about it.

Besides, I was looking forward to going to the West Forest with the Head Magician.

He wanted to see what kind of effect my magic power would have on the miasma inside of the forest.

His sparkling eyes told me this when he told me that I could go to the West Forest.

How do I say this, he was a “man of principle”.

The Head Magician wasn’t the only one looking forward to this.

Even if this was a subjugation, I was looking forward to going to the West Forest.

The reason for this was the medicinal herbs.

Medicinal herbs that weren’t found in the herb garden grew inside of the forest.

I saw various herbs growing in the East and South Forest as well.

Different plants grew in each forest, there were plants found in the South Forest that weren’t in the East Forest.

That’s why I expect that plants that don’t grow in the East and South Forest, might be growing in the West Forest.

However, the demons in the West Forest were stronger than the demons in the other forests, so I don’t know if I can afford to look at herbs during the subjugation.

I was the only researcher taking part in this subjugation. All the researchers who knew a lot about medicinal herbs were staying behind.

The researchers only went last time on an exception.

That’s why I probably wouldn’t notice it even if new plants were growing there.

I would notice if it was a herb that I saw often……

Let’s learn about herbs that grow in the West Forest before I leave!

“I don’t dislike it, I’m rather excited.”

“Huh? Really?”

It showed on my face that I was thinking about medicinal herbs.

The Director’s smile changed from a wry one to a shocked one.

“You’re probably thinking that you can find new medicinal herbs there, aren’t you?”

“Ah, you found out?”

“It’s good that you’re so enthusiastic about herbs, but you should also make potions for yourself.”

“Potions for myself?”

“You need them, don’t you? MP Potions.”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, I do.”

It wasn’t on my mind at all until the Director mentioned it, but I had to make potions for myself if I was going on the subjugation.

HP Potions were fine but MP Potions were essential.

Although HP and MP recovered naturally, it recovered much slower than when one drank potions.

I couldn’t wait around for it to recover during emergencies.

Alright, I’ve finished my quota for today so why don’t I make some potions for myself?

Even though it was late at night, it was still too early to finish if I compared it to the time when I was working in Japan.

I was still making potions when the Director returned.


Autumn came and the sun rose considerably later.

I got used to waking up at this time even without an alarm clock. I’ve grown quite accustomed with this world.

However, that wasn’t the only reason why I woke up this early.

I couldn’t sleep well because I was so excited.

I was just like a child on the day before an excursion.

But unlike a child, I wasn’t just filled with anticipation, but anxiety as well.

Today was the departure date for the West Forest subjugation.

I got off the bed and brushed my teeth.

I recalled today’s schedule as I was brushing my teeth.


By doing so, my sleepiness gradually faded.

I washed my face and applied my makeup. This was my normal routine but I don’t think I can be this easy-going during the subjugation.

I have small bottles of cosmetics in my carry on just in case.

I need to change after I finish.

I won’t be able to wear my normal clothes for a while from today.

I was wearing the same robes as the one that the mages in the Court Mage Division wore when they went on subjugation missions.

Unlike a dress, I could wear robes by myself.

It’s easy to move in and doesn’t feel restricting because we have to fight.

Of course it would be!

I was given this robe a few days ago and I was glad that it wasn’t a flashy robe like the one I wore at my audience with the King.

I would stand out too much in such beautiful clothes and I would be afraid to get it dirty so I don’t think that it would be convenient to wear on a subjugation.

I didn’t forget to do my hair.

I usually kept it down but today I clipped my hair back because I didn’t want it to get in the way.

I took the bag I had prepared and went downstairs after I finished changing.

It was still too early to start work but there were people downstairs.

They probably arrived early to deliver the potions to the 3rd Knight Order.

The entrance of the research institute was wrapped in a busy atmosphere.

All the potions ordered by the Knight Order was completed yesterday.

However, since I was also participating in the subjugation, it was decided that I would be bringing the potions with me.

Of course, that’s what the 3rd Knight Order told us.

Even if I was told to suddenly take it with me, I couldn’t carry the potions because there were simply too many.

And it was decided that I would be riding in the wagon that was transporting the potions.

“Good morning, Sei.”

“Good morning. Are you helping out too, Jude?”

“Ah, yeah.”

Jude was at the entrance when I went there.

He was told to help carry the potions for the Knight Order, wasn’t he?

I’ve never seen Jude wake up this early before, so it was probably hard for him to get up, right?

It was common for assistants to load potions ordered by the Knight Order.

Once in a while, researchers would help too when they felt like it.

I would often deliver potions to the Knight Order during my breaks but since I was busy with lectures recently, other people had to deliver it instead.

We were leaving pretty early in the morning so I thought that the assistants would be the ones moving the potions.

But Jude was here, so he was the one who was loading them, right?

“Don’t tell me you loaded the potions, Jude?”

“I did.”

“You must have had trouble waking up. It’s pretty early so I thought that it would be the assistants who would load the potions.”

“Hey…… I just felt like it.”

I received a subtle reply when I told him what I thought.

I tilted my head in curiosity but he wouldn’t tell me the real reason.

Well, it’s fine.

I didn’t pursue any further and helped him load the potions.

It would be departure time when we finished.



The Director called out to me when I was about to board the wagon and depart.

After Jude, it was rare for me to see the Director.

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?! You…… I’ve come to see you off.”


Seeing me off?…… He came to work that early just for that?

I was so surprised.

It wasn’t just the Director but Jude as well.

Eh? What? Is it my fault?

“Well, whatever. The subjugation will be hard but take care on your way.”

“Thank you.”

“Run away when you think things are getting dangerous. Okay?”


He said it so seriously that I nodded on reflex.

Moreover, he also stroked my head as a bonus.

I wonder what’s wrong.

I was pressed on time while I was wondering what was wrong so I didn’t pursue the matter and got onto the wagon.

“Well then, I’ll be off.”

I said my farewells, got on the wagon and left the research institute.

I saw the Director and the assistants wave when I turned around and waved when the wagon started moving.

“He was over exaggerating.”

I spoke what I thought after a while and Jude, who was sitting next to me, smiled wryly.

Come to think of it, Jude looked surprised too.

“Of course he would.”


“It’s a subjugation, you know? I’ve been on one when I was at the Academy but that was to the East Forest. This time you’re going to the West Forest, aren’t you? That place is really dangerous.”

I heard that it was dangerous compared to the East and South Forest, but was it really that dangerous?

If I recalled well, it was a dangerous place that had Salamander and a large quantity of demons.

I didn’t feel a sense of reality because I didn’t encounter any demons in the forests I went to so far, or my brain just refuses to believe it.

I can understand why the Director acted like he did if the West Forest was that dangerous.

“Be careful, alright?”


“I’m being serious. Don’t totter off by yourself just because you found some medicinal herbs.”

“I know.”

Even Jude told me this anxiously.

There were things that I regretted up until now so I could only meekly agree with his advice.

I braced myself not to move on my own even if I find new medicinal herbs.


We reached the Knight Order barracks after a short while and I braced myself again.

The atmosphere around the knights, who were doing last minute preparations, was tense.

That tension spread even to me.

I got off the wagon with Jude.

Jude talked to the assistants at the Knight Order and the assistants began unloading the wagon and loading it onto the Knight Order’s wagon.

Jude came back while I was staring at that scene.

When I looked up, he had the same serious look on his face as the Director did.

Jude was probably worried too, he quickly took my right hand and gripped my fingers.

“Come back safely.”

“Thank you.”

I only said a few words of farewell because he talked to me about various things on our way here.

Jude looked at the ground for a bit after I said my thanks, he smiled like usual and returned to the research institute.

I saw him off and turned back.

I was looking for a certain person.

While I was wandering around, that person found me instead and I saw him walking towards me.


“Good morning.”


I gave my greetings to the Captain when he was close enough.

I heard from the Civil Official beforehand that I would be going to the West Forest with the 3rd Knight Order this time.

I was relieved because I knew a lot of the knights from my magic practices.

It would be tiring to be surrounded by people I’m not familiar with.

I didn’t want to be tired while travelling, when I thought about what would happen afterwards.

Later, I heard from the knights that the 2nd Knight Order and the 3rd Knight Order had a little fight over who would go with me.

It was only natural that the 2nd Knight Order wanted to go with me seeing how fascinated with me they were.

To be honest, I was a little uncomfortable with the way they were fascinated with me so I’m relieved that they decided that the 3rd Knight Order would be accompanying me.

This was thanks to the Head Magician’s backing.

Intelligent Glasses-sama was the Captain’s older brother so I wonder if that was related to it?

“I was shocked, Captain.”

“Will you be sitting in the carriage until the West Forest, Sei?”

“I heard that I would be.”

“I see……”

The Civil Official told me that I would be travelling by carriage because the West Forest was a little far from the Royal Capital.

There were a lot of knights who could ride horses so I would be the only one riding the carriage.

It might be boring to stay in the carriage the whole time by myself but if I sleep then I won’t be bored.

However, for some reason the Captain’s expression was grim.

Was he worried about me being in the carriage by myself?

That problem was resolved as soon as we got close to the carriage.

“Good morning, Sei-sama.”

“Huh? Head Magician?”

The Head Magician was standing next to the carriage that looked like the one I would ride.

According to what I’ve heard, the Court Mage Division should be leaving from over there……

“Good morning. Is something wrong?”

“I thought that we should go together.”

“Together…… You mean we should ride the carriage together?”


The Head Magician smiled and nodded.

His expression was contracted the Captain’s wry expression.

“It takes some time to get there so I thought that we could talk about magic inside of the carriage.”

“Is it a lecture?”

“Yes. I heard that you’d be riding alone and so I thought you’d be bored.”


I thought that I would sleep but I was thankful that he’d give me a magic lecture instead.

I wouldn’t be taking any lectures during the subjugation so I was a little worried that I would forget things.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Well then, isn’t it time to depart soon?”

“You’re right.”

The Head Magician smile widened when I said thank you.

I looked around when the Head Magician said that and saw that the preparations were nearly done. There were also people on standby on their horses.

The Captain and Head Magician urged me to go to the entrance of the carriage so I did.

It was ‘ladies first’, so I got onto the carriage first.

The entrance of the carriage was high up so I grabbed the sides to get on but then a hand reached out to me from the side.

I looked at the hand’s owner and it was the Captain.

It was somewhat embarrassing but I thank him while taking his hand.

I was used to this kind of escort.

Was it thanks to my manner lectures?

I got onto the carriage while escaping reality and saw that it was bigger than I thought it would be.

There were blankets and cushions on the seats. I could tell that they put a lot of thought towards me travelling comfortably.

I appreciate it.

I sat down at the back and the Head Magician came into the carriage.

He sat next to me but this carriage was bigger than the one I used when I went to the Royal Capital so I didn’t mind that much.

Yes, I don’t want to sit close to an ikemen.

The carriage doors closed and the carriage started moving.

It took a day to reach the West Forest.

I also asked the Head Magician about the West Forest during the magic lecture.


We travelled for a day and reached the West Forest.

I heard that it took a day to get here but we rested half way through so it actually took a day and a half.

It’s probably my fault.

I didn’t mind going to the Royal Capital by carriage but riding on a long journey took a toll on your body.

If the Head Magician didn’t suggest that I use『HEAL』on the way here then it would have probably took more time, right?

It was physically draining but not mentally.

No, of course, sometimes physically draining showed up mentally as well.

However, it was fine because I casted 『HEAL』.

I thought the Head Magician’s presence was quite big.

The magic lecture we had on the way to the West Forest was related to subjugation.

Rather than saying that it was a lecture about magic, it was probably more accurate to say that it was a lecture about combat.

He mostly taught me about my role in the group battle and how I should conduct myself.

I grew up in peaceful Japan and I didn’t have any battle experience at all so I thought that the lecture was very helpful.

That lecture ended after a few hours.

This was because of what I told the nonchalant Head Magician at the 2nd break.

I told him about strengthened medicinal herbs.

I could produce that medicinal herbs because of the Head Magician’s advice so I thanked him.

Then, of course, we talked about how to reproduce it.

We inevitably talked about that mysterious magic……

The Head Magician’s eye colour changed when I casually told him, “I activated some kind of magic”.

It was already too late by the time I thought, damn it!

If the Captain hadn’t stopped him during the break, we probably wouldn’t have moved for a while.

We shouldn’t stay here long, continue inside the carriage, I was really relieved when he said that.

So we talked about that mysterious magic the whole way.

It was probably better to say that he interrogated me rather than we talked.

The Head Magician didn’t know about that magic either and he persistently asked various questions about it.

He also said that he wanted me to show him it, but I haven’t been able to cast it since that time and I could see that he was downhearted.

Yup, I won’t be shaken.

He forgave me when I told him that I was practicing so that I could reproduce the effects and that I would show him when I succeed.

Then, we arrived at the campsite.

The 2nd Knight Order and the Court Mage Division joined up for the first time here.

There were quite a lot of people when everyone gathered, but I heard that the same amount of people also participated in the previous subjugations.

I heard that the demons in the West Forest were strong, but there were way more people here than when I went to the South Forest.

That shows how dangerous the West Forest is, right?

It might also be because there were people here to set up the campsite.

The South Forest was a day trip.

There was a large number of people, it wasn’t just the knights but the people who took care of the knights also tagged along.

I didn’t have to do anything thanks to that, so I waited in the carriage until they had finished.

Ah, but I helped prepare the meals.

The people at the 3rd Knight Order asked me to.

The 3rd Knight Order was fascinated by the food at the research institute dining hall.

I, myself, also wanted to eat delicious food so I accepted without hesitation.

I was thankful that I had medicinal herbs for cooking in my container.

Did Jude or the Director put it in there?

At any rate, I was grateful and used it in my cooking.

If someone ate my cooking then they could feel an improvement in their psychic abilities but everyone would sleep after eating dinner, so I hope it wouldn’t be a problem.

I thought and made dinner without restrain. The dishes were very popular with the knights from the 3rd Knight Order.

The Director forbad me to cook in public but I thought it would be alright since only the people from the 3rd Knight Order were here.


Then the next day, we began moving towards the West Forest again.

We arrived a little after noon.

We took a break since we hadn’t had lunch yet and ate our food.

The 2nd Knight Order and the Court Mage Division heard about the food I made yesterday and asked me to cook again.

It was impossible for me to cook for everyone by myself, so I instructed other people on how to make the food. It was probably better for me to cook because we were going to be subjugating after this.

I’m glad the Director forbad me from cooking.

I tasted the food and it was also popular with the 2nd Knight Order and the Court Mage Division.

After lunch, it was decided that we would check out the West Forest while it was still light out.

However, I would be staying here.

The knights will scout out the area first.

I was an amateur so I followed my instructions obediently.

However, I had free time so I got permission to search for herbs growing near the edge of the forest.

It was a shame if I couldn’t find any herbs related to my research after coming this far.

The awesome Captain was guarding me.

The Head Magician?

He happily followed the scouts.

He said something like he was going to warm up.

Then, I could finally enter the West Forest on the third day.

The trees grew thickly in the West Forest so it was gloomy even though it was daytime.

The East and South Forests were probably well maintained because the students from the Academy go there.

The West Forest might have felt extra gloomy because it was bright there.

We broke into multiple groups to move within this forest.

The knights from the 3rd Knight Order were in my group as well as the Captain and Head Magician.

And the number of mages assigned to my group was half the amount of the other groups.

The cause: The Head Magician.

The Head Magician wasn’t supposed to be in my group, but he used his power of authority.

I can’t let anything happen to you, he said.

Well, the Captain was here too. If the Head Magician also joined my group then we’ll have too much power here. But the Head Magician was stubborn.

He wanted to be in the same group as me because he wanted to study me.

There’s no mistake about it.

The Captain was the one who was surprised.

The Captain also refused to move into a different group.

I would normally make decisions calmly and was able to move groups myself.

But we decided on the group members after some shuffling around.

Yup, we’ve got too much power here.

I saw a demon for the first time in here, but the Head Magician defeated it before I’d even had the chance to get scared.

He did it while humming.

The Captain also smiled wryly at that.

I thought that the Captain, who was smiling wryly while slashing down the demon that had come flying out, was also excessive.

The Head Magician said that it’s been a long time since he’s been on a subjugation and his eyes were twinkling but I didn’t felt like he was rusty.

The magic he was evoking was also stronger than the ones I saw him using at the training grounds, probably because they were used for subjugation.

I heard he was strong but I didn’t think he would be this strong!

If you want to be the top of a unit then it won’t do if you’re not this strong?

Which meant that the Captain was also this strong?

There were two such people.

As I thought, this group is too overpowered.


“Are you alright?”

“Th-thank you.”

I was being careful while walking but I still tripped over a tree root on the ground.

I would have fell if the Captain, who was walking next to me, didn’t immediately catch my arm to support me.

There were fallen leaves piling on top of each other, making the roads slippery, in addition to it being dim and difficult to see.

There weren’t many small trees and they probably maintained this before, but it was hard to walk through.

Having said that, I couldn’t walk while looking down so it was difficult to walk through here.

I corrected my posture and looked at the Head Magician. He placed his hands onto his chin and pondered.

I wonder what’s wrong.

“Is something wrong, Head Magician?”

“Oh, no. I was just thinking that the demons have decreased compared to before.

The demons have decreased?

This was my first time coming here so it didn’t feel real to me yet but when I looked at the Captain, he was nodding so the amount of demons had really decreased.

“Is this the result of your previous subjugation?”

“That could be it, but I feel like it’s decreased more than that.”

I asked the Captain and he said that the demons had decreased more than when they had subjugated.

The Captain and the Head Magician looked pensive.

The Head Magician asked the Captain various questions, probably because he couldn’t come up with an answer alone.

“I felt like there were a lot more when I came here before.”

“That’s right. There’s less here now than there was when I was on my previous subjugation mission.”

“Come to think of it, I haven’t seen many weak demons. I feel like the ones we’ve defeated have all been middle class demons.”

“Now that you mentioned it, that’s true.”

They talked until that point and the Head Magician stared at me.

The Captained also looked at me when he noticed the Head Magician’s gaze.

Huh? What?

I flustered, wondering what was up and the Head Magician nodded his head as if he came to an understanding.

“Shall we keep going?”


Don’t just move on when you two are the only ones who understood.

I thought about asking for an explanation but a demon with bad timing appeared and I missed my chance to ask.

The interval between demon encounters shortened as we continued walking.

The people walking at the front stopped when we reached deep inside of the forest.

The Captain told me what had happened when I thought it was odd.

“Strong demons appear around here so we always take time to prepare around here.”

“I see.”

The Head Magician, who could also cast holy magic, began casting magic that increased attack and defensive power.

I should help out too.

We moved to a good place. I chanted area magic and prepared.

Magic was released onto my surroundings and I chanted,『AREA PROTECTION』.

『AREA PROTECTION』 was a magic that raised defence against physically and magical attacks.

When casting on one person, it became 『PROTECTION』.

People generally casted these two for protection: 『PHYSICAL PROTECTION』which raised physical defence, and 『MAGIC PROTECTION』which raised magic defence.

But the Head Magician taught me 『PROTECTION』which raised both at once.

He said this was easier to use.

MP actually decreased less if I just casted 『PROTECTION』.

The problem was that it was harder to cast 『PROTECTION』.


I was able to use it straight away.

The main reason why I could was probably because my holy magic level was ∞.

The Head Magician covered his stomach and laughed the first time I activated 『PROTECTION』.

He said I activated it too easily.

It was a horrible thing to do considering he was the one who taught me it.

The mages were looking at me with stunned faces probably because the Head Magician had laughed about it and I casted a difficult to use magic in a ranged area.

It’s faster to cast area magic than cast it one by one, you know?

We finished defensive preparations, now onto offensive.

If they were going to that extent then I’ve done all I could.

I took out some Intermediate MP Potions out of my bag and drank them, since my MP decreased considerably because I used a series of area magic.

The other mages did the same.

Even though my MP would recover automatically if I waited, we were moving straight away.

The group moved on when the mages and I finished drinking the MP Potions.

Looking around, I could see that everyone’s expressions were different from before. I could tell that their tension was high.

We were headed towards the deepest part of the West Forest.

The other groups took different routes but our destination was the same.

The closer we got to the deepest part, the stronger the demons became.

I heard this at the preliminary meeting.

The information was correct.

But that wasn’t all.

We encountered more demons as we progressed deeper into the forest.

The battles which were quickly finished until now were getting longer.

We encountered demons one by one before but now we were encountering them in groups. Furthermore, new demons appeared as soon as we finished defeating one group.

The injured people increased and the occasions where I, who was bored, had to cast『HEAL』continuously on my first subjugation, probably because of the Head Magician’s special training.

The knights and Captain were protecting me so I could support from behind without receiving damage. I was able to act calmly without panicking thanks to them.

It was a little scary though.

“They suddenly increased. Was it like this in the last subjugation as well?”

The Head Magician said during battle, he was different from usual, no, he looked as if he had found something interesting.

The Captain, who had finished the next battle, answered this question.

“Yeah. It gets worse the further we go.”


The Head Magician narrowed his eyes, licked his lips and smiled amusingly.

I felt like we switched a switched that shouldn’t have been switched.

Magic flew at me continuously and hit the demon that was coming my way as soon as I thought that.

The offender was the Head Magician.

I’ve never seen him activate magic continuously at such a speed before.

Was this how fast magic could be casted once one mastered magic manipulation?

I was surprised.

“It looks like something’s happening at the back.”

“Yeah.” The knights concluded, “so we decided that we’d go to the deepest part this time.”

“Is that so? I wonder what’s happening there.”

The mages looked like they had already given up when they saw the Head Magician laugh amusingly.

Ah, we switched the switch that wasn’t supposed to be switched on.

That was the same look he had when we were talking about my magic power.

According to the mages, he couldn’t be stopped when he got like this.

I understood this and followed silently after the knights.


We continued on as we defeated demons.

We got into several battles and then I casted 『REFLECTION』, a barrier with a reflection effect, to avoid the attack of the demons that were approaching the knights.

The demon’s attack was blocked by the barrier and the damage was reflected back at them.

Then the knights finished the demons off when they were flinching.

I activated it at a good time.

The Head Magician called out to me while I was happy with myself.

“That was a really good timing.”

“Thank you.”

I was a little pleased with being praised.

I could only be pleased for a second because we started moving again.

Demons would attack us again if we stayed in the same place.

The intervals between starting and ending a battle grew considerably short because we were getting closer to the deepest part of the forest.

The air around us grew stagnated. I could feel unpleasant sweat on my back and my clothes was sticking to my skin.

According to the Captain, this disgusting air was caused by thickened miasma.

So this was miasma.

The miasma got thicker the further we went in.

I heard the vanguard knight mutter, “What the?” when we reached the deepest part of the forest.

Other people also heard this mutter. The Captain and the Head Magician headed to the front.

I followed them from behind.

The place called the deepest part of the forest was a basin, and we stood above it and looked down.

There was a black swamp in the deepest part of the forest.

The problem was that demons were gushing out from the swamp, one by one.

“What is that?”

“Well then, what is it?”

The Captain and the Head Magician looked at the swamp with grim expressions on their faces.

The demons gushing out from the swamp still hadn’t noticed us yet because we were far away.

But they would notice us if we talked in loud voices so the two whispered.

I also hid my breath and looked at the swamp from behind them.

The demons that gushed from the swamp didn’t move straight away, they stood around the swamp for a while.

A lot of demons crowded around the swamp in great density.

If a single one noticed us, then they would all rush at us and attack, wouldn’t they?

I want to stop for a bit

No matter how strong the Captain and the Head Magician were, it would be hard to take on these many.

My body instinctively trembled when I imagined that scenario.

Yup, we’d definitely die.

But the more I looked, the ghastly it got.

I felt gloomy and uncomfortable when I looked at the black muddy swamp.

The colour and the demons gushing out from within, no matter how I looked at it, it wasn’t a normal swamp.

It was the first time the Captain and the Head Magician had seen a swamp like this so they didn’t know what it was.


The miasma got thicker the deeper we went, so don’t tell me that swamp was made from the miasma!

The two people in front of me turned back while I was thinking about the swamp.

The Captain and the Head Magician, who were looking at the swamp while talking, had finished talking.

They instructed everyone to step back by using gestures.

They gave the instructions in silence because some of the demons around the swamp were headed this way.

I also quietly moved back, trying to make as little noise as possible.

It happened right after I heard a scream coming from the direction we were moving in.

I looked in front and saw a faint orange light.

What the heck is that?

The moment I thought this, I saw a flame swallow the knights in front of me.

Hey, isn’t that dangerous?!

“It’s coming!!!”

I was flustered, not knowing what to do and then I heard the Captain scream from behind.

When I turned around I saw the demons around the swamp coming this way.

Were we noticed because of the uproar in the front?

Chills ran down my spine.

“Looks like there’s a Salamander there.”


The Head Magician, who had come next to me unnoticed, muttered.

A Salamander had appeared at the front.

The fire from before was blown by this Salamander.

A white light shone from the front and I saw the mages casting recovery magic.

The Head Magician, who was next to me, attacked the demons coming from behind with magic.

That’s right, this isn’t the time for me to space out.

I looked at the front and saw that a mage had approached the knights, who were coiled in fire before, and started casting recovery magic on them.

The knights immediately put up their shields. They were injured but still alive.

I also casted 『HEAL』when there was a lack of healing.

I could tell he was healed when I heard a shout of joy.

I continued to cast 『HEAL』on the other knights, one after the other.

I didn’t forget to give support to the back.

We walked towards the deepest part and encountered a Salamander while looking around, so the mages gathered around at the front.

Therefore, there were only a few mages at the back and less people who could heal.

The Head Magician was casting recovery magic between his offensive magic but it was probably more effective for me to be in charge of healing.

The stalemate continued for a while.

They were still having trouble with the Salamander in front.

Demons were being defeated one after another because people with high attack power like the Captain and Head Magician were at the back.

But the demons gushed out endlessly from the swamp.

I didn’t have to worry about my MP running out as long as I had potions in my hand, but if things continued like this, then the situation would only get worse.

It wasn’t just me who felt this way, everyone else did as well.

I sometimes heard the always polite Head Magician say, “Shit”. This was proof that he was getting impatient.

It started to hurt around my stomach.

At that time, I heard a voice from behind, “Watch out!!”

When I turned around, I saw a fireball released from the Salamander heading straight at me.

Wait a minute!

There was no time to cast magic and the Head Magician, who was next to me, had his hands full with the demons from behind so he couldn’t help me.

I heard the Captain shout from afar, “Sei!”

Everything was in slow motion for a moment and I felt as if my life flashed before my eyes.

A gentle cold wave drifted in the air in an instant and a wall of ice taller than my back stood right before my eyes.

I instantly raised my hands and covered my face but the fire was stopped by the ice wall.

Water vapourised into the air.

I lost my tension and collapsed. The Head Magician grabbed onto my arm.

“We’re not done yet. Stand up.”


“It seems like the magic on your hair ornament activated.”

“Hair ornament?”

“The hair ornament you’re using now is bestowed with magic, isn’t it?”

I remembered when he told me.

The hair ornament that I was wearing now was something I received from the Captain.

And like he said, it was bestowed with magic.

It had such an effect……!

I was saved thanks to the Captain, wasn’t I?

My chest got warm and I gently placed my hand on top of it.

I managed to stand up somehow and straighten my posture. The Head Magician released my arm.

He decided that I would be fine even without his support.

The Head Magician immediately returned to battle.

The situation was still unpredictable.

Even so, there was no end to it.

The demons were still continuously gushing out from the swamp.

The situation won’t change unless they did something about the swamp.

On the contrary, someone might just die!!!

If this was at the beginning then a knight would have blocked the fire from just now and it wouldn’t have reached me.

The body could be healed with recovery magic but mental fatigue couldn’t.

Everyone’s concentration gradually fell and they were getting injured more often.

What should I do?

Is casting recovery magic the only thing I could do?

Such thoughts passed through my mind as I provided support.

I want to do something about that swamp.

If I don’t……


The knight’s voice startled me.

I looked towards the voice and saw the Captain shake and sway when he was attacked by a demon that looked like a black wolf.

The Captain immediately held his ground but then another black wolf attacked him.


No, stop!


Something flowed from within me.

What flowed from within me was the golden magic I saw at the research institute.

That magic power quickly reached to where the Captain was.

The black wolf that had sprung on the Captain turned to smoke when it touched my magic power; then it was swallowed by a golden torrent and disappeared.

The Captain, who was dumbfounded, looked over here.

It wasn’t just the Captain, but everyone else as well.

I was also surprised.

What is that?

Isn’t that just going overboard?

The magic power from within me didn’t stop even though I was stunned.

The golden magic power spread around the area without slowing down.

It happened abruptly again, but in this condition, maybe……

I put my hands together in front of my chest like I did at the research institute, and prayed.

Please get rid of the swamp and demons somehow.

The speed at which the magic power spread increased further.

The golden haze spread on the ground and got larger; it swallowed up the Salamander, the demons around the swamp and even the swamp.

The technique activated when it covered the whole swamp and the light burst.


All the demons in the area and the swamp had disappeared by the time the sparkling gold particles fell from the sky, and what was left was only a forest.

“Is it finished……?”

“It looks like it.”

The Head Magician replied to the Captain’s mutter and the knights, who were frozen, were still comprehending the situation.

“Wooow”, the shouts of joy resounded through the place.


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1. She says this in Japanese and then later says it in English… So I used a different word