The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent – Volume 01

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One day I was suddenly summoned to a different world by a 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.

It happened when I arrived home late at night from work, while I was removing my shoes at the entrance of my apartment.

A white light suddenly appeared from under my feet. It was so dazzling that I had to close my eyes.

When I next opened my eyes, what I saw in front of me was no longer my familiar apartment kitchen, but a room of about 30.6m2 surrounded by stone walls.

“It was a success!”


It was noisy but I ignored it and looked around.

In front of me, there were knights in surcoats and people wearing ankle-length robes. They all looked pleased.

The knights were hitting each other’s shoulders while laughing. The people in robes were slumped on the floor, their bodies and faint smiles on their faces showing that they had accomplished their task.

When I looked at the floor, I could see that there were lines drawn on it.

I wouldn’t have noticed the lines if I hadn’t concentrated. The lines were black and had subtly fused with the floor, like a magic circle.

On my right there was a wall. On my left there was a girl who wore the same clothes as me.

Although I said that she was wearing the same clothes as me, it wasn’t a suit. She was wearing a casual knitted skirt; in other words, she was dressed in modern fashion.

Yes, apart from me and her, the surrounding people were wearing armour and robes. Is this inside of a game? I wanted to tsukkomi them.

The only appearances familiar to me were just me and her.

The girl appeared to be in her mid-to-late teens.

She was still sitting on the ground dumbfounded.

Like me, she was suddenly thrown into this situation.

Honestly, I also wanted to shout because I didn’t know what was going on, but I desperately tried to keep calm in an effort to grasp the situation.

After roughly understanding was happening around me, a door further away from the girl opened and several people entered the room.


The person at the front was a handsome man with red hair, dressed in rococo style clothing without the wig, like the so-called aristocrats. There were three people behind him: a handsome knight with black hair, a boy with red hair and another handsome young man with dark blue hair wearing simple aristocratic clothes.

Judging from their appearance: the boy with the red hair was the prince, the knight was his guard, and the young man could be a scholar with a high position.

Even so, red hair……

If he kept dying his hair in such a gaudy colour, he’d become bald in the future.

While I was escaping reality, the guy with the red hair walked up to the girl sitting on the ground and kneeled in front of her. Then he said with a really nice smile:

“Are you the 【Saint】?”





Act 01: Medicinal Herb Research Institute

A month had passed since I’d been summoned.

The season was fully heading towards spring, and I was sowing medicinal herbs in the herb garden at the royal palace.

Why was I sowing seeds at the herb garden?

That’s because right now, I was a member of the Medicinal Herb Research Institute located next to the herb garden.

Furthermore I was living at the Research Institute.

Yes…… I was not living at the Royal Palace, but at the Research Institute.


On that day, I, Takanashi Sei, was summoned to a different world by a ceremony called 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】. This ceremony has been handed down since ancient times in Slantania Kingdom.

It seemed that something called miasma grew everywhere in this kingdom.

It was bad for miasma to occur close to humans.

Although a detailed theory had not been created, it seemed that when the miasma density reached a certain degree, it would form into a demon. Moreover, if the miasma was dense, the demon would be stronger.

The miasma in the surrounding area became thinner when a demon was defeated. The thickening of miasma could be prevented by continuously defeating demons.

However, once every few generations, there was a period when the speed of the miasma thickening exceeded the speed at which the demons were defeated. Since long ago, during such times, a maiden who would become the 【Saint】would appear in the Kingdom.

The magic used by the 【Saint】was considerably powerful and quickly annihilated the demons.

Thanks to that magic, the speeds at which the miasma thickened and the demons were defeated were balanced.

According to one theory, there was a report that in the area where the 【Saint】was, the miasma did not thicken.

It was incredible.

It was natural for the【Saint】 to always appear. But just once, there was a time when no matter how dense the miasma was, the Saint did not appear.

It was said that the sages of that time inspected all possible methods and constructed this ceremony to summon the maiden who would become the【Saint】.

What a nuisance, to be summoned by such a ceremony.

Because this ceremony had only been performed once, a long time ago, no one was sure if the 【Saint】would really be summoned until they tried it.

But the sages of that time were magnificent, and the summoning worked.

Furthermore it even summoned two people.

It seemed that up until then, only one 【Saint】 appeared at a time.

Compared to the past, the situation this time seemed rather severe, so had the number of people increased in proportion to that?

It was a mystery.

During the past month, this was what I had learned about the【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.

From here on, I would like to talk about why I decided to live at the Medicinal Herb Research Institute.

The red-haired guy who entered the room after the ceremony was undeniably the Crown Prince of this kingdom.

Crown Prince-sama didn’t even look at me; he saw nothing but the other girl, Misono Aira-chan, with whom he spoke, and it was only Aira-chan that he left the room with.


I was in my twenties. On the other hand, Aira-chan was in her late teens.

As for which one was closer to the Prince in age, of course it’s Aira-chan.

Moreover she had fluffy brown hair, translucent white skin, rosy cheeks and droopy eyes, the type that made others want to protect her. She was an adorable girl.

Since I was always busy, I never fussed over my appearance. It was ridiculous to compare her to me, a glasses-wearing woman with dark circles under her eyes. My unkempt hair was tied up in a bundle and my white skin looked unhealthy.

I couldn’t not understand why he only had eyes for Aira-chan.

But I thought that it was bold of him to ignore the existence of someone he forcefully summoned.

The knights and robed people in the surrounding area were also dumbfounded by the Prince’s ability to ignore. I was awfully confused when I noticed that I had been left behind.

You know, I didn’t know how to deal with being utterly ignored.

As things were, I couldn’t help becoming befuddled so I grabbed the nape of the Robed Person nearby and started questioning them with a sweet smile.

“Hey, I have something that I’d like to ask.”

“Wh…… What is it?”

The Robed Person, who was confused by me, responded timidly while sounding as if he was squeezing out his words.

He was taller than me and yet, his shoulders contracted and his eyes wandered about uneasily. Wouldn’t it almost seem like I was bullying him?

I would usually have felt guilty about something like this but not that time. I asked what was on my mind without caring.

“Where is this?”

“This is the Royal Palace in Slantania Kingdom.”

“Slantania Kingdom?”

I’d never heard of this country.

Since there are various countries in the world, I thought that maybe it was just a country I didn’t know. But at the corner of my mind, I knew that I was just trying to escape reality.

“I see. So? Why am I here?”

“That is…… That……”

The Robed Person said hesitantly but when I immediately narrowed my eyes, he quickly began explaining.

“Yo-you were summoned here by the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】!”

“【Saint Summoning Ceremony】?”

From there the explanation of the【Saint Summoning Ceremony】began, but you’ve already heard about that earlier.

“As I thought, this world is different from the world I was in, right?”

“Perhaps, I think so……”

I had never heard of miasma or demons occurring in my original world.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there was miasma and demons in my original world and I was the only who didn’t know about it. I clung onto such little hopes. But what the Robed Person had said seemed to be widely known in Slantania Kingdom.

Until then I hadn’t wanted to accept it, but now I understood that I was summoned to a different world.

“So, I know what the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】is, but how do I get back to my original world?”

The【Saint】appeared when the density of the miasma needed regulating. So if the speed at which the miasma thickened returned to normal, there would be no need for the 【Saint】. Perhaps it would be possible for me to return to my original world.

I asked the question with such thoughts in mind. But the Robed Person said in a small voice, “No,” and with that my hope was easily shattered.

In the first place, this was only the second time that the 【Saint】had been summoned. It was said that the 【Saint】 who was summoned the last time spent the rest of her lifetime in this kingdom. There was currently no way for summoned people to return to their original world.

I was shocked when I heard that I wasn’t able to return.

After listening to that, the previous attitude of the Crown Prince came to my mind. So after I finished listening to the necessary information, I thought that I should leave this kingdom.

First I would leave this room, then from this room I would leave the Royal Palace, then from the Royal Palace I would leave the capital, and finally I would try to go to the neighbouring kingdom.

Looking back, I was extremely thoughtless. But at any rate I didn’t want to stay there.

I let go of the Robed Person’s nape after I heard what I needed to. As I was leaving the room, a panicked Knight chased after me.

“Saint-sama! Where are you going?!”

“I’m leaving.”

“Please wait!”

I thought about getting out of here in a hurry, but as expected of the Royal Palace.

It was too big, I didn’t know exactly where the exit was.

Blood rushed to my head and I made rapid progress, but the Knight chasing after me eventually caught up and stood before me. I was stopped.

I was irritated that he had blocked off my path so I glared at him. The Knight’s shoulders contracted, just like the Robed Person from before.

“Please, please wait for a little while longer.”

“I took time to talk to you earlier, and I think that I was in that room for a considerable amount of time?”

“Well that is true…… But, please.”

The Knight hunched up his big body. It looked as if he was going to somehow stop me. My head chilled a little, and I reluctantly nodded.

When the Knight saw that, he looked honestly relieved. Saying, “Please follow me,” he led me to a room somewhere in the Royal Palace.

“The person in charge will be coming, so please wait in here.”

The Knight said before leaving. A maid passed him on her way into the room, pushing a serving cart. On top of that serving cart was a tea set.

As expected, the tea that the maid brewed was very delicious.

The warm tea calmed my irritated feelings. Once I had calmed down, I began organising the information in my head.

The maid did not talk to me after she finished brewing the tea and so I had time on my hands.

She may have done this so that I would have time to think about my situation.

She was looking at me but she stood quietly against the wall.

And then I waited for an hour.

If you made an angry client wait an hour in Japan, without a doubt they would cut the contract. Again, I was getting angry and then finally, there was a knock on the door.

In return to the knock I said, “Come in.” The person who entered seemed to be a high official in this kingdom. He wore clothes far plainer than the Crown Prince but his mannerisms were the same.

The tea that the maid had brewed was very delicious and I was grateful that I had the time to organise my thoughts but as one would expect, it was hard to wait for an hour.

So I think it was inevitable that I unintentionally glared at the High Official.

The High Official of this kingdom trembled under my gaze and while he was wiping the sweat off his forehead, he began explaining about this kingdom in detail and about why I was left behind.

From what I heard about the circumstances at that time, I was very grateful to the Knight who had stopped me.

No matter how you look at it, once you left the capital, the grassland was filled with demons swaggering around. It took one week to travel to the neighbouring kingdom by carriage and thieves might appear along the way.

To be honest, for me who didn’t understand much about this world, to reach the neighbouring kingdom was clearly impossible.

“I was told that you said you wanted to leave, but it is not realistic for you to immediately leave and live outside of the Royal Palace.”

When I listened to the story of the gentle High Official, I certainly thought that was true.

It was quite haphazard of me to live in the capital, I had thought that I would somehow manage but at the same time if I acted the same way as I did in Japan, I might not want to return.

When you travel overseas, you had to be cautious about the same things.

Even if I live in this kingdom, I would be staying at the palace for a while so it might not be too late for me to get used to this world.

While thinking that, I decided to live at the palace in accordance to the High Official’s words.


After the meeting with the High Official, the maid who had brewed me tea guided me to the room that I would be staying in.

The room that I was guided to was bigger than the studio apartment that I lived at, in Japan. Moreover the living room and bedroom were connected, just like a hotel suite.

The interior was also rococo-themed, it was very luxurious. It looked like the luxury hotels in Europe that I often saw on the internet. I had wanted to go and see one someday.

By the time I passed through the room and sat on the sofa, I felt tired.

The light shining in through the window told me that it was daytime, but when I was summoned, after I returned home from work, it was late at night in Japan.

It seemed that there was a time difference between Slantania Kingdom and Japan.

It was probably due to fact that I was tired from working late every day and night and the sudden change in environment when I was summoned, but I don’t remember a thing after sitting on the sofa.

I think I probably fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, someone had carried me to my bedroom.

The coat and suit that I had worn were removed and I now wore a white negligee.

What the heck, did someone change me?

The maid who guided me here probably changed my clothes but I still felt a bit uneasy.

I thought about changing my clothes for now, but I wondered if it was alright for me to look around the room as I pleased. I moved around the room while thinking that someone was in the living room.

When I opened the door to the living room, the maid who guided me to this room the other day was standing there, waiting.

When I told her that I wanted to change clothes, she led me to the bedroom and brought out various dresses. But the dresses were all decorative and fancy, they all seemed terribly expensive. There were only dresses that I was afraid of dirtying and they looked hard to move in.

Since I didn’t plan on going out, I asked for a dress with little decoration which was easy to move in. I changed into a dress that was only somewhat extravagant.

While I was changing, I heard that she was the one who changed me into the negligee.

She returned my thanks with, “Not at all.”

I had a feeling that she was disturbed but it was becoming increasingly shameful to point it out, so I stopped worrying about it.

That was my personal experience of changing clothes while saying thanks.

Like that, I spent two weeks at the palace.

I had time to spare.

The first three days were still good.

I was nervous at the thought of having to become accustomed to this world.

But I gradually became unable to endure the spare time.

Certainly my living essentials were guaranteed but other than that, it was neglect play.

Since the first time I met the High Official, he had not met with me once and I hadn’t received any news either.

I thought that he would contact me so I waited.

Since there was a maid in the room I was able to make some idle chat but it was difficult to continue talking for the whole day. In addition, she seemed to be working somewhere else as well, so it wasn’t like she was always in the room.

At those times, I would be in the room by myself, but it was hard to spend time doing nothing when there was no TV or smartphones.

As expected I became unable to withstand the free time. It wasn’t good for me to confine myself so I decided to take a walk. When I told the maid, she said she would accompany me.

However she had work as well, so I felt bad if she kept me company while I was killing time. Since I was only taking a little walk to the garden in front of the room, I forced myself to walk alone.

I was really hesitant.

At first, I only walked around the garden in front of the room. But day by day I walked further and further. While I was wandering around, I found a herb garden.

In Japan, I used herbs and aromatherapy as a way to relieve stress from work, so the herb garden was very interesting.

The planted medicinal herbs had the same appearance as the ones in Japan. While I was wondering whether the plants were different from the ones on Earth, a voice called out to me.

When I turned around, there stood a friendly, handsome man with dark green hair and striking eyes.

The voice that had called out to me belonged to a researcher from the Medicinal Herb Research Institute, located next to the herb garden.

“Do you have business with the Research Institute?”

“No, I am just taking a walk. I thought it was interesting, so I came to take a look.”

Was he interested in me because I said the medicinal herbs were interesting? Just like that, the Researcher explained the medicinal herbs in the vicinity.

Lavender, rosemary, angelica, etc. The medicinal herbs had the same names as the ones in Japan, and they also had similar effects.

“HP potions can be made with this medicinal herb.”

“HP potion?!”

I wanted to retort when a word like HP potion, which was used in games, was said. While I was surprised, the researcher smiled sweetly and began explaining about potions.

“When this medicinal herb is dried, it can used to make potions. The herb is effective even if you decoct and drink it. But the effects are further enhanced by making it into a potion.”

“Eh, is that so?”

The Medicinal Herb Research Institute that the Researcher was a member of, also conducted research on medicinal herbs. However, it seems that he mainly researched potions. After that he told me various things about potions.

I listened to the explanation of medicinal herbs used in various potions. The salves and medicinal herbs used in my former world’s past were used as raw materials for HP potions here; the effects of the potion and medicinal herbs were connected, it was very interesting.

While I received the explanation of the medicinal herbs, time passed in the blink of an eye. I returned to the royal palace because evening was approaching.

“I had fun listening to your stories. Thank you very much.”

“It was my pleasure. Please come again.”

I made use of the Researcher’s generosity and came back to the herb garden the next day.

As I tottered around the herb garden the Researcher called out to me again, just like he’d done the previous day. He accompanied me on my walk as he told me about the effects of the nearby planted medicinal herbs and the effects of the potions made from those herbs.


We talked for three days in the herb garden, but on the fourth day he showed me around the Research Institute. There, the other researchers also talked to me about various things.

The stories I heard from the researchers were very interesting. They mainly talked about medicinal herbs and potions. But they also told me things like: who was popular in the kingdom, who was working in the royal palace, etc.

I started going to the Research Institute every day, and gradually it became troublesome to commute from the Royal Palace to the herb garden.

It takes 30 minutes to walk to the royal palace to the herb garden, you know?

Because it’s the Royal Palace, the garden was endlessly large.

When I asked the maid, she told me that everything I could see was the Royal Palace.

It took an hour to commute to the research institute. But I thought that if I had that extra hour, I would be able to hear even more stories from the researchers.

“I really want to live here.”

“I think that is fine. Actually, some researchers, including myself, live in the Research Institute.”

When I said what was on my mind, Jude, the Researcher who I’d been getting along with these past few days, approved.

He was the researcher who first called out to me in the herb garden.


“Yes, although there are some people who have residences in the capital. This place is on the opposite side of the capital and across from the Royal Palace. Moreover, there’s some distance between here and the royal palace. In the past, there were also researchers who thought like you, so they decided to live here. Since then, the number of people living here has increased.”

Jude had family living in the capital so at the beginning he commuted here. But when he’d heard that there were researchers living at the Research Institute, he quickly moved in.

As I thought, it was troublesome to commute from the capital.

As I muttered in my head that everyone must be thinking the same thing as me, a voice called out from behind me.

“What are you talking about today?”

Jude and two others looked back. There stood Johan Waldeck, the Director of this Medicinal Herb Research Institute.

“Right now, we are talking about how difficult it is to commute from the Royal Palace. So it would be good if I could live here.”

“Live here?”

“Yes. There are many researchers living here, aren’t there?”

“Well, yes there are. So you want to become a researcher as well?”

The Director grinned as he said something unexpected.

Me, work here?

Certainly the people who lived in the Research Institute were researchers who were working there. You wouldn’t normally think that someone from outside of the institute would want to live here.

Even if I moved out of the Royal Palace and into the capital later, it was evident that it would be better if I did so while employed. Above all, it would be far more meaningful to work than spend my time idling at the Royal Palace.

Yeah, working at the Medicinal Herb Research Institute was a really good idea.

While thinking that far, I smiled sweetly and turned to face the Director.

“That is correct. I want to become a researcher.”

“Oh, is that so? Then, I’ll start the procedure.”

The Director had said it so foolishly, that I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. After he had said that, he headed towards the Director’s Room.

It seems that Jude, who was also listening close by, thought that the Director was joking.

When I was giving my greetings at the Research Institute, a surprising thing was said to me.

I must strike while the iron’s still hot.

After I returned to the royal palace, I immediately asked the maid to convey to the High Official, whom I’d first met, that I would like to meet him.

Since it was already late in the evening at that time, it was decided that I would meet the High Official on the next day.

The next day, after I finished my breakfast and as I was taking a break while sipping on tea, the High Official came into the room.

“I was told that you wished to talk with me?”

“Yes, to be honest I am interested in medicinal herbs, so I would like to work at the Medicinal Herb Research Institute……”

“That is fine.”

“Eh? Is it alright?”

The High Official readily consented. I heard that the Director of the Institute had talked to him about me moving from the Royal Palace to the Research Institute.

I had thought the Director had been partially joking, but he seemed to have properly followed through.

Thanks to that, I was able to get the High Official’s consent.

You did pretty well, Director.

The preparations proceeded from there.

My personal effects were the things I had with me when I was summoned: a coat, suit, shoes and my business bag. It wasn’t much.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t wear the suit, which I had only worn once, to work at the Research Institute. Of course I needed a change of clothes but daily necessities were important as well.

Since the High Official had told me that he’d prepare those things, I left it to him.

He prepared me clothes that wouldn’t look strange even if a researcher wore them, western-style dresses, plain shirts and skirts. He also prepared daily necessities such as towels and soap.

When I looked at the clothes I received, I noticed that the dresses and accessories that I had worn during my short stay at the royal palace were also in the pile. The new clothes I received all had similar designs to the ones I wore. They must have taken my preference into consideration.

Perhaps, the furniture in this room would also be arranged as part of my daily necessities.

After moving, I checked out the interior of the room and saw that it was furnished.

The bright colours of the furniture matched well. It looked like a very cosy room.

So much so, that you wouldn’t think that this was a research institute.

“Thank you for everything.”

“No. If there are any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

“Thank you.”

On the day I left the Royal Palace, I thanked the High Official, who had prepared me a carriage to go to the Research Institute, and as always he returned it with his usual smile.

I didn’t plan on returning to the Royal Palace. So from now on, I shouldn’t have to rely on the High Official. I thanked him for the second time and got into the carriage.

And that was how I acquired my room at the Research Institute and also how I become a medicinal herb researcher.

Act 02: Potions

Those who do not work do not eat.

It had been awhile since I’d moved.

I’d started working at the Medicinal Herb Research Institute without a hitch.

It felt uncomfortable to turn my hobby into a job, but after thinking things over, I thought this was the best choice.

It seemed that only a limited number of people knew that I was going to be working at the Research Institute. So the researchers at the institute only found out on my first day of work, when the Director took me along to greet everyone.

“I have been assigned to work here. My name is Sei. I look forward to working with you.”

The Director urged me to give my greetings, but for some reason everyone was in shock.

I already knew most of the researchers here, but it seems that having me work here came as a great surprise to them because it was so sudden.

Because of that, they didn’t react to my greeting at first, but after a while they begin to create a commotion.

Director: “Well then, the person who will be looking after Sei is… Jude, you do it.”

“Eh? Me?”

The Director spoke in a loud voice to calm down the commotion.

I was surprised at suddenly being told that Jude would be the one looking after me. But I also felt reassured knowing that Jude would be the one in charge of me, since he was the one I was closest to amongst the researchers.

It was very common in Japan to work with people you didn’t know, so I thought I could manage even if someone I didn’t know was in charge of me, however, it was still better to work under someone I knew.

Furthermore, it was even better that it was someone I’m close with.

The Director probably thought of the same thing, and put Jude in charge of me.

“I look forward to working with you.”


I was surprised and greeted Jude again, and he replied with a smile.

“Me too.”

Jude taught me various things about the Research Institute, like the main research topics which gave their name to the Research Institute, and the names of medicinal herbs and potions.

The effects of the medicinal herbs were also the same as in my original world. In between Jude’s explanation, I talked about what I had learnt in Japan and he said in surprise, “You know them well.”

In Japan, you could learn about medicinal herbs as a hobby, but here, there was a specialised course for learning about medicinal herbs at the Royal Academy.

Incidentally, the Royal Academy was a school that the children of aristocrats attended. They generally attended this school from 13 till 15 years old, which was also when they came of age.

The specialised course was made for people to attend until they were 18. Jude had studied pharmaceutics in that specialised course, and he also learnt about herbs.

You could also study natural science in my original world, and as I’d thought, the research there was more advanced.

Jude’s specialised research was potions.

That’s right, potions. Potions.

It’s the type of thing that appeared in RPG games.

Because you could drink it or apply it onto the affected area, I thought it would be similar to medicine in Japan. But it was somewhat different, since potions should have had an immediate effect, right?

How far can the effects go?

The cut that I’d carelessly made was instantly healed when I applied the potion on it.

That surprised me.

In order to know the effects of the potions, I’d grabbed a knife and cut my fingertip with it. Jude was surprised to see me do this.

I’d wanted to test it out no matter what, so I just made a tiny cut on my finger, but it bled terribly.

After that, Jude was angry.

My first day ended with an explanation of the Research Institute’s equipment and the contents of my job.

The next day, I was taught how to make potions.

Jude mainly researched potions, and since I thought it would be more fun to touch things that didn’t exist in my original world, I wanted to research together.

“Well then, let’s get started.”

Jude looked experienced as he started making the potion.

I’d never made a potion before, and since we would be working together from then on, Jude had to show me how to make it.

Potions were made by putting medicinal herbs and water into a pot, then simmering and concentrating magic power into it.

Potions were divided into ranks such as low, intermediate and advanced. The rank seemed to be determined by the medicinal herbs that were used.

However, high-ranking potions couldn’t be made just by putting in the prescribed medicinal herb.

A delicate control of magic was needed in order to make high-ranking potions, and so the possible rank of production depended upon the skills of the creator.

The medicinal herbs that were used as ingredients were expensive, and the number of people who could make such potions were few, so high-ranking potions were sold at a price that couldn’t be easily afforded.

In the first place, no one other than royalty and aristocrats could buy potions, and so they didn’t seem to be stocked at apothecaries.

Well, let’s return to the story.

To make a potion, it was necessary to channel magic in while the ingredients simmered.

Yup, magic.

“After putting in the ingredients, you simmer it while channelling magic power in.”

“Magic power?”

When I had first heard that, I thought about how I would go about channelling magic power. I must have misheard him.

Because there’s no magic in my original world.

“How do you channel it?”


Jude was surprised when I asked that question.

There was magic in this world.

Magic power was necessary to use magic. There was something called life magic that everyone could use, so it seemed that the people of this world were very familiar with magic power.

I thought that this was becoming more and more like a game since I’d heard the word “potion” and now “magic”. But there was no doubt this was reality.

“Have you never used magic before, Sei?”

“I have not.”

“Not even life magic?”


Jude was really surprised that I had never used life magic before, since it was something that even ordinary people used. But I couldn’t make potions if I couldn’t control my magic. After he had finished making the potion, Jude decided to lecture me on magic control.

“Now it’s finished.”


After Jude had finished simmering the potion, he’d strained it before pouring it into a long, thin vial. In the vial was a clear, light red liquid.

The potion that Jude had made this time was the easiest Low HP Potion.

He had made it because the ingredients used were grown in the herb garden and were easily obtainable.

“It’s amazing that you can make something like this~.”

“It’s a Low HP Potion, so it’s relatively easy to make.”

“But you can’t make it if you can’t control your magic, right?”


Jude: “Well, that’s true. But since it’s only a Low Potion it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

“Really? But as I thought, it’s amazing.”

“I-Is that so?”

I was excited at seeing fantasy items in front of my eyes and kept saying that it was amazing. Jude was bashful.

Jude is slightly blushing, he’s a honeycomb1)Blushing while being bashful hunk.

It was a sight for sore eyes.

After the potion was finished, Jude began his lecture on magic control.

Jude taught me in great detail, the same way he was taught at the Royal Academy.

Yes, he literally held my hand.

It seemed that I had to start off by feeling the magic power in my body, but that was extremely difficult.

Why? Because I lived in a world with no magic.

If the people of this world only used life magic, it seemed that there were no problems for them even if they weren’t aware of the magic power in their bodies.

Most life magic could be invoked by chanting.

However, to make potions or use magic other than life magic, it was important to be aware of the magic in your body.

Jude explained the various ways to feel magic power, but since I couldn’t do them, Jude assisted me by using the Royal Academy method.

“Well, put your hands on top of mine.”

As explained earlier, Jude raised his hands until they were up to his chest, and I put my palms on top of his.

Since he worked in the herb garden as part of his job, Jude’s hands were a little rough.

His hands were bigger than mine; they were definitely a man’s hands. I could feel Jude’s slightly higher temperature on my palms.

I was a little embarrassed because I had never held a man’s hands like this before.

No, no, you’ll lose if you start to notice it.

Work, work.

While I was trying to change my feelings like that, Jude called out to me, “Well then, let’s start.”

Jude sent magic power from his right palm, and then I felt something gradually flowing into mine.

It was similar to heat being transferred. It’s a hard feeling to describe.

When Jude’s magic power entered my right hand, it moved inside my body as if it was sweeping something away.

It seemed that this was my magic power.

It wasn’t as if the magic power was moving from my right hand and out from my left; instead, it felt like it was flowing through my body like blood.

It seemed that my body had stopped being that of an Earthling when I was summoned.

Because my body had now become able to feel magic power, which was something that had never existed on Earth.

“I feel something flowing through my body.”

“Oh? Already? That’s magic power.”

Jude was a bit surprised when I told him I felt it, but he still taught me while smiling.

It was a training method at the Royal Academy, but even so it generally took people about one week to feel the magic power in their bodies.

Jude said while laughing, “You’re talented,” since I was able to feel it quickly even though Jude had only sent a little bit of magic power to me.

The magic power still flowed through me even after Jude had stopped sending me magic power. The practice of magic control continued further from there, and Jude showed surprise that things were proceeding smoothly.

“Awesome, I didn’t think that the explanation would finish so soon.”

“I’m sure it’s because you’re good at teaching. Thank you.”

When I smiled sweetly and thanked him, he blushed and became bashful again.

Indeed, Jude’s teaching method was very easy to understand.

Jude, who had become happy, taught me various life magics afterwards.

He told me that it was inconvenient for me if I didn’t know how to use life magic.


A little time had passed since I’d been summoned, and Jude had opened up to me.

To the point that he stopped using honorifics.

Since Jude had started working at the Research Institute first, I treated him as if he was a company sempai, but since we were close in age, Jude told me that he wanted me to stop being so formal.

After having been taught by Jude, I earnestly made Low HP Potions.

Everything was for the sake of levelling up my production skill so that I could make high ranking potions.

It was also simply fun to level up while making potions.

Back in the days, I liked playing games that had a speedrun component, so I really got into it.

Of course, I didn’t want to waste the Low HP Potions that I made, so it was decided that they would be used for research at the Research Institute.

The first unusual thing I noticed was that the researcher who was researching potions was not Jude.



When I looked back at the voice that was a little far away, I saw the researcher beckoning at me.

I approached him while wondering what it was about. He pointed at the Low HP Potion on the work desk.

“Is that a potion that Sei made?”

“Mhmmm… Yes. I made that.”

The potions made inside of the Research Institute were marked, so that people could tell who made them.

They were marked so that if something happened, investigations into the cause could be carried out.

The potion that the researcher pointed at had a mark that indicated that I had made it.

“Did you do anything different when you made it?”

“No. I didn’t do anything different. Is something the matter?”

“Well, the effects of the potions are different when you make the potion.”

This researcher was developing new recipes for potions.

Right now he was trying to make a new potion with higher effects by using the raw ingredients of an already existing potion. It seemed that during one of his experiments, he’d noticed that the effects of the potion made in the laboratory were different from the ones being sold.

While he was doing a detailed investigation, he noticed that amongst the potions made in the Research Institute, there were some that had the same effects as the potions sold, and some which were more potent. From there, he discovered that only the potions made by me were more potent.

The researcher tilted his head and wondered if I really didn’t do anything different.

I made the potions with the same ingredients and procedure that Jude first taught me. I didn’t change the procedure nor the ingredients.

“This is really a Low Potion, right?”

“I think so. I made it exactly like Jude taught me.”

“I see. I guess I’ll go ask Jude.”

This time, the researcher called Jude and asked him about what he taught me.

I was listening next to them, but the contents were exactly the same as I remembered.

“It’s the typical method for making Low Potions.”

“Yes. I don’t know any other methods for making potions.”

“For the time being, let’s appraise the potion that Sei made.”

“That might be too soon.”

In the end, because I didn’t know the cause, it was decided that the potion I made would be sent for appraisal.

Then the researcher went out somewhere and I got the appraisal result for the potion I made.

Don’t be surprised.

The potion I made was a simple one, but we established that for some reason it was better than the potions circulating in the markets.

It seemed that it was 50% better than those potions.

“Still, it’s weirdly effective,” Jude muttered while holding the potion I made with one hand.

The potions I made seemed super effective.

Several vials of potion were submitted for appraisal, but all of them were more effective than the market goods.

“I’m making it just like you taught me.”

“The colour is definitely that of a Low HP Potion, but I wonder why?”

“Who knows, maybe because I’m skilled?”

“Let’s see, I don’t think it matters, but how high is your pharmacy skill now?”

“Wait a minute. 『Status』.”

After reciting 『Status』, a semi-transparent window, which could only be seen by the user, appeared in front of me. My status was displayed there.

This was one of the life magics that Jude taught me.

This was also one of the reasons why I’d been so engrossed in raising the level of my production skill.

I thought that seeing the level of my skills in numerical value was also one of the components of speedrun games.

Seeing the skills represented by numerical value made me want to carelessly aim for counterstop2)Japanese game term – max value.

Takanashi Sei

HP: 4,867/4,867
MP: 6,057/6,067

Combat Skill:
Holy attribute magic: Lv. ∞

Production Skill:
Pharmacy: Lv. 8
Lv. 55/Saint

After confirming my status, I told him the level of my pharmacy skill, and Jude tilted his head while humming, “Hmm.”

“If you’re at level 8, you still can’t make Intermediate Potion yet.”

“Well, isn’t it fine? It’s not like the effects are low.”

Jude: “No, no, no. It’s not at a marginal level where we can let it slide. It’s our job to clarify things like this!”

I thought that it was fine as long as the effectiveness was high, but Jude was angry because studying such mysterious phenomena and investigating the causes was also part of a researcher’s job.

There was no choice, I had to go along with Jude’s inquiries.

“Even compared with other people, the type and amount of ingredients used are the same, the procedure is the same, and the only thing that’s different is the person who made it.”

“That’s right.”

“The only other thing I could think of is the amount of magic power that’s being channelled in but…”

“Do you channel in a large amount of magic power when you make potions?”

“I wonder? I don’t think that I use that much magic power though.”

“Yeah, I didn’t feel anything like that when I watched next to you…”

If you increased the amount of medicinal herbs, channeled more magic power, or upgraded the raw ingredients used in a potion, it would more-or-less increase the effectiveness of the potion made.

But it wouldn’t increase by 50%; it would only increase by a few percent.

The procedure was so simple that even if I changed it, it would only be to the extent of how much magic power I channeled into the hot water at first or how many medicinal herbs were put in to simmer.

It seemed that the currently established procedure was the most effective, and the effects didn’t rise any further.

I made various potion experiments together with Jude while saying, “Not this,” “Not that either.”

“Are there magics that might influence potion making?”

“I haven’t thought about that.”


“There’s not much difference in effect between the potions made by those who possess magic skills and those who don’t.”

There were magic skills with various attributes amongst combat skills.

Life magic wasn’t included among these magic skills, and generally speaking, those who had magic skills were those who could use magic.

I thought that those who had magic skills would possess an attribute that affected the potion, but according to Jude, it didn’t seem relevant.

“Aren’t you putting something other than magic in, Sei?”

“What’s something?”

“Mm, I don’t really know,” Jude said and laughed while taking a long, hard look at my hands.

His expression showed that he was joking.

Since he’d opened up to me, the times Jude would joke like this during the middle of discussions had increased.

“What the heck is it?”

The discussion once again returned to the beginning.

“There’s no choice, we’ll have to find the cause by trying various things. It’s also part of our job to unravel this, isn’t it?”

“Hahaa, yup.”

Thence, I made potions with Jude under various conditions.

Thus, my days passed by while making potions.


It had been 3 months since I’d been summoned.


Takanashi Sei Lv. 55/Saint

HP: 4,867/4,867
MP: 5,867/6,067

Combat Skill:
Holy attribute magic: Lv. ∞

Production Skill:
Pharmacy: Lv. 21
Lv. 55/Saint

Just by doing nothing but making potions at the Research Institute, my pharmacy skill had risen to 21.

Since the rank of the potion made increased for every 10 levels, I could now make Advanced HP Potions.

However, I still failed a lot……

Because numerous valuable medicinal herbs were used to make Advanced Potions, I couldn’t easily make many at this level since I failed a lot.

The number of high rank potions I’d made since reaching level 20 was still only 3.

Nevertheless, since the number of people who could make Advanced Potions were few to begin with, it was quite a feat for a newbie researcher like me to be able to make Advanced Potions.

It seemed that up until now there, hadn’t been a single person in this Research Institute that could make Advanced Potions. When Advanced Potions were needed for research, they were ordered from outside, so when I was able to make them, everyone was happy since the time and cost of conducting research decreased.

Although was necessary to make potions in order to raise the level of the pharmacy skill, magic power eventually ran out. Therefore, there was a limit to how many potions could be made in a day. It seemed that the levels could not be easily raised.


“As always, you’ve made an unusual amount.”


“Yes. Because making no less than 10 Intermediate Potions per day is pretty strange.”

The Intermediate HP Potions were lined up in a row in front of my eyes.

The efficiency of these potions was, of course, 50% more than normal.

According to the Director of the Research Institute, even if the potion was poorly made, it might still be more effective than regular Advanced HP Potions.

Even now, Jude and two others were inspecting my potions day and night, in order to find the cause of the strange efficiency.

As usual, they couldn’t understand the cause at all. Jude and I must have overlooked something, so other researchers had also recently joined the investigation.

The potion was inspected from various angles—there were those who inspected the production process, those who inspected the potion itself, etc. Meanwhile, I kept on earnestly making potions.

Throughout the day.

When was it? It was on the day that I made 150 vials of Low HP potions.

Jude asked, “Can you still make them?”

My reply to that was, “Make what?”

Thereupon I finally learnt about the general amount of potions that a person could make in a day.

The magic power channelled into the potion increased as the rank got higher. It seemed that the average number a person could make per day was a 100 vials of Low Potions or 10 vials of Intermediate Potions.

This case applied to pharmacists who specialised in potion-making. It was even lower for most of those who were working at the Research Institute.

MP certainly decreased when making potions, but because it was an insignificant amount, I didn’t care at all.

Therefore, Jude said that I wasn’t channelling magic power in while I made potions, but my MP was steadily decreasing, and in the first place if you didn’t channel any magic power in, you would only make juice from the infused medicinal herbs.

In the end the Director said, “Let’s prioritize the research on improving efficiency,” so I went back to making potions every day, but it seemed I got a bit carried away.

I made more potions than needed for research, so they became leftovers.

Although they could be sold at a good wholesale price, regrettably, the performance was 1.5 times greater than normal, which would be a problem when sold. So now there was a superb amount of potions at the Research Institute.

“You’ve made a lot again. The Director’s going to scold you.”

“I forgot to count the number of potions I made because I was concentrating, you know?”

I lied.

I wanted to quickly be able to make Advanced HP Potions without complaints, so I was only levelling up.

Because the medicinal herbs I used were from the herb garden, recently there had been people complaining to the Director about the decrease in medicinal herbs at the herb garden.

Because getting scolded was unpleasant, I thought about hiding the potions I made today in my room. I was taking the day’s potions out of the cabinet when the laboratory door opened with a slam.

When I turned around, I saw a panting soldier. He shouted, “Where’s the Director?” as he darted into the laboratory.

When I pointed at the door leading to the Director’s room, he headed there in a rush.

What on earth was happening?

After a while, the soldier and Director come out from the Director’s room.

“It’s an emergency, collect all of the recovery potions now.”

“What happened?”

“The 3rd Knight Order has returned from Ghosh forest, but a Salamander appeared. Many were injured, and it seems there aren’t enough potions.”

I understood the situation from asking a researcher near the Director.

This week the 3rd Knight Order subjugated demons in the Ghosh forest, located west of the capital. But they apparently suffered enormous damage there.

The easygoing Director, who was always pleasantly smiling, was giving instructions with a dreadful face. The researchers instantly started noisily collecting potions from desk drawers and shelves and gathering it onto the desk near the entrance of the laboratory.

Together with Jude, I also took potions out of the cabinet and carried them to the desk.

The soldier was surprised at the amount of potions gathered on the desk and said, “This many!?”

Yes, because they were recently amassed.

After we finished taking out all the potions from the cabinet, I remembered I had placed some Advanced HP Potions in my room, so I went to retrieve them.

When I returned from my room, everyone had finished gathering the potions in the laboratory and were loading them onto the wagon parked outside of the door.

“Some of you come with me.”

As instructed by the Director, the researchers near the entrance boarded the wagon.

The wagon began moving when I got on it.

“Hey, does something like a dragon ever appear in the Ghost forest?”

“Dragons? No, they don’t.”

“Isn’t a Salamander a firedrake?”

“Hm? Salamanders are just lizards that breathe fire.”

I received an unexpected reply when I asked Jude, who came with us, about the Salamander.

Salamanders weren’t dragons……

Although I had imagined it to be a firedrake……

“It’s able to cause this much damage despite only being a lizard……”

“Even though it’s a lizard, it’s big and agile. Nonetheless, it’s not of the dragon species, it’s a high-ranking demon.”

“I see.”

The Salamander’s image in my head had now become a 10 metre long Komodo dragon.

It breathes fire while moving at high speeds. The moment it confronts me, I’m confident that I won’t be able to move, and give up on life.

While I was thinking about how hard it must have been for the Knight Order to face such a high-ranking demon, the wagon stopped at a corner of the royal palace.

As soon as I entered the building, I was greeted by a battlefield.

“This is terrible……”


Many injured people were sleeping in the room that was normally used as a hall, and people who looked like doctors and nurses are running around in the spaces between them.

In the room, the groans of the wounded and burnt victims of the Salamander’s fire overflowed, and the voices of the doctors screaming, “Are the potions here yet?” resounded throughout it.

My carefree mind from a while ago chilled. I stood frozen on the spot, dumbfounded. The Director stood up first and clapped his hands.

Director: “Distribute the potions that we brought! You two are over there, Jude and Sei, please take care of the other side.”


I took several of the potions and distributed them to the doctors here and there.

The doctors were mostly standing near those who were seriously injured and gave the potions to the patients as soon as they received them.

Due to the shortage of HP potions, Low HP potions were also given to the severely injured, even though they would normally require an Intermediate Potion for complete recovery.

The doctors probably felt that it was better to give them something instead of giving up.

Especially for patients who were on the border of life and death.

Because by giving them the potion, they might survive.

“This is!”

A doctor who’d given a patient the potion, which had been handed to him by the researcher, was surprised.

After giving the potion to the patient who was breathing heavily, his skin, which had been greatly torn by the demon’s claw, was completely healed. The patient, who had his eyes closed, opened them when he felt the pain suddenly disappear. He timidly checked his body.

All his wounds had disappeared, even the small scratches that he had everywhere, and his pale complexion was also improving.

“It was a Low Potion, right?”

The doctor, with a dubious look on his face, held up the empty vial in his hand, but since he’d given everything to the patient, it was difficult to determine the rank of the potion.

The doctor was surely given a Low HP potion, but it wasn’t just any Low HP Potion.

It was the 50% improved potion that I made. In other words, it was as effective as an Intermediate Potion.

I left before the doctor could ask me anything, and distributed the potions one after another.

I could hear the bewildered voices of doctors and nurses from here and there, but I ignored them.

For now, distributing potions had priority.

“Are there any Advanced HP Potions?”

I heard someone’s voice at the back of the hall.

Many doctors and knights were gathered at the place where the voice came from.

Is that where the voice came from?

Because I had an Intermediate HP Potion on hand, I headed over there and as I approached, I could hear people discussing something.

“This could be difficult even with an Advanced Potion. Is there anyone who can use recovery magic?”

“Even if they could use recovery magic, if it’s not level 4 or over…”

“What about Saint-sama? That person can use level 4 recovery magic, right?”

“His Highness Kyle did not want to show such a brutal scene like this to Saint-sama……”


Kyle was certainly the first Prince’s name, that red-head that looked like he’d go bald in the future.

It was certainly difficult to see seriously wounded parts of patients without censorship.

Even I, who prided herself in having some tolerance towards splatter, gave out potions while looking as little as possible.

That easy-going Aira-chan would faint the moment she saw something like this.

The knight who was listening to the civil official-like person’s explanation, was he the patient’s friend?

Since I couldn’t see the patient due to the crowd of people, I couldn’t judge his condition. But it seemed that the injury was so serious that it was difficult to heal even with an Advanced HP Potion.

When I looked around the crowd, I saw the Director and walked over to him. He called out to me when he noticed me approaching.

“Sei! Are there any Advanced HP Potions left?”

“Ah, then, 「Captain」!”

When I turned towards the voice, the doctors and nurses quickly begin to move.

The patient’s condition seemed to have taken a sudden turn for the worse.

I also pushed my way through the crowd of people and went to the patient’s side.

Looking closely, the right upper half of the patient’s body was burnt, and he had various wounds all over his body. It was a miracle that he was alive.

His rough breathing gradually became quiet.

“Hey, move aside!”

I pushed the doctor away and looked at the patient.

It looked like he’d die soon.

I took out the Advanced HP Potion from my apron pocket in a hurry, opened the lid, and brought it to his mouth.

When I said, “Please drink!” in a loud voice, he was somehow able to drink the potion, little by little.

The surrounding people swallowed their saliva as they attentively watched him slowly drink the potion.

After a period of time passed, I looked at the patient who had finished drinking all the potion. His charred skin had peeled, and beautiful skin appeared from underneath it.

His rough breathing settled down, but it didn’t stop. It was the calm breathing of a sleeping person.

When I ascertained it with my own eyes, I breathed out at a job well done.

The surrounding people shouted out in joy, “Oooouuuuuuuuuuuu!”

Act 03: Cooking

Four months have passed since I’ve been summoned.

On that day, the Royal Palace bestowed a special reward to the research institute because the potions had saved many people from the 3rd Knight Order.

What’s more, the person who I made drink the Advanced HP Potion was the Captain of the 3rd Knight Order and also the 3rd son of the Margrave family. So a reward was also sent from the Margrave.

In addition the 3rd Knight Order purchased my potions, which couldn’t be sold to wholesalers, because of its efficiency.

Thanks to that, the Research Institute budget was abundant lately.

“So, is there anything you want?”

One day, I was asked if there was anything I wanted when I brought tea to the director’s room.

It was so abrupt that I had to think a little before answering.

“Well… I want a bath and a kitchen.”

“A bath and a kitchen?”

“Well ~, I like cooking.”

The reason that I answered with was true, but that wasn’t all.

After all, the cooking level of this world is low.

Or should I say, a lot of dishes were cooked without seasoning.

Sometimes food was seasoned with salt or vinegar, but it didn’t suit my tastes.

I went to the employee’s dining hall at the Royal Palace to eat and it was really horrible.

I went on a diet unexpectedly because the food was unappetising.

I have never worried about this before, but since coming to this world, I was strongly aware that I was a Japanese person who was picky about food.

Although I was crazy about food, I wasn’t very good at cooking. But I requested a kitchen, based on the idea that anything I made would surely be better.

“Cook? Will Sei be the one cooking?”


When I said that I would be the one cooking, the Director widened his eyes in surprise.

I don’t think it’s something to be surprised about though.

Or do I look like I can’t cook?

I tilted my head and the Director told me why he was surprised.

As I thought, he didn’t think I could cook.

Rich people such as aristocrats and wealthy merchants hired cooks so that women and children of those households didn’t have to cook.

Of course the wives in common households had to cook……

“Director, I’m also a commoner, you know?”

“Ah, now that you mention it, that’s true.”

The Director smiled wryly, he had completely forgotten about it.

The Director knew that I was summoned to this kingdom.

When I was assigned to this research institute, he had asked the High Official about me. But if he also wanted to know more personal things, he’d ask me directly.

Questions like: my social status in Japan, what kind of life I was living, etc.

At that time, I talked about me being a commoner and working at a company.

“When I look at Sei, I don’t think you look like a commoner at all.”

“I think that no matter how you look at me, I look like a commoner.”

“That’s not true. There are only a few commoners in this kingdom who have acquired high education like Sei.”

According to the Director, there were no schools for commoners in this kingdom.

The Royal Academy that Jude had told me about before was a school that aristocrat children attended. It seemed that only those with exceptional magic skills among commoners could attend as a scholarship student.

No wonder the Director was surprised when I told him that education was compulsory in Japan and even commoners have to attend school.

The Director finished his tea while we were talking about such things and the conversation ended. Two days later, the craftsmen came to the Research Institute.

To be honest, when I was asked what I wanted, I half-jokingly said bath and kitchen.

I didn’t actually think that the Director would get things ready in order to build it.

I was naïve.

Didn’t he already make arrangements beforehand? Things proceeded at a frightening pace and just like that the bath and kitchen were built.

The pace in which it was completed was fast enough that I thought it was comparable to that of Japan.

Thus the Medicinal Herb Research Institute was expanded.

The kitchen was very large and next to it was the dining hall, big enough to fit all the researchers.

Moreover it came with a chef.

In short, it was a dining hall exclusively made for the researchers but was popular with everyone.

I went to eat at the dining hall exclusively for employees at the Royal Palace up until now, but it was far away.

The shut-in researchers were overjoyed.

“What’re you making today?”

“Today is herb grilled chicken and salad.”

The Director called out to me while I was cutting lettuce in a corner of the new kitchen.

I went through great pains to get the Chef to agree with me and now I was allowed to make my own share of food when it wasn’t busy.

This kingdom’s food didn’t suit my tastes from the start so I requested this.

I was worried that the Chef, who had finally came all the way here, would be offended when I said I wanted to make my own food. Fortunately, this Chef was a kind person and didn’t have any complaints when he let me use a section of the kitchen.

However, while I was in the middle of cooking he gave me a frightening glare.

Apparently he was a very ambitious person.

I told him, “Please help yourself”, because he wanted to have a taste and he ended up eating the whole serving.

He became so engrossed in eating after a mouthful that he remained silent while he was eating.

Every time I made a new dish, I taught him the recipe since he wanted me to teach him by all means.

As a result, the food at the research institute’s dining hall became delicious and the employee’s dining hall at the Royal Palace was no match.

It was fine even if I don’t make it myself if the food had become this delicious. But since the Chef bowed his head asking me to teach him new recipes; recently I cooked for myself once a week and the Chef behaved himself.

“Is something the matter?”

I asked the Director, who was standing behind me, while grilling the chicken.

For some time now the Director was standing behind me with the Chef gazing at my hands.

I wonder if a hole will open up in the chicken if he keeps staring like that.

I guess it won’t open.

Whenever the Director was in the research institute he would always come here to see me ever since I started cooking in the kitchen.

“I was just thinking that it looks tasty.”

“Thank you.”

“What flavours are you using this time?”

“I only grilled it with salt. Afterwards I used medicinal herbs for fragrance.”

“I see.”

That was the extent of our conversation. When I looked behind me again, the Director’s eyes were still pinned on the chicken.

“Director, perhaps you want to eat this? I have a feeling I saw you eating lunch earlier.”

“Ugh…… Well, I did but……”

When I glanced behind me again, the Director had a shameful look on his face.

He still wouldn’t leave even though he was looking at it. It seemed like he really wanted to eat it.

Usually when he ate in the dining hall, he ate the same amount as everyone else, so I couldn’t see him being a big eater.

Was he lured in by the smell of the medicinal herbs smeared all over the chicken?

Well, the basil and rosemary were freshly taken from the herb garden so it’s really fragrant.

Even the salad was freshly made.

I placed the grilled chicken onto the plate and on the side was the salad I made, accompanied by a homemade dressing.

The two dishes set up for plating was for the Chef and me. But I prepared another small dish and arranged a little bit of chicken and salad from my plate onto it.

The Chef cheerfully picked up the plate and carried it to the dining hall when I finished arranging the food. He put the food down onto the table closest to the kitchen.

I too followed after him with a basket of bread in one hand.

“If you don’t mind, please eat.”

I said to the Director, who was following behind me, and point to where the small dish was placed.

“It’s tasty as ever.”

I smiled at the Director who looked as if he was going to melt even without that comment.

Above all else, it seemed to suit his tastes.

The Director had already ate lunch so I only served him a tiny bit of food, but it seemed that it wasn’t enough.

He neatly cleaned his plate, even going as far as to spread the chicken fat and medicinal herbs onto the bread.

“But I was surprised that you used the medicinal herbs for cooking.”

“In my hometown, we use various medicinal herbs for cooking.”

It’s called medicinal herbs in this kingdom but it was actually the so-called herbs.

Herbs itself meant medicinal herbs.

The herbs I used, basil and rosemary, were common herbs used for cooking in my original world.

But in this world, medicinal herbs were used as remedies and it seemed that it wasn’t used for cooking.

“By using medicinal herbs in cooking, you can prevent food poisoning and help accelerate digestion.”


“There are also medicinal cooking methods aimed at preventing illness.”

Medicinal cooking was a method in the neighbouring kingdom and since the Chef was also with us, I blurred out that I was from a different world and talked about it as my hometown.

Although the Chef might know that I came from another world.

Or he might not know, so just to be sure.

The Director was interested in cooking and medicinal herbs so he asked me questions, one after another.

It really makes me think that the Director is also a researcher when I saw him like this.

He was usually in the director’s office doing nothing but administrative work so he didn’t feel much like a researcher.

I didn’t know some of the answers to the questions that the Director asked me. In such cases he told me to take a guess and he also talked about what he’d thought.

The conversation got lively, but because we were only talking about medicinal herbs, the Chef couldn’t join in and I felt that we did something bad.



We were making sandwiches in the kitchen today in order to teach the Chef a new recipe when Jude came in.

“What is it?”

“There’s a message from the Director, he wants you to go deliver this document to the 3rd Knight Order barracks.”

“I’m in the middle of something right now, so can’t you go instead, Jude?”

“Nah, he said he wanted you to deliver it, Sei.”

“I wonder why? Do I have to go now?? Can’t I do it afterwards? I’m nearly finished with this”

“Isn’t it fine if it’s just a little while longer?”

“Got it. I just need to go to the 3rd Knight Order’s barracks, right?”

“Yeah, he’s in the captain’s office so bring it there.”

“Got it.”

I arrived at the captain’s office in the 3rd Knight Order’s barracks and a knight next to the door immediately led me inside when I asked him to announce that I was here. He immediately led me inside.

Apparently the Director had let him know that I was coming in advance.

As I entered, I saw the Director and another person sitting on a lounge suite set in front of a splendid office desk.

He’s the captain, right?

“I am sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No, you’re very helpful. Thanks.”

“Then, I will return now.”

“Wait a minute.”

The Director smiled while thanking me when I passed the documents to him. I turned to leave the room once my task was done but the Director stopped me.

I looked at the Director wondering what it could be and he urged me to sit down next to him.


When I glimpsed at the other person, who was probably the owner of this room, he also urged me to sit down.

The Director spoke to the other person when I reluctantly sat down next him.

“She’s Sei.”

“I see, so it’s you. I’m the captain of the 3rd Knight Order, Alberto Hawk.”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Sei.”

I didn’t say my family name.

Only aristocrats have family names in this world and I wasn’t an aristocrat.

When I was assigned to the research institute, the Director taught me this when I introduced myself.

If an unfamiliar family name was untactfully given in this kingdom, an enquiry would pursue and that would become troublesome. I decided not to give out my family name since then.

The other person was the Captain after all.

I sat across from him and looked at him again.

He was a quirky man with blonde hair and blue grey eyes that gave out a cold feeling.

Is he the same age as the Director?

His physique was better than the Director’s but only because he’s a knight.

No, the Director is pretty tall and sturdily.

How can I say this, their muscle thickness is different.

He might be my favourite type out of all the people I’ve met since coming to this kingdom.

“Do you remember the things that happened during the 3rd Knight Order expedition?”


“You know, about the Salamander.”


I suddenly received an introduction, while I was thinking that it was odd for them to have business with me, the Director abruptly began to speak.

I was told that it was about the expedition and at first, I didn’t know what he was talking about, but when the Salamander was mentioned, I understood.

The other day the Knight Order who went to Ghosh Forest, located to the west of the capital, returned with a large number of casualties.

Since then I haven’t heard anything about it so I completely forgot. Was it the 3rd Knight Order?

“At that time, you made a guy drink an Advanced HP Potion, right?”


“It’s him.”

The Director said. Now that he mentioned it, I do remember that there was such a person.

At that time, I only made the most injured person drink the Advanced HP Potion.

The burns were terrible. It was hard to look at so I tried not to look too much and because of that I didn’t remember anything about that person’s features. I certainly remember the knight next to me call that person, Captain.

I see, so he was the person who nearly died at that time.

I saw his charred skin peel off and new skin regenerated from underneath immediately after he drank the potion. But, I didn’t see him when he was completely healed.

Since I went to distribute potions after that.

When I looked at the Captain again, there was no burn wounds from that time, only beautiful skin.

I think the potions from a different world are really excellent to be able to heal to this extent.

If it was like this, then wounds other than burns might completely heal as well.

Although I wanted to see the effectiveness of the potion, it was still impossible for me to ask him to take off his clothes so that I could see.

“Thanks, I was saved by you.”

“It’s nothing……”


Because I wanted to see the progress, I stared at him for too long and now the Captain was slightly blushing.

The figure of a handsome bashful guy had such destructive power. My heart throbbed while I gave a neutral answer and I heard the sound of light laughter next to me.

When I turned to my side thinking, what is it? I saw the Director put a hand over his mouth as he tried not to laugh.


“Nah, it’s nothing.”

He was still holding his laughter in although he said it was nothing. What was funny?

The Director was acting so suspiciously that it wasn’t just me but also the Captain who had a dubiousness look on his face.

No rather than dubiousness, he looked sullen or embarrassed.

Do you feel embarrassed?

I looked at the Director doubtfully and narrowed my eyebrows.

“Oh yeah, you wanted the ingredients for the Advanced HP Potions, right?”

“Yes. But they cannot be gathered without going to the forest, right?”

How vague. At the moment when the Captain tried to speak, the Director lost his urge to laugh and spoke while changing the topic.

I felt it was abrupt, but I’m glad it happened before the Captain got angry. I quietly stroked my chest.

About the Advanced HP Potion ingredients that the Director brought up, I certainly remember talking about it to the Director.

The meagre amount of medicinal herbs cultivated in the herb garden for Advanced HP Potions had considerably decreased recently due to overharvesting.

I wanted to rapidly make more potions to level up my pharmacy skill, but unfortunately, those medicinal herbs were difficult to cultivate and I was prohibited from using them any further by the Director.

Therefore I consulted with the Director about purchasing it from outside, but since cultivation was difficult, it was sold at a very high price.

Although the budget had increased recently, it was still difficult to purchase a large quantity of high-grade ingredients from outside.

It grew naturally in the forest outside of the Royal Palace, but it took time and effort to go there to collect it, although it saved on cost. It was difficult for researchers to go gathering alone since there were demons in the forest.

“Right. If it’s nearby then they grow in the forest to the south. Why don’t you go and gather them for a while?”

“Director, I want you to spare me from being attacked by demons.”

“About that, it seems that the guys from the 3rd Knight Order will protect you.”


“Apparently it’s the reward for the potion the other day.”

I unintentionally turned to face the Captain upon the Director’s words.

He looked calm, completely different from earlier. As the Director said, it seemed that they would guard me when I go to gather medicinal herbs as a reward for the potion.


“But I have already received a reward……”

I received a special reward from the Royal Palace and one from the Margrave household too.

Any more than that just feels too much.

“Captain-dono wanted to give you something personally.”


The Director said while grinning and the Captain stopped him in a panic.

But it was too late.

Was it fine to mobilise the Knight Order for personal gratitude?


I glanced at the Captain and he cleared his throat as if he knew what I was implying, and explained awkwardly.

“We’d originally planned to go to the South Forest for subjugation. So we talked about it in passing.”

“Is that so?”

It was originally planned.

If so, it won’t be any problem, right?

I certainly want medicinal herbs for Advanced HP Potions.

“If it is not a nuisance then please take me with you.”

I bowed my head and the Captain nodded as if to say it wasn’t a problem.

After that, we talked about practical business such as when the expedition would start, etc, and it was evening before I realised.


Today, I went to Saul forest located to the south of the capital.

The 3rd Knight Order had been regularly killing demons around the kingdom and they planned to expedite Saul Forest after the Ghosh Forest to the west.

It wasn’t normal for the Knight Order to go on subjugation missions so frequently, but the situation had been so bad in recent years, that the normal subjugation frequency couldn’t keep up and as a result they now constantly went out on missions.

Well, because of the 【Saint】summoned by the【Saint Summoning Ceremony】the situation was deemed to have gradually improved.

Do your best, Aira-chan.

This time the researchers from the Medicinal Herb Research Institute had joined the expedition.

The main purpose of the expedition was to subjugate demons, but the researchers have never come to this forest with the Knights before, so everyone wanted to go for the chance to gather a variety of medicinal herbs not available at the herb garden.

There were some researchers who wanted to survey the plants and not just gather medicinal herbs, but the Director firmly rejected their proposal because it would get in the way of the main purpose.

It was normally unthinkable for researchers who are good for nothing burdens, to partake in a Knight Order’s subjugation, but this was the Knight Order’s way of repaying the favour.

I thought that I could leisurely make potions at the research institute because there are researchers willing to participate in harvesting. But, the Director sadly made me participate since I was the one who used up most of the herbs.

“Oi ~, don’t separate too far.”

I found a medicinal herb I wanted in a place slightly away from the road and Jude warned me from behind when I went over to try and take it.

I quickly harvested the herb and Jude scolded me some more when I returned to where he was.

“Just because this forest is calmer than the West Forest, doesn’t mean that demons don’t appear. If you plan to separate, then say something before you do.”

“Sorry, sorry.”

The demons that appeared in the South Forest were weaker than the ones in the West Forest but that didn’t mean that they didn’t appear at all.

I knew I had to be careful but I couldn’t shake off my Japanese mentality. I unintentionally tottered towards things that interest me when I found them.

“I’m keeping a proper watch out so you should be fine if you don’t stray too far.”

The Captain called out from behind us while laughing abruptly.

The Knight Order and researchers were currently separated and acting in 3 groups.

This was because it was more efficient this way. Jude and I were a part of the Captain’s team.

The demons that appeared in the South Forest weren’t that strong, so the Captain didn’t normally partake in expeditions to the South Forest.

However, according to a knights in the same team, the Captain made a special exception for us.

Although it was a reward, I felt somewhat apologetic.

“Thank you. Even so, I have a feeling that we have gone considerably deep into the forest, but no demons have appeared.”

That’s right.

I think it’s already been two hours since we’ve entered the forest but we haven’t encountered a single demon.

Was this normal?

I questioned the Captain as I thought this and this didn’t seem to be the case.

“No, it’s usually not strange to encounter several demons already, but……”

“Is that so?”

“Ah, it is unusual to make it this far without encountering any.”

The Captain frowned as he said this and thought a little before talking to the other knights.

Yes ~, I wonder what’s up.

It wasn’t the calm before the storm but it would be nice if a strong demon like the Salamander doesn’t just suddenly pop up.

I picked up the medicinal herbs growing on the roadside as I thought this and headed towards the meeting point.

There was a little opening a short distance from where I was walking. We were joining up with the other groups there to have lunch.


We were at the meeting place for lunch, everyone had joined us.

I listened to the voices here and there, it was worthwhile for me to help out.

There was chatter about the lunch preparations being done by the Knight Order. But for me who grieved over this world’s cooking situation, I had to help out.

The soup I made by using herbs, which aren’t usually used, seemed to be popular.

“I heard that the food at the Medicinal Herb Research Institute’s dining hall was delicious, but…… are you perhaps the one who always prepares it?”

The one who had said this was the Captain. He looked at the soup in his spoon.

It was unusual, after all, to use medicinal herbs while cooking. I was asked various questions like: what kind of medicinal herb is that? Why are you putting it in? Even while I was making it.

That behaviour was exactly like some Director who always looked at me from behind.

The Captain and Director had been friends since childhood. I’ve heard from the researchers that they’re really close, but does being close mean that even their behaviours are similar?

“No, I just provide the recipe. The Chef is the one who always cooks.”

“To always be able to eat something this delicious, I’m envious.”

I saw him narrow his eyes and eat the soup delightfully, which made me happy.

But it was a bit nerve wracking to be in the middle of the group.

The knights and researchers seemed to have opened up to each other as a result of the morning’s subjugation. The Captain sat next to me while everyone else sat down where they liked.

The Vice-Captain sat on my other side. I’m the only researcher who has been thrown into this group of executives.


He escaped when I tried to drag him along with me.

I’ll remember this.

“I was told that various medicinal herbs were used in this soup, but my body is warmer than usual. Are there medicinal herbs with this kind of effect?”

“Well, that is right. Today’s soup is……”

I mainly spoke with the Captain but at odd times the knights would also call out to me, or rather many asked me about the herbs used in the dish. It was exciting.

The talk about herbs used in drinking side-dishes was especially interesting.

It would be delicious if you put it in sausage.

Just like that, there was a heated discussion about food. We continued subjugation in the afternoon and returned to the Royal Palace in the evening.

The people who went out to subjugate are supposed to gather at the 3rd Knight Order’s training ground upon returning to the Royal Palace.

The researchers in the training ground were gathering in groups of 3 or 5, talking as if they’d just returned from an outing despite being tired and maybe because the subjugation ended without any casualties.

They didn’t just talk about the medicinal herbs they’d gathered, they also talked about the demons they’d encountered and how the knights were at the time of subjugation.

Demons still didn’t appear in the afternoon on the road that my group took and the knight who was with me said, “They’re probably not coming because they fear the Captain’s strength”.

As the Captain of this Knight Order, his strength can compare with 1 or 2 people amongst his Order, right?

The knight had said that as a joke but he did say that this kind of thing has never happened once, ever.

Actually it seemed that the other group encountered demons several times in the afternoon. The researchers joined in with the knight’s subjugation.

The researchers at the research institute all have magic skills.

They supported the knights by casting magic from behind.

They haven’t subjugated demons since they’d left the Royal Academy so everyone had a bit of fun.

“I prepared myself since I was told that it was a subjugation, but we finished it so easily. I’m disappointed.”

“Ah, it’s been awhile since I’ve fought against demons, but considering all that, my condition is good.”

“You too? I have a hunch that my condition is better than when I was at the Academy.”

“All the same, isn’t that saying too much?”

Just like that, everyone was talking noisily and the nearby knight joined in when he heard it was about the subjugation.

“You guys as well?”


“Well, we were talking about how strange it was that we were able to move better than usual.”

According to the knight, at first everyone thought it was just them but when they saw that the other knight’s movements were also better than usual, they started talking and concluded that their physical abilities seemed to have risen.

“What’s the cause?”

A researcher muttered as if speaking to himself and everyone started expressing their opinions.

Well, they quickly realise what the cause was……

“Wasn’t it the lunch?”

“””That’s it!”””

When they thought about what they did differently than usual, everyone came up with the soup that they ate for lunch.

It was certainly the first time the knights ate soup with herbs but, the researchers should be used to eating it at the dining hall.

So was the herb the cause?

The researchers immediately become lively.

I managed to stop the enthusiastic researchers from returning to the research institute for investigation before they had received the break up signal. There was a big uproar when we returned to the research institute.

Even though everyone should have been tired.

Then one week later.

In order to investigate the cause, I made dishes with various methods at the research institute which we then ate and examined.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also had a midnight snack on top of that as well. We ate all day long.

As one would expect, it was too much for the researchers alone so we also asked for the cooperation of the 3rd Knight Order, who we’d become friends with during the subjugation.

The knights gladly cooperated since they could eat at the rumoured Medicinal Herb Research Institute’s dining hall. It was a great help.

The result was, when someone ate a specific dish made by someone who had the cooking skill, their physical abilities improved.

When using this cooking skill the magic power of the creator would decrease, just like with potion making.

All the chefs working at dining halls have this skill.

Of course our Chef at the research institute had this skill as well.

Takanashi Sei

HP: 4,867/4,867
MP: 6,067/6,067

Combat Skill:
Holy attribute magic: Lv. ∞

Production Skill:
Pharmacy: Lv. 28
Cooking: Lv. 5

And before I knew it, I had also acquired it.

This was the reason why everyone’s physical abilities was improved during the subjugation.

Even though the researchers ate this food every day, they rarely moved their bodies so they didn’t notice.

It was a knight’s job to move their body so they noticed straight away.

Actually I don’t think that was the only reason they’d noticed.

The accursed 50% increase that appeared when I made potions also appeared when I cook and the dishes I made were more effective than those made by the dining hall chefs.

Perhaps because of that the effects of the food became remarkably visible and it got noticed.

When the Director heard about it, he was incredibly shocked and forbade me from cooking in public.

Behind the Scenes 01

A little while ago.

In the Slantania Kingdom a gloomy atmosphere engulfed a room at the royal palace.

“Well then shall we hear the report?”

The Prime Minister, Dominique Goltz said with a perplexed expression.

There were eight people sitting on the left and right of the conference table: the Defence Minister, the Interior Ministers, all Knight Order’s Captains, the Court Mage Division’s Head Magician and lastly, the King sat at the far end of the table.

It was Joseph Hawk, the Defence Minister who spoke next.

His low heavy voice echoed.

“The situation has not changed, it is still unfavourable. Each of the Knight Orders have been sequentially subjugating and we have somehow managed to withstand it. But at this rate, the demons will eventually flood the forest.”

Demons are born when a certain concentration of miasma was gathered. The stronger the miasma was, the stronger the demon was.

Miasma occurred relatively close to humans and it was still unknown as to why miasma occurred.

Miasma easily accumulates in dark places where people do not live: such as forests and caves.

It wouldn’t have been a problem if it only accumulated but demons were born from it. Those demons migrated near villages and towns, causing harm to humans.

The miasma in the surrounding area became thinner when a demon was defeated. The thickening of miasma could be prevented by continuously defeating demons.

In peaceful times, it was possible to prevent the demons from flooding villages and towns thanks to the Knight Order’s periodic subjugations.

However in Slantania, once every few generations there was a period when the speed of the miasma thickening exceeded the speed at which the demons were defeated.

This was what was happening at the current time.

The Knight Orders coped with it by raising the frequency of their subjugations.

However since the number of subjugation increased year by year according to the miasma, the Defence Minister and the knights agreed that they could only endure it for another year or two.

If they couldn’t withstand it, then the demons would flood out from places that easily accumulated miasma and attack the surrounding villages and towns.

The Interior Minister, Alphonse Hummel, spoke after the Defence Minister.

“Various aristocrats have also reported that it has become increasingly difficult to cope with the miasma.”

The Knight Orders subjugated the demons in the outskirts of the capital but regional aristocrats appointed people in their territories for subjugation.

Those appointed people were not farmers but mercenaries from various places.

The mercenaries gathered together to form mercenary groups. The feudal lords commissioned the mercenary groups to subjugate demons in exchange for a reward.

That was how they maintained the safety of their territories. But the rewards that the feudal lord gave out couldn’t match up with the amount of demons and coping with them became difficult.

Mercenary groups were also putting their lives on the line.

If the reward was too low, they wouldn’t work, even if it was for somewhere they lived.

If the mercenary groups didn’t work for some reason or if one mercenary group, alone, was not enough, sometimes the Knight Orders at the Royal Palace would lend a hand.

However, they had their hands full with the situation around the capital and weren’t in any position to help out the other territories.

The Prime Minister further deepened the crease between his eyebrows at the response given by the Defence Minister and Interior Minister. Next Michael Huber, the Special Division’s Captain, was asked a question.

“How is the search for Saint-sama?”

“…… I am sorry to say but we have yet to find her.”

Huber’s voice was also gloomy and heavy.

In times when the miasma thickened, a maiden called the【Saint】would appear somewhere in the kingdom.

The purifying magic used by the 【Saint】was powerful and made it possible to defeat the demons one after another.

Because of the【Saint’s】appearance, they could overcome the period by suppressing the flooding demons.

From that continuous history, at that time, they anticipated the 【Saint’s】appearance somewhere in Slantania and so the Special Division searched in various places.

They believed that they would immediately find the 【Saint】but contrary to their expectations, three years had passed since they’d began their search and they still haven’t found her yet.

The Special Division earnestly searched the kingdom around every nook and cranny before the steadily approaching time of destruction.

But they never found her, they’d thought she wasn’t born yet and visited the same places many times.

But still they couldn’t find the 【Saint】.

A heavy silence fell upon the room.

“Would you like to rely on a legend?”

Yuuri Dreves, the Court Mage Division’s Head Magician, quietly grumbled.

His whisper resounded throughout the quiet room and everyone sitting at the table turned to look at Dreves.

Dreves glanced at the surroundings and slowly lifted the documents placed in front of him.

“There is a ceremony called the【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.”

“That is…… That certainly is a famous story but isn’t it just a fairy-tale?”

“No, it is a true story. The contents of the ceremony are written in here.”

“What did you say?”

“There was a grimoire detailing the ceremony performed at that time amongst the books stored in the prohibited book chamber.”

“Are the contents reliable?”

“I do not know. The method is written in here but the procedure is quite complex. A number of mages will also be needed to perform the ceremony. There’s a 50% chance of success or failure.”

“Something like that……”

“But I think that it is better to try it out rather than wait and do nothing as the demons overflow.”

The【Saint Summoning Ceremony】was a ceremony constructed in ancient times when the 【Saint】did not appear no matter how thick the miasma got; just like the situation they were encountering.

The sages in the past used all their knowledge to construct this ceremony in order to summon a maiden who would become the 【Saint】from far away.

It sounded like this ceremony was exactly what they needed, but the ceremony had only been performed once, at the time of its creation and had since been dormant until it was needed again.

Therefore, even if they performed the ceremony, they were uncertain about whether or not it would succeed.

Many mages and tools were needed for the ceremony so even just performing it was costly.

It wasn’t worth it to perform the ceremony in peaceful times, but since they were already approaching their limits, such trifle things weren’t a problem.

The King, who sat silently while listening to the conversations around him, spoke.

“We will perform the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】. Court Mage Division, start the preparations immediately. Everyone else, continue with your duties.”

Thus for the first time in hundreds of years, the Slantania Kingdom performed the【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.


The【Saint Summoning Ceremony】succeeded.

A maiden from a different world was summoned by the ceremony.

However a problem occurred.

Two maidens were summoned.

According to the documents, up until they did the ceremony again, only one 【Saint】has ever appeared at a time.

Was one of them the【Saint】? Or were they both 【Saints】? Or were none of them 【Saint】?

The only person who could judge this was the Court Mage Division’s Head Magician, who’d collapsed due to the backlash of the ceremony, and was currently sleeping at the time.

More problems occurred.

The leaders of Slantania only learnt about the existence of the two saint candidates on the following day after the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】was performed.

The success of the ceremony was immediately reported to the King by the Crown Prince, who had desired to supervise the ceremony, himself.

The Crown Prince had only reported that the 【Saint】had been safely summoned, he made no mentions of the number of people summoned.

At that moment, the leaders of the kingdom thought that things were finally going to settle down, but they were at their wits end when they were notified the next day.

They were notified that for some reason the Crown Prince only greeted one of the saint candidates and that he’d left the other candidate behind in the room.

Furthermore, the other saint candidate tried to leave the castle because she was angry at the Crown Prince for ignoring her and leaving her there.

Fortunately because of the knights who were stationed there took action, they were somehow able to stop her from leaving immediately, but the leaders could guess that her impression of the kingdom was considerably bad.

“I wonder what she’s doing now……”

The King’s tired and exhausted voice resounded throughout the place.


A month had passed since the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.

At the time, the day had long faded and darkness enveloped outside of the room.

Two men were relaxing and drinking wine at Earl Waldeck’s detached house in the capital.

One of them lived here and was the second son of Earl Waldeck, the owner of the house. Johan Waldeck the Director of the Medicinal Herb Research Institute.

The other was Johan’s childhood friend, Alberto Hawk, the 3rd son of the Margrave family and also the captain of the 3rd Knight Order.

Although they often drank together at the Waldeck estate, Alberto had been busy subjugating demons and couldn’t make time for it lately. So it had been a month since they’ve met up at the Waldeck estate.

“Come to think of it, I heard that a new person recently joined the research institute.”

“Mm? Ah……”

It had been a month and a half since they met and exchanged information. So Alberto asked about the new researcher who’d recently joined the research institute.

Johan smiled bitterly as he remembered something upon Alberto’s question.

Johan had guessed that this was the reason why Alberto had made time out of his busy schedule to visit the Waldeck estate as if it was nothing.

“What’s she like?”

“Extremely normal.”


“She acts the same as the other researchers.”

Johan replied to Alberto’s question in a roundabout way as not to stray far from the question.

Although Johan knew what Alberto wanted to know, he answered in a roundabout way like he usually did.

Just like this, Johan always made fun of the serious Alberto.

Since Alberto also knew this, he returned Johan’s answer with a bitter smile and urged him to continue with his eyes.

Johan was satisfied upon seeing that and gave the answer that Alberto wanted to hear.

“At present, she’s had no complaints towards the royal palace and she’s working earnestly.”

“Is that so? It seemed that she was angered promptly after being summoned. Since she was extremely furious, it seemed that the interior affairs official who corresponded with Saint-sama went deadly pale upon angering her.”

“Seems like it. Because of that, those guys who are always putting on airs are acting really humble this time.”



On the day that the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】was performed Alberto had left the capital to go subjugate demons so he’d only heard about what had happened afterwards from rumours.

He’d heard various rumours upon his return and that was where he’d learnt that one of the saint candidates was working at the Medicinal Herb Research Institute, where Johan was the Director.

So he’d thought that it would be faster to ask Johan directly instead of listening to rumours and made time out of his busy schedule to visit the Waldeck estate.

Johan explained how he came to look after the saint candidate, Sei, at the research institute.

Two weeks ago, a black hair, black eyed woman suddenly started coming to the research institute every day.

At first one of the researchers, Jude kept her company.

However since the research institute was an all-male place and there was a woman who was interested in medicinal herbs; in no time at all most of the researchers had kept her company.

Johan remembered that he’d felt uneasy looking at Sei, who had unusual coloured hair and eyes.

A few days before that, Johan talked with his older brother, who he’d met by chance at the Royal Palace and heard about the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】being performed.

He’d heard that two women had been summoned, one with dyed brown hair and black eyes, the other with black hair and black eyes.

When Johan remembered this he immediately contacted his older brother.

The next day after he’d told his brother about the black hair, black eyed woman who often visited the research institute; he was urgently summoned to the Royal Palace.

There was a high-ranking officer in the designated room at the Royal Palace, besides his older brother.

Johan sat on the lounge suite set sofa and listened to their story. The woman who came to the research institute was indeed one of the summoned woman. If possible, they wanted him to look after her at the Medicinal Herb Research Institute.

Why did he have to look after her at the research institute?

Although she was just a candidate, the 【Saint】was just as important as the King in Slantania.

No, since the Saint held the fate of Slantania in her hands, she was more important than the King.

What was the reason for keeping someone like her, who might be the 【Saint】at the research institute located at the corner of the Royal Palace?

When Johan pointed that out, the High Official wiped sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief and awkwardly replied.

Sei didn’t have a very good impression of Slantania because of the Crown Prince’s actions after the summoning.

Actually she also tried to leave after the Crown Prince had.

Not from the room but from Slantania.

The people in the room had somehow managed to stop her and guided her to another room. After that thanks to the High Official’s desperate persuasion, they’d somehow managed to persuade her into staying at the Royal Palace.

There has been no instances of two 【Saints】being summoned in the past. Since there has been no case of two 【Saints】being summoned by the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】, the people at the Royal Palace currently didn’t know which one was the 【Saint】.

However since there has been no case of this happening, both of them could also be the 【Saint】so it was dangerous to let them go therefore both were being kept at the Royal Palace.

Meanwhile Sei liked the herb garden at the Royal Palace and had recently been visiting it every day.

The High Official thought that if she deepened her relationship with the researchers then her impression of Slantania would improve.

“The point is that we’re cleaning up His Highness, Kyle’s mess.”

“We originally planned to have her learn about Slantania from a teacher. Incidentally it seems that the saint candidate under His Highness, Kyle’s protection is attending the Royal Academy.”

“Perhaps, since you have made her angry you plan to curry her favour by letting her do as she pleases?”

“I guess so. We’re not in a situation where we could take things slowly…… In any case, you’ve provoked the interior affairs many times right?”

“Of course.”

Johan broadly laughed and raised the glass in his hand.

As an aristocrat, Johan understood what the people at the Royal Palace was thinking, having heard the High Official’s story. There seemed to be no problem in watching over Sei at the research institute.

But Johan didn’t like the High Official’s attitude since he was completely entrusting everything to him.

So Johan made a difficult expression and gave many reasons for refusing.

Even if she came to the research institute during the day, there was quite a bit of distance between the Royal Palace and the research institute so it would be difficult to commute daily.

Some of the researchers were staying at the research institute for that exact reason so what will happen if she asked to stay as well?

Even if she said she would like to stay at the research institute, wouldn’t it be a problem to make her stay at such a scruffy place?

They didn’t have the budget to reconstruct the rooms at the research institute, and so on.

Johan also gave other various reasons for why he couldn’t do it and finally things went the way he wanted.

After agreeing to support the saint candidate, Johan casually looked over at the resources to plan for the improvement of the research institute. His brother who was sitting next to him stiffened but he ignored him.

Afterwards the renovations of the room that Sei would live in was given top priority. One week was an exceptionally short period of time but they managed to finish the renovations by the time she had moved.

“But it’s strange, no matter how much they wanted to gain the favour of the saint candidate, didn’t the guys from interior affairs just leave her in her room?”

“Leave her?”

“According to one of researchers, she was complaining about it. She was summoned then guided to her room, but after that they just left her alone so she had a lot of free time.”

“What do you mean? That’s different from what I heard.”

Johan raised an eyebrow upon Alberto’s words.

Alberto had heard at the Royal Palace that she had poor health after she was summoned and retired to her room.

As a matter of fact, there was a time difference between Japan and Slantania Kingdom. When she was summoned, it was late at night in Japan but in Slantania Kingdom it was still morning.

Because of that, Sei was summoned after she’d returned home from work and was tired. Therefore after being guided to her room she immediately passed out on the sofa.

Because of that, people didn’t have a very good impression of her.

She looked like someone with poor health. Her skin was pale from working late day by day and she had eye bags under her eyes from many years of sleepless nights.

The court lady who had saw Sei passed out on the sofa sleeping like a dead person had rushed to inform the High Official. The High Official had panicked because he’d thought that the summoning had a bad effect on her body, which was so different from her angered state a few hours ago.

The High Official decided to give Sei time to rest and that was what had happened.

In addition due to these series of events, the information about two saint candidates was reported to the King a day late.

One of the reasons that the report was late was because even if just slightly, the High Official had been a little conflicted over the fact that he had to report their carelessness.

“I see. Her complexion was certainly bad when she first came to the research institute.”

“What about now?”

“Now? Well…… Her complexion is considerably better now.”

When Sei had first came to the research institute it was just like Alberto had said. Johan recalled that he’d concluded that she looked like she was prone to poor health.

Time had passed since then and although her skin remained white since she secluded herself at the research institute but the bags under her eyes had slightly improved. If people saw her again, they wouldn’t think that she had poor health.

“I see. Is she eating properly……?”

“Eating? You sound somewhat like a father.”

“…… Shut up. It seems that recently the candidate of His Highness, Kyle’s place hasn’t been eating and it’s becoming problematic.”


“The chefs are trying everything they can but since she’s lost her appetite, His Highness is worried that she’ll collapse someday.”

“The candidate at my place also doesn’t have much of an appetite.”

“Is it normally for people not to eat much in their country?”

“Who knows? I’ll ask about it next time.”

The food seasoning used in Slantania Kingdom was too simple for the two who had been summoned from Japan.

Little seasoning was used and many dishes didn’t use any seasoning at all so it didn’t suit their tastes.

Therefore it was only naturally that they didn’t eat much. The Crown Prince was worried about the other saint candidate and ordered people left and right to solve the problem.

However, nothing worked.

“His Highness is very enthusiastic this time.”

“Well, in various ways……”

Alberto said evasively but Johan understood what he was implying.

There are three princes in Slantania Kingdom.

For generations the eldest son become the King so the first-born was treated as the Crown Prince.

But the Second Prince was more brilliant and factions had appeared backing him as the Crown Prince.

It didn’t pose much of a problem since the Second Prince wasn’t interested and the King negated it but the Crown Prince, who’d always been aware that he was inferior to his younger brother, was concerned about the factions.

It was evident that he’d aimed to appeal to those aristocrats by offering to supervise the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.

Unfortunately at that time, the Crown Prince had angered Sei and his plan backfired on him which added extra pressure on him.

“Is His Highness still in charge of the 【Saint】?”

“Ah. His Majesty is still concerned about His Highness’s blunder but if he left it to other people the Crown Prince might become anxious so he’s just going to wait and see for a while. Fortunately the candidate at your place considered staying, His Majesty is probably hoping that’ll help His Highness recover.”

“If there’s a dispute over succession then the kingdom will lapse into chaos.”

Johan sighed. If dispute over the crown happened on top of the miasma problem, he expected that the kingdom would definitely fall into chaos.

Although the Crown Prince was a bit prejudiced, he was straightforward and deeply passionate which many people found favourable.

In addition, he had the support of his close aides and the Second Prince. So for the time being, he’d have no problems when succeeding the King.

The Crown Prince’s evaluation from the aristocrats had dropped because of what had happened this time, but he avoided making the fatal blunder of losing the saint candidate and the King seemed to think that the first Prince could still recover.

“Even so there’s two people…… Did the ceremony really succeed? Given the history, it’s weird for there to be more than one 【Saint】.”

“There’s no doubt that the ceremony was a success.”

“What’s your basis for saying that?”

“The appearance of demons have decreased lately.”

Since the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】the knights who periodically subjugate demons realized that the demons were decreasing bit by bit.

The demons that already formed didn’t disappear, but the outbreak speed was getting slower. The knights felt that the number of demons have decreased compared to before.

Because of that, the knights knew that the ceremony succeeded and they were certain that the 【Saint】was at the Royal Palace.

Of course, this was also reported to the leaders.

The Court Mage Division’s Head Magician, who could tell them who the 【Saint】was, was still unconscious and they couldn’t tell which one was the 【Saint】or if they both were. But the tragic atmosphere had been casted aside.

“Is that so? It’ll be good if your place settles down.”

“Yeah. As expected, everyone’s feeling fatigued.”

“Your next subjugation is at the West Forest?”

“No we’re going to the East Forest first, then I can take a long holiday after we’re done with the West Forest. It’s more troublesome than the East and South, but the demons aren’t that strong so we should be able to finish the subjugation with ease.”

“Well, should be simple for you but do be careful.”

“Got it.”

At the time, some kind of flag had risen but none of them knew about it.

Act 04: Cosmetics

Five months have passed since I’ve been summoned.

“What are you making?”

While I was making essential oil from the lavender I harvested at the herb garden, Jude spoke to me.

“Are those potion ingredients?”

“No, they’re ingredients for skin toner.”

What I wanted was floral water, the byproduct of making essential oil.

I was now able to make cosmetics since coming to this world.

I was always interested in handmade cosmetics and it became essential to have.

Of course, there are cosmetics in the world. However, they’re mainly aimed at aristocrats, so it was expensive.

Luckily this was the Medicinal Herb Research Institute.

I could use the equipment and facilities to make cosmetics. As a bonus I could use as much ingredients as I wanted.

“Eh ~, so you can also make it from medicinal herbs.”

“You can also make it from flowers called roses too.”

There are cosmetics in this world but unlike potions there are many mysterious recipes.

Is it really okay to apply that on your face? There are so many things I want to ask.

If you apply something like that on your face, isn’t it better to apply potions instead?

However the purpose of potions was to heal wounds. It didn’t have any moisturising or whitening effects like cosmetic products did so it was tricky to use it as a cosmetic product.

I tried to use it before but it was really tricky.

“You’ve made it before. Did you use Lavender at that time too?”

“I used it but I didn’t use it to make skin toner.”

“I see. Does it have different effects?”

“Well, the basic effects are the same.”

“Really? Well, cosmetics made by Sei seem like they’ll have a high effect.”

I smiled bitterly at what Jude said.

The cosmetic products I made are highly effective.

Come to think of it, it turned out well when I tried to concentrate magic power into it while stirring.

There was a big difference in effect when I concentrated magic power in and when I don’t.

Moreover, my pharmacy skill influenced my cosmetics and my accursed 50% increase is applied.

When I noticed that my pharmacy skill influenced it, I thought perhaps, the other researchers would ask me to make cosmetics in the same way.

Then as I feared, there was a difference in effect between the cosmetics I made and the ones I didn’t.

It seemed that the relationship between cosmetics and pharmacy skill was not evident and the researchers were surprised when they noticed.

Unlike potions, only a limited number of people used cosmetics. The researchers weren’t interested because they were all men so they didn’t notice.

When my accursed 50% increase was reported to the Director, he laughed as if implying it happened again?

It was a very worn-out laugh.

“Did you start making cosmetics after coming to the research institute, Sei?”


“I thought so.”

He thought so?

When I tilted my head, Jude laughed bashfully.

“You’ve become really beautiful since coming here.”


So sudden, what’s he saying, this kid.

Before I knew it, I was befuddled, but I understood what he was implying and I could feel my face heated up bit by bit.

It was the first time a man had ever said anything like that to me and it was extremely embarrassing.

“Wh-what are you saying all of a sudden?”

“Mhm? I just said what I felt.”

He hastily played it off but he seemed to notice that I was feeling embarrassed. Naturally, Jude laughed.

Certainly there was no late-night overtime in this world and thanks to living a regular lifestyle, the bags under my eyes have completely disappeared. My hair and skin have also become radiant.

When I was in Japan, I worked late every day so it was unrealistic for me to be beautiful and stylish, I was a splendid unpopular woman. But the first time I looked in the mirror after coming here, I saw the change in my appearance and thought it was a bit fun.

Thanks to the cream that I applied around my eyes, my eyesight got better and I no longer need glasses.

But an unpopular woman was an unpopular woman.

Even if my appearance had changed, the inside was still the same.

I am very distressed by this.

“Stop teasing me.”

I said but Jude just lowered his eyebrows and smiled as if he was troubled.


I woke up early in the morning, brushed my teeth, washed my face and applied cosmetics.

The same routine I had when I was in Japan.

I think the cosmetics I made are slowly showing their effects and my appearance has become quite healthy.

I looked at my reflection in the small hand-mirror (it was in the bag that was summoned together with me), I saw the effects and smile, complacently.

Nonetheless, having no makeup on, I looked the same as ever.

I could make basic cosmetic products but I couldn’t remember how to make make-up so I couldn’t make any.

I didn’t like heavy makeup, so it was fine.

I looked at my reflection for a while and changed when I felt satisfied.

Today was a day off and it would be quite good if I relaxed a little.

Well, what shall I do?


Takanashi Sei

HP: 4,867/4,867
MP: 6,067/6,067

Combat Skill:
Holy attribute magic: Lv. ∞

Production Skill:
Pharmacy: Lv. 30
Cooking: Lv. 8

For the time being, let’s check my current status.

My pharmacy and cooking skills have both increased.

If I continue cooking, the skill will likely raise, but recently it has become difficult to raise my pharmacy skill even when I was making Advanced HP Potions.

What can I make that’s higher than an Advanced HP Potion?

There were books on medicinal herbs and medicines at the research institute, but I’ve never seen a book about potions with higher effects than Advanced HP Potions.

If I go to the Royal Palace library, will there be books like that there?

It was finally my long-awaited holiday, but I will be spending it doing work-related things. I was still a workaholic, but I had nothing else I wanted to do.

Although I wanted to go into town to do some shopping, I’ve never been out of the Royal Palace before and I felt a bit uneasy.

It would be a different story if someone came with me……

Well, whatever.

Today I’ll seclude myself in the Royal Palace library and read books.

“Huh? Sei, are you going out?”

While I was descending from the third floor to the first, Jude called out to me.

Today’s not his day off so he’s working.

It seemed that he’d just entered the research institute after getting medicinal herbs from the warehouse. The box he was holding with both hands contained a lot of medicinal herbs.

“Yup, I was thinking about going to the Royal Palace library.”

“I see, isn’t it your day off today?”


“Take care.”

“See you later.”

Jude saw me off as I left the research institute and walked towards the Royal Palace.

It’ll take 30 minutes but this was also good exercise.

I don’t exercise enough because I confined3)Hikikomori myself in the research institute everyday so I have to go on walks like this sometimes.

But it was troublesome……

After walking for a short while, I arrived at the Royal Palace and went inside.

I’ve been to the Royal Palace library many times for work-related things, so I didn’t get lost.

Along the way I looked at the vases and paintings decorating the Royal Palace corridor and in no time at all, I arrived at the library.

Because it’s the Royal Palace, I think that they’re all first-class items.

It was fun to look at the delicate patterns on the vases and elegant sceneries in the paintings.

In my original world, some places turned former palaces into art museums, so it felt like I was walking through an art museum.

When I arrived at the library, I opened the door and entered. Due to the flow of air, I saw dust floating in the light that shone through the window.

There are only a few windows in the room to protect the books so it was dim.

I used the faint light and looked at the books on the bookshelf, searching for a book I wanted.

I picked a few books before sitting down on a nearby table and opening one of the books.

Of course, the letters aren’t written in Japanese but I could understand what was written on them, probably due to the effects of being summoned.

It was written in Japanese in my mind so it was a very strange feeling.

I don’t know how much time passed, but when I made a round trip to the bookshelf and back again, the door creaked open.

It was not unusual for people to come to the library since it was available to everyone working at the Royal Palace.

I looked up expecting the usual civil servants but instead I saw a stunning beautiful girl wearing an extravagant dress.

She had blonde hair which was half tied up and blue almond-shaped eyes.

No matter how I looked at her, she was a young lady from an aristocrat family.

In addition to that, her family ranking was high.

It wasn’t strange to see a young lady at the Royal Palace but I had a feeling that this was the first time I’ve met one at the library.

Because she was a sight for sore eyes, I kept staring at her and she noticed me.

I quickly bowed my head on reflex because I was Japanese and she returned it with a lovely smile.

It would be impolite of me to stare at her any further, so I returned my gaze back back to the book in my hand.

After a little while, a book was placed in the seat in front of me.

I raised my head and it was the young lady from before. This time, she read her book without looking at me.

I did wonder why she was sitting here even though there were other seats, but I continued to read the book in my hand without caring.

When I finished reading all the books I had, I heard the bell telling me it was three o’clock.

I had a feeling that I was in the library for quite a long time.

I got up thinking I should return soon and the young lady called out to me, “Excuse me.”


“About that book over there……”

Apparently she wanted to read one of the books that I was going to put away.

I had already finished with it so I handed it to her and she was surprised to see the other books in my hand.

“You read difficult books. Are you a researcher?”


“As expected. This book is written in the ancient language so even I have difficulty reading it.”

I could read it regardless of the written language because of some kind of ability, so I didn’t notice it at all but it seemed that one of the books I have was written in the ancient language.

Even if she told me it was difficult, I couldn’t understand her feelings so I smiled vaguely in order to deceive her.

“Are you also interested in medicinal herbs, Miss?”

“Yes I am.”

I asked her while using horrible honorifics and she vaguely smiled.

Hmm, was my use of honorifics bad or did I ask something bad?

Although I couldn’t come to a conclusion, I thought that it would be bad to bother her any further and decided to end the conversation properly.

“If you are interested, please come to the Medicinal Herb Research Institute. There are many herbs at the herb garden. My name is Sei, I am a researcher there.”

“Thank you. This is a bit late but my name is Elizabeth Ashley.”

“Well then, I should return to the research institute soon.”


I returned the book to the bookshelf. When I left the library, I felt the suffocating heat from outside.

It’s already summer.

The temperature was somehow adjusted inside of the library and was lower than the temperature in the corridor.

As I walked back to the research institute while fanning myself, I heard a horse from behind.

I turned around and there were a group of horses headed my way.

The people riding the horses looked like knights and I felt like I knew the person in front from somewhere.


“Ah, good afternoon.”

The person in front was the Captain of the 3rd Knight Order.

So does that mean that everyone behind him is from the 3rd Knight Order?

I saw a few familiar faces so they probably were.

“Are you going to the research institute?”


“If it’s alright with you, would you like a lift?”

“Thank you for your offer but I do not know how to ride a horse……”

There was still some distance until the research institute.

I appreciated his offer but I didn’t know how to ride a horse.

When I looked up at him, troubled, he held out his hands and said, “Hold on.”

I nervously held the Captain’s hands and he quickly lifted me up onto the horse. I was now sitting in front of the Captain.

No matter how thin I was, what kind of strength did he have to be able to lift up a woman?

Are all the knights this strong?

“Well then, shall we go?”

While I was surprised, the Captain lifted the reins and the horse slowly moved.

My line of sight was really high on a horse, it was a bit scary.

When I timidly grabbed onto the saddle, I heard a quiet laughing sound behind me. The Captain put his hand around my waist.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you.”


What’s with this closeness?

This might be the first time I’ve ever felt someone’s body heat on my back.

He’s not my boyfriend and I’m an old unpopular woman, being this close is intense.

It may be inevitable but I feel as if I’m being hugged from behind. It’s embarrassing, my ears are getting hot.

“What did you do at the Royal Palace?”

“Well today is my day off so I thought I would go to the library to read.”

“So it’s your day off. What kind of books did you read?”

“It was a medicinal herbs book. There was something I wanted to find……”

While my heart was throbbing the Captain spoke to me.

Every time he spoke, his voice would ring out from behind me.

While I was thinking, “Wow!” over and over in my mind, I replied and gradually calmed down.

“You spend your day-off investigating medicinal herbs? Isn’t that work?”

“No, learning about medicinal herbs is also my hobby.”

To be honest, it was shocking for me to work on a day-off so I kept insisting that it was a hobby.

“Do you not have any other hobbies?”


He asked me in wonder but I couldn’t come up with anything else.

I’ve always worked so I didn’t have any hobbies.

While we were idling chatting like that, we reached the crossroad between the research institute and the barracks.

The Captain told the knights at the back that he’d escort me to the research institute, so we split up with them at the crossroad.

When I told him that it was okay to let me down here, he replied with, “It’s close so I’ll escort you”. In the end he took me to the entrance of the research institute.


“Sei, this part is a little difficult. Can you explain it to me please?”

“Well, this is……”

I talked to Liz about the book. She’s also known as Elizabeth-sama, the person I met at the library.

Although we talked, it’s only when I had business at the library, so it wasn’t for very long.

The contents of the books were written in foreign languages or the ancient language. Liz asked me about the parts she didn’t understand.

Liz seemed to be studying languages. I explained the parts that are difficult to understand to her.

At first, she asked me about grammar, but I’m sorry, I don’t understand grammar at all.

I only understand the contents.

“I see, so that is what it means. Thank you.”

“It’s fine.”

“I always interfere with your work, I am sorry.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it. It’s a good breather.”

Why are you talking to an aristocrat in an extremely familiar tone?

At first I properly used honorifics.

But somewhere along the way, Liz told me not too, you know?

I also called her Liz now instead of Elizabeth-sama. She asked me to talk normally with her.

I can’t refuse when a beautiful young lady asks me that.

“Sei’s skin is very beautiful.”

In order to explain the contents of the book, our faces were very close to each other and she suddenly said such a thing.

I wasn’t accustomed to compliments so I didn’t know how to answer when a beautiful girl, who looked like a bisque doll with perfect skin and no pores, complimented me.

“Really?” I answered humbly while tilting my head. Liz nodded in return and smiled.

“Even if I am being careful in this season, I still get sunburnt in the daytime. I heard that Sei also works in the herb garden, but you are not sunburnt at all. I feel that you get whiter by the day and your skin is getting more translucent.”

“Really? Liz doesn’t seem sunburnt at all.”

“Of course I am being careful. I take care of my skin every day, but even so I will never reach Sei’s level of translucency. Which products are you using?”

Of course Liz was a girl so she also seemed interested in beauty and she talked about it very enthusiastically.

Moreover, was it because she’s an aristocrat? She was talking about things that adults talked about. In Japan, I couldn’t imagine girls in intermediate school talking about this kind of thing.

When I was the same age as Liz the most I ever did was put on sunscreen.

Do you call something like this ‘high girl power’?

“I make the cosmetic products myself.”


When I said I made it myself, Liz’s eyes shined.

Since Liz was an aristocrat, she has never made any cosmetics products herself so it was unusual.

However, since Liz was studying medicinal herbs she asked me questions like: what kind of ingredients are used? What kind of effects do those ingredients have?

She seemed more enthusiastic than when she asked about the book contents.

I thought Liz was also a girl. When she finally calmed down, she said something unexpected.

“It is not only the cosmetics making you beautiful, is it Sei?”

“Mhm? What do you mean?”

“You have fallen in love recently, haven’t you?”


Liz covered her mouth with her fan and laughed while looking at my face.

Wait, hold on, why’re we suddenly talking about this?

Love is in an awfully far away world for me.

“It is something I overheard, there is a rumour that Captain Hawk is often seen together with a woman.”

“Captain Hawk?”

I tilted my head when she suddenly said an unfamiliar name.

Liz thought it was strange so she closed her fan and knitted her eyebrows.

“Does Sei not know Hawk-sama?”

The only person that came to my mind was the Captain of the 3rd Knight Order. Was his name Hawk?

I always called him Captain-sama so I didn’t know what his name is.

The Director always called him Al, so I didn’t know his family name either……

“Is Captain Hawk the Captain of the 3rd Knight Order?”

“So you do know him after all.”

“If so, the Captain of the 3rd Knight Order is good friends with our Director.”

It seemed that she was talking about the Captain of the 3rd Knight Order.

But if you say he was seen with a woman, there’s a high possibility that it isn’t me.

What I thought was negated by what she said next.

“It seems that someone saw him riding a horse with a woman……”

Sorry, that’s definitely me.

Lately he always escorted me back to the research institute whenever he saw me returning from the library.

And as sighted, there were two people riding on a horse.

It’s really embarrassing so I refused him the second time but then he made this terribly sad face and I just couldn’t refuse anymore.

Moreover, at the beginning he took me straight back to the research institute, but recently we detoured around the Royal Palace. We were probably sighted then.

“I think that was me.”

“As I thought, it was Sei, wasn’t it?”

I honestly confessed and Liz looked relieved while smiling.

I was a bit concerned about her expression so I asked.

“What’s wrong?”


“No, you just seem relieved so I wonder if it’s no good if it’s not me.”

I said and she said with a beautiful countenance, “I was worried”.

I wonder if I shouldn’t have retorted.

When I tried to tell her that she didn’t have to tell me if it was difficult to say, Liz sighed and confessed.

“When I heard the rumour, I was convinced it was Sei. But everyone at the academy kept saying that it was a different woman.”

“A different woman?”


According to Liz, it was speculated that the woman who was with the Captain was her classmate.

Liz’s classmate. That probably means a 15 year old girl, right?

If I remembered correctly the seniors at the Academy are supposed to be 15 years old.

Eh, a 15 years old girl and the Captain…… That reeks of crime.

Are age differences okay in this world?

“I feel that your classmate and Hawk-sama are separated by a number of years. Is that the problem?”

“No, it is rare but it is not a problem.”

I unexpectedly asked her since I was concerned but it seemed that age differences were okay.

If so, what the heck is the problem?

When I brood over it, Liz spoke, hesitantly.

“There’s a problem with the classmate.”


“At the Academy, she is very intimate with men who have fiancées. It has become a bit of a problem.”


It was an unfamiliar word so it totally slipped my mind. It would normally become problematic if there was a rumour about someone with a fiancée.

Children of aristocrats that attended the Academy have pre-arranged marriages early on.

You became an adult at 15 years old here and when you became an adult it seemed that you can get married as well. If you think about it like that, then it’s not that early, is it?

But there’s something that is bothering me.

“Hey, does Hawk-sama have a fiancée?”

“Hawk-sama? He shouldn’t have one.”

“Oh. With the way the conversation was going, I was sure he had one.”

“If Hawk-sama had a fiancée then this would be problematic, even if it the other person is Sei.”

“That’s true.”

“Fufufu, I am sure that Hawk-sama can discern so there should not be any problems.”

I was shocked for a moment thinking that the Captain also had a fiancée but I was relieved to hear that he didn’t.

Even in this world, it was problematic if there were rumours about an engaged person.

Firstly, even if the Captain didn’t have a fiancée, it would be troublesome for him to have rumours floating around about someone like me being his lover.

Unlike me, the Captain had many people he could choose from.

He simply escorted me back to the research institute out of kindness.

It would be inexcusable if this snatched away his chance at love.

For the Captain’s sake I better deny it properly.

“It’s not a problem or anything. In the first place Hawk-sama and I don’t have that kind of relationship.”

“Ah, is that so?”

“That’s right. Anyway, let’s back up a bit.”

“Yes, right. So at the Academy they were saying that she would go as far as to lay her hands on the Ice Knight-sama too.”

“Ice Knight-sama?”

“Ah, that is Hawk-sama.”

The Captain seemed to be called the Ice Knight-sama because he used ice attribute magic and he was always expressionless. He didn’t let his emotions show.


My impression of the Captain is that he’s always smiling.

“Since Hawk-sama is also popular, various people have been saying things like, his followers have increased again.”

“So that means, at the Academy she only gets intimate with popular men, right?”

“That is correct.”

Liz lamented as she put a hand on her cheek and sighed.

In short, there’s a misunderstanding stirring about that Liz’s classmate at the Academy, who made popular guys wait on her, also laid a hand on the Captain.

But that’s just something the girl said, I don’t think it has anything to do with Liz. So why does she seem so gloomy?

“It sounds really gloomy. Listening to the story, it doesn’t seem like Liz is involved in that classmate’s problem. So is there something wrong?”

“Well the fiancées of the men around her told me to say something about it, so I am very troubled.”

“That’s something they have to say themselves, not Liz, right?”

“They have already warned her but the situation still has not improved.”

“Well then even if Liz says something, isn’t it impossible?”


Seeing Liz looking down and gloomy, I wanted to help her somehow.

However I’ve never had luck with love so I couldn’t think of any advice to give her.

While I was thinking about what could be done, Liz spoke.

“A few days ago someone finally stopped coming to the Academy.”

According to Liz, the fiancé of the young lady who stopped coming to the Academy was also one of the followers of the problematic classmate.

Because of her age, the young lady had a lot of acne on her face and she seemed to have been troubled by her appearance for a long time.

She’d tried many ways to improve her acne but nothing worked. She had acne all year round, so she couldn’t enjoy being fashionable. She was plain compared to the other young ladies around her.

It seemed that one day the young lady heard her own fiancé compliment that classmate.

Liz was also with her at the time, so she remembered what the guy had said: the classmate’s skin was smooth so he wanted to touch it, she always looks cute, etc. Well anyway, it seemed that he complimented her appearance.

They happened to pass by when only the guy was talking and accidentally overheard. Then the young lady and Liz left before they were noticed.

The young lady had never been complimented by her fiancé before. She was probably dissatisfied with her appearance because he never complimented her. She became anxious over it and was now bedridden.

She was shocked by the incident and she was feeling sad over her acne not healing no matter how hard she tried. It became too much for her.

“I thought that she would cheer up if her acne was healed at least……”


I thought a little about what Liz said.

I couldn’t advise her on things relating to love, but I could give her advice on acne treatment.

“I can probably help you with acne treatment.”


Liz suddenly smiled upon my words.

I smiled while nodding my head. For an hour, I explained about the acne treatment I heard of when I was in Japan, in detail.

After parting with Liz, I returned to the laboratory. I finished work and began preparing to make cosmetics.

Of course, these cosmetic products were for the young lady who was suffering from acne.

While I was preparing the ingredients, Jude passed by.

“You’re making cosmetic products again?”

Jude seemed to have noticed that I wasn’t making potions from the ingredients placed on the work desk.

I nodded in return to Jude’s question.

“Yeah, someone requested it.”

To successfully make the cosmetic product, I also checked with Liz about which cosmetic products and treatments the young lady had tried so far. Sure enough, the products used outrageous ingredients. Discussions about those dubious treatments being like sorcery also popped up.

That was this world’s standards and there were maybe proper treatments. But while she’s trying my treatment, I made her promise not to use those cosmetic products and treatment.

I didn’t know what it would affect.

I told Liz important points like: face washing techniques, diet, sleeping time and so on. But just to be safe I decided to get her to use the products I made.

I put the ingredients that would affect acne into a glass container, stirred and concentrated magic power into it.

While concentrating my magic power, I didn’t forget to pray —go away acne— and —become pretty—.

I don’t do this when making my own cosmetics but it was a gift this time.

When I prayed really hard, the glass container gently shimmered white.

This had never happened before, it was strange but I couldn’t find anything odd in the completed product.

I took a little and spread it onto the back of my hand, but I didn’t feel any stimulus.

Just to be sure, I did a patch test and confirmed that there were no problems. Should I pass it onto Liz?

I thought and moved onto making the next cosmetic product.

Liz was excitingly waiting for me to come to the library.

Two weeks after giving the cosmetic products to Liz.

“Sei! That cosmetic product is amazing!”

Was the first thing she said. She restrained her voice because we were in the library but I walked closer to her since she couldn’t suppress her excitement.

Anyway, it seemed that Liz went to see the young lady on the day I handed her the cosmetic products.

Then she told her about the acne treatment she’d heard from me, gave her the products and returned home.

The young lady had already given up on treatment and she wasn’t interested in it at first. But then she tried the treatment and products properly.

The day after she tried it, the effects appeared and I heard that there was an uproar at her house.

She came to the Academy a week after Liz passed her the products. Her before and after was so dramatic that the other young ladies also caused an uproar when they saw her.

“Then something troublesome happened again.”

“Something troublesome?”

She said it was something troublesome but Liz looks calmer than before.

I tilted my head and she told me the reason.

I regretted it after listening to her.

It was indeed something troublesome.

“There are many girls who want the cosmetic products that I gave to her.”

The young lady whose acne had completely disappeared, leaving behind only smooth skin, ignited the beauty spirits4)Is that a thing? ‘Beauty spirit’ of the other young ladies.

They found out it was Liz who gave it to her when they talked about where the cosmetics were obtained and then everyone rushed to Liz.

Since the products were made by an individual, I heard that Liz hid who the supplier was. But they kept hounding her so it had become troublesome.

“Still I can’t prepare that many.”


Of course the amount was troublesome but it was also impossible for me to keep making cosmetics products to give out.

I told Liz that I wanted some time to think and returned to the research institute.

However, I couldn’t come up with a plan by myself.

In times like these, the best thing to do was consult with other people.

Yes, I depended on the Director when I’m in trouble.

“It is like that. So is there a good approach we can use?”

“You’re so abrupt again.”

The Director who is smiling bitterly while thinking of a plan, is such a good person, isn’t he?

Then as a result of thinking together, we decided to hand the cosmetic product recipes over to a shop that the Director was acquainted with and had them sell the products at the shop.

The products made at the shop weren’t the same as mine, but it still seemed to be effective.

Liz told people that it was going to be sold at the shop. The young ladies who knew about the result of my cosmetic products told their families and the products was so popular that it sold out on the first day of sale.

Of course, the Director signed a contract stating that a percentage of the process would go to the research institute. So it goes without saying that the research institute’s budget was abundant5)Japanese idiom – ‘to be flushed with money’, but I’m never heard this before, have you? Basically a pocket full of money. once again.

Act 05: The Capital

Six months have passed since I’ve been summoned.

“Excuse me.”

I knocked on the director’s office door and waited for a reply before entering.

I placed the tea set, plated sandwiches and sweets on the serving cart.

The Director and Captain were sitting on the lounge suite sofas, waiting for me.

“It looks delicious.”

The Director and Captain laughed happily when they looked at the dishes arranged on the table.

Today was my day off. But when I heard that the Captain had business with the Director and came to the Medicinal Herb Research Institute, I decided to prepare some finger food.

The image was afternoon tea.

The research institute didn’t have any tiered trays, so it was served on an ordinary dish. However, when there was a tea party at the Royal Palace, it seemed that the sweets were placed on a standing bowl.

The source of the information was Liz.

I poured tea into the tea cups and placed them in front of the Director and Captain. Lastly, I held onto the tea cup I had prepared for myself and sat next to the Director.

I had a feeling that the Captain lowered his eyebrows slightly but I ignored it.

Sitting next to the Captain was too nerve wracking, yup.

“I’m sorry, even though it’s your day off.”

“No, it is not a problem. I did it because I wanted to.”

The Captain apologised, but I wished he didn’t care so much about it.

Even though it was my day off, I did the same things that I usually did.

Besides, the Captain brought some sweets with him today. So I was happy that I could have a tea party like this.

Even so these sweet were very beautiful and colourful.

I thought that these sweets were made from fruits.

Because they were covered in sugar, it was really sweet. But since coming here, I’ve hardly had any sweets so I was kind of looking forward to it.

The Director and Captain had already finished their business, so right now the three of us were talking about various things.

“But you work really well.”


“Even on your days off you never go out. You’re always doing something at the research institute, right?”

“Because I live here. I also want to do housework on my days off.”

It’s no different from when I did housework on my days off in Japan.

There were a lot of things I needed to do on my days off like laundry and tidying up my room.

Even so, I finished everything in the morning.

Laundry, the most time-consuming thing, was usually done by servants.

Most of the researchers living here were aristocrats and a lot of them didn’t know how to do their own laundry.

So servants were hired to do housework, such as laundry and cleaning.

I didn’t like it when other people entered my room while I wasn’t there so I cleaned it myself.

Most people seemed to have other people do their cleaning for them.

Well, if they didn’t then it’ll be like Syvash6)She’s saying that it’ll be really trashy. Syvash is also known as the Rotten Sea., surely.

“Other than housework, you also research or go to the library, right? Isn’t that the same as working?”

“But I don’t work as much as I did in Japan.”

Both the Director and the Captain had a proper position within the Royal Palace so they knew that I was summoned by the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】.

They were probably worried about me. They didn’t ask about Japan much, but did speak about it from time to time.

Therefore, they knew that the country that I was from was called 【Japan】.

“Before, I worked every day from three bells in the morning until the midnight bell.”


The Director raised a rare voice in confusion and his eyes bulged open.

The Captain didn’t say anything, but he stopped moving the teacup that he was holding to his mouth and stared at me wide-eyed.

It was inevitable.

Three bells in the morning was 9 am and the midnight bell was the bell that indicated that it was midnight.

If I added the time I took to get ready and commute, I woke up at 6 am every morning and slept at 2 am.

Although I had two days off on the weekends, I went to work every Saturday……

I wanted to do housework on Sunday but since I had physical health problems all I did was rest.

Compared to people living in Japan, they basically lived when the sun sets and rises. I thought it varied between occupations, but the working hours of the research institute were also based on that.

Since coming here, I’ve been working from 7am until 5pm every day.

Moreover, the people from the research institute and 3rd Knight Order drank tea casually sometimes.

No one got angry when they drank tea.

Other people may have been different, but I felt that my lifestyle now is a lot freer than when I was in Japan.

If you looked at the basics of my free lifestyle, then no matter how you look at it, I overworked before.

“That…… Did you attend evening parties at work……?”

“No. I was a commoner.”

Yes, like the Director and Captain, there were also jobs where aristocrats attended evening parties.

Those parties may have been held in Japan, but I was in no position to attend such celebrity gatherings.

“That kind of commoner is as busy as our Prime Minister.”

“Everyone around me was like that?”

“The civil officials are like that.”

“Is that so?”

“Ah ~, that’s right.”

Even in another world, the civil officials working at the Royal Palace seemed to be very busy.

However most of the civil officials were aristocrats, not commoners.

“Huh, what is it?”

“No, you’ve become more beautiful compared to the first time you arrived here.”

“Hah? What are you saying so suddenly?”

“When you first came here, I thought that you looked like the guys from Interior when they’re busy.”

The Director placed his hands on my cheeks while saying, “Your eye bags have completely disappeared”, and stroked his thumb under my eyes.

No one other than my family has ever touched me like this and my heart thumped in my chest.

Perhaps, my face was also red.

And the Director amused himself with my reactions.

The Director’s facial expression didn’t change while he was looking at me but his eyes were mixed with joy, so I was sure of it.

He seemed to have noticed that I wasn’t accustomed to such skin ship so he was messing with me like this lately.

Ah ~, enough.

I wanted to escape from the Director’s hands, but it was hard to move from the sofa I was sitting on, so I couldn’t distance myself.

While I was cursing in my mind, I heard someone clearing their throat in front of me.

When I glanced up, the Captain was glaring at the Director in displeasure.

The Director also noticed him clearing his throat and glaring at him so he released his hands from my face.

“What?! Do you also want to touch it too, Al?”


It seemed that the Director’s target had changed to the Captain.

Anyways, I drank my tea and sighed in relief.


It was hot.

It was the peak of summer.

This place was the mainland so it wasn’t as humid as Japan.

But, it was hot in hot weather.

Moreover, there was no wind today.

I would have liked to be in shorts and a camisole, if I was allowed to.

Of course with bare feet.

If I were to dress like that here, the guys at the research institute would have nosebleeds and pass out.

Even though it was summer, I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and an ankle-length skirt.

Camisoles and short pants had less cloth than general underwear here.

Still, at this rate, I would probably have collapsed due to heat stroke. Although my sleeves were rolled up, it was still hot.

I was writing a document to submit to the Director, but my brush had stopped moving for a while because of the hot weather.

I gave up enduring this heat.

“Hey, Jude.”


I moved to where Jude was sitting and he also seemed to be annoyed by the heat. There were openings on the sleeves of his shirt.

What the, that’s unfair.

I also want to open up my sleeves.

If it was like this then let’s make him work.

“I have a little favour to ask you. Can you come with me?”


I said and brought Jude to the kitchen.

The chef wasn’t there when we entered the kitchen since it was already past noon.

While looking around, I found a bucket used for cleaning on the shelf near the wall.

I took the bucket, put it on the floor and turned to face Jude, who was standing behind me.

Jude could use water attribute magic.

I had a feeling that he told me he could fill a tub full of water with his magic.

“Can you fill this bucket with cold water?”

“I can. But what on earth are you trying to start?”

“I thought that it’d be refreshing if I fill the bucket with water and put my feet in.”

“Wait, that’s……”

“You’re trying to say it’s improper, right? It’s okay, nobody’s here.”

It seemed that it wasn’t good for women to show their bare feet to the opposite sex in this world.

When I went to the library at the time, it was hot so I was fanning myself with my skirt and Liz got angry when she saw it.

Despite Liz being the same sex as me.

When I said that she replied with, “What if someone saw you?” She had a nice smile on while she was angry.

That was scary.

Because there are such values here, Jude hesitated and his face was unusually red.

“If Jude also had a bucket, you could also soak your feet. It feels good, you know?”

I proposed the same thing to the reluctant Jude.

It was the whisper of the devil.

“You don’t have to worry so much. No one comes to the kitchen at this time and it’s not like I’ll be soaking my feet for that long. Please!”

“……。Fine…… If you insist. Be careful not to get found out.”


Although Jude was reluctant, he filled the bucket with water and left the kitchen.

He cheekily took a different bucket with him when he left so it seemed that he was going to do the same thing at a different place.

Even if he said that, everyone was the same in hot weather.

The kitchen floor was dirty, so it was fine even if water spilt.

I put the bucket in front of the chair and sat down on the chair.

I raised my skirt up to my knees so that it wouldn’t get wet.

I took off my shoes and socks and put my feet into the bucket. The cool, cold water covered my feet.

Ah ~, as I thought it feels good.

Anyhow, no one was here so I unbuttoned two buttons from my shirt, opened it and fanned myself.

There was no wind but it was cool when I fanned myself.

I spent a while doing this and when the water in the bucket became lukewarm.

The doorknob turned with a clink and the door behind me opened.

“Sei, here……”

I heard a voice and turned back. The Captain was there.

He looked my way, stopped in the middle of his sentence and froze.

Ah ~, yup.

My appearance is overstimulating, isn’t it?

It’s very awkward.

For the time being I fastened my buttons, pulled my feet out of the bucket, put my shoes on and stood up.

“Hello Hawk-sama. What can I do for you?”

And as if nothing had happened, I called out to the Captain.

The Captain, who was frozen, covered his mouth with his palm and averted his eyes.

As usual he blushed.

“Sorry.” He said in a small voice.

Please don’t be shy.

Please pretend it didn’t happen.

I thought as I cleared my throat. The Captain started speaking awkwardly.

“I heard that you have a day off tomorrow.”

“Come to think of it, yes I do.”

When he said that, I remembered that tomorrow was my day off.

But what’s wrong with that?

I thought and tilted my head. The Captain turned back to face me.

“Tomorrow’s also my day off, so I was wondering if you’d like to go to town together.”

“To town!?”

Oh! I can finally go to town!!!

I haven’t been to town yet.

When I replied joyfully the Captain recovered and smiled.

“Johan was worried that you were secluding yourself in the research institute and working on your days off. It is also important to take a breather once in a while, right?”

“Is that so?”

Johan was the Director.

It seemed that the Director was worried about me.

I certainly didn’t have anywhere else to go and because I lived in the research institute, I was also there on my days off so I ended up working.

But I did spend my mornings leisurely.

“Thank you. Please let me join you.”

“Well then, I’ll pick you up here tomorrow morning.”

“Is that alright?”

“Yeah, no problem.”

Yay ~!

What kind of place is it?

Of course it’ll be like a European townscape, right?

I wanted to go to Europe at least once but I didn’t end up going because I was summoned.

Like that, there was a time when I was pleased……

I was looking forward to going into town that I completely forgot.

The person who was going with me was the Ice Knight-sama, who wasn’t cold at all.

There was a short distance between the Royal Palace and the town centre, so we rode a carriage from the front gate.

It wasn’t a luxurious carriage from the Margrave but a normal carriage, it seemed that the Captain made arrangements so that it wouldn’t be noticeable.

The clothes that the Captain wore also matched with mine. They were clothes that commoners wore around town.

I thought that the Margrave carriage was better than a normal carriage…

Because, you know, the normal carriage isn’t spacious.

I was in this cramped carriage with the Captain, who had a good physique. Just the two of us.

It’s close! Too close!

Right beside me is a sparkling hunk!

Moreover, we were sitting relatively close……

A trip in a narrow space while sitting relatively close to a hunk……

My level’s too low. I can’t do it!

Stop it! My life is already zero!

“Look! If you look over there you can see Johan’s main residence.”

“Eh ~.”

I was screaming inside when the Captain smiled and pointed towards the other side of me.

Don’t get any closer! Close. Too close!!!

I couldn’t look at the Captain anymore so I looked towards where he was pointing and there was a magnificent residence.

Since it was the capital, the price of the land must be expensive, right? And yet the Director’s house was very big.

Was his family rich?

“It’s very big.”

“Yeah. Johan’s family is really influential.”

I thought that was the case and turned my head back. I really thought my heart was going to stop because the Captain’s face was so close.

I was thankful that he moved when he noticed that blood had rushed to my face. But the inside of the carriage was really narrow.

Despite it being really taxing on my heart, the carriage carried on and gradually reached the town.

“Wow ~~~!”

It’s amazing! What’s this, it’s so cute!

The landscape looks exactly like Europe!

The rooftops were red. It looked like something that popped out of fairy-tale.

While I was impressed by the townscape, the carriage stopped and the door opened.

The Captain got off first and lent me a hand.

I took his hand and got off. Looking around, this seemed to be close to the centre of town. There are quite a few people.

While I was looking around impressed the Captain said, “The marketplace is that way, shall we go and see?” and took my hand.

Eh? Is he not going to let go of my hand?!


No ~~~~~~~~!


“Wow ~~~!” I cheerfully shouted at the scene spread out in front of me.

There were various multi-coloured vegetables, fruits, meat and fish being sold at the marketplace. There was also a shop that looked like it specialised in mushrooms.

Besides ingredients, there were also shops and stalls selling bread. The smell drifting about the place made my stomach grumble.

Although there were an abundance of ingredients, their cooking was like that. Things I’ve never seen before were also being sold, so it was interesting.

There were also various breads in the bakery and although there was only a small amount, they also had white bread.

The white bread is small and the price is higher than all the other breads, so is it treated as a luxury good?

The market was also called the capital’s kitchen. It was vibrant and crowded with people.

The road between the shops was big enough to fit eight people lining up, but it was filled with people and it was difficult to walk through.

I walked through the road and I was drawn to the interesting items on the shop displays so I looked at them.

It seemed that I was going to collide with the person walking in front of me.

“Thank you.”

When I smiled and thanked the Captain who was next to me, he sweetly smiled at me.

Even after we arrived at the market, he held my hand as we walked.

The market was crowded so I could get lost while looking at the stores.

Well, I want to escape from reality in various ways.

I didn’t think I was that inattentive, but if I staggered then I felt like I’d bump into the person walking in front of me.

So he casually released his hand and brought my shoulders closer to him instead……


What kind of torture is this?

I wonder if God is testing the power of my heart.

After we avoid all the people will he possibly hold my hands again?

Yeah, I’m scared of getting used to it.

This went on several times.

I may not be red anymore and my face was probably twitching, but I grew! I was able to thank him with a smile!

I think I tried really hard.

Shouldn’t I be concentrating on the shops?

If I don’t concentrate on the shops then I’ll concentrate on other things!

“Are you okay?”

“Ah, yes. I am okay.”

“Are you hungry?”


It was still a bit early for lunch, but we left early in the morning so I was a bit hungry.

We walked for quite a bit so my feet were also a little tired.

The Captain seemed to be fine but it was hard for a shut-in like me.

There were food stalls at the market, but the Captain was an aristocrat so I was a little worried.

He won’t eat something bought at a food stall, right?

Does he feel like entering a nearby coffee shop?

“I’m a little bit hungry.”

“Then why don’t we take a break and buy something from the food stall?”

Huh? The Captain is an aristocrat, right?

I’m happy but is it alright for him to eat something from the food stall?

The Captain took me to the place where the wooden boxes were kept near the food stalls.

The Captain asked me what I wanted to eat and left me to go buy food when I replied.

Isn’t he accustomed to this?

After waiting for a while, the Captain returned with several skewers and two fruit waters in a cup.

After I received the skewers and fruit water one by one, the Captain sat down next to me.

“It seems like you are used to buying things from food stalls.”

“Because I used to come here with Johan a long time ago.”

“Is that so?”

To my surprise, the Director and Captain came to the markets when they were young.

Even the aristocrats of this kingdom came to the markets?

When I asked about it in detail, he told me that they came to the market dressed as young rich merchants.

I see.

“Ah, come to think of it, how much was the food?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Eh, but…… Thank you for the meal.”

I felt sorry about something and my words got quieter.

He’s laughing like he’s troubled.

Well it’ll be fine if I return the favour next time.

The skewers were only seasoned with salt, but it was still delicious.

There was a good portion of skewers and I ate the whole thing.

I took a sip of the fruit water, it had a gentle fruity smell to it.

I was a bit thirsty so it was also delicious.

It would be really good cold but ice was a luxury item here.

“What’s wrong?”

I stared at the fruit water while thinking that and the Captain made a dubious face.

“No, it is nothing.”

“Really? Does it not suit your taste……?”

“No. I just thought that it would taste better if it was colder.”


The Captain said and took my fruit water.

I watched the cup while thinking about what was happening. The fruit water in the Captain’s hands started emitting cold air.

Huh? What’d he do?

He presented the fruit water to me and I took it. There was ice in the cup.

I was surprised. The Captain urged me to drink it with his eyes.

I took a sip and as I thought, it was more delicious cold.

I smiled in satisfaction and the Captain also smiled.

“It is delicious.”

“Is that so? I’m glad.”

“What did you do?”



There were no refrigerators in the world, ice could only be left in the ice room in winter or made with magic.

There weren’t many people who could produce ice with magic, so ice was very precious.

I heard that it could be made with ice attribute magic, which was superior to water attribute magic. But I didn’t think that the Captain could use ice magic.

I never thought that I could see it being used right before my eyes.

“It is very delicious. Thank you.”

“I’m glad that it pleased you.”

The cold fruit water was very delicious and I quickly drank all of it.

I finished drinking it and said my thanks to the Captain, he laughed.

Like this, he didn’t look like someone who would be called the emotionless Ice Knight-sama.

He’s always laughing and somewhat sparkly.

No, sparkling has nothing to do with this.

He wasn’t wearing his Knight uniform right now. He was wearing normal clothes, but his aura was showing so he didn’t look like a commoner.

When I saw him in the morning, I thought he looked like a commoner. But after mingling with real commoners, I could see the difference.

Is it because they grew up differently?

The appearance of the fruit water that I drank was also beautiful.

If he dressed as a young rich merchant then he might’ve been able to deceive people. But if he dressed up like a commoner, then there was no way he could deceive them.

He slanted his eyes when I carelessly stared at him.

I shook my head in a panic and said it was nothing before averting my eyes.

Please don’t look at me with such gentle eyes.

I really want to run away.

After we finished eating, we left the market and walked along the street while looking at the shops.

There were mainly good quality items lined up inside the shops, they were expensive. I was a little hesitant to enter.

That’s why I only looked at the shops, but the Captain stopped in front of a certain shop.

“Sorry but could we go in here for a bit?”

“I do not mind.”

We’ve only been looking at the things that I’ve wanted to look at, so I didn’t mind.

Commoners could also enter the shop that the Captain stepped into but it was a somewhat luxurious accessory shop.

The inside of the shop was decorated with various accessories for both men and women.

The Captain went into the back alone and I walked around and looked at the items for sale.

There were hair clips and hair strings lined up near me. The hair strings stored in the boxes had a beautiful nine colour gradation.

I was so busy with work before that I didn’t have time to cut my hair. Even when I was summoned, I just let my hair grow out and it was so long that it was halfway down my back.

It’s a little expensive but I want to tie my hair up in this heat. I wonder if I should buy this hair string before going home.

While I was browsing around, I found a hair clip that I really liked.

It was an elegant piece made out of silver metal, there were blue gems inlaid in some of the fretwork.

The hair clip looked delicate and was very beautiful, but it was also very expensive so I was a little hesitant to buy it.

If there weren’t any gems then it would probably be cheaper. While I was browsing around, the Captain returned.

“Sorry for making you wait. Did you find anything you like?”

“No, I did not.”

I liked the hair clip but it was a bit over my budget and it was also bad to make the Captain wait so I gave up on it and decided that I would search for it again next time.

“Then shall we go?”


I followed behind the Captain when he left the store.

I came out a little late and the Captain held my hands again like it was the natural thing to do.

One way or another, I was able to slowly explore, so I had a good time. We found the carriage and returned to the royal palace.

It’s been awhile since I’ve walked around and I’m mentally exhausted.

The carriage was swaying and before I knew it, I fell asleep.

I could hear someone calling me so I slowly opened my eyes. The carriage had stopped.

I faintly looked up at the Captain and smiled softly.

“Have we arrived?”

“Ah. You seemed tired. You slept really well.”

No way, did I use the Captain as a pillow?

I stared at the Captain and his smile grew wider.

Ah, I did it right?

I used him as a pillow.

I can tell he saw my sleeping face.

I feel like I can’t escape from this. I casted my eyes down as I blushed and then I heard a puffing sound.

Wooow, I think I received the most damage today.

I groaned and glanced sideways, the Captain got out of the carriage first, just like in the morning.

I couldn’t stay in the carriage forever and when I got ready to get off, the Captain lent me his hand.

We walked towards the research institute and talked about the market and my impressions of the shops.

Various things happened but today was fun.

When we arrived at the research institute, I turned to the Captain and bowed.

“Thank you for taking me out today.”

“No, it was fun.”

He was called the Ice Knight-sama. But during the day, the Captain was in a really good mood.

He’s always smiling.

Of course today as well.

I feel like I dragged him around quite a bit but not once did he complain.

He’s such a nice person.

“It was also very fun for me. Goodbye.”

“Ah Sei, here you go.”

When I tried to return to my room, the Captain stopped me and gave me a big box.

What was it?

I couldn’t tell what it was by just looking, so for the time being, I received it with both hands.

“What is this?”

“Please use it. Wait until you get to your room before opening it. Bye.”

“Eh? Wait a minute. Hawk-sama!”

He ignored me when I tried to stop him and left.

It’s probably better if I ran after him but I’m tired from today. I don’t have the energy.

It can’t be helped, I’ll open it when I get back to my room.

If there’s something wrong with it then I’ll return it to him tomorrow.

I soothed my feelings, returned to my room and opened the box.

Inside was the fretwork hair clip that I liked from the shop.


“How was yesterday?”

The first thing the Director said to me when I entered the room were those words.

He had a teasing smile on his handsome face.

“It was fun.”

He bluntly reply with, “That’s good”.

He looked like he wanted to ask something, but I ignored him and placed the documents from the researchers onto his desk.

“These are the reports from the researchers.”


I quickly turned my back from the Director and just like I’d thought, he called out to me.

“Where’d you go?”

“What do you mean?”

“So yesterday?”

What do you mean, “So”?

I turned around to face the Director and I knew it! He had that teasing smile on his face.

It wasn’t something for me to be troubled over, but it annoyed me how he was amusing himself.

That’s why I also grinned.

“Are you my father, Director?”

“What’s with that?”

“Well, you asked me where I went on my day off. It’s similar to a father worrying over his daughter.”

“Hey, hey. I don’t have a daughter.”

The Director also knew that I was teasing him, right? He’s smiling bitterly.

“I went into town. That is all.”


“Oh right I heard something about you, Director. You used to be very naughty, right?”

“Wait a minute. What’d you hear?”

“I wonder?”

I only heard what the Captain told me while we were eating at the stalls, but I said it in a way that could be misinterpreted on purpose.

Since he asked with a twitching smile, it seems that he’s guilty of many things.

It was interesting a while ago but now I’m irritated.

“We went to the market, ate at a stall and then looked at various shops lined up along the streets. We returned when it got dark.”

“I see. That’s really proper.”


I only went into town, I don’t know what was proper about that.

I thought and the Director dropped a bomb.

“Anyway, I’m glad you had fun on your date.”



I was flabbergasted with the bomb he had dropped. The Director had a dubious look on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“…… Date?”


“I just went into town.”

“You went into town with Al, just the two of you. You ate lunch and looked at stores, didn’t you?”


“Isn’t that a date?”

I gaped while looking at the Director and then he delivered the final blow.

“When a man and a woman go out together, it’s called a date.”

I want him to wait for a bit.


No, no, did date mean something like that?

I thought back upon it. Other than my father, I never recalled going out with a man on my day off.

Eh? What?

Was yesterday my first date?

When I realised that, my face got hot.

“No, I was only accompanying Hawk-sama into town, you know?”

“Accompanying…… Al invited you to go out and you left with just the two of you, right?”

“Yes, but Hawk-sama only invited me because he had spare time, right?”

“Well, even if he was free, he wouldn’t invite a woman he didn’t like to go out.”


“Is that really surprising?”

“Because he likes me… He likes me…”

My words gradually thinned and I looked down.

Because isn’t that so?

It’s impossible for the Captain to like such an unpopular woman like me.

Well, I don’t think I dislike the idea but……

Heaps of thoughts ran through my mind as I looked at my feet and the Director called in a quiet voice, “Sei”.

“Was Al cold to you?”

“No…… He properly escorted me when I got off the carriage…… But is that not something aristocrats here do?”

“Well, it is.”

“I thought so. He held my hand while we were walking and treated me to lunch.”


“When we returned he gave me a present.”



I took the box out of my skirt pocket and passed it to the Director.

Inside was the hair clip I received the day before.

When I looked at the hair clip I received from the Captain again, the gems embedded in it were different from the ones at the shop.

It was light blue. The blue-grey colour matched the Captain’s eye colour so now I was a bit hesitant to return it.

I could’ve bought the clips at the shop if I saved up since it was only that expensive. But I wondered if it was okay for me to receive something that expensive.

In the end, I put the box into my skirt pocket, worrying about whether or not I should return it or not.

The Director picked it up, opened the box and looked inside before returning the box to me.

“Sei, it’s common for aristocrats to escort woman while they’re getting off the carriage or while walking.”


“But Al never gives them accessories as souvenirs.”

He stopped laughing in a teasing manner a while ago. The Director said that in a serious tone.

From his attitude, I knew that the Captain didn’t just casually give me the hair clip.

I looked at the box in my hand again and my face heated up.

“Is it really okay for me to receive something so expensive?”

“Just take it if you don’t mind.”

I grumbled and the Director quietly smiled and returned it.

I didn’t say anything, I just moved my neck and nodded.


“How do you do, Sei?”

The next day, I went to the library to return the book I’d borrowed. I met Liz in front of the door.

She also seemed to have just arrived.

It was rare for me to meet her in the corridor.

We never arranged to meet. I came to the library for work, so the times I came also varied.

That’s why even if I went to the library, I couldn’t always meet up with Liz.

“Oh? You changed your hairstyle today.”

“Yeah. It’s hot so I decided to do it up.”

“I see. That’s a nice hair clip you have.”


The door squeaked open and I let Liz go in first.

Liz immediately went to find the book she was looking for.

As for me, I handed the book I’d brought with me to the librarian and looked for another book to borrow.

As expected, as soon as we met again, Liz pointed out that I’d changed my hairstyle.

Liz was really fashion-conscious, she’d noticed that I had my hair up just by glancing at me.

The hair clip was something I’d received from the Captain and it was somewhat embarrassing so I mumbled.

“Hey Sei. That hair clip is really pretty. Would you mind letting me have a closer look at it?”

“I don’t mind but……”

She called out from behind me when I was standing in front of the medicinal herb books.

When I turn around, Liz has a beautiful smile on her face.

I didn’t mind showing her, but it was a bit troublesome to do my hair up again after I unfastened it. But I didn’t mind showing her it if I didn’t have to unfasten it so I answered.

I couldn’t show her if I stood there, so we moved to where the desks were. I sat down on a chair and Liz stood behind me.

Although she didn’t touch it, she seemed to be looking at it very closely.

“This is good workmanship.”


“The embedded gems are really nice.”


“Yes…… Hey, who gave it to you?”

“Eh? Why?”

“Well, it seems a bit expensive for everyday use. That’s why I thought someone must have given it to you. Am I wrong?”

“No, you’re right.”

“Did Hawk-sama give it to you?”

“H-how do you know!?”

“How……? I think it is pretty easy to tell.”

She was right about the Captain giving it to me. I was surprised and turned back, Liz looked shocked.

Eh, what’s with that?

Easy to tell?

When I asked her about it, Liz sighed, she stood in front of me and lifted her index finger up.

“First, rumour has it that Hawk-sama has someone on his mind.”


“I think that person is you.”


I haven’t heard this rumour, you know?

And what’s with “that”, huh?

Liz lifted her middle finger up.

“Second, the gems on your hair clip matches Hawk-sama’s eye colour.”

“You looked at it really closely, huh……”

“Of course, the gems give the hair clip a nice finish.”

“No, not that I meant at Hawk-sama’s eye colour.”

“Hawk-sama’s eye colour is the Margrave family’s special trait so it is well known.”

“I see.”

“I thought it was you because of those two things.”

“Still, can people make a connection so quickly just because the gems match the colour of Hawk-sama’s eyes?”

“Yes, that is right. It is well known that Hawk-sama favours Sei.”

“Well known?!”

“Besides, it is common in this kingdom for men to give his colour to the girl he likes.”

“His colour?”

“For example, his hair colour or his eye colour. It seems that men generally give gifts that match the colour of their eyes.”

“I see.”

I didn’t know this.

So that means, the Captain likes……

No, no. Wait, wait.

It’s impossible for me to think further than that!

What should I do? Was is really okay for me to receive this?

Director, you definitely knew this, right?

Why didn’t you tell me!?

I held my head in my arms while sitting and then I heard Liz giggling.

“Sei, you’ve become so red.”

“I’m…… I’m not used to this kind of thing!”

“Oh, is that so?”

Ah, I can’t believe Liz is lecturing me on love when she’s about 10 years younger than me!

Liz was watching me warmly when I lifted my face. I really want to run away.

Ah, seriously I want to run away!

Act 06: Magic Bestowal

“Magic bestowal?”

“Huh? You didn’t notice?”

It began with a single word from Jude early one afternoon.

Apparently my hair ornament was bestowed with magic.

It was only natural. I’ve never seen things that had been bestowed with magic in Japan, so I didn’t notice at all.

“Can you tell me what kind of effect was attached?”

“I don’t know, but I can tell that magic was bestowed into it. It’s reacting to Sei’s magic power.”

“Reacting? You can tell that kind of thing?”

“Yeah, it takes some practice.”


When I asked Jude in detail, he told me that you couldn’t find out what magic had been bestowed without using a magic called 『Appraisal』.

There were very few people who could use appraisal magic. There was a big firm in town with some people who could and even within the Court Mage Division there were only a few people who could use it.

By the way, if the level of appraisal magic was high enough, it could be used on people as well.

However, if the person who casted it didn’t have the consent of the person they are casting it on, it could repel back. It would almost always repel if the person it was casted on was high levelled.

And now, magic bestowal.

Magic could be bestowed on things such as weapons, armour, accessories, etc.

The core of things like gems were used as a premise for magic bestowal. The magic was embedded into the core and it became a magic bestowed tool.

Of course, it’s okay to insert the magic embedded core into tools.

The effects of the magic bestowed tool manifested themselves by reacting to the magic of the person in possession of it.

There weren’t many people who could use magic, but magic power itself varied greatly and everyone seemed to have it.

Therefore, those who trained their magic perception can sense when something was bestowed with magic.

Jude practiced it when he was at the Royal Academy and even now, in order to help his family business, he never skipped practice.

He’s so diligent.

“It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?”

“What does?”

“Magic bestowal.”

“Eh? Don’t tell me you want to try it out?”

“Ara, you understand me well.”

Jude looked slightly disgusted, so I smiled sweetly at him.

What’s with that face?

I couldn’t bestow magic in Japan, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I wanted to try it.

“It’s not easy to bestow an item with magic.”


“First of all, the cores are expensive.”

There were various core materials like gems and rare crystals, so it seemed that even though they were small, they were quite expensive.

Also, since magic is needed to bestow an item with magic, there were only a limited amount of people who could bestow magic.

Therefore, there was a huge difference in price between items that were bestowed with magic and ones that weren’t bestowed with magic.

Yes, there was a huge difference.

And this hair ornament was bestowed with magic.




“Why’re you making a racket?”

The Director spoke to me as he was walking past when I was thinking about the price of my hair ornament.

“We are talking about magic bestowal.”

“Magic bestowal?”

“I heard that this hair ornament was bestowed with magic, so I was a little interested in magic bestowal.”


The Director acted as if nothing happened, but he noticed this hair ornament was bestowed with magic, didn’t he?

Because your eyes shook when I said, “Hair ornament”.

Neither the Director nor Liz told me how much it was but I wondered if this was one of those things that weren’t expensive to aristocrats.

I don’t know if the items at the store front were bestowed with magic but since there’s a huge difference in price they probably weren’t, huh?

If I think like that then I dreaded the price of my hair ornament.

How do I return his gratitude……?

While I was at my wits end thinking about it, the Director came up with an unexpected proposal.

“Do you want to try it?”


“Magic bestowal. You’re interested, right?”

Jude and I were flabbergasted at the Director’s proposal.

Eh? Is it that easy to do?

When I looked at Jude, who was next to me, he shook his head as if he knew what I was thinking.

“I have connections. What do you want to do?”

“I will do it.”

It was a great proposal so I went with it.

I am interested in it.

The place that the Director took me to was the Court Mage Division’s barracks.

Err, we’re bestowing magic right?

Ah, is it because it’s magic?

Since this is the Mage Division, there were a lot of people wearing robes everywhere. The Director and I were a bit out of place.

Now that I think about it that robe… The people who summoned me here were also wearing those robes, right?

As I thought, the people here participated in the ceremony, didn’t they?

The Court Mage Division’s barracks was quite far from the research institute, so the Director and I rode a carriage here.

It was further than the 3rd Knight Order’s barracks, so it would be difficult to walk here.

Because of the Director’s order, Jude was house-sitting.

He said he preferred to work, but was it okay for me to come?

The norm of this world is a mystery.

“Sei, it’s this way.”


I stood at the entrance of the room and looked at the Director, who had entered ahead. He beckoned me to come near him.

The room I was in had a workbench like the ones at the research institute. The Director stood in the middle of the room, in front of the workbench.

Standing on the other side of the Director at the workbench was a robed man who looked like a Mage.

When I bowed and said, “I look forward to working with you” to the nervous looking Mage, he also bowed in a rush.

Huh? What are you afraid of?

“Well then, I will explain about bestowal.”

The Mage smiled stiffly and began explaining about bestowal.

Why is he stiff?

Well, it’s not like I can do anything about it even if I worry.

On top of the workbench on the side was a divider box.

It seemed like there was a variety of small gems and crystals in the box.

In order to bestow magic, you have to hold the small core in your hands, think about the effect you want to bestow and expose it to your magic.

The magic bestowed differed depending on the magic attribute of the person bestowing it. For example, someone with fire attribute magic would bestow fire magic; someone with water attribute magic would bestow water magic.

For effects that raised offensive and defensive power, commonly referred to as support type, it was necessary to use holy attribute magic.

There also seemed to be compatible materials for the kinds of magic bestowed. The Mage told me, “If you want to bestow support magic, then I recommend these gems here”.

“What kind of effects will you bestow?”

“Let’s see……”

What should I do?

Support magic, support magic……

“Is it possible to bestow magic nullification?”

“Magic nullification……?”

I thought about it and suddenly remembered about the Salamander that appeared in the West Forest.

It looked like a lizard that blew out fire. I thought it wouldn’t be possible to make something that would defend against that fire.

After thinking for a while, the Mage said, “It might not be possible to nullify magic, but I think it is possible to reduce the effects”.

I see.

Then let’s think of a way to reduce the magic attribute.

“Then I’ll do that.”

“Then you probably want the gems around here.”

I received the core material from the Mage and covered it with both my hands.

Even if I said I covered it, the core itself was only about 3mm in diameter, so when I put my hands together, you can’t see it at all.

I imagined the effect I wanted to bestow and exposed my magic to it.

Instead of just reducing fire magic, I might as well reduce all magic.

If I do that, could I raise magic resistance?

Yep, I think I can do it.

I imagined it and exposed it to my magic power.



I, it broke?!

Yup, it’s broken.

It’s broken.

The impact ran through my palm and I timidly peaked inside. It was just as I had felt, the material had broken in two.

While I was worrying about what to do, the Mage asked me, “Is something wrong?”

“Mhmmm, it seems to have broken.”

It’s no use even if I kept it quiet, so I timidly told him the truth and showed him the broken core. He looked at the core and said in surprise, “Eh?!”

The Mages all simultaneously looked our way when they heard his exclamation.

Eh, what’s with that, it’s scary.

Don’t look over here.

The Mage looked at my palm and muttered in surprise, “It is broken”, while all the other Mages and the Director were frozen.

And while still muttering, the Mage also froze.

No, anyone’s fine, so someone do something about this situation.

“Did you try to bestow magic reduction?”

A heavenly voice came from behind me and I turned around. There stood an Intelligent Glasses-sama. He had a familiar pair of blue-grey eyes and silky silver hair.

I inadvertently added “-sama” because of his cool aura and that heavenly voice that called out to me.

Intelligent Glasses-sama ignored my glance and picked up the core from my palm. He closely examined it.

“You’re really just bestowing magic reduction?”

“Ah, no……”

He glanced at me coldly and I spontaneously straightened my back.

The feeling was like that of a student and teacher.

“What did you try to bestow?”

“Mhm, well…… I thought that raising the magic resistance would have nothing to do with the magic attribute, so I……”

“Then this material would be insufficient.”

Intelligent Glasses-sama said as he chose a different material from the box on top of the table.

He chose a black gem around 5 to 6 mm in diameter.

It was twice the size of the gem from before. Is it alright for me to use something this big?

A gem this big must be really expensive, right?

I looked at the Mage, who was also surprised.

The Director was surprised too.

“Is it alright for me to use this?”

I asked while comparing Intelligent Glasses-sama’s face with the materials. He nodded and presented the materials before my eyes.

I received it and just like before, I wrapped my hands around it. I prayed for ‘increase magic resistance’ and exposed it to my magic.

The materials instantly heated up before settling.

Was it successful?

I timidly opened up my hands and it wasn’t broken. The materials were still in one piece.

Since the material looked the same, I was uncertain if it actually succeeded.

I stared at the material and Intelligent Glasses-sama picked up the material in my palm just like before.


The magic that he quietly chanted was one that few people could use, appraisal magic.

I heard that only a few people at the Court Mage Division could use it and Intelligent Glasses-sama was one of them.

As expected of him.

I stared at him and after letting me hear his heavenly voice, a slight smile appeared on his expressionless face which was like a Noh mask.

His faint smile quickly disappeared and his face looked like a Noh mask again. Then he said, “It was successful”.

The surrounding Mages heard that and cheered.

That’s good, I was successful this time.

I, who was feeling relieved, was quickly presented with another core.

The person who presented it to me was of course, Intelligent Glasses-sama. I tilted my head in confusion and he said, “Next is……”

Eh, we’re continuing?

For the time being, I received it and it was as big as the first core I used.

“Poison reduction.”


He said in a voice that I couldn’t refuse, so I inadvertently nodded.

This time I properly bestowed it with the effect he told me to.

Intelligent Glasses-sama’s judgement was correct. The magic bestowal finished without the gem breaking.

When I finished bestowing, I opened my palm and Intelligent Glasses-sama picked up the finished core and used appraisal magic on it.

The bestowment must have gone without a hitch because he nodded in satisfaction and presented the next core to me.

I took it and he frankly told me what effects he wanted me to bestow.

I obediently bestowed the effects he wanted. I must have done well, because Intelligent Glasses-sama handed me materials one after the other in the same way.

Thus I continued bestowing the effects he wanted one after another.

He casted appraisal magic on the cores I bestowed with magic and confirmed that the effects were all bestowed correctly.

We continued this routine work the whole time.

Well, magic bestowal didn’t take up that much time, you know.

What are you going to do with all these?

He initially told me to bestow them with reduction types like poison reduction and attribute reduction. But before I knew it, he’d mixed in nullification types, such as poison nullification and paralysis nullification. It ended with me bestowing two effects simultaneously.

My MP was exhausted while I was bestowing magic and when they had noticed, someone placed an Intermediate MP Potions in front of me.

It seems that the Mage who was watching this series of actions, gave me the MP Potions.

Five of them……

It was a really good amount of MP Potions, but I drank them all.

While taking a break.

Well, since potions don’t accumulate in my stomach, I can drink as many as I want without worrying.

Even so, there were quite a few potions.


There was someone waiting next to me holding the next material while I was drinking.

I was chugging it down, you know. I was chugging it down.

“How long am I going to continue doing this?”

I thought that I should head back to the research Institute after bestowing many gems with magic, and called out to Intelligent Glasses-sama.

The magic bestowed cores were carried to him like a conveyor belt and were all beautifully lined up in front of him.

Intelligent Glasses-sama looked at the number of cores and nodded his head before moving. He went to a locked shelf by the wall and took out a large material from the shelf.

It was a transparent stone over 1 cm in diameter.

It’s not a diamond, right?

The size of the material presented to me made the surrounding Mages gulp.

Director, your mouth is open, you know?

“This is the last of it. I want; abnormal status nullification, magic nullification and attack nullification.”

Eh? Three of them?

Moreover they’re all nullification?

I was surprised when I heard that and the surrounding Mages were also surprised.

I wanted to tell them that if they opened their eyes that big, their eyes would pop out, you know?

For the time being, I thought about whether I could do what I was told. But it was unlikely that both magic nullification and attack nullification would be compatible.

Well, if it was magic and attack resistance I could probably bestow all three onto the jewel.

“It is unlikely that both magic nullification and attack nullification would be compatible. But I could probably raise magic and attack resistance.”

“I see. Let’s do that.”

I was told that my suggestion was okay, so I went ahead and bestowed it with abnormal status nullification, magic resistance and attack resistance.

The heat in my palms was higher than before and it took a long time to cool down but it seemed that I was successful.

I gave the completed core to Intelligent Glasses-sama and he casted appraisal magic onto it to confirm that the magic had been bestowed.

He smiled slightly, so it seemed that I was able to bestow the effects he told me to.

The Mages, who gulped and watched me bestow magic, instantly caused a ruckus.

I sighed in relief and the Director said, “Good work”.

Yeah, I was feeling more tensed than usual and I was more tired than usual.

I want to return to the research institute soon to have a cup of tea.

“Today’s reward.”

When the Director and I tried to leave the Mage Division’s noisy barracks, Intelligent Glasses-sama gave me a black stone.

It’s the stone that I first bestowed with magic resistance.

Reward…… If this was for sale then it’ll be really expensive, right?

Is it fine?

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t mind. You worked quite a bit today.”

“Is that so?”

He said it was fine so I received it, gratefully.

I had a feeling the gem in my palm momentary flashed.


It has been one week since I had performed magic bestowal at the Court Mage Division.

I heard from a researcher that the Captain called for me and when I went to the Director’s room an unexpected person was there.

It was Intelligent Glasses-sama.

“…… Excuse me.”

“Have a seat, Sei.”

The Director urged me to sit next to him and told me the reason why I was called.

It seemed that a few days ago someone leaked out that there was a large amount of magic bestowed cores at the Court Mage Division. The knights, who heard this, asked for the cores.

The cores they asked for were of course the magic bestowed cores.

Therein lies the problem. They also heard that the current Court Mage Division couldn’t make the cores that the knights wanted.

If the mages couldn’t make it, then it was okay to refuse. But because the real thing was at the Court Mage Division, they couldn’t refuse.

Yup, I’m the ones who created the cores at the Court Mage Division.

It was one of the many cores I made a week ago.

It seemed that Intelligent Glasses-sama refused at first.

Somehow the knights knew that the real thing was at the Court Mage Division and didn’t believe that the mages couldn’t make it.

The Court Mage Division was a place where the most excellent mages gathered in this kingdom, so the cores weren’t purchased from the outside.

If the Court Mages couldn’t make the core, then there was no way that people working at ordinary shops could.

Since things were stalled between the knights and the mages, Intelligent Glasses-sama came to the research institute to ask if I, the creator, could help him.

“I know I can’t ask this of you, but could you lend me a hand?”

“I do not mind, but……?”

I was the one who originally wanted to bestow magic at the Court Mage Division, because of that, something like this happened, so I didn’t mind helping out. But it was important to get the Director’s approval, since I was a member of the research institute, right?

Ah, he might say it’s alright if it’s after work hours?

I glanced at the Director. Intelligent Glasses-sama noticed me doing this so he also glanced at the Director.

“Just this once. Of course we’ll be receiving compensation for it.”

“Thank you.”

Intelligent Glasses-sama remained emotionless like usual. But unlike the time when we met at the Court Mage Division, I thought that he looked really apologetic because he was downcast.

After that, the Director and Intelligent Glasses-sama talked and it was decided that starting from tomorrow, I would be working at the Court Mage Division.

The next morning when I finished my preparations and left, a carriage from the Court Mage Division arrived.

According to the Director, it seemed that Intelligent Glasses-sama prepared it.

It seemed that the carriage would be picking me up and dropping me off every day until I finished production.

This was really helpful since the Court Mage Division was very far.

When the carriage moved towards the Court Mage Division, Intelligent Glasses-sama waited at the entrance, especially for me.

“Good morning.”

“You have a lot of luggage with you.”

He said this after our rushed greetings. I looked at the box in my hands and proudly pointed out.

“These are MP Potions. It is better if I have them, right?”

It seemed that Intelligent Glasses-sama agreed with what I said. He nodded and took the box from me.

“Ah, I can carry it by myself?”

“There’s no need for a woman to carry heavy things.”

It wasn’t that heavy. He quickly entered the building after he took the box from me.

I trotted after him.

When I entered the same room that I performed magic bestowal in, the mages were already bestowing magic inside.

“Huh? Does the Court Mage Division start earlier than the research institute?”


I was planning to arrive at the Court Mage Division’s barracks before they started work, but when I arrived, the Mages were already rushing around and working.

According to Intelligent Glasses-sama, work started at the same time for both the research institute and the Court Mage Division. However, they received a lot of requests from the Knight Order, so they’ve been working since early morning.

I asked if I should come to work earlier starting from tomorrow, but they were the ones who asked me to do this, so they told me that it was alright for me to arrive at the same time like today.

“Is the deadline soon?”

“We were told to have it done in time for the next subjugation.”

When I asked this out of concern, I found out that the deadline was too short for the amount of items requested.

I was scared when I saw a vein pop out of Intelligent Glasses-sama’s temple, so I pretended not to see it.

The place where I was working at was the innermost part of the room.

The preparations had already been prepared by another Mage and the box with the cores was sitting on the workbench.

I placed the box with the MP Potions at my feet and immediately started bestowing magic.

At first I waited and saw that Intelligent Glasses-sama was standing next to me.

“Is the request from the 3rd Knight Order?”

“No…… It’s from the 1st Knight Order.”

I got used to it after a few times since I only had to bestow one type of magic, so it wasn’t a problem for me to bestow magic and talk at the same time.

There were people who worked silently because it was work, but there was a person standing next to me so it was a little awkward. There was something that I was curious about so I thought I’d ask.

The Director and Intelligent Glasses-sama only said that it was a request from the Knight Order so I was a bit curious about who had put in the request.

I glanced sideways at Intelligent Glasses-sama since it was a Knight Order that I had no relations to and he had a sour look on his face.

Is he on bad terms with that Knight Order?

“Sorry. I’ve been ordered to remain silent about this but it might have leaked out somehow.”

He muttered in a low voice as if he was crawling on the ground and chills ran down my back.

It seems that I wasn’t the only one. The other Mages also look pale.

I feel the temperature dropping but it’s just my imagination, right?

“No, it might have also been leaked by someone in the research institute since there are researchers who know that I performed magic bestowal here.”

“Do they also know what you bestowed?”

“Ah, no they did not……”

I tried to change the cold atmosphere but it backfired.

I only talked about magic bestowal with Jude so I said something like that. The Director forbade me from talking about the kind of bestowal I did, so only the Director and I know about it.

In that case there was a high possibility that one of the mages leaked the information about magic bestowal that only I can do.

The Director was probably sullen yesterday when Intelligent Glasses-sama came to the research institute because he knew about this.

Moreover, since the atmosphere was cold, I think it might be better not to talk any further so I decided to silently concentrate on my work.

After a while, Intelligent Glasses-sama must have thought that it was fine for me to work alone and left.

The atmosphere changed at once.

However, since I was allocated a rather large amount, I continued working one after the other without talking.

Because I was concentrating on my work, I didn’t notice that the lunch bell had rang. I finally noticed that it was lunch when Intelligent Glasses-sama called out to me.

“Are you not going to the dining hall?”


I looked around when he called out to me and everyone had already moved to the Royal Palace.

“Is it already lunch time?”


It was a bad habit of mine not to notice anything around me while I was concentrating.

When I told him that I brought a sandwich here from the research institute, we decided to have lunch together.

The last time when I did magic bestowal here, Intelligent Glasses-sama only talked to me when necessary, so I was worried that lunch was going to be awkward. He was mindful of it and this time we chatted a little.

Fortunately, Intelligent Glasses-sama and I talked about things related to work, so it got a bit lively.

If we talked about trendy clothes or sweets, I don’t think I would be able to follow it at all.

I’m sorry I’m not like a woman.

Then as soon as lunch finished, I returned to work.

I worked until closing time while taking MP Potions in between my breaks. I was able to finish 80% of the requested amount.

It seems that I’ll be able to finish this by tomorrow.

When I sighed in relief, Intelligent Glasses-sama came to check the current situation.

“Have you already finished?”


When he saw the amount I had bestowed, his eyes widened in surprise. He picked up some of the finished products and used appraisal magic on it.

It was important to check if the magic was bestowed correctly.

There didn’t seem to be any problems with the random items he checked and my work ended for the day.

“You did really well. I’ll rely on you tomorrow too.”

His face softened, it wasn’t just his mouth but also his eyes as well. I was surprised that he didn’t have his usual emotionless expression.

The surrounding people were also shocked and a commotion occurred.

It’s a bit disappointing that his smile disappeared when the commotion occurred.

The next day, I bestowed some more cores and the Court Mage Division was able to successfully complete the 1st Knight Order’s request.


I knocked on the director’s office door.

As soon as I heard a reply from within I said, “Excuse me” and entered. The Director was reading some documents at his desk.

“Excuse me. I want to discuss something with you, do you have any time?”

“I don’t mind, what is it?”

The Director turned away from the documents and looked at me.

There was something that I wanted so I wanted to discuss if we were able to order it.

“It is about this. Would you be able to order it?”

I said as I passed the memo to the Director.

The Director read it and looked dubious.

I thought so.

The things written on the memo have nothing to do with work.

“Honey, sugar and lemon. What on earth are you using it for?”

“I thought about making some sweets.”


Yes, the ingredients written on the memo are for making sweets.

Honestly, I was worried about whether or not this world had the ingredients I wanted but I confirmed it with Jude so I thought I should finally make it.

When I was a student I always made sweets at home.

After becoming a working adult, I stopped making them.

“I was thinking about making it for myself so I am planning to pay for it. I thought that I could purchase it together with the food for the dining hall.”

“For yourself? So you’ll be the only one eating it?”

The things I planned to make this time were for myself, so I planned on properly paying for the expenses. But that wasn’t the part that the Director caught onto.

No, I didn’t plan on eating it by myself, you know?

Do you also want to eat it, Director?

I see.

Well then, should I ask the Chef to help me out and make some for the researchers as well?

“If it is like that then the ingredients written on the memo are not enough.”

“Then add the necessary ingredients to the dining hall ordering form and bring it to me.”

“Is that alright? I thought that honey and sugar are expensive?”

“It’s fine.”

“I will only pay for myself, you know?”

“Who said that you’d pay?”

“No way, are you taking it from……”

“There’s no way I’ll do that.”

The Director sighed in amazement.

But Jude told me that sweet ingredients like honey and sugar were precious in the world, which was the reason why it was so expensive.

I think it’d be quite expensive if we purchased such high-quality food for the researchers as well, you know?

The dining hall has a food budget, right? So it’s impossible to include those ingredients in the budget, right? Therefore it wasn’t strange for me to think that it’d be taken from the research funds.


Will the Director personally pay for it?

“Well, you don’t have to worry about it.”

The Director, saw that I was worrying over who would be paying for the ingredients, smiled wryly and waved his hands as if telling me to leave.

The ingredients that I asked the Director for arrived a few days later.

Early in the morning on my day off, I went to the corner of the kitchen and began preparing the ingredients.

Of course, it was difficult for me to make everything for the researchers as well, so I cooked with the Chef.

Previously when I told him about making sweets he asked me to tell him the recipe, so this was perfect.

Oh yeah, at the beginning there was only one Chef at the dining hall but now there were five.

They worked in a rotation of three so not all five Chefs were here at once.

The rumour that the research institute’s dining hall has delicious food seemed to have spread to the Royal Palace and they dispatched people to learn from us.

In addition to that, since this morning I put in a lot of effort to make sweets with the Chef.

I made simple cookies and pound cakes with honey and lemon.

I only vaguely remember the recipe but it seemed that it came together nicely.

I’m glad. That’s good.

The pound cakes that I take out from the oven are nicely baked.

The other Chefs who were preparing lunch also sampled it with me. I got a positive response from them.

A nice smell drifted from the oven, so the chefs who were preparing lunch kept glancing over here.

They seemed curious so I decided to invite them to sample it with me.

The cake sample tasted perfect so I cooled the down the rest and cut it up before putting it in a basket. Now it’s ready.

I’ll entrust the rest to the Chef to give to the Director and researchers. My goal today is to go to the 3rd Knight Order barracks. Let’s go!

Yup, was my tension too high?

If it wasn’t this high then I can’t go!

Today I was going to the 3rd Knight Order barracks for a certain reason.

I thought about giving my thanks to the Captain.

I’ve been worrying over it ever since Jude told me about the price. I thought it was too much.

Even if the other party favoured me, it was still too much.

Then I got a core from magic bestowal, so I used it to make an accessory for him.

I was troubled over various things but I made a necklace.

Since he wielded a sword, I thought a ring would be troublesome and I had a feeling that he didn’t have any piercings so he couldn’t wear earrings. I thought that a necklace wouldn’t get in the way of anything.

I didn’t know which designs were common in this world, but I made it into a dog tag that men can also wear.

I engraved a cross in the middle and embed the core into the middle of that.

I think that it’s an acceptable design.

Still I couldn’t make it by myself, so I outsourced it.

The shop was introduced to me by the Director.

He had a frightful smirk on his face though.

It was a little embarrassing just to take the necklace with me so I also brought cookies and the pound cake.

I think that it’s fine just to give him the basket.


I arrived at the captain’s office.

The Knight standing at the door smiled at me and announced my presence. He didn’t mistake me for a suspicious person.

What does it mean when I haven’t even introduced myself yet and he’s already announced my presence?

I don’t remember sending a messenger from the research institute to tell them I was coming.

It’s probably that, right? I shouldn’t always go horse riding with the Captain.

I know it isn’t good to do so since rumours float about, but it’s hard to refuse him when he invites me so I continue to go horse riding with him.


“Excuse me.”

Soon after bracing myself at the entrance, the Knight opened the door and I entered. The Captain was doing paperwork at his desk like usual.

Even if they’re a Knight Order, they didn’t always train and go on demon subjugations. The people at the top have a lot of paperwork to do.

“What’s wrong today?”

“I made some sweets, so I came to share them with you.”

As I said the words I prepared in advance, the Captain’s face softened.

Yup, sorry, I can’t look at you directly.


Please don’t ask me!

When I gave the Captain the basket, he took off the cloth and looked inside.

At first glance, it looked like there were only cookies and pound cake inside.

Actually, the box containing the necklace is thrusted into the corner. It’s hidden by the cookie so he can’t see it.

“It looks delicious. Let’s hurry up and eat it.”

The Captain confirmed that there were cookies and pound cake inside and stood up with the basket.

Did I come when he was taking his break?

I hope I didn’t disturb him.

Well then, I’ve handed over the basket, so I suppose I should head back now.

I thought and tried to say my farewells but he said, “If you don’t mind, would you like to join me?”

No, I want to leave before you notice the necklace inside of the basket……


I couldn’t win against the smiling face of the Captain……

I gave up and sat on the sofa as advised.


Mhm, why are you sitting next to me?

There are sofas over there too, you know?

Was it weird for me to sit on a three seater sofa? The Captain sat next to me.

I’m perplexed by the distance between us but I didn’t feel the need to run away like before. Did I get used to the distance while horse riding with him?

I’m scared of getting used to it.

I don’t know, it feels like the places I can escape to have been steadily decreasing.

A while later, tea was brought out and the gentle aroma of tea hung in the air.

The Knight standing at the door seemed to have noticed and requested for a maid.

The amber liquid in front of my eyes was a luxury good that I haven’t drank since coming here.

I took a sip of my drink. The astringency was just right and it was very easy to drink.

As expected of tea from the Royal Palace.

They use good tea leaves, huh?

For some reason, the maid brought some plates, so I took the cookies and pound cake out from the basket and handed it to the Captain.

Mr. Knight at the entrance, did you notice that I brought sweets with me?

Ah, did you notice from the smell?

“I’m not really good with sweet food but this is delicious.”

“Thank you.”

The Captain seemed to favour the mildly sweet cookies. He took a bite of the cookie and smiled.

Of course I’m glad he’s so pleased with it.

When I saw that, I was also caught up in the mood and smiled. The Captain looked at me and his smile deepened.

An ikemen’s smile has high attack power.

I feel my face getting a little hot.

No, no, looking at him in the eyes is bad.

“By the way, it’s been bothering me for a while but……”

The Captain took the necklace box out of the basket while drinking tea after he finished eating.

I choked but I wanted someone to compliment me because I didn’t spurt out any tea.

I hid it so why did he notice?!

“It feels that this has been bestowed with magic. What is it?”

“Mhmmm ~……”

My eyes wandered about as I tried to think of an explanation.

Uoh ーーーーー.

This is useless. I can’t think of anything.

I glanced at the Captain and he looked like he was happily anticipating something while staring at me.

“That is also for you. It is my thanks for the hair ornament.”

I was making no progress even if I think about it, so I answered honestly.

As soon as I told him that, the Captain’s smile became wider, he nodded and asked, “Can I open it?”

“I went to the Court Mage Division the other day and did magic bestowal. I made that core but……”

It was painful for me to wait silently for the Captain to open the box, so I told him that I made the core.

As soon as the Captain opened the box and saw what was inside, his eyes widened.

“The core is bestowed to increase magic resistance. I thought that you could use it when you go out on subjugations.”

I could tell that my face was burning while I was explaining it to him.

It was embarrassing, so I looked away from the Captain and because I was thinking about tomorrow, I didn’t notice it until it was too late.

I returned my gaze when I felt something touch my right hand. The Captain lifted my hand up.

He didn’t do it in slow motion, but I felt as if time was slowing down.

I looked at the Captain’s eyelashes and carelessly thought, “Wow ~, it’s long”. I’m definitely escaping from reality.

I felt it afterwards. A soft feeling touched my fingertips.

The Captain’s feverish look as he released his lips from my fingertips.

That was all I remembered.

I didn’t know how I returned to the research institute after that.

Behind the Scenes 02

“Good morning.”

In the King’s office deep within the Royal Palace, Airhart Hawk the Court Mage Division’s Deputy Head Magician, presented the King with a black velvet tray.

There was a diamond 1cm big on the tray.

The other day, Sei had bestowed it with abnormal status nullification, magic resistance and attack resistance.

When the magic bestowal core was placed in front of him, the Prime Minister standing next to the King, who was usually emotionless, gulped.

It wasn’t unreasonable for the Prime Minister, who excelled in Machiavellianism, to inadvertently reveal his true feelings.

The core that Sei had made, was only found by excavating deep within ancient ruins or by subjugating demons.

Sometimes magic bestowal tools dropped when demons were killed. The quality of the bestowal tool depended on the strength of the demon.

To get an item with the same bestowment as the one Sei made, the entire Knight Order would have needed to subjugate the demon or else it wouldn’t drop.

It was indeed a legendary item.

Items with similar effects became national treasures.

Those treasures weren’t gathered within the past several decades, no, they were gathered over hundreds of years. It took months and years to find just one of those treasures, so there were only a few of them.

The core that was placed in front of the King and the Prime Minister was one such treasure. It was the first time they had seen such a treasure in front of them outside of the treasury.

“Indeed. I can see why you wanted to clear the room.”

The King sighed after a moment of silence.

The King had received a report that Airhart and Johan, the Director of the Medicinal Herb Research Institute, had confidential information that they wanted to share with him. Therefore only the King and the Prime Minister were present at the meeting place.

Sei had already bestowed magic in front of the Court Mage Division. Airhart had also issued a gag order on the mages, but he couldn’t deny that there was a possibility that it would leak out from the mages. It was, however, still better to clear people out of the room while reporting to the King.

The content reported by the two was about why they had wanted the room cleared; Sei had produced a legendary rank magic bestowal tool. It was inevitable that the two, who held up the country, were dumbfounded.

A legendary ranked item was exactly as stated. The core that Sei had produced was extremely useful to the military and it could be sold at astronomical prices. Sei, who could make such tools, was definitely a goose that laid golden eggs.

If this story were to ever get out, people would certainly target her.

At the time, Sei was interested in magic. Airhart, who Johan had contacted, took the opportunity to examine her magic abilities so that he could report it to the King.

The only person who could appraise a person’s status, the Court Mage Division’s Head Magician, was still in a coma after the【Saint Summoning Ceremony】; so they didn’t know whether Sei or Aira, who were both summoned by the ceremony, was the 【Saint】.

However, it had already been more than half a year since the ceremony and they didn’t know when the Head Magician would awaken. So the Cabinet Ministers talked about examining Sei and Aira’s abilities.

Aira was attending the Royal Academy, so they screened her in class and her ability was being examined in various ways.

Sei, on the other hand, was placed at the Medicinal Herb Research Institute and was performing the same work as the other researchers, so the investigation into her abilities was proceeding slowly.

There was also that matter that happened immediately after she was summoned, so she didn’t appear at the Royal Palace often. Therefore, her spontaneous request was a godsend.

The King accepted Airhart’s report and a few days later, magic bestowal was conducted at the Court Mage Division. He’d decided to use the opportunity to investigate Sei’s abilities.

Sei’s astonishing abilities were revealed in the investigation.

The Court Mage Division already knew how they would investigate Sei’s abilities and made preparations beforehand.

The effects of magic bestowal differed depending on a person’s: magic skill attribute, level and how much magic power they exposed to the item. Trying to bestow an item with high effects required a higher level of magic skill and more magic power needed to be used.

The relationship between the bestowed effects, the level of magic skill and the amount of magic power required had been researched extensively so they understood it to a certain degree.

They used that information to investigate Sei’s magic skill. They would measure Sei’s magic skill level by gradually increasing the difficulty of the magic bestowal.

If possible, they wanted her to exhaust her MP so that they could calculate the max value of it by the amount of MP potions she consumed.

Of course since Sei had been summoned here by the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】, there was a high chance that she possessed holy attribute magic, so the Mage initially asked her to bestow support magic.

Something unexpected happened midway and Airhart took over, but the plan still proceeded as planned.

The difficulty of magic bestowal was increased as such: reduction, resistance and then nullification.

Level 10 magic skills were generally regarded as the highest level, but throughout history, there had only been one or two people who had reached that level. Even the Mages that worked at the Court Mage Division were mostly at level 3.

Reduction could be bestowed with the lowest level holy magic skill; resistance required level 3 holy magic skill, and nullification required at least level 5 holy magic skill.

The effect that Sei wanted to bestow first was magic nullification which was the most difficult. So instead, the supporting Mage recommended she try reduction, which was the easiest to bestow.

The first one failed and broke because Sei changed the bestowal effect beforehand. That had been completely unexpected, but she succeeded in bestowing magic resistance the second time.

Since effects like resistance and defense fell under the resistance group, they decided that Sei’s magic skill at that time was level 3 or higher.

Half a year half passed since they had been summoned and even Aira, the other candidate, was at level 4. Her holy magic skill had already surpassed the Court Mage Division. When she first began attending the Royal Academy, however, her holy magic skill was only at level 1.

It was easy to imagine how surprised the Mages were, since Sei, who had never attended a magic lecture, was suddenly at level 3.

In order to investigate further, Airhart instructed Sei to bestow various effects.

The surrounding Mages wondered how long it would take for Sei to blow a fuse at Airhart’s extremely businesslike instructs and grew fearful. Fortunately for them, she followed his instructs and bestowed magic quietly without losing it.

Bestowing reduction group magic required at least level 1, but a higher level may be required depending on the effect of the reduction.

For example, poison reduction could be bestowed at level 1, but paralysis reduction could not be bestowed unless the caster had a holy magic skill level of 2 or higher.

Airhart tried to examine Sei’s magic skill level in detail using that premise.

In order to bestow various effects, he gradually increased the difficulty level. But in the end, Sei succeeded in bestowing nullification which required level 5 or over.

Therefore, as a magic researcher, Airhart got a little greedy.

The next instruction that he gave her was to bestow more than one effect onto a single gem. No one had ever succeeded in doing that before.

Still, he felt that it was impossible and he asked her half-heartedly. Even if the effects were from the easiest reduction group, Sei easily succeeded.

Since it came to that, everyone wanted to see how far she could go.

The mages who were secretly watching her at that time all concentrated on what she was doing.

When she took a break, Sei asked how long she would continue bestowing effects, so Airhart gave her the final order.

He had told her to do the impossible.

Abnormal status nullification, magic nullification and attack nullification.

It was the highest difficulty nullification and he didn’t just instruct her to bestow two nullification, he had asked her to bestow three of them. No one had ever been able to do something like that before. Even if it could exist in the world, he had instructed her to bestow something dodgy.

As he’d expected, it was impossible even for Sei. She, however, suggested that she could bestow the core with abnormal status nullification, magic resistance and attack resistance; which was something legendary.

She had succeeded, just as she declared.

Thus Sei’s holy magic skill level was probably at the highest level; level 10.

Her holy magic wasn’t actually at that level, but it would be a while longer before Airhart and the people at the Royal Palace found out.

“Her holy magic skill level is most likely at level 10. Her level, itself, is over level 40.”

The King and Prime Minister’s eyes widened when they heard him report that in a quiet voice.

Apart from combat skills and production skills, Status also showed one’s basic level.

Basic level effected things like HP, MP, attack and magic.

The average levels of an ordinary person were between level 5 ~ 10, for those who graduated from the Royal Academy, 15 ~ 20, and for knights and mages that worked at the royal palace, 30 ~ 35.

The Knight Order Captains and the Head Magician were the only ones who had passed level 40.

This time, they estimated that Sei’s max MP was around 5000 from the amount of MP potions she drank during the magic bestowal.

The only person with the highest max MP at the Royal Palace was the Court Mage Division’s Head Magician, whose level was 45.

Because of that, Airhart speculated that Sei’s level was 40 or over.

“It’s really high…”

It’s not surprising that the Prime Minister grumbled.

The Crown Prince was investigating Aira, who was summoned alongside with Sei, and was making regular reports under the King.

According to his personal statements, when Aira first entered the Royal Academy, her level and magic skill were at 1 and through taking classes at the Royal Academy, her level had rose to 16 in the last six months.

Aira’s level rose extremely fast considering that it took the other students three years to reach level 15 ~ 20.

It wasn’t just her level that rose fast, but her magic skill as well. Her magic skill rose just by using it, so she has been proactively making use of potions to raise her magic skill. Thus her holy magic skill was now comparable with the Court Mages and was now at level 4.

Nevertheless, her level and magic skills were no match for Sei’s.

“Her high level is because she’s the【Saint】, is it not?”

“We still do not know that yet. We have people searching for documents describing the details of the 【Saint】’s status but we still haven’t found anything yet.”

“If only we had some kind of information on her status……”

“Details about the status are not important. The important thing is information on purifying miasma and annihilating the demons. There are a lot of documents detailing those things.”

There were many books detailing the 【Saint】successors and demon annihilation at the Royal Palace library, but books detailing the 【Saint】’s status were yet to be found.

The stories leftover about their private lives were love stories involving the royal family or a knight, etc. There were, however, no stories about making potions or bestowing magic like Sei.

There was a reason why the stories on the 【Saint】were bias in this way.

There were 【Saints】in the past who bestowed magic like Sei.

They didn’t produce legendary cores like Sei did, but they were still able to make quality cores that couldn’t be produced normally.

Wisely, the upper stratum of that time, were anxious that the【Saint】would be used by others for something other than her original purpose and forbade people from recording anything other than demon annihilation which led them to the current situation.

The ideas of the upper stratum of that time and the current King roughly matched.

This can be seen from the expression of the King which gradually darkened since the beginning of the discussion.

He was delighted that there was a high possibly that the 【Saint】existed, but regardless of whether she is the 【Saint】or not, Sei’s ability had a great influence on the kingdom’s tactics.

If her abilities were known to the public, it was easy to predict that people who wanted to make use of her would appear from near and far. It also wasn’t hard to predict that their actions would cause disarray in the kingdom.

As King, he had to think of ways to protect Sei from those people. It was inexcusable for him to only just be pleased with what was happening.

“We need to increase her guard.”

Everyone at the King’s office agreed with what the King ended the discussion with.

The Medicinal Herb Research Institute where Sei was located was far from the Royal Palace. Recently people, who weren’t researchers, came and went from the research institute. But, the number of unauthorized people entering the research institute was still low.

There were people guarding Sei, a saint candidate, in secret ever since she moved to the research institute. It was, however, easy to find when suspicious people entered a building depending on the location, so there weren’t many people assigned to guard Sei since she mostly stayed at the research institute.

However, they felt uneasy at the number of guards she had considering that there was a leak this time.

Considering that Sei’s abilities were already well known amongst the mages, they concluded that it was important to increase the number of guards Sei had.

However, it would also become a problem if they increased it too much.

The King had received a report from Johan stating that Sei wanted to live life as an ordinary person.

Therefore, unlike Aira, they didn’t assign a guard at her side. But instead, they had the guards protect her in secret.

They concluded that they would assign guards to the research institute to pose as researchers and chefs, that way they could place people close to Sei.

Act 07 – Magic

Seven months have passed since I’ve been summoned.

The sunlight that blazed down during the daytime was still the same but it felt like the days were getting shorter.

Every morning while I was watering the medicinal herbs, I felt that the sun was rising later. I think that it’s almost autumn soon.

“Good morning, Sei.”

Jude, who woke up and was adjusting his outfit, came while I was watering the medicinal herbs with a watering can.

Although I was watering the medicinal herbs, it didn’t mean that I was watering all of them.

To begin with, the medicinal herb garden had expanded a bit, so it was impossible for me to manage the whole place by myself.

I was only taking care of the herbs I personally used, in a corner of the research institute’s medicinal herb garden.

There were many other researchers who had their own personal fields as well. They were all managed individually.

“If you had asked me, I would have helped out.”

Jude looked at the watering can I was holding and lowered his eyebrows.

Jude could use water attribute magic so he could water all the herbs without having to use a watering can.

When he knew that I was watering the herbs every morning, Jude told me that he could water the herbs by using his water magic and had been helping me out.

But, he didn’t help out every day. I felt guilty about asking him to do it every day, so I only asked him to help out if I met him before watering the herbs.

“Thanks. I’ll just accept your feelings.”

I smiled and said my thanks. Jude laughed with a feeling of resignation.

I had just finished watering the herbs, so Jude accompanied me back to the research institute.

Jude didn’t have his own field, so it seemed that he came out just to help me water my herbs.

“By the way, were the medicinal herbs arriving from the shop today?”

“Yeah. There’s more herbs than usual, so the Director said that the researchers also have to help move it to the warehouse.”

I confirmed today’s schedule with Jude on our way back home.

Since we sold the potions to the 3rd Knight Order at wholesale price lately, the medicinal herbs were not enough to cover the amount of potions sold, so we started to stock herbs from the shop.

By the way, the shop we stocked from was Jude’s home. Because of that, we were able to purchase the herbs at a cheaper price, so the Director was happy.

According to Jude, his home was the biggest store in the capital and he handled various things at the shop. He was always the first to know what ingredients were being purchased for the dining hall.

I thought that I asked for unreasonable ingredients for the dining hall, so I was feeling a little apologetic.

“What time will the goods arrive?”

“Around the 3rd morning bell, right?”

“Then, I wonder if it’s alright for me to arrive around that time?”

There were clocks in this world, but they were very expensive. There were only a limited number of people who had them.

Therefore, commoners knew the time from when the bell, ringing from places like the church, chimed. The bell at the Royal Palace also rang at pre-set times.

The 3rd morning bell was about 9am.

I’d still make it on time even if I left when I heard the bell ring since the warehouse was next to the research institute.


I went to the warehouse when I heard the 3rd morning bell, but there was nothing for me to do.

The large number of boxes containing medicinal herbs piled up in the wagon was being carried into the warehouse by the other researchers and assistants.

The majority of the herbs were used by me, so I told them that I would help out, but everyone declined.

No, well, I got to see everyone’s strong point which I usually don’t see and it was good eye candy for me. I wonder if it’s okay if I’m the only one who thinks it’s good?

I’m feeling somewhat guilty so I decided to stop watching them and went to go deliver the potions to the 3rd Knight Order in place of the assigned person.

The potions were delivered on a wagon pulled by a donkey, so it wasn’t hard work.

The assistants would do the loading and unloading.

Oh yeah, we have coachman for the wagon now.

I was worried about whether I could control the donkey well at the beginning, but it was pretty easy.

This is probably a really excellent donkey.

The donkey was a good boy who obediently listened to what I said.

This was probably something I wouldn’t experience in Japan just like making potions.

“Huh? Sei?”

I encountered the Knights who just finished training while the assistants were unloading the potions from the wagon at the side entrance.

Since they were training, they weren’t wearing their usual knight uniforms. Their clothes were slightly rough.

I sometimes went on subjugations with them and they would sometimes help me investigate food effects, so I was on good terms with the 3rd Knight Order.

To the extent that they would call out to me like this.

The Knights who called out to me, were headed my way. They saw that the wagon next to me was piled up with potions, so they could guess that I brought it here.

“Did you bring the potions here?”


“The research institute’s potions are really effective. They really help us out during subjugations.”

“Thank you.”

After training, the Knights shuffled in a circle around me.

Most of the Knights were taller than me and they had good physique, so it felt like I was being surrounded by walls.

This is a real meat wall, just kidding!

“You’re always making a fair amount, isn’t it hard? Next time would be double this amount, right?”

“Eh? Is it increasing?”

“Huh? Haven’t you heard anything?”

I heard from a Knight that the amount of potions would double next time, but I never heard anything from the Director.

To be honest, I can make triple this amount by myself so there’s no problem if it’s doubled.

When I asked about it in detail, he told me that the next scheduled subjugation would be conducted by the 2nd and 3rd Knight Order. So it wasn’t just the 3rd Knight Order that was ordering the potions but also the 2nd Knight Order.

The Director and Captain decided to do so because it would cause problems if only one party had effective potions.

Indeed, the amount of medicinal herbs delivered today was larger than usual.

“Are the Knight Orders joining up because a powerful monster had appeared?”

“It’s not like that. We’re going to the Ghosh Forest next, so just to be safe, the two Knight Orders are joining hands.”


The Ghosh Forest is where the Salamander appeared and although time had passed since it appeared, there could still be another one out there. So they were going on a massive subjugation mission.

“Is the 1st Knight Order not going?”

Since the 2nd and 3rd Knight Orders were going, I thought that the 1st Knight order would also join in, so I innocently asked. But, as soon as I did, the expression of the Knights around me grimed.

I might’ve asked something bad, so I tilted my head and the Knights around me began talking bitterly.

“The 1st Knight Order will be protecting His Highness.”

“His Highness?”

“Ah, His Highness Kyle and his associates will be going to the East Forest to level up, so the 1st Knight Order will be guarding them. They won’t be joining the subjugation this time.”

Kyle, Kyle…… Ah, that red-haired Prince?

I didn’t know who he was for a moment there when they told me his name, I certainly remember that the Crown Prince had that kind of name.

“His Highness and his associates have already passed level 15. So even if they go to the East Forest, it would be pretty hard for them to level up……”

“Yeah. If they’re going, then it’d probably be better for them to head to the South Forest.”

“If they have guards escorting them, it’s probably better for them to go to the South Forest, huh.”

What the Knights were trying to say was that the East Forest was for beginners, so students up until level 12 would level up well there.

Therefore, the Crown Prince and his associates who were already at level 15 would find it hard to level up at the East Forest.

The South Forest had stronger monsters than the East Forest and it was easier for people to level up from level 12 ~ 20.

After that, I asked about it and I heard that the Crown Prince used to go to the South Forest. I wonder why he’s going to the East Forest now.

“It’s because of her right? The Saint-sama”

“Well, it’s mostly because of her.”


“A girl being protected by His Highness. They call her that.”

When I inadvertently responded to the word【Saint】, the Knights told me various things about the Saint-sama.

I could guess who it was when they told me she was being protected by the Crown Prince and yup, it was about Aira-chan.

To summarise the Knight’s stories, Aira-chan was attending the Royal Academy and the Crown Prince and his close associates were looking after her.

The Crown Prince reasoned that because she was the 【Saint】, it was better for the kingdom if she levelled up faster.

She had entered the Royal Academy later than her classmates, so in order for her to level up faster, it was better for them to head to the forest with the 1st Knight Order, who’re higher level than her. This way they could level her up faster than usual.

Of course, the Crown Prince was royalty and his close associates were all sons of aristocrats, so the 1st Knight Order were accompanying them for safety reasons.

Since they were power-levelling her, it was better for them to do so at the South Forest. But the Crown Prince strongly opposed, saying that it was dangerous, so they were heading to the East Forest instead.

The other reason was that there was no longer a need for Aira-chan to level up and catch up to her classmates.

“He is really treating her like she’s glass.”

As a person summoned together with Aira-chan, I’m a little relieved that she didn’t have any bad experiences.

She is younger than me, I’m a little worried after all.

I thought I looked relieved, but the Knights who are looking at me had a strange expression on their faces.

Eh? What is it?

“Sei feels more like a Saint-sama than that Saint-sama.”

“His Highness doesn’t have a discerning eye.”

“If something happens, tell us. If it’s something we can do then we’ll do it!”

They were trying to comfort me while looking at me with eyes of pity. Even if you don’t worry so much, I’m okay, you know?

I do what I want. I’m having fun living my ordinary peaceful life, you know?

“Ahaha, Thank you. I will let you know if anything happens.”

Everyone says that I’m like a Saint. I’m really like a Saintwhen something bad happens, huh?

According to my Status anyway.

But I will not positively affirm it, nor do I intend to publicise it.

I don’t intend to deny it either because it might be found out one day.

I’m still a little bit peeved at what had happened on the day I was summoned, so I’m not going to obediently admit it.

So I want to spend my life as an ordinary person until the day someone finds out.


I recalled the story I heard from the 3rd Knight Order the other day.

Yeah, it’s about the girl who was summoned together with me.

She was taken by the Crown Prince and now attended the Royal Academy.

I thought she was still around that age to be a student, so that in itself didn’t matter.

What I was concerned about was that her level was lower than her classmates at the time of admittance.

After parting with the Knights, I returned to the research institute and confirmed it with Jude. I talked to him about whether there were a lot of people around level 7 or 8 in their first year at school.

The Knights said that there were many third graders who were level 12 ~16; the Prince and his associates were excellent students, so they exceeded that and were at level 15.

Because she was being accompanied by her classmates, Aira-chan’s highest level would have been the same as the Prince and his associates, level 15.

I remember my level.

Or rather, I just checked it a while back. I didn’t raise my level and my level hasn’t risen since I’ve been summoned.

It remained at level 55.

Yes, level 55.

Comparing it now, Aira-chan is level 15 and I’m level 55……

Even if Aira-chan level is higher than 15, it’s probably lower than mine, right?

I was somewhat concerned and asked. Jude was level 20 and even most of the Knights were around level 30.

I don’t think her level is higher than theirs.

What on earth is with this level difference?

I had a really unpleasant idea, but I didn’t want to think about it too much.

I didn’t want to think that it was because of our age difference, but I would hate it even more if I was the 【Saint】and Aira-chan wasn’t.

If it was like that, then I wouldn’t be able to live my normal peaceful life.

Aira-chan would also hate it, right?

She was summoned by the Saint Summoning Ceremony, but she’s not theSaint.……

“Hey, you put a lot of energy into making it, huh.”

When I turned around to the person calling out to me, I saw the Director. He looked stunned.

I silently made potions while deep in thought, so I made more than what was originally planned.

The research institute recently started selling potions to the 3rd Knight Order at wholesale price, so I aimed to increase the efficiency by making a lot of potions at once. I was mixing 1~5 times more potions than what a normal pharmacist would make on the desk next to the kettle.

“I am sorry. I made too much while in deep thought.”

“It still looks like you have room for more, so could you double this amount by the end of today?”

“Well, if it is just that much, then I can make it.”

I said to the Director with a wry smile and his cheeks twitched.

When I first came to the research institute and he saw that I was making a lot of Low HP Potions, he was worried about my MP getting depleted. Compared to back then, he was not worried anymore.

Instead now, he worried about the herbs in the medicinal herb garden decreasing day by day.

Since they are used in Advanced HP Potions, he couldn’t allow it to decrease any further, so there was a current ban on using them.

It didn’t seem like my pharmacy skills level would rise any further. So lately, whenever I needed to make Advanced HP Potions for the 3rd Knight Order, the materials were purchased from the store, so I only made a small amount.

Advanced HP Potions were both effective and very expensive, so in the recent subjugations at the East and South Forest, the Knight Order didn’t use them unless they had to. So even if I made a lot of it, it would just accumulate.

This time, however, they were going to the West Forest for the first time in a long time, so it was better for them to use the Advanced HP Potions that they normally didn’t use. Therefore, I increased the production rate a little.

The only thing I could do as an ordinary person, was to make potions. So I made them enthusiastically, but the look on the Director’s face told me that I overdid it a little.

I had planned on using the whole day to finish my work, but I inadvertently finished everything in the morning, so I decided to go to the Royal Palace library.

I went to search for books on medicinal herbs that could be made into potions which were more effective than Advanced HP Potions.

I have been researching medicinal plants for a long time, but I still couldn’t find anything yet.

When I previously asked Liz, she told me that there might be books containing that information in the prohibited book section, but ordinary people couldn’t enter that section.

I read all the books related to medicinal herbs since I didn’t have any other choices.

There’s still a long way to go.

Even now to kill time, I was searching for a book that seemed like it would be related to medicinal herbs, but then I found a book that interested me so I took it.

The title of the book included the words 「Holy Magic Attribute」.

My level is odd but what’s weirder is the level of my holy magic in my status.

What is ∞?

Levels that aren’t even represented by numbers might be related to the 【Saint】.

Since I came across the subject by chance, I was able to ask about basic levels. But, I haven’t heard anything about attribute magic levels, so I didn’t know what the average level was.

They’d ask questions if I’m too persistent, so I couldn’t ask any more than that.

I had timidly asked about basic levels, but thankfully no one asked me about my level.

Now let’s return to the main subject.

Although the book was about holy magic, I didn’t think that my level would rise any higher than this, so I didn’t have anything in particular I wanted to study.

Also, my pharmacy and cooking skills were still levelling up, so it was way more fun.

But after coming here, I thought a little about what I’d heard about Aira-chan.

She was summoned at the same time as me, but her level was lower than mine.

Because of this, the possibility of her holy attribute magic being lower than mine was also high.

Of course, it was fine if she was the same level as me. I hoped that she was the same level as me.

That way, I could remain an ordinary person forever.

Because as soon as I become a 【Saint】, the chances that I’d have to be together with that Prince would increase, you know. I really want to avoid that.

Ah, I strayed again.

Hearing about Aira-chan and the subjugation to the West Forest made me think that it was better for me to learn a little magic.

The subjugation would commence where that Salamander appeared.

I heard from the knights that the demons had decreased recently, but I was still a little worried after all.

A lot of people may get injured like that time. There may even be cases where potions just weren’t enough and magic was needed.

I remembered someone saying at that time that potions might not be enough and that they would need magic to heal the wounds.

If something like that were to happen, then I felt that it’d be better to have some knowledge of magic rather than have none at all.

That was why I was interested in the books about holy attribute magic.

“Are you interested in magic?”

I turned to face the voice that abruptly called out to me and I was surprised to see a man standing close to me.

The book I took was certainly about holy attribute magic so it was quite difficult.

In other words, my eyes were going from left to right. I was so immersed in reading that I didn’t notice that someone had approached me until they had called out.

“That book is extremely difficult……”

“Yes. I was just thinking that it would be nice if I had something simpler.”

“Then how about this one?”

He took a book from the opposite bookshelf and handed it to me.

I flipped through the pages. It was much simpler than the book I was reading earlier.

Even a beginner like me could understand it.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

We only talked to that extent but he was staring at me.

Yup, it feels uncomfortable.

Because he is very similar to him.

The man looked a bit older than me and I had a feeling that he didn’t suddenly just age.

The man was also a lot taller than me, but he was probably shorter than the Captain.

When I looked up a little, I could see bright copper hair on his head.

His lips were drawn in an arc, he had gentle narrow eyes and a straight nose.

His features were well-balanced and really resembled that person.

Although their features were similar, his face deviation value was also very high.

Since he was older, I felt that he had more destructive powers than him.

What can I say, there’s a wide difference.

“It’s a bit late but I am Seigfried Slantania.”

I was sure I looked doubtful.

His face changed from a laughing one to a serious one as he introduced himself and he bowed beautifully.

From his sophisticated graceful movements and his name, he’s definitely one of this country’s loyalties, right?

Or rather, he is royalty right?

“Can I call you Sei?”


Dammit, I was supposed to give my greetings.

I forgot to introduce myself probably because I was so surprised and dumbfounded. By the time I’d noticed, he’d already introduced himself and confirmed my name.

I should return his greeting now, right?

“My name is Sei.”

I pinched my skirt like an aristocrat woman, bent my knees and bowed.

It’s called courtesy.

The other person seems to be from royalty, so I think that politeness is important.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

There are times I might meet aristocrats without knowing anything since I’m in the Royal Palace so it was good that I learnt a bit from Liz.

“You don’t have to be that formal. I’m the one who should be apologising to you.”

Seigfried-sama touched my arm, flustered and snapped me out of my thoughts.

Even if he said so, I didn’t think that there was anything that he needed to apologise for. .

“I heard that my son has been very disrespectful to you. I apologise for his foolishness.”

“Your son?”


“Mhm ~, your son is Kyle…… Is it about His Highness?”


When the man in front of me said son, it reminded me of the Crown Prince.

I’m sure his name was Kyle. Looks like I was right.

“Ah, please raise your head!”


“I did not mind.”

It was a lie when I said I didn’t mind, but I think that having a King lower his head was a problem.

I wanted him to stop, it was really bad for my heart.

“I originally wanted to apologise much faster in a proper place but…… I apologise that I’m doing it in such a place.”

“No, please do not worry about it. I would rather it be here.”

According to the King, there were various political problems and an official apology would take place later.

He, however, think that doing nothing would also be a problem. The King heard that I often came to the library alone, so he went to the library often to meet me.

It seemed that we kept missing each other so he wasn’t able to meet me.

Well I didn’t need such an overwhelming apology in an official or informal place.

He politely told me in a roundabout way……

“I wanted to apologise. You’ve also made various achievements since coming to this Kingdom. I would like to award you, is there anything you want? For example, territory or rank……”

“No, thank you.”

“I see. Then how about a mansion in the capital……”

“I would also like to refuse that. I would not be able to manage it.”

“Then how about I prepare some servants there as well?”


After that, he offered me various things as reward, but each and every one of them was too much for me so I refused them.

He also offered me dresses and accessories.

I was interested in it, but I politely refused because I couldn’t maintain them.

Then he said, “It’s just like what Johan said”, while smiling bitterly.

I heard that conversations about giving me a reward had been brought up before, but the Director put an end to those conversations.

He said I would probably refused.

Good job, Director.

“Oh well. I’ll give up for today, but if you can think of anything you want, please let me know. If it’s within my powers then I’ll prepare it for you.”

The King smiled bitterly and ended the conversation there. It was time for him to return and my sudden audience with the King was over.

Yup, it was bad for my heart in various ways.



Today wasn’t my usual cooking class day, but I felt somewhat humoured so I was helping out at the dining hall.

The menu was already decided, so I was just cutting up the ingredients.

I carelessly cut my fingers while cutting the vegetables.

It didn’t look like I cut it too deeply, but blood was oozing out bit by bit.

I secretly glanced around and the chefs were all busy preparing for lunch, so no one was looking my way.


I casted recovery magic in a small voice so that no one else could hear me. The cut on my finger healed in no time.

Magic is amazing.

I read the books I borrowed from the Royal Palace Library the other day and learnt how to use magic.

Classroom learning just wasn’t enough should it become necessary, so I actively used it when the opportunity arose.

It’s called practicing.

It seemed that I made the right decision to practice magic. At first, I couldn’t invoke it very well.

I tried different things with a book in hand and I was able to use magic, so I decided that it was good to practice.

Now it would be no problem if magic was needed for treatment when the Knight Orders returned from the Ghosh Forest.

The potion deliveries were finished and the 2nd and 3rd Knight Orders headed to the Ghosh Forest in the West just as planned.

After the Knights departed, I prayed for their safe return.

Then the subjugation mission at Ghosh Forest to the West of the capital finished and the 2nd and 3rd Knight Orders returned to the capital.

It was further away from the capital than the East and South Forest and it took them about two weeks to get back after they had left.

The potions seemed to be useful. When I heard that no one had died in the subjugation, I sighed in relief. That was a week ago.

Although no one died, there were still a few people who were injured. There were also people who needed to go to the hospital once they returned to the capital.

Immediately after coming home from the subjugation, there were various proceedings. I heard from the Captain that he was busy, so I decided to visit the hospital after a few days had passed.

Because I heard that some of the Knights from the 3rd Knight Order, who I had become friends with, were hospitalised.

I brought the cookies I always baked when I went to visit them in the hospital.


“Hello ~.”

“Oh ~, isn’t that Sei?”

“How are you feeling?”

“Just fine, I’m fine.”

“What’re you saying? You looked like you were at death’s door when you came back.”

“Shut up ~.”

The building that I entered to visit everyone certainly felt like a hospital. The room that the Knights were in was big enough to fit 10 people.

There were many people still suffering from lacerations and puncture wounds in the first room I found the Knights in.

I listened to their story. It seemed that a lot of demons had accumulated in the West Forest because no one had subjugated there for a while, so there were a lot of casualties this time.

They used potions as much as they could so luckily no one died.

The people in the room used the potions to stop the bleeding and returned to the capital.

It had been a week and they looked healthy, but as a matter of fact, there were still a lot of people who needed to rest.

They were taking a break from subjugation since a reasonable amount of people were hospitalised, but the people who could work had already left the hospital and returned to the Knight Order.

They said that it took them twice as long to catch up on training if they skipped.

It was normal for me, but I had a hunch that the Knights were also workaholics.

“It must have been tough.”

“Even so, I’m glad I could return alive.”

“Yeah, it’s all thanks to Sei’s potions.”

“I’m glad the potions were useful.”

I felt a little shy since everyone was thanking me.

I’m glad that no one died.

We talked about various things and I found out that there were Knights from the 3rd Knight Order in other rooms as well. So I said my goodbyes to the people in the room and moved onto the next one.

All the rooms I went to felt the same. Everyone was thanking me, so I was glad I worked hard on producing potions.

I wondered how many rooms I’d visited carefreely like this.

I found a Knight I knew in the room and lost my voice.

“Oh, did you come to visit me?”

He greeted me with his usual grin but his left arm wasn’t there.

I nodded in reply, but when he saw how different my attitude was from normal, he put his right hand on his head.

I never thought that I’d be so shock to not see something that was always there.

What can I say? My words aren’t coming out.

“That arm……”

“Oh, I made a blunder.”

He smiled and told me it was taken by a demon.

When I asked him if he could heal it with potions and he told me that the most potions could do was heal lost fingertips. Healing a lost arm was impossible.

He laughed and said that the Captain got lucky that time with the Salamander.

“If you couldn’t heal it with potions, then what’s left is healing it with recovery magic?”

“Yup, well yeah but.”

I heard before that recovery magic was more effective than potions, but when I talked about it, he had a strange expression on his face and he hesitated.

“Is something wrong?”

“It’s hard to heal the lost limbs even with recovery magic.”

According to him, level 8 holy magic attribute was needed to cast recovery magic that could heal lost limbs.

The problem was that no one at the Royal Palace had higher than level 6 holy attribute magic, so no one could heal lost limbs.

“Is there no one?”

“There are only a few people who could use holy attribute magic within the Mage Division.”

There were only a few mages in the Mage Division in the first place and their magic attributes varied. Recovery magic couldn’t be used with most magic attributes, so only those who had an aptitude for holy attribute magic could cast recovery magic high enough to heal lost limbs.

If magic attributes were equally distributed amongst the mages, then just how few could use recovery magic?

“I’m just glad that I could use the potions to stop the bleeding. If not, then I probably wouldn’t have made it.”

It’s painful to listen.

“Thanks for coming today. I’m glad I could see you in the end.”

“Eh? In the end?”

“When I’m able to move, I decided that I would quit the Knight Order and go back to my hometown. It’s hard to be a knight with this arm.”

I agreed with what he was saying.

But I didn’t want to agree with it.

I stared at his arm that disappeared halfway down his upper arm.

Is it because the potion stopped his bleeding? Flesh beautifully covered over the opening and I couldn’t see his bones.

I couldn’t agree with what he had said, just because it was gone.

He must had been a former commoner who entered the Knight Order after he graduated from the Royal Academy.

If he quit the Knight Order, then he would be a commoner once again, and he wouldn’t be able to come to the Royal Palace anymore.

When I thought about that, I got really lonely.

I softly touched his arm and his body shook in response.

“If…… If you can heal your arm, would you?”


His smiling face up until now scrunched up at my question.

Well yeah.

No one likes to lose their arm.

Level 8 holy attribute magic was needed to heal a lost limb.

I fulfilled that condition perfectly.

I thought that it would be difficult to insist that I was an ordinary person if I healed him here.

If he was a stranger then I could just pretend that I didn’t see anything and walk away.


Perhaps even if he was a strange, I’d end up healing him anyway because I already saw him.

Even if I pretended that I didn’t see anything and left, I’d probably worry about it so much that I’d return.

I’d feel gloomy.

I’m quite the coward.

I concentrated magic power into the palm that was touching him.

I could adjust how well he healed, depending on how much magic power I concentrated.

This time, I was healing his lost arm, so I concentrated more magic power than usual.

Please heal.

I prayed as I casted my magic.


I chanted my magic and a pale white light covered the Knight’s body.

Something that looked like a white dense mist gathered around his missing left arm and gradually shaped itself into an arm.

The haze dimly radiated white. It was the same light that was covering his body, although the shades were different.

Gold particles intertwined like a lamé7)cloth made from silver and gold thread inside of the white haze and it sparkled.

The Knight shone for just a few minutes and when the light settled down, his left arm was back.

The Knight looked at his left arm for a while, dumbfounded and then gradually opened and closed his fist.

“Is there any discomfort?”

“………… None.”

He continued to open and close his fist so I got a little worried and asked, but there didn’t seem to be any problems.

I’m glad. I did it properly.

That somewhat made me happy and I smiled.

The Knight stopped gripping his fist and stared at it, absentmindedly.


“What’s wrong?”

He called out to me in a quiet voice, so I tilted my head wondering what was wrong. He grabbed my hands which I had placed on my lap.

It happened so suddenly that I inadvertently cried out in surprise, but the Knight didn’t let go of my hand.

“…… Thank you.”

His usual light hearted personality was nowhere to be found. His brows were creased and he cried while thanking me.

“Mhm, you’re welcome?”

“Why are you saying it like a question?”

“No, nothing……”

It was somewhat embarrassing being thanked so I inadvertently phrased it like a question. The Knight dropped his shoulders, crestfallen and returned to his usual self.

I’m a bit relieved.

It was sort of nerve wracking to not see him act like his normal self.

People usually touched each other casually, but when it was done seriously, it was too much.

It was the same for the Knight. When we smiled wryly at each other, I unexpectedly felt eyes on me.

I was bothered by it so I looked around. All the patients in this room were staring at me.

Ah, yup, that’s right.

I suddenly grew his arm back.

I felt it when I first entered the room too, but all the patients in this room were suffering from the same type of injuries; they had all lost some part of their body, whether it be arms or legs.

It depended what they had lost, but the people in this room would probably quit the Knight Order after they were discharged from the hospital.

They were probably thinking that I’d heal them as well since I had already healed someone in the same room as them.

Well, the ship has already sailed so why don’t I heal them all?

I exhaled and asked the Knight to bring me MP Potions from the research institute, regardless of rank.

Even though he’s injured, his arm is healed so it’s fine if I ask him to run an errand for me, right?

Although I have a lot of MP, if I heal everyone then I might run out half-way through.

He happily undertook the errand and I sent him off with, “Well then, see you”. When the Knight got off the bed and took a few steps he raised his voice, “Huh?”

“What’s wrong?”

I thought something was wrong and called out to him but the Knight didn’t reply. For some reason he was stomping and stretching on the spot.

“It even healed my old wounds.”


What the Knight was saying was, that it wasn’t just his arm, but also his previous injured knee that was healed.

He said that the discomfort was completely gone.

When I said that magic was awesome because it could even heal old wounds, he told me that magic did not normally heal old wounds.

Eh? Is this also because of my accursed 50% increase?

Or did I just use too much magic?

But I would hate it if people didn’t recover because I used my magic powers half-hearted, so I didn’t think too deeply about it.

Let’s think about the fact that I healed old wounds later. For now, I decided to concentrate on treating these people.

I healed everyone in the room, one by one.

Regardless of the wound being big or small, external or internal, magic healed everything.

If that’s the case then magic’s really handy, huh?

All the people who were treated were all surprised at what had healed and they were all tearing up while saying thanks.

No, some people were actually crying.

It’s the first time I’ve seen a man cry so I’m pretty impatient.

I finished healing everyone and turned around to go home when I saw a crowd of people by the entrance of the room.

They had noticed that I was finished because they started entering the room. They were listening to the people in the room.

I called out to one of them and talked to them. He said he’d heard a racket and came to check it out.

Well yeah. Some people who were healed were screaming loudly with joy.

The people who’d entered this room all knew the people in this room. So of course, they also knew how serious their injuries were.

Well, most of the people who were hospitalised were all injured from the subjugation, so they’re all colleagues.

Anyone would be happy to see that their colleagues had recovered and shouts of joy were coming from here and there.

They tangled with the people who I treated and thanked me.

Well ~, ah, I did some good, I thought in self-satisfaction. I left the hospital room thinking that I should head back to the research institute and encountered the Knight carrying the MP Potions.

Oh yeah, I asked him to go fetch me some potions just in case I ran out of MP half-way through.

Surprisingly, I had enough MP to heal everyone in that room.

I’d intended on using a lot of magic power to heal the people with lost limbs but it seemed that 『Heal』didn’t use that much MP.

However, I felt bad if I don’t use it because he went to fetch it for me.

Well, I’ve already practiced so should I heal the other people as well?

Yup, let’s do that.

At any rate, I felt that I was at a level where I couldn’t keep insisting that I was an ordinary person anyways.

I became defiant and decided to the treat the patients in the other rooms.

I tried to carry the MP Potions by myself, but the Knight and the other people around me stopped me and carried it for me.

I headed to the next room. There was a line of curious onlookers behind the Knight carrying the MP Potions.

I felt like a doctor making her rounds in certain dramas.

It’s extremely embarrassing to be observed, but it wasn’t like I could do anything about it, so I gave up.

Thus, I treated each person one by one while drinking MP Potions. But there were a lot of people in this hospital.

I got tired of just using 『Heal』and then I remembered that I read about area recovery magic before in a book.

I want to try it out.

I already finished healing the people with lost limbs and the only patients with relatively lighter wounds remained.

I could always use 『Heal』again even if the wounds were lighter, otherwise it wouldn’t activate.

In the next room, I walked all the way to the middle and stopped. This time, instead of concentrating it into my palm, I released my magic so that it filled the entire room.

Even if I said I released it, I had never done it before so I concentrated and just imagined that the magic was being pushed out of my body.

“『Area Heal』”

While casting the magic, I felt magic power coming out of my body. Something that looked like a magic circle was drawn onto the floor with me at the centre.

The lines of the magic circle were drawn in a white light. The area enclosed by the magic circle was covered in a white haze filled with golden lamé, just like when 『Heal』was casted.

It was very magical. The scene that I thought was indeed fantasy, disappeared within seconds.

I looked around to see if it’d worked and everyone who was in the magic circle, all seemed to have healed.

Everyone checked the conditions of their injuries and smiled when they saw that it’d all healed.

Alright! I decided to make a triumphant pose in my mind when a voice called out to me from behind.

“Today you’re casting…… Area recovery?”

When I turned around to face the familiar voice, I saw the Director and Captain.

“Yes. Why are you here, Director?”

“For crying out loud! You were late in returning and the guy from the 3rd Knight Order came to take the MP Potions. I was worried so I came.”

“I’m sorry……”

He told me seemingly shocked. I didn’t want to receive punishment so I apologised and he smiled, wryly.

“Even so, you’ve really gone wild.”

“No, I didn’t……”

“Ah, I saw people who’d lost their arms and legs regain them a while ago. I was surprised.”

The Captain said after the Director, pressing for answers.

Yup, even I think I overdid it a bit, but it couldn’t be helped, you know!

They were expecting it.

I had to respond to their expectations.




I’m sorry.

I also wanted to try out magic.

“Well, but you did well.”

The Captain said that when I hung my head down in shame while reflecting on my actions.

The Director and Captain both tapped me on the shoulders in appreciation.



A voice called out to me while I was walking through the Royal Palace.

I turned to face the voice and it was a Knight that I knew from the 3rd Knight Order.

I saw him smiling and waving so I also waved back.

Since we were both working, we passed each other with a simple greeting.

Since I was summoned, only the researchers who worked at the same place as me called out to me like this, but recently the knights also started to call out to me.

I knew more knights now because of what had happened at the hospital the other day. So lately, people have been calling out to me while I walked around the Royal Palace like this.

Despite the fact that I only walked back and forth from the research institute and the Royal Palace library, like today.

I thought my world suddenly got wider because of that incident, even though I confined myself in the research institute.

I entered the library and returned the book I borrowed back to the librarian and this time, I heard a small, “Ah”.

The person who said that was someone wearing a robe. When I turned around, I accidentally met his eyes.

Judging by his appearance, he looked like a Court Mage but I didn’t know him.

I smiled ambiguously while tilting my head and he returned it with a similar smile.

The librarian had just finished confirming the book that I’d returned, so I could finally leave.

I noticed his voice this time, but I had a feeling that the random times when I raised my face and met the gaze of the person near me have increased.

I just feel that way for some reason.

I felt that I was being too self-conscious, so I quietly kept it in my mind without telling anyone.

After returning the book, I walked over to the bookshelf to find another book to borrow.

Since I’ve been to the library numerous times, I generally knew where the books I wanted were.

I took the books I wanted one after another and when I found the last book I wanted in the top row of the bookshelf, I stretched out my hand. But, a stretched hand next to mine took the book first.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

Was the person who was smiling while handing me the book, a civil official?

He probably was one since he wasn’t wearing the knight’s armour nor was he wearing robes.

It’s not like I couldn’t reach it or anything, but the book was a little bulky so he really helped me out by getting the book for me.

I said my thanks and once again returned to where the librarian was.

Come to think of it, more people have been coming here recently.

The image I had when I was by myself was that there were only a few people here. The only people I met in the library were Liz and the civil officers, but lately people I’ve never seen before were coming here. No matter when I came, there was always someone there.

It was nice that people were making use of the library, but I also liked to read books in peace.

That part is just a little too bad.


When I stepped out of the library with the new books I borrowed, someone called out to me again.

This time it was a Knight from the 2nd Knight Order.

I didn’t have to see his face to know that.

Only people from that Knight Order call me with –sama.

There were times where I’ve been called that by shop assistants in Japan but it was always with my surname, never my first.

That was why being called that by people from the 2nd Knight Order was embarrassing. I asked them to stop attaching –sama to my name but they didn’t show any signs of stopping.

“I will carry your books for you.”

“Thank you.”

“No, no. Please leave this much to me.”

A pleasant smile appeared on his face and he easily took the books that I was barely able to carry.

This was also a recent event.

At the beginning, I felt really bad and tried my hardest to refuse them, but they wouldn’t back down so I gave up and just let them carry it.

The people from the 2nd Knight Order seemed to really worship me a lot. They add –sama to my name and when I head home from the library, they walked with me and helped me carry my books.

It was certainly helpful since it was hard to walk from the Royal Palace to the research institute while carrying heavy books. But every time I go to the library there was always someone there.

It was always a different Knight so it wasn’t like they were stalkers, but it was really unnatural for me to meet people from the 2nd Knight Order every time I go to the library.

They can’t be on standby duty near the library, right?

I want to believe that it wasn’t like that.

I chatted with the Knight while walking and before I knew it, we’d reached the research institute.

Like always, I said my thanks and entered the research institute.

One of the books I borrowed today was something that the Director wanted. I handed the other books to one of the researchers and headed to the director’s office.

“Director, I have brought the book you wanted.”

“Thanks, just put it over there.”

I knocked on the director’s office door and waited for a reply before entering.

The Director was in the middle of writing up documents so I put the book I brought with me onto the place he’d pointed at.

“Did they escort you again today?”


Did he finish writing the documents? The Director raised his face and grinned. I returned it with a completely exhausted look.

The Director once saw a Knight from the 2nd Knight Order at the entrance, escorting me back to the research institute while carrying my books.

He asked me what had happened and I told him that they escorted me like this every time.

“I refused at the beginning but they wouldn’t give up so I gave up instead.”

“I see. Well, it’s no use.”

“It’s no use?”

“The other day you did various things, right? It seems that you’re already the 【Saint】to the guys at the 2nd Knight Order because of that incident. Well it seems that they’re not the only ones who think so.”

I smiled wryly, replied in my head with, ah! I thought so, and sigh.

I was far from being a commoner, in the public’s point of view.

That was how much I overdid it.

Rumours are called rumours for a reason. It wasn’t just the 2nd and 3rd Knight Orders but also other people from the Royal Palace that talked, so it couldn’t be helped.

I expected this to happen, but I thought that it was inevitable at that time. I wanted to sigh.

If possible, I wanted to live a quiet and peaceful life.

Well whatever, it’s fine.

Everyone was really happy.

I remember the Knights crying, shouting and hugging each other in joy, I’m glad I healed them.

I convinced myself and calmed myself down. I was once again shocked by what the Director said next.

“It’ll probably be clear soon whether you’re a 【Saint】or not.”


“There was a message from the Court Mage Division a while ago. They want to check your status.”

The bomb that the Director dropped was that the Court Mage Division’s Head Magician would finally perform status appraisal on me. To me, that was an extra-large bomb.

References   [ + ]

1. Blushing while being bashful
2. Japanese game term – max value
3. Hikikomori
4. Is that a thing? ‘Beauty spirit’
5. Japanese idiom – ‘to be flushed with money’, but I’m never heard this before, have you? Basically a pocket full of money.
6. She’s saying that it’ll be really trashy. Syvash is also known as the Rotten Sea.
7. cloth made from silver and gold thread