The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent: Volume 01 Prologue


One day I was suddenly summoned to a different world by a 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.

It happened when I arrived home late at night from work, while I was removing my shoes at the entrance of my apartment.

A white light suddenly appeared from under my feet. It was so dazzling that I had to close my eyes.

When I next opened my eyes, what I saw in front of me was no longer my familiar apartment kitchen, but a room of about 30.6m2 surrounded by stone walls.

“It was a success!”


It was noisy but I ignored it and looked around.

In front of me, there were knights in surcoats and people wearing ankle-length robes. They all looked pleased.

The knights were hitting each other’s shoulders while laughing. The people in robes were slumped on the floor, their bodies and faint smiles on their faces showing that they had accomplished their task.

When I looked at the floor, I could see that there were lines drawn on it.

I wouldn’t have noticed the lines if I hadn’t concentrated. The lines were black and had subtly fused with the floor, like a magic circle.

On my right there was a wall. On my left there was a girl who wore the same clothes as me.

Although I said that she was wearing the same clothes as me, it wasn’t a suit. She was wearing a casual knitted skirt; in other words, she was dressed in modern fashion.

Yes, apart from me and her, the surrounding people were wearing armour and robes. Is this inside of a game? I wanted to tsukkomi them.

The only appearances familiar to me were just me and her.

The girl appeared to be in her mid-to-late teens.

She was still sitting on the ground dumbfounded.

Like me, she was suddenly thrown into this situation.

Honestly, I also wanted to shout because I didn’t know what was going on, but I desperately tried to keep calm in an effort to grasp the situation.

After roughly understanding was happening around me, a door further away from the girl opened and several people entered the room.



The person at the front was a handsome man with red hair, dressed in rococo style clothing without the wig, like the so-called aristocrats. There were three people behind him: a handsome knight with black hair, a boy with red hair and another handsome young man with dark blue hair wearing simple aristocratic clothes.

Judging from their appearance: the boy with the red hair was the prince, the knight was his guard, and the young man could be a scholar with a high position.

Even so, red hair……

If he kept dying his hair in such a gaudy colour, he’d become bald in the future.

While I was escaping reality, the guy with the red hair walked up to the girl sitting on the ground and kneeled in front of her. Then he said with a really nice smile:

“Are you the 【Saint】?”





Translator: Blushy
Editor: Polar Bear

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