KWM: Volume 02 – Chapter 02; Part 2

Translator: ノンぶりyuu I’ll be gone for golden week and a bit, so I won’t be translating or uploading anything during this time. The next KWM update should be in about 2-ish weeks. Everything has been moved onto this domain, so any links that may be out […]

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SMPO: Volume 01 – Act 04

Translator: ノンぶりyuu Unedited It might be about a month before I can post the next Act, unless I post it in 2 parts. I’ll be gone for golden week and a bit, and won’t be translating anything during that time. I’ll try my best to translate […]

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SMPO: Volume 01 – Behind the Scenes 01

Translator: ノンぶりyuu Unedited This is different-ish from what I usually translate, so it was a bit hard to translate… ;-; I did try to throw a few sentences into MTL but I couldn’t make it out for the life of me… I applaud people who MTL […]

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